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Where do I host photos for the guides?

If you would like another solution than attaching your image then to host photos for guides then you can host them in our Media Library

Tip on how to successfully host and share photos.

1. Log in to the club forums and then go to the Media Library

2. Click the Link in the left menu of the media gallery called "your username" Media

3. Click Create in the left menu to create an album (let's say for instance "My Car")

4. Go to the album (My Car) from the left menu

5. Click Upload from the left menu

6. When you click browse, you can multiple select photos by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard and clicking on the photos you wish to upload.

7. Click Upload

Now you have your photos you can share them

1. Click on the New created album and select a photo

2. Left menu you will see a field with the link filled in to place.

3. select size you wish to share (ie. small, medium or large)

4. click the link box and right click and copy.

5. Image is now in your clipboard and ready to paste either in the guides section or facebook or the forums etc.

How to paste photos in to your guide

when viewing the guide window in the main window you will see lots of icons... select the icon that looks like a tiny landscape photo. A popup will appear and you simply right click and click paste your photo and then press ok.

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