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What To Look For When Buying A Second Hand Gs Mk2?


pitfalls to look out for when buying a MK2 GS
  • Wheel vibration – The GS300 is sensitive to front wheel balance. Make sure you test drive the vehicle at 70-80mph
  • Front brake discs – These are prone to warping, any steering wobble under light braking from 60mph indicates a problem.
  • Ball joints – Perform full lock turns and try to drive over speed bumps and listen out of knocking noise or loose steering feel.
  • Wind noise – Check for noise at 70mph around sunroof, door, mirror and windscreen.
  • Door sensors – Open each door in turn and check the door open warning light illuminates on the dashboard. A problem with a sensor is costly as they are integrated into the door lock mechanism.
  • Battery – When starting, the engine should turn over very fast. If the car struggles to turn over may indicate a problem with the battery.

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