Spin Turn Knob


What knob to get and how to install it.

So here is a little guide on how to install a Cusco spin turn knob in an IS200 / IS300 / Altezza.


Disclaimer: The part doesn't fit straight on and needs a tiny bit of modification.

If you're not familiar with what a spin turn knob is, then perhaps this mod is not for you. But otherwise, just google it.

Items required:

  • A Cusco spin turn knob for Toyota/Mitsubishi/Mazda preferably a silver one since you have to shave it down anyway.
  • Pliers
  • Round file
  • Sand paper 120-240 grit
  • Drill
  • A short M5 rod or bolt with the head cut off (can be found on a normal skateboard)
  • An M5 nut (can be found on a normal skateboard)

Step 1 Remove the handbrake boot

This part is quite easy. You just grab the handbrake boot and pull straight up. The clips should detach and the bracket should slide out vertically from the center console. Remove it completely by sliding it all the way over the handbrake handle and putting it to the side so it's not in the way.

The reason why you want to do this first is so you can access the latch down by the bottom of the handbrake later for your own ease. You can however get away with skipping this step if you're real lazy.

Step 2 Remove the handbrake button

This part is a little bit more intimidating. In theory it's as simple as unscrewing the button counter clockwise as it's threaded into the handbrake latch rod, But it's also under spring tension, and to make things worse they added a spring seat. So you will find that it binds up and turns back if you turn it by hand, which means you need to force it. So what you do is, you grab a hold of it with the pliers and keep turning it. You will feel how the spring pops out of the seat repeatedly as you unscrew it further and further. This is good, it means you're making progress.

Keep in mind that it helps to pull the handbrake as far up as possible. This won't add any extra tension to the handbrake button spring.

Step 3 Extract the spring

Once the handbrake button is removed, the next step is to take out the spring. You simply grab a hold of it with the pliers or peel it out with some other small tool.

Step 4 Prep the Spin Turn Knob for installation

Okay, so like I said in the disclaimer, the Cusco Spin Turn Knob is unfortunately about a millimeter too large in diameter to slide into the handbrake so you have to shave it down. The most effective method of doing this is to screw the handbrake button onto a small M5 rod or bolt with a cut off head and securing it with a nut. Then simply attach the rod in the chuck of your drill. Run the drill clockwise as this will prevent the spin turn knob from loosening up. And as it spins you will essentially lathe off material using a round file. Keep shaving that bad boy down until you hit roughly the same diameter as the factory handbrake button and then you wanna hit it with some finer grit sandpaper. First the 120 and then the 240. It helps to roll the sandpaper around some round item to give better control over it.

Step 5 Installation

Now that you've successfully modified your spin turn knob to fit, it's as simple as threading it onto the latch rod in your handbrake lever. If you find that the latch rod accidentally gets pushed into handbrake lever, you can push it back out by pressing the actual latch down by the latch gear and it will come back out again.

Step 6 Reinstall the shift boot

Simply slide the shift boot back over the handbrake lever and slide the bracket vertically into the center console until it clicks into place.


Congratulations! You have now installed your spin turn knob.

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