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Mk1 Gs300 Dash Removal


Remove the dash from a GS300 Series 1

Disclaimer: As always, this is a guide only and I accept no responsibility for any damage or injury that maybe sustained through following these guidelines.

Tools required:

  • Philips or posidrive screwdriver
  • flat blade screwdriver

1. Insert ignition key and using the steering wheel height/reach adjuster, bring the steering wheel as far towards you and down as it will go. At this stage, you could disconnect the battery, although I didn't.


2. Grasp the bottom black panel running along the bottom of the dash (with the dimmer dial on it) with your fingers and pull firmly towards you. It will unclip.


3. Disconnect the wiring to the dimmer switch and remove trim panel.


4. There are four screws holding the dash itself in. Remove the four screws with the philips screwdriver.


5. Once the screws are removed, you need to carefully, wrap the flat blade screwdriver with a piece of cloth, and gently pry the top front edge of the dash down. This will release the top edge of the dash from the recess in the dash surround. Draw the dash forward towards you.


6. Disconnect the three plugs on the back of the dash.


7. Remove the dash from the car


8. If you want to replace blown bulbs, Some of the warning lamp bulbs can be changed at this point. Others, such as the dash illumination bulbs need further dismantling. remove the back cover off the dash.


9. Next you need to undo the screws retaining the back circuit board, 16 in total.


10. Flip the circuit board up, and over. There are ribbon cables at the top.


11. All bulbs are now accessible. Here is a pic of the illumination bulbs. Not sure what type of bulb it is that pushes into the bulb holder. It is somewhere in size between an R501 and an R286 capless bulb. Dimensions are approx 19mmx7mm diameter.


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