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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there, i have a Lexus 2013 CT200h. Car has been fine no warning signs anything and today it just would not unlock. Once in with the manual key I tried the other way your supposed to be able to start your Lexus and it didn’t work. Thought okay dead key fob, changed the battery however still no change. The red light does work on the key fob when buttons are pressed so we know that works now. When your in the car you go to start as normal but you get absolutely nothing. No lights no sounds. Completely dead. Yet was fine last night? Here are the things I can think of currently, 1. For some reason alternator may not of been charging battery properly for some time and battery has finally given up. 2. Battery is old and therefore has given up. 3. Maybe there is a problem with the smart entry/ smart start up system. 4. Maybe a fuse has gone, a faulty wire or relay somewhere? Have been looking through manuals and looking through google online and cannot get answers do not want to have to go to Lexus yet as May more than likely cost an arm and a leg! 😛 My brother is coming over tomorrow with a diagnostic tool, but he has said if we cannot get any power to start the ignition of the car most diagnostic tools if not all will not work without this. Any ideas would be appreciated! Then I can check them out in the morning when it is light again and much less cold! Thank you ☺️
  2. So couple days ago, my rear light failure indicator and handbrake light went on. I checked all the bulbs from rear and all of them were working. Yes also brake lights, I checked. And here's the weird part. The rear light failure indicator goes on always when I connect my phone into my car charger and when I take it off, the light goes off as well, but the handbrake light wont. So what could be the problem here, it looks like pretty hard to find.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help please. I have a LS600HL and the battery went completely dead. I charged it up this weekend and the charger says it is fully charged. Upon reconnecting the horn alarm went off, but I managed to stop it. I got into the car with manual key entry. The dashboard was going crazy. The interior lights are coming on and off. There were a few minutes of very weird activity. The situation now is: the battery in the boot is clicking on and off. I can't start the car. The horn is not sounding, but there is a groan/ creaking coming from under the bonnet, at a similar internal to the horn alarm. The main issue seems to be the battery not providing stable power, but clicking on and off every second. I've disconnected and all is now quiet. Does any one have any ideas please? Thanks, Rob
  4. So for the last few month I have been having problems with my 99' Lexus IS200. It seems that there was a problem with the alarm that has been setting is off at all hours of the morning. The only way I found around it was to leave my car unlocked over night, which wasn't very comforting. So I was reading around the forums for a fix but I couldn't find a clear solution for it. I found that it may be the motion sensor that was causing the problem but I couldn't find out if it could be disabled or how to disable it, so I went hunting. I decided that I would remove the roof lining and heat shrink all the wires as this may have been the problem. After pulling my entire roof apart I found that the motion sensor itself was inside the dome light and that it was as simple as unscrewing 3 screws and disconnecting a single harness. So if you are having the same problem try disconnecting it before you go ahead and waste a lot of time haha. I have only just disconnected the sensor so I'm not 100% sure if it is the problem but I'm certain that it is. I will post back in a few days telling you how I go. Disable motion sensor Time: 5 minutes Difficulty: Easy Motion sensor harness: The big circle is the motion sensor. The small circle is the harness to disconnect. Removing roof lining Time: 40 minutes Difficulty: Intermediate 1. Remove the A-pillar by gently pulling. 2. Remove the B-pillar by removing the seat belt cover, unbolt the 14mm seat belt bolt and gently pull the cover off. 3. Remove the C-pillar the same as the A-pillar. 4. Remove the map light by pulling down or prying it. 5. Remove dome light by removing the lens cover and unscrewing the 3 screws. 6. Remove rear-view mirror by prying the cover and removing the 2 screws. 7. Remove the sun visors by removing the 2 screws on the outer side, disconnect the harness and remove the screw holding the pivot point. 8. Remove the grab handles by removing the covers on the end of the handles and unbolt the 2 bolts on either end. 9. Remove the 2 push in clips near the rear window(sorry no pictures) 10. Remove the roof lining. The roof lining should now be completely free. The easiest way I found to get it out is by folding down the passengers seat and removing the liner through the rear passengers door. I hope this helps anyone who is having the same problem as me. If you have an questions feel free to post of pm me. If anyone is curious I may weigh some of the part for those wondering about weight stripping If you would like to see more photos click the link below:
  5. emix

    SC430 gearbox issue

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, sadly my first post is about an issue I'm having witih my beloved 2004 SC430. I'll detail the problem below as the techs at my local dealer can't seem to suggest anything but gearbox replacement, I'm hoping to find a cheaper solution for my troubles. So it started happening a few months ago. When shifting from 4th to 5th gear the car jerks, the higher the rpm the harder it jerks, it kind of lunges forward for a moment. This stuff becomes quite violent at high speed. It also sometimes does it from 3rd to 4th. It only happens after the car is warmed up, never when cold. At first I changed the gearbox oil and filter, and indeed shifts are smoother but the problem hasn't gone away. Has anyone had similar problems that could me some advice on what was wrong? My car has only 90k kms, it's been in the family since it was new, nothing ever happened to it, and was always well maintained.
  6. My wife has just collected a brand new CT200h Advance, which comes with Lexus Navigation (but not premium). On its second journey, having played about with the navigation settings, suddenly the system stopped working. If you click either "MAP" or go to "Setup->Navigation", nothing happens. Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. Hello! new to the forum and to Lexus so hoping some of you wiser owners might have some insight into this issue. Basically a few weeks ago my 2006 Lexus IS220D was crashed (hit & run) into with some force whilst parked up for the night. The driver struck the n/s wheel so hard that it forced the whole car half way up the pavement. So far Ive had to replace the wheel, tyre, complete wishbone set up, the steering rack & steering arms. The car now steers and drives again so thats that side of things sorted, however now when I drive the car its like the brakes are coming on and off by themselves, im thinking that it might be the wheel speed sensor inside the wheel hub? Would really appreciate any feedback from someone whos experienced something like this. Thanks in advance
  8. I'm a new and very happy IS200 (manual) owner, but i have a problem... I can't manage to get the reverse gear to pop in. My knowledge and the information that i've looked up says that i should push it down and then go left. But i can't get in, how do i do it :D? Thankful for answers, bless you guys!
  9. Hello, Have you any suggestions as to why my 2002 SC430 didn't start yesterday evening ? I'm dead in the water parked up at a friends house in Barston, near Solihull and Birmingham International Airport The engine turns over as normal, I can smell the unburnt fuel out the exhaust. I can hear the fuel pump working etc. It gives a slight cough upon first turn of the key but will not come near firing up properly. The engine turns over at speed from the starter but without any further signs of ignition. The car's key is unlocking the car with the remote on the key as normal so I don't think it's an immmobiliser issue. The battery is fully charged and turned the engine over for about 5 minutes in total during the hour I tried to start her in so there is no battery voltage problem. A strong side issue is that the heater fan started to switch on and off by itself yesterday, and this morning stopped altogether on the drive home. Another thing is that the heater fan briefly turns for one tenth of a second when switching the car off, even when selected to off on the climate control screen. I disconnected the battery, checked all visible fuses, pulled out the ECU to check for visible problems on the connectors like corrosion, damp etc but found none. The earth straps in the engine area all seem good, a I've pulled and re-installed all the visable engine bay fuses, but nothing improved. No big fuses are blown that I can see. The cars remains a non-starter and the heater fan still won't operate as normal. Lastly, the boot / trunk area seems to be quite damp so I let it open for a while to dry out tonight. Stuff like this is not supposed to happen to a Lexus !! Morning Edit: Now I found elsewhere after a bit of searching primarily on Clublexus in the LS430 section that the fuel pump relay will give the starting symptoms I've described, so I think I'll replace that first, but I'm still at a loss to find a cause of the heater blower fans erratic behaviour and I'm still suspicious that both issues are connected.... I found these part number for a Fan Blower control module: 87165-22050. and this for the fuel pump relay: 90987-03003. I'll still suspicious that both items are related to some common point as it's like lightning striking twice for the starting and blower issue to happen within 24 hours of each other. That ignition key has always worked normally for 3 years now and I've never ever had an issue like this before, not even for a second. I don't think it's the key. As an aside I've only one key for this car since I've had it.... but it's as good a suggestion as any, and will be investigated in due course. The car does provide spark, but not for long enough to fire up the engine. It sparks for less than 1/3 a second and then stops again. My own feeling is that I have an earthing point or a relay somewhere not functioning normally. Second guess is fuel pump, fuel relay, fuel pressure regulator, etc. I've no tooling to be able to confirm any of this. I got a loan of an OBDII scan tool and there are no fault codes detectable by this tool stored in the ECU, I checked with those 10 pound bluetooth OBDII tools along with the "Torque" app. The ECU seemed to communicate well with the scan tool though I have my doubts that it actually communicated at all. I brought the battery close to discharged this morning after all the cranking attempts since last night and the few more this morning, so it's charging up now with a battery charger, with the battery earth strap disconnected. At this point I feel a trip on a tow truck to an independent Lexus service centre is due now. I've checked all the easy stuff at this stage. It's not helped by the fact that I'm currently in England but am normally resident in Ireland and I've no contacts over here and am not a member of the AA (my reasoning being that a well serviced V8 Lexus will never ever break down, famous last words ha ha). Any recommendations as to a garage local in the Midlands that might be able to fix her up at a reasonable cost ? Boring picture of her getting charged up this morning.
  10. Hi, I've had my car for 8 years, never had a problem, till recently. I took the car out of storage a month ago, (off road about 18 months, maybe 2 years, had a company car). I now have a gearbox issue. It was collected for a mot, and was slowly dripping transmission fluid. (Between diff and gearbox I believe). That was fixed, it came back and the car was fine for a couple of weeks. Then the car felt as if it was braking, for half a second, between 3rd and 4th. A few days later, it also felt as if it was slightly accelerating between 2nd and 3rd. When it's in gear, it runs great. Accelerating in a gear is fine, it's just the changing where there's a problem. I had lexus look at it, they suggested a replacement gearbox for £5k lol. Today, after looking on forums I drained the transmission fluid, and replaced the filter. There was a small amount of metal on the magnets,much less than I expected. But the fluid was very sludgy / black, especially in the bottom of the pan. I also noticed, and was suprised, that the dipstick says the fluid is good for the life of the vehicle. Hmmmm. I intended to flush the cooler too, but unexpectedly my wife was released early from hospital so had to end the project early. I drained and replaced just over 5 litres, Toyota iv fluid. The filter, rubber seal and pan gasket were replaced. The 2nd-3rd issue is now gone, and the 3rd to 4th change is much better, but not great. I have found using the manual gearchange selector makes it feel better, so am using that for now. My questions are, is there anything I can do to make this better? Am I damaging the gearbox more by driving the car? Anyone have a clue what to do next? I'm less financially setup than when I got the car, (new daughter and wife has lots of problems, means time off work for me etc). I'm reasonably mechanically minded, but dropping the transmission out is a bit beyond my options. Sorry to post so much, but I thought it may help to give the details. Ps I have towed with it, but only small trailers, under 1tonne. the car has 122000 miles on it. I've just paid out for the major service (Cambelt etc) so a bit poor right now. Thanks for any ideas, any help is seriously appreciated. Andy
  11. rajesh

    The End ?

    Hello. First i like to say sorry it’s been so long....been working in PARIS for 2 years while the MRS uses my Baby Lexus. I hope i can get some light on this matter, and advice. - It all started in July 2013, when my car was due for a MOT and Service - the car failed with some areas most issues where small light bulbs / wipers etc - however the main problem was the Emissions were too high and failed. The garage informed me it could be one of the sensors, so i shopped around and got them to change the sensor - however it still failed. Then the garage came to the answer as its your CAT - and that big bucks £800 - £1000 when my Baby is only worth £700 :( i started to do some research and was advised to use CATACLEAN - so gave that a try, you cannot believe it, it worked PASSED. The MOT report came back with one issue that will need repairing/replace "rear shocks". i started to feel the car drove different - it started to delay on a stop position (transmission issue) i was told. (Refurbished gear-box 2 years ago). The car continues having this problem, so could not trust the car will pull off when needed. And on Thursday 15th Aug the hand break light came on (not a problem) however that night on the way home the engine light flashed 3 times and did this twice. Once got home after 6 minutes on the road - parked on the drive and walked around the car and smelled burning rubber...! i turned to the Mrs and informed her, " i think our baby is due to die " and may have to let her go. taking account the problems we have with the car that needs attention. What are your thoughts
  12. Hi, my reversing camera has died, I was thinking of replacing it with a cheap / non lexus part. At the boot to camera connector, there are 4 wires (2 black, 1 red, 1 white). I have tested the connectors with a voltmeter, but can't find a voltage at all. I am running the camera in diagnostic mode from the screen, when I select camera test, the screen turns white / grey, but I can't find a voltage at the camera. I'm assuming the red wire should be 12v ? If anyone has a wiring diagram or knows what the wires are, please let me know. I am worried about running the kids/dog over while reversing. The blind spot is huge. In case it matters, when the engine is running and I shift to reverse, the screen turns white/grey. I have seen on eBay people selling 2nd hand camera controllers, is there a way to know which part I need, or if its a wiring issue? Thanks
  13. hello guys, im new to the forum. over the years ive owned 4 lexus's. 2 pre facelift ls 400's, a soarer t-t , and now a facelift ls 400 with vvti. i have a problem with my ls 400 gps/radio unit. it works fine, but the audio settings knob does not work. i cannot adjust bass, mid, high, fader or balance. it is stuck to the front speakers only working, and because of the ill functioning knob, i cannot adjust the fader settings. this is irritating me as the sound system is great but only half of it is working ! anybody had this problem before? or know how to fix it? not sure what model the radio is, its a touchscreeen gps/radio all in one from the factory. i pulled the fuses to try and reset the settings, it diddnt work, i removed the battery lead, that diddnt work either. a quick fix would be nice :) everything works on the unit ,bar the audio adjustment knob.any help or comments greatly appreciated !