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Central locking issues


Hi everyone, just acquired an 2008 is220d and can't figure it out how to unlock all doors as at the moment only driver door its unlocking.<br />A bit messed up with how windows working too. Can anyone help?? <br />Note: I tryied already on my remote key to hold the opening and the <br />closing buttons together for about 10seconds as in YouTube short video and even displayed on my dash the car figure with all doors open but .. darn..still closed the other 3doors!

How to lock unlock all doors

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hi there

im not to sure how it exactly works??

but have you dried pressing unlock twice?

because some cars are program when you press it once on the remote, it only unlocks the drivers door first ' because for safety reasons'

but if you press it twice it should unlock all doors..

if im right it can be re program when all doors will unlock when click once

hope this helps you out


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Same issue here. No luck, tried holding both lock.unlock button together on the keyfob. Car shows all doors should be unlocking but have had no luck.

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I know its late in the day just acquired my IS and had the same issue, after hours of fun:yawn: sat in the car ignition stage one pressed lock unlock wait for the audible beeps twice and job done. good old Utube!

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