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Found 12 results

  1. Just joined up having had our first Lexus (coming from years of Mercs & interesting Customer service!) for 4 months. I want to get a Dash Cam fitted and have been told by our local dealer (Tunbridge Wells) that they only fit it to the cigarette socket. My question is this, should it be wired via the fuse board so that it is powered constantly? We have had the car scratched several times & would like to be able to pick up movement near the car when parked up. The car is great (NX300h Luxury) but there seem to be very jealous people out there. Thanks
  2. First_Lexus

    2018 NX Luxury

    Picked up my new NX Luxury in Mesa Red from Lexus Swindon this afternoon. No doubt it will take me a while to get to grips with the new navigation system and the touchpad, but so far it all seems very nice 😀 I must also thank Rob, James and all at Lexus Swindon who have been great to deal with - not to mention incredibly patient - throughout my trials with the previous NX Sport. Lexus UK also deserve thanks. The promise of this level of customer service is one reason why I chose a Lexus in the first place, and it's nice to see it is real even though I wish I'd never had to find out! I'm off to play with my new toy...🙂
  3. Having had my new NX for just over two weeks, I had to resist the temptation to give it a thorough clean before a) the side protection strips were fitted and b) I already had it booked in with Chris at Summit Detailing in Weston-Super-Mare. Chris had it for two days, and I collected yesterday. As supplied by Lexus Swindon the paintwork looked superficially ok, but I could see quite a few swirls and holograms on the bonnet, roof and door tops. Nothing too serious, but worth sorting properly when still new. So, after a machine defect removal and application of Gtechniq Crystal Serum to body and wheels, it now looks like this... The interior leather surfaces were also protected with colour block. Going forward maintenance will be simple with Gtechniq C2v3 applied after washing and Gyeon 'wet coat' in the Winter months for speed. The coating applied should last 3-4 years at least.
  4. olliesgrandad

    Tried an NX Today

    Well i've had my 2015 GS300h Luxury for 10 months and covered in excess of 23,00 happy miles in that time. I'm now thinking of changing cars in the next 3 or 4 months. With an impending baby grandaughter due in July I have been considering changing to an SUV to make the carriage of prams and babies easier.I took a quick look at the Toyota RAV 4 but was disappointed with the quality of the trim compared to Lexus so didn't try one. Today i had some time so called in at my Lexus dealer and took a 66 plate NX300h Luxury for a drive. Nicely put together machine I have to say. Salesman reset the mpg indicator to zero when I drove. Interestingly on a trip of around 15 miles of mixed driving it showed 39.6mpg so about right. Unfortunately the ride was for me was the deal breaker. Every imperfection in the road surface was felt through my seat and the road noise from the tyres added to the negativity. I certainly wouldn't want to drive 500 miles a week in one. Perhaps the facelifted version with the improved suspension is better (but sadly out of my price range). The seats were rather rather tight and unforgiving to the extent that my right side ached after the drive ( I previously had a 2014 IS F sport 300h and didn't have an issue). Perhaps an SUV is after all not the right vehicle for me. I think that I shall now have to look for a newer low mileage GS in the coming months.
  5. Ian J. Parsley

    NX Three likes/dislikes

    I'm not keen on car reviews really but Carwow's do have an interesting aspect of "five likes and dislikes", which are often fun and quirky. If we maybe limit it to three for each model, what are ours? For my NX after 1000 miles, I would say: Dislikes The auto tailgate is unbelievably slow, meaning I am always far enough away from it upon closing that I need the key to lock the car (rendering the keyless bit pointless). The remote control for the infotainment is too keen to think you are swiping and pinching when you are merely moving. The front pillars are too broad, limiting visibility at corners. Likes The nav distinguishes between expressways and regular dual carriageways, which may be useful in unfamiliar locations but in particular shows a fine attention to detail. The adaptive cruise control maintains current speed until you straighten up - this is an excellent detail as it enables you to follow a car on windy roads without attempting to speed back up to the straightaway speed. There is a beautifully finished handrest in the centre console. Over to other owners...
  6. Hi all I have a new NX on order which, after much deliberation with the other half, will be in Velvet Black. I know that being black and non metallic, light scratches and swirling will show up more readily than on lighter bodywork. As such we were considering taking the Lexus paint protector which I think is through Supagard. So my question is will this type of protection even help towards preventing swirls etc. And if so is the Lexus offering good value/worth while? E.g. would I be better off taking it to a third party auto detailer? Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated Thanks all
  7. After having an NX300h for a few days as part of a curtesy car whilst my IS was in for a service I thought that I would write a little review on my findings. I picked the car up late on Thursday evening form my local Cardiff Lexus. The car was a demonstrator; SE spec. From what I understand the SE is not the base model but one up. It had some of the usual refinements that I like, heated seats, sat nav etc, but it was missing the basics such as parking sensors, although it did have a reversing camera! One thing that I really did think was a serious need for improvement was the info entertainment system. There was a USB port but it seemed this was to be used to charge phones and not as a socket where you could plug a USB stick full of music. The audio quality on the standard system was not amazing either. Visually the car is very striking to look at. What’s really weird is when you first start driving it. Being a Hybrid the first time you turn it on its complete silence. Even when the engine springs into life it doesn’t really make much more noise. The cabin layout was nice with a screen upon the dash, heating controls underneath and the usual buttons on the steering wheel allowing you to change the volume, answer phone calls etc. This car also featured an electronic hand break. This can be activated via the press of a button, or when the vehicle is placed in ‘Park’. Something that was a little strange was the break hold. This comes on automatically on my partners Golf, but you need to press the ‘break hold’ button at the start of each journey to activate it. Once the ignition is turned off you have to turn the break hold feature back on. This essentially puts the hand break on when you come to a stop regardless of whether you are in park or not, a handy feature. As previously mentioned, the driving element of this is fun. Initially I didn’t like it as much but as I drove around town I found myself fixated on the energy monitor. The Hybrid system will start you off, and, providing you are light with the throttle, can take you up to speeds of 40MPH. However, the range is incredibly limited, although this maybe down to the fact that I live in Wales and we have lots of hills here (I think I managed just over a mile on battery power). The car is almost silent when driving below 10MPH, and it doesn’t really get much noisier when you go faster. If I am being truthfully honest though I do think my IS is quieter at speed. The gearbox in this car is not a traditional 6 speed automatic. The E-CVT is a ‘gearless’ gearbox which does have massive benefits around town. You will never feel it change gear… as it doesn’t! The gearbox seemed to cope really well with around town driving, however when driving back to the dealership there was a section of road on the motorway which was uphill. When I put my foot down to overtake the engine did roar into live to give a little extra boost. Some of the car reviews slate this, but honestly it’s not as bad as people make out. If you are going to be planting the throttle everywhere you go then yes, the engine will generate quite a bit of noise, but if you are gentle with it, then you’ll be fine. Most of my driving is usually around town. On the motorway the car’s trip computer displayed 44MPG. When handing it back it was showing 42MPG. That included Cardiff to Swansea and the return trip one trip to work and a trip to a local city in total probably around 200 miles. Although this is not an acid test as I didn’t have the car long enough to do a lot of town driving I still feel that around town economy was better than what the IS would usually give. Motorway driving however, was disappointing. Considering the official figures are low 50s, this falls short. So I suppose the million dollar question would be would I buy one? At the moment the prices are too high for me, as typically I like to buy second hand and there’s not too many of them around. I did like the size and rear space (not that I take many people) and I did like the elevated driving position, but I do feel that there needs to be tweaks made. It would be nice if the battery range was a little longer as Mitsubishi have a 38 mile range in their SUV equivalent (although it’s a PHEV). The other thing that I found strange was the battery technology that Lexus are using, I would have thought LiPO would have been put into their modern cars. All in all an enjoyable drive.
  8. Ian J. Parsley

    NX 1000 mile review

    My household is theoretically the owner of three current Lexus models until the end of the month (see signature). I thought I'd do a brief review of each on the relevant thread, essentially aimed at helping people considering. Model This is the current (pre-impending facelift) NX300h F Sport with premium nav. This gets it most of the good stuff - sport styling/leather, radar/sensors/pre-crash, auto tailgate, electric adjustment on steering wheel and seats, and so on. Missing are some of the safety aids such as HUD and BLIS, and I have no sunroof of any kind. Interior The interior will divide opinion. I think it is superb, but I can see why others are less enthused. Firstly, there is quality everywhere. There is plenty of leather and some excellent padding all round. Nothing in here feels cheap at all. No one would dispute that. Secondly, I like the way the driver's side feels like a cockpit. Unlike most SUVs (including the RX), the centre panel is set inwards, essentially enveloping you (and mimicking, cleverly in my view, the basic outline of the grille). Thirdly, there are some nice touches (like touch sensor light switches), some pleasant touches (like knee padding), and some frankly bizarre touches (like a centre console cover which, when lifted out and turned over, is also a mirror). I also have the Qi charger - adaptors to enable the iPhone to work on this typically cost less than a tenner. Exterior Again, this will split opinion. Some will suggest it looks like any modern Japanese SUV. Some will suggest it is a literally outstanding proposition. Needless to say I'm in the latter, particularly with the F Sport. The auto tailgate is slow, but can be stopped with any of the buttons depressed briefly. It is useful that the car can be locked or unlocked via any door, but why not also the boot? It looks pleasant from the back, outstanding from the side, and like a Samurai from the front. Take your pick! Infotainment A bit of a niggle here - the logbook still hasn't arrived so I cannot register it on "My Lexus", thus the premium nav still isn't working despite the fact I'm paying for it. Ugh! Let's not get too upset, but it is true infotainment remains a weak link for Lexus. I am still not yet comfortable with the laptop-mouse-style controller, which is too easy to depress. That could, seriously, be a deal breaker for some. That said, there are a few nice touches; for example, the Nav now distinguishes between an outright expressway (a dual carriageway with left exit only) and a regular dual carriageway - that is potentially quite useful. The screen is good quality too, although gathers dust too easily. One really good point is the audio. This is not ML is the F Sport but it has extra speakers and is really good, even in the back and even over Bluetooth. Although I believe the car lacks volume control, it barely needs it. Driving This has been a very pleasant surprise. Certainly I miss the IS's turning circle and its comparative pace, but the NX is absolutely no slouch and I find it almost as good. The steering is direct, the ride is smooth (even if bumps do cause too much of a crash in the F Sport), and bar the odd mis-step the radar cruise is sublime (I have managed 20 miles using only he steering wheel and cruise lever with decent consumption levels). Reliability It is too early to say but this thing feels like it is built like a brick. I am currently on around 37mpg (over 40mpg since last fill, mind, so I'll keep watching that!) Summary The truth is I wondered about this car at the start because it is so different and there were so many aspects to get used to. However, with 1000 miles on the board I am now totally enthused. Getting the premium nav working would complete the set and, assuming it operates as it did in the IS, I would have no hesitation in recommending at least a test drive.
  9. It's time to say goodbye to this channel and move next door - my blue NX300h F-Sport arrives on Tuesday evening to replace my black IS300h Lux. Fingers crossed! I'll of course pop by; and am always happy to answer any queries about the IS - I warmly recommend it; we just needed something a little bigger.
  10. Ian J. Parsley

    Moving on

    I'll be moving over to the NX forum in the next few months - will try to check back as often as I can! I've had a 3rd gen IS for four years, so any queries feel free to contact me!
  11. Hello, i'm from Valencia, Spain, i've bought an Nx 300h this year and i want to give to you my congratulations for this owners club. I'm very happy with the car, its nice, powerful and luxury but de cvt change is some slow out of the city, i'm making around 38-40 mpg, i think that is good, when i have to run the car go up to 118 mph, then i make 30 mpg, I use the car 90% in city and i'm very impressed whit the progressive cvt and the fast acceleration from stop, I think that the hybrid technology it's neccesary today fot the global heating Nothing more, only give you tanks for adding me to the club, bye
  12. Just picked up a replacement for my RX400h. A brand new NX300h. I noticed when I got home that only one reverse light was working. Called dealer. They said it was... a feature. ARE YOU FRICKIN' kidding me Lexus!!!! :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: I hate this to be my first post but why is Lexus going backwards??? My RX400h had two reverse lights and (I think) two fog lights. This seems to have only one of each. When I see a car with only one reverse light I always think its broken. I always thought it was a legal requirement having two brake lights. Cars have had two reverse lights since the 1960's.. Why oh why the retrograde step? I just don't get it? Feeling let down and angry...sob...