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Air Filter Change


A pictorial guide for changing the engine's air filter.

Air Filter Change

This topic has already been answered several times over, but if you're like me pictures give you that extra bit of confidence.

The air filter is located above the engine and is held in by 2 metal clips highlighted below. The clip at the back is levered from below so you'll have to reach down slightly.


Once both clips are unfastened you should be able to simply lift the filter up and out of its housing. If your filter change is long overdue (like mine was) there will probably be a build up of dust,grit,dead bugs and so on. The one in the picture below is a K&N but the standard one is white (well would have been originally).


Now the filter has been removed I advise using a vacuum cleaner to suck out any of the debris the might have fallen back into the void.

The filter it's self should just pop out of its housing which would also benefit from a good clean.


Once you have everything tidy pop your replacement filter into the housing and refasten the clips.

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