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First Test Fit Of Single Din Unit In Mk1 Gs300


First Test Fit Of Single Din Unit In Mk1 Gs300

Spent a bit of time messing about with the fascia panel and cubbie hole that I got from the Toyota parts department. In the absence of what appears to be any official stereo mounts to go with the panel, I ended up hack sawing one of the side brackets for the factory unit and using pieces of wood to fix everything together. The odd thing with the fascia panel is that the opening is not wide enough to cater for the single din standard trim plate (that clips on the front of the stereo to fisnish it off). his seemed a bit odd and meant a bit of triming was required for that also. The wooden brackets don't look pretty it has to be said, but the overall effect once bolted into the car looked not to bad I thought. Any comments/suggestions gratefully received.

The fascia plate (or instrument panel as toyota parts call it). Apart from the fact I cannot seem to find one of the autoleads fascia kits for a right hand drive Mk1 GS, the main advantage of the Totyota part is that the finish is an exact match for the factory finish on other parts of the centre console. The major disadvantge is that there appears to be no eas way to fit the fascia plate.


and the Radio cover, aka cubby hole, oddment tray, blah blah



After a bit of hacking about, this is the prelim fit to see how it all looks before finishing off, and the task of bypassing the amp starts.




Guide by Tigerfish

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