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Found 14 results

  1. Hello there. Well, I've got my 2006 RX400h (SE-L trim), and am mightily impressed so far. I'm currently working through my to-do list, two new tyres, wiper blades and so on. I've tried hooking my phone up via Bluetooth, but I can't 'see' the car from the phone, so I am a little puzzled because the car does have Bluetooth. I'm now also a little miffed because I've seen it said that the Bluetooth that's there doesn't support music playback. Incidentally, I've found some sort of dongle dangling around that appears to be wired into the car, but also looks like an FM transmitter. Why that's there I'm not sure (I'll get some pictures). I was pleased to see that getting to the head unit is easy, and a new surround to adapt to ISO fitting seems easy to get. I've also seen these adapters that use the CD multichanger connector to hook up a Bluetooth/ aux in adapter. But I'm also rather distressed by the posts I see here and there saying "I replaced the head unit, and now XXX has just stopped working"... Where XXX is just about any random component you can imagine. So, has anyone here worked out if the existing Bluetooth is able to play music, or managed to fit the Bluetooth adapter into the rear of the head unit, or even managed to fit a whole new head unit whilst preserving the rest of the car's functions? Sorry this has gone on a bit!
  2. Whether one of your bulbs has failed, or you simply want to change them in order to improve the light output of your reversing lights, it's an extremely easy job. No special tools are required; all that's needed is something to pry off the fasteners that secure the lining to the boot/trunk lid. A prying tool like this one is ideal. The fasteners are ribbed and require a decent amount of effort to pop loose, but a "claw"-style tool makes light work of them. I suppose they could also be removed with something else (screwdrivers, pliers etc), but they run the risk of being damaged in the process. No need to remove the lining fully, just enough to gain access to the bulb holder. A small twist of the holder will release it from the light casing and allow access to the bulb. They're a "wedge" fitment and simply pull out. The replacement bulbs, ready to be fitted. The fitment type/size is W16W. Many different brands of varying quality and cost are out there, but I chose to spend a little extra ( £20) on a pair of premium quality bulbs that promise to be long-life and brighter than average. One of the new bulbs in place. Always a good idea to check that it works before putting everything back together. If it doesn't initially light up, just pull the bulb out, rotate it 180 degrees and re-fit. One side done. Just repeat the same process for the other side. Job done. Even on a bright sunny day, they're clearly visible and appear to be quite a bit brighter than the OEM bulbs I took out. They should be amazing at night! So there you have it. This task is extremely easy, takes all of 10 mins and probably doesn't even deserve to have a tutorial for it. Personally-speaking though, I always find it handy to have some kind of reference to check out before I attempt to pull my car apart, so hopefully someone finds it useful.
  3. Hi all. New to this forum...apologies if this post is in the wrong bit... just trying to find some advice from people who might already know this - I have an IS300, from 2002. It seems to ride a bit high, especially at the back. Do you know how to go about lowering it slightly? Not sure of the best way to go about this (1" at front, 2" at rear maybe...). Hope you can help...
  4. Hi guys, This is my first post in this forum, so apologise if this is in the incorrect thread. I bought a used Lexus IS300h from 2014, as my judgment wasn't that great, I got one without many of the features (executive model). I was looking into a couple of things, but there is not much to be found, is there a possibility to add some of the safety features which are in the other models? Also, I was looking at the speedometer of the f sport model, can this be upgraded after the purchase? Thanks, Piri
  5. Howdy Here is my MY2017 genuine diffuser with matching tailpipe trims the garage managed to avoid welding on the tailpipes. Basically they fabricated the 2017 exhaust trims to fit the OEM rear box and the only sacrificial element is cutting off the curve end of the pipe, So if the exhaust needs replacing you can take the trims off and reinstall. If Mods/Admin allow I can pass on the garage details who can either supply and fit, OR supply everything (inc diffuser) and modded trims for the competent diy'er to have a go. Its a simple process IMO and pricing is cheaper than Lexus UK Pics below..
  6. If your like me, the best part about owning a Lexus is the nice toys and technology that Lexus offer. I've recently swapped my IS220D SE-L for a IS250 SE, The SE-L was fitted with the illuminated door sills that light up "Lexus" when you open the doors, a really nice feature which should be standard in my opinion. Unfortunately my 250 SE only had the basic plastic sills that look a bit cheap on a Luxury car so i pulled off the plastic ones to find that the cars are fitted as standard with the plug for the illuminated sills, so I thought I could just buy the illuminated sills and plug them in. Unfortunately it turned out that this is not the case, all the cars do indeed have the plug however the plug is only wired in on the Luxury and sports spec models, to get around this problem you need to do some basic home wiring which I will show you now. Please note: I take no responsibility for any damage done to your vehicle while following this guide. For this modification you will need the following: 1-2M of Auto Wire 4x Scotch Locks A Pair of Bull Nose Pliers A Pair of Snips Stanley Knife/Craft knife Step 1: Remove the existing door sills to reveal the wiring loom underneath ( A bit of brute force pulling straight up will remove the sills) Step 2: Using a Stanley Knife or Craft knife, carefully cut away the electrical tape that covers the wires that go into the door sill connector (Be particularly careful not to cut into any wires in the loom). Step 3: Take your Auto Wire and 1 scotch lock and Scotch lock your auto wire and the White wire going into the Door Sill Connector together (Leave the blue wire as it is). Step 4: Remove the interior trim that covers the seat belt tensioner system (to aid this process put the seat in the fully back position and the backrest all the way back, and open the rear door. Again some force will release the clips holding the panel on). Step 5: Locate the wire that connects to the Door switch, it sits on the inside of the pillar behind the switch. (A White Wire on the drivers side and Purple on the Passengers side, shown in the image above). Step 6: Trace your auto wire around the current loom to reach the Door Switch wire behind the seat belt panel. (when doing this ensure that your auto wire cannot rub on the seat belt as it moves back and forth during use). Step 7: Take a Scotch lock and scotch lock the Door Switch wire and auto wire together (Ensure you don't short out the wire on the vehicle's body work while using metal tools. I also wrapped some electrical tape around the scotch lock to ensure nothing metal would contact the bodywork in the future). Step 8: Plug in your illuminated door sills to ensure they are working correctly, when you push the Door switch the Sills should shut off and then light up when the switch is released. (If your Sills don't light up please check to see if you have your interior light switch set to come on when the doors open). Step 9: When you are happy that everything is working correctly, push the interior trim panels back into place. Some pressure on the areas should clip everything back in to place. Finished Product. I hope this guide was helpful, if i've missed anything or you have any questions please post here and I will endeavour to help the best I can.
  7. Hello there my fellow LOC members, I've recently purchased a Lexus IS200SE, unfortunately the previous owner jammed the cd system. So I decided to upgrade to a bluetooth system which I've now purchased, I thought this was a great idea as it solved the existing problem & removed the need for my parrot system. Little did I know so many issues would follow. I don't really want to bypass the cars amp if I can help it, as I'm led to believe my sat-nav will no longer work if I'm to do this. Is it possible to connect the new stereo using the existing wires & then reconnecting my sat-nav using my parrot fitting kit which is still connected directly to the cars amp, would or could this work? I really don't want to have to go through the trouble of removing the sat-nav as then I'll have to put standard dash parts in, which I really don't want to do as it'll ruin the cars look & no doubt lower its value. Has anyone else had this issue and if so how did you combat it? Is there a way to fit the stereo and still keep the sat-nav working? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!
  8. IS200 Aero

    Advise On Brake Upgrade

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I acquired my 2003 Lexus IS200 Sports with Aero body kit a year ago. As the car is now 11 years old and Aberdeen roads are filled with salt during winter, the car is prone to corrosion. Unfortunately the rear disc brakes are the first to go :(. This gives me the perfect reason to start my upgrades. First upgrade will be all four discs along with pads. Can someone advise me on what are my options.
  9. im just woundering has anyone fitted decats or aftermarket exhausts to an isf ?
  10. Lexus_Pimp

    Upgrading Is200 Seats

    Greetings fellow Lexus lovers, I am thinking about buying some new seats to upgrade the ones in my IS200 and I was wondering how tricky a job it would be replace them myself. Has anyone else swapped their seats out before ? Thank you in advance !
  11. Hello, My first post here. I took my nickname Tahara after the factory where they made the first Lexus in Japan. Clever, eh? B) I drive a Camry now. It is a good car. However, I lust after a Lexus. It can take a while before I get one, but I want to share my adventures as I look at some 2nd hand ones. I looked at a 2008 LS yesterday and will post about that in the model forum. I live in Malaysia, where things sometimes are, ahem, different. But the cars are the same. Happy motoring everyone.
  12. Hi, I have a 2009 GS450H (not sure of the model as I live in Ireland, but it is a UK model) - Lovely car, but it doesn't have sat nav. I was wondering as it has the touch screen and everything, is is possible to upgrade it to get sat nav installed? Pain in the arse setting up my tom tom on the phone each time:-( I had a lexus before with sat nav and it looked exactly the same screen?
  13. Hi All, I have a 2001 GS300 with OEM Sat Nav. I love the car, but I am a little cheesed off. I really want to replace the OEM sat Nav with an aftermarket product to benefit from new available features (blue tooth, TV tuner, Ipod etc). In all my searching I have not found a unit or units that are fit for purpose without loosing the climate control. It seems this is doable for non sat Nav models...Surely there is a solution to this.... I would really to some advice from anyone who has done this, pictures too would be awesome Thanks in advance guys
  14. i was looking to upgrade the exhaust on my is220. anyone know where to go? and also will the is250 exhaust fit onto the diesel? thanks