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What You Need For Fog To Brake And Light/brake/fog And Cost


what you need and a link on how too

1) conversion 1 fog to brake you will need.

  • small roll of red wire(as you'll be taking a live from the brake live) no more than £5.00
  • some red tube connectors no more than £2.00
  • some scotch locks no more than £2.00
  • 2xp600a diodes from maplans or electrical shop 65p each
  • a roll of electrical tape(no other tape will do ie masking tape duck tape etc) no more than £1.50

2) conversion 2 light/fog/brake

  • all of the above(but you have already got it so don't buy more lol)
  • some cable ties no more than £2.00

now for the expensive part.i was lucky i found some is200 in the scrappys so i paid next to nothing for bulb holders but if you cant find any at the scrappys you'll need to go to lexus

  • bulb holders from scrappys £5.00 the pair.
  • bulb holders from lexus approx £20.00 each poss more.

the whole conversion cost me £6.30 i'm in the trade and had all the wire i needed at work also i didn't

use scotch locks i soldered my wiring and used heat shrink instead of tape were i'd soldered(i don't like scotch locks but its a personal choice)

hope this helps all who asked on my light/brake/fog mod post

FogBrake Rear light mod.pdf

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