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Resetting GS300 / GS430 engine ECU


Resetting GS300 / GS430 engine ECU

It is recommended that the engine ECU is reset after any engine performance modifications have been made to the vehicle, including using a higher octane fuel, to accelerate the learning of any new parameters. Resetting the ECU will also clear any stored error codes, however if you have a fault with your vehicle it is advisable that these codes are retrieved rather than wiped as they may help in diagnosing the problem.

  1. Make sure the ignition is turned off
  1. Remove the engine bay fuse box cover
  1. Remove the 20Amp/25Amp EFI fuse
  1. Remove the 15Amp ETCS fuse
  1. Wait 30 seconds
  1. Re-insert the two fuses
  1. Install the fuse box cover

It is also possible to reset the engine ECU by removing the battery. Please note that this method will also reset any memory settings such as radio presets, trip mileage, clock etc.

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