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Start Stop button issue


Can't start the car as button turns amber i have to get out of the car lock it wait a minute and then get back in to the car to start it.

Hi i am struggling with my new Lexus IS220 issue is with the start stop button not sure if i should be doing some thing differently, If i unlock the car either by the fob or by the door handle i get in to the car and start it by pressing the clutch the start button light turns to green and all is well but when i do not start the car straight away (few seconds the button turns amber and never turns to green so that i can start the Dam thing. If i am sitting in the car and want to turn the engine off with out getting out of the car and then i decide to start it again it won't as the button stays on amber light. PLEASE HELP WHAT AM I NOT DOING RIGHT!! by the way at all times car is in neutral. HOW CAN I CHANGE THE LIGHT ON THE START BUTTON TO GREEN SO THAT THE CAR STARTS AS IT IS EMBARRASSING :angry:

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Is the clutch definitely being pushed to the floor?

It *should* when fully depressed make the light turn green, no matter how long it has been on for. In gear or not.

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