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Cold Start Ls400


solution, simply red

Hi Fellow Lexuns

Over the last couple of years especially in the winter months ,my 1990 Lexus ls400 as been starting with a strangled start-up.The best disciption I can forward is that of a balloon letting out air but somebody is squeezing the neck.

The engine then goes up to 800 revs in a whoosh of power then drops back through normal start up temprature phases to tick over at the prescribed 550 revs.

I dreaded digging out the cold start injector and the job that entailed, also started to get nightmares about throttle controls and the electronics glitches that await.

After looking in my workshop manual I thought that this was a basic problem not related to the sophisticated electronic set up of the engine and researched back in time the upper cylinder lubricants we used to use on side valve and old fashioned engines with eight valves and a carburettor.

So I stuck Redex injector cleaner in the petrol to the prescribed dose and after that had gone through the system the problem disappeared.

Just goes to show that some of the old solutions are still very relavent in todays engines.

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