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LED/SMD Footwell Lights


How to wire in footwell lights to come on with the ingition barrel ring.

PLEASE NOTE: The instructions detailed in " Workshop" are only meant to
be rough guides , they are by no means conclusive or contain full
maintenance instructions. No responsibility will be accepted by the
post author or Lexus Owners Club for any loss , damage or personal
injury however caused by following these guides.
Consult a fully trained motor vehicle technician before carrying out any modifications to your vehicle.

Ok with that out the way here goes .

Heres what you will need : Your footwell lights, 2 core wire, 10 through crimps, ratchets pliers (or something to crimp the crimps with) and a pozi screwdriver.


Step 1: Remove the trim surrounding the speedo. This is held on with 3 screws, 2 at the top and one bottom right. Its is also held in with clips but the just pull out. Adjust the steering wheel all the way down to help you.


Step 2: Remove the trim that faces your shins. Held on by 2 screws, bottom left and bottom right. This also has clips which pull out. Then disconnect the connectors for the light level switch, fogs and headlight washers.


Step 3: Pull out the heated seat controls by placing your hand underneath then push up and pull out at the same time.


Step 4: Remove the trim that covers the edge of the carpet. This should come off with a good pull.


Step 5: Now you can route your wires round. Go round the back of the heated seat controls for the passenger side. Sneak under the carpet to get under the front seats.

Step 6: Now that youve routed your wires you can connect them to the ignition light. Remove the screw holding it on so you have more to work with. You will see that it is on a connector already. Make sure you break in to the "light" side of the connector, not the "car" side so that you are not chopping into the main wiring. As you can see from the photo below, the blue/yellow wire is the positive and the red/black negative. Now remember which are which, cut the wires and crimp your new ones back in with them. Ive put a fuse in just incase. Not sure that you really need them but I was going to be putting more lights in.



Step 7: Crimp the wires out at your LED strips and voila! Job done. The picture below is looking up in the passenger footwell.


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