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Found 20 results

  1. Have tried using a Motorola Moto G with my 2006 sc430 and while it pairs and makes calls no audio is tranferred from phone to the car. It seems a common issue since android phones had last lollipop update. Need to find a phone that works. I am sure it would be helpful to others if members can post details of which phone they use with their Sc430 for bluetooth/hands free and with what level of success. Thanks in advance to all who submit info.
  2. I was not aware about it, but apparently in US that is already old news (since March 2016): Toyota has initiated Safety Recalls for certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles equipped with Takata Front Passenger Airbag Inflators and one Toyota model equipped with a Takata Driver's Airbag Inflator. The subject vehicles are equipped with Takata airbag inflators which utilize a propellant that may degrade over time, after experiencing long term exposure to environmental moisture and fluctuating high temperatures. In some cases, inflators may also have certain manufacturing defects that enable moisture intrusion and propellant degradation. Inflator propellant degradation is accelerated in warmer climates with high absolute humidity. Propellant degradation creates excessive internal pressure when the airbag is deployed and can cause the inflator to rupture. In the event of an inflator rupture, metal fragments could pass through the airbag cushion material, striking the vehicle occupants and may result in serious injury or death. To understand if your vehicle is currently involved in these recalls, please use the convenient Safety Recall VIN Lookup Tool. Follow the instructions for your vehicle as listed. If your vehicle does not currently indicate any open Safety Recalls, please return to this site or your dealer at least every three months to confirm the Safety Recall status for your vehicle. Update March 2016 Toyota and Lexus passenger inflator recalls now also include 2008 model year Corolla/Corolla Matrix and 2008-2010 model year Lexus SC 430 vehicles.
  3. Brechin Slate

    Convince me

    Hi all, I'm a member of the is250 forum and am currently toying with the idea of downsizing to an SC430. I have to sell the idea to management so what are the top 5 reasons I should give her apart from the car being a thing of refinement and beauty? Regards to all Mike
  4. WildeRover

    New Member, WildeRover

    Collected my SC 430 today looking forward to getting to know it better. I have been researching the model over the last few weeks and in General mainly favourable. The major comments being that the people that eventually sell them are really reluctant to do so, therefore I consider myself somewhat lucky to have obtained this one from a former Army colleague.
  5. Hi, I bought my SC430 just over a year ago with 69,000 miles on the clock. I love this cars lazy power and the boon of a truly convertable hardtop. Travelling 350 miles+ in a day in this car is not the exhausting experience that you get for example in our Vauhall Zafira which leaves you tired and ragged at the end of such a journey! Alas the poor thing is now broken with a brake hydralic punp problem and the main dealer is 30 miles away..... Looking for a solution.
  6. Mouldikh

    Reflector fell off!

    Hi all, had my gold 2004 sc430 now for 3 months. What a great car. I love the fact that it is rarely seen on the roads and is a real head turner especially with the top down. I have suffered from excessive battery drain which I see is a common problem but will investigate and see if improvements can be made. After a weeks holiday in Wales I returned home to find that one of the front reflectors had fallen off. I have searched eBay, etc to find a replacement but have failed. Can anyone help me out? Thanks, Keith
  7. Allisterc

    Selling my car

    Can't find on the search cars for sale,my car that I posted the other day. I wanted to edit the ad but find it impossible to find how to do it? Any ideas? thanks
  8. My 2005 SC430 has an intermittent HID failure on the passenger side. It's on, off, on, off... so I want to replace the bulb. and I have a Toyota replacement. The Lexus instructions are pretty clear but after removing the bumper cover they say disconnect the bulb connectors and then pull the headlight forwards to remove it. Since not being able to get at the connectors is the reason to remove the bumper cover in the first place it looks like they could be just as inaccessible without the bumper cover. Can the light be pulled forwards to allow the connectors to be disconnected or are the cables too short? Has anyone in the UK tried this?
  9. emix

    SC430 gearbox issue

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, sadly my first post is about an issue I'm having witih my beloved 2004 SC430. I'll detail the problem below as the techs at my local dealer can't seem to suggest anything but gearbox replacement, I'm hoping to find a cheaper solution for my troubles. So it started happening a few months ago. When shifting from 4th to 5th gear the car jerks, the higher the rpm the harder it jerks, it kind of lunges forward for a moment. This stuff becomes quite violent at high speed. It also sometimes does it from 3rd to 4th. It only happens after the car is warmed up, never when cold. At first I changed the gearbox oil and filter, and indeed shifts are smoother but the problem hasn't gone away. Has anyone had similar problems that could me some advice on what was wrong? My car has only 90k kms, it's been in the family since it was new, nothing ever happened to it, and was always well maintained.
  10. Hi all This is my SC430 that i picked up a couple of weeks ago, Thought i would start a progress thread ... 2001 (51) Lexus SC430 - Silver - Originally from Liverpool - 35,000 at pick up. Silver Exterior, Black leather with Walnut trim. Completely Stock ... The Day i picked her up .... Bye Bye Clio ... Hello Luxury! :P Everything appears to be mechanically sound. She's just in need of a bit of TLC to get her back to looking like new. Absolutely love the car, Engine and gearbox are fantastically smooth. Ride is a little soft but hey, Its how its suppose to be for this type of car (Im been used to a MK3 Renault clio on hard coil overs for the last few years, So anything seams soft compared to that!) ... So far, so good :) Things to do ... 1. Remove corrosion and repaint the two radiator locator brackets. At same time replace/protect any bolts with slight corrosion. 2. Replace Fuse box (Next to battery). Previous owner couldn't figure out how to remove the lid, So he took a screwdriver to the side and smashed the casing ... 3. Battery box is missing. Find a replacement. 4. Full underside rust proofing (As underside looks like it has never seen rain before!!! would like to keep it looking like this!) 4. Small dint to be removed from Bonnet and Passenger side rear arch. 5. Gold Emblems to be cleaned up and re-plated if needs be. 6. TPMS valve stems are damaged (Threaded part) are worn/damaged to the point a valve cap won't fit. 7. Mark Levinson 6x9's in both doors have perished and will either be repaired or replaced. Or all speakers replaced with higher quality units, But retain the OEM Head unit. 8. Figure out why the head light washers aren't working (Possible seized motor). Passed its MOT before i picked it up, so should be working! 9. Alloys have just been refurbished, But not exactly to a high standard, so will be redone at some point. One alloy has a crack in it (apparently) so this will be looked into/replaced/fixed 10. Restore Head Light lens's as slightly yellowed at the top on both. Replace yellow side light bulbs with whiter bulbs (To match HID's) that are "E" marked (Not L.E.Ds as I've been caught out by a MOT tester before over this) 11. Cam belt, Serpentine belt, Water Pump and Thermostat to be replaced (all 13 years old so being water pump and thermostat being preventatively replaced) along with a full service with transmission fluid, Brake fluid and Power steering fluid change. 12. Replace tyres as they are 6 years old. Also a full alignment check as steering wheel is slightly off centre. 13. Check if recalls have been done ... 14. Full interior clean with leather feed and treatment. 15. Full Paint Correction for exterior (As she's never been polished before going from how rough the paint feels!) 16. iPod connectivity to head unit 17. All air filters to be replaced (Air con to be cleaned and re-gassed) ... Basically, I want to get her back to looking and working like she's just come off the production line :) After all this ... (This is were some of you might fall out with me!) ... Unfortunately The plan is ...(eventually) get her sat on Air Ride, US rear bumper (Deleted fog lights) with deleted reflectors front and rear (or possible body kit change, but nothing OTT) and some very large, Very wide, Very cambered wheels and things like pressed number plates, custom exhaust (Currently a little too quite for my personal taste) ... Effectively going down the V.I.P Style route .... However, these plans will probably change!
  11. I wanted to add a body kit to my black SC430, and have the car painted red, as the new panels would need to be painted, anyway. On getting quotations, however, I think that it'd be more economical to sell my car and buy a red one, because changing the colour of an SC430 is costly to get a good, professional finish in all the cracks and crevices. So, would anyone like to swap their red, 6-speed SC430 with any interior except black or grey, under 50k miles, for my late 2007 (57) black, 6-speed SC430, tan interior, 57k miles plus some cash? If yours has damage to the bumpers or front wings, it doesn't matter, as these will be changed for the kit panels. I could also do a straight swap for a red car with similar mileage to mine.
  12. Why are there so few late SC430s? I love my 2007 SC430 so much that I want a later model with fewer miles. I want to spend some money on it, including for a sports exhaust system, a cold air induction gizmo and a body kit. I figure that it would be more sensible to spend the money on a car that is going to last longer than mine. Although they were manufactured until 2010, I was astounded to find only one 2008 example on the Web! I would have bought that one because it had low mileage, but it had a black interior, which I dislike. There are many available for sale up to 2007, but why are there almost none after 2007? It seems very strange, but there must be a reason, I suppose.
  13. So both of my Lexus are going and after many years of Lexus ownership I am not leaving! From Monday I will be the proud owner of a IS250c
  14. Thanks to Steve2006 for this inter-club meet notice For owners of Toyota Soarer, Lexus SC300/400 & SC430 Blow away the winter cobwebs at this 5 April meet in a north Hants country pub. Owners of Soarers, SCs and LSs from the LOC are welcome at this event The Star Inn is mid-way between the M4 and M3, and just off the A34, midway between Newbury and Basingstoke. It's on the A339 Basingstoke-Newbury Road, near Kingsclere, Berks, RG20 4SY. This venue is popular with Lexus/Toyota enthusiasts in Bucks, Berks, Hants and Wilts. Sometimes even a Londoner ventures out here too ! It's not a 'polishing & posing' meet - just a chance for newbies and experienced owners to swap technical tips and driving tales. More info here - and you can flag up your interest if you fancy coming:
  15. Mags62

    Sc430 Wheel Trim

    Hi, I am after at least 1off "Dinner Plate" wheel trim for a 2003 SC430. Would consider buying a set if you are restyling your original wheels. Cheers.
  16. sc430shaun

    Boot On Sc430

    Hi All, Just become the proud owner of a 2002 SC430 with 90,000 miles and mainly Lexus SH I am really impressed with the car even though i have had several SLs and alpinas I am still trying to get to terms with all the kit on this car, but at the moment i cannot get the boot to stay up? surely there must be some kind of strut that maybe you put in place? puzzling me and am i missing something very obvious? any replies much appreciated shaun
  17. RayKhan

    Door Speaker

    Does anyone have a Mark L door speaker for an SC430, or are the the same in the LS. Thought I would ask before taking the door card off. Thanks
  18. The SC430 was brought to my attention by 'Top Gear', who slated this vehicle due to is high initial cost, but subsequent recommendation from 'Jeremy', as a 'second-hand bargain'!!! Of the 2,121 currently registered in the UK, how many are actually owned by forum members? I was lucky to acquire a 2005 vehicle in Pearl Indigo with a modest 38,000 miles (unfortunately not fully enjoyed by previous owner due to I'll health). Personally I try to use mine 3-4 days a week for the 'work-run'. As I have yet to see another SC on the roads, I was wondering how many are actively used by forum members?
  19. Not posted here for a long time, still have my SC430 must be 10 years now lol. A few recent pics I took the other week, still as nice as the first day I got her :)