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Fitting Heated / Electric Sport Seats


to an s model.

This post is more for other peoples benefit who are thinking of upgrading their interior of their 's/altezza'. Now if they conduct a search they will find this topic with the relative information in!

As some of you know i recently bought the oakham sport half leather interior and had a few questions about wiring the drivers seat in, some of you had already done this modification but couldn't remember how you wired them in. I tried several search's but had no luck so it came down to trial and error. What follows is how i have wired them in:

The passengers seat is a simple swap. Once the original is removed you will notice that there is a spare connection block coming from the wiring loom that was not connected to anything on the original seat. This, as far as i can tell, is for the heated seat element in the passenger seat. When you come to fit the seat you will notice that all the connection blocks will fit exactly (airbag, seatbelt sensor and heated seat). Thats it, passenger seat for the drivers wacko.gif

Once you have removed the drivers seat you will notive that on the loom from the car you will have only two wires in one connection block (green/pink and white/black) this is the connection block for the seatbelt sensor. If you look on the bottom of the new 'sport' type front drivers seat you will notice that there is a larger connection block with four wires!

Trace the wires on the seat to the seatbelt and you will notice another connection block for the seatbelt sensor unplug this and compare this connection block to the one on the cars loom. If they are different, which mine where, cut the connection block from the cars loom and discard this. now cut the connection block from the seat and solder this to the cars loom. The wire colours are exactly the same so connect pink/green to pink/green and white/black to white/black. Thats the seatbelt sensor done. Now cut the larger connection block off the seat and you will have four bare wires. The pink/green one can just be insulation taped up as you have already connected this elsware. The thicker white wire is the possative so will need to be connected to the battery/possative supply. I connected mine to the battery with an inline fuse also connected. The white and black wire is the earth so needs to be connected to the car body/negative. I pealed back the carpet and connected the earth to an existing earth point that is just under where the seat should be.

This leaves you with just one wire, the red one, this i assume will be for the heated seat element. i have not connected this up yet as i need the heated seat switch's but will post up results when complete.

I hope that people will find this usefull if they are intending to do the same mod.........sorry for the long essay.

Jason tongue.gif

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Hi nice post. I have been searching everywhere to find some information about wiring these Lexus IS300 seats. I am putting them into an older vehicle and will have to be creating the wiring from scratch.

I have no need for the seat belt sensor, seat air bags, or the memory functions. There are 10 wires on one harness and 2 wires on another harness leaving the drivers seat that go to the car. so far I have identified that the two wires on the second harness (yellow-red, yellow-grn) are for the airbags. The 10 wires coming out of the other harness include a larger white-black and larger blue-white wire, and smaller brown, black-red, black-blue, white-green, blue-yellow, blue-orange, white-red, black-yellow wires. The black-yellow appears to be the wire going to the seat heater buttons. Does anyone have any clue how I could wire these to get the seat power working??

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