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1990-1994 Engine ECU access.


This guide provides instructions for accessing the engine ECU located on the passenger side, it may apply to later model LS400s but I am unable to verify this.

The engine ECU is located on the other side of the panel directly below the glovebox.

The 1st step as always when working on the car is to remove the negative battery terminal to remove the risk of anything being shorted out during the process.

Step 1.

Open the glove box lid and prise out the 2 plastic covers over the support arms by pushing in an outward direction.


Once these are removed the support arms simply pull off the bracket on the glove box.


The glove box compartment is hld in position by 5 plastic stud fixings, 3 along the bottom and 2 along the top. Using a suitable tool prise these out and then using a plastic blade depress the top edge of the compartment then pull it forward slightly.


Remove the glove box light wiring by pushing the lug on the connector and then carefully pull out the right side of the glove box further and ensure the stay arms are pushed back through the slots. The right side stay arm is attached to the glovebox with a nylon connecting cord and damper mechanism so take care not to break this on removal.


Once the inner compartment is removed you can now access and remove the 2 10mm bolts holding the panel at the top either side of the glove box door.



From here remove the lower passenger side kick panel containing the foot well light, to remove the light socket twist the bulb holder.

This will then allow access and removal to a further 3 10mm bolts at the bottom of the panel, one at each end and one in the middle.


Carefully lower the panel down to the floor of the car to reveal the ECU as shown in the picture below, the loom will allow this without straining.


Reverse the above proceedure to refit everything.

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