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Replacement of Number Plate lights.


This guide will show how to either replace the bulbs in the numberplate lights or replace with LED type bulbs.

1) Open the boot lid.


2) Remove the sound proofing from the inside of the boot lid by gently pulling around the edges to release the hidden plastic fixings, these are fairly tough and not easily broken so don't worry.



3)Once the sound proofing is removed you will be able to see the wiring to the bulb holders, put you fingers inside the boot cavity and you will be able to feel the holders,twist the base of the holders anticlockwise and then pull them out.




4) Either replace the blown bulb(s) with convenventional types or upgrade to LED types.

Remember LEDS will only work one way around so after fitting leave the holders out and turn on the side lights, if one or more of the LEDs fails to illuminate remove it and turn it 180 degrees and refit.

5) Refit the bulb holders by inserting and then twisting clockwise to lock.

6)Refit the sound proofing by lining it up and using your fist to push back the fixings, looking along the edge of the soundproofing will allow you to see the correct alignment of the clips and holes.

7) Standback and admire your work!


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