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Replacement Of The Rear Suspension Bushes Ls400


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This set of pics should be viewed in tandem with the ;Rear strut Rods and Bushes In the LS400 Models Forum

The shots are taken at various stages during the removal and replacement of the rear hubside bushes on a 1990 Mark 1 LS400 using ADUS Bushes.The complete bushing shown in the first pic is the lower arm bushing it as been removed with the bush puller in one operation complete and if pulled towards the rear of the car it takes out the outer sheave as the innards are spherical and this stops the inner sheave pulling out of the bushing.The trailing arm bushing is a straight bush and the inner sheave will pull out with the rubber leaving the outer sheave still in place in the hub knuckle ,que the dremel saw.

The shot of both bush housings shows the new ADUS Bushings in place and ready for re-assembly.This sequence of the re-assembly enables the process to be easy if all the parts are fastened up loosely and then torqued up when everything is in place.

As can be seen in the pics the trailing arm bush was in a terrible state but was not given as an advisory on last weeks MOT the lower arm bush was.This implies that it is not up to the MOT station to determine the state of the bushes on visual inspection ,but on the amount of play they have,which on this occasion is misleading.

I would advise anyone owning a LS400 with more than 130k miles to get all the rear suspension bushes checked out as this Mark 1 as done 180k miles but obviously both trailing arm hub bushings have been in a bad state for some time although it is only in the last 2000 miles that we have noticed any vibration from the rear of the car.











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