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Buying a GS300 series I: What to look for


Buying a GS300 series I: What to look for when purchasing a Lexus GS300 (Series 1)

This is a list of things to check when viewing a series I GS300 (1993-1997). If you are unsure about checking these items it is recommended that you get an independent inspection carried out.

  • Front brake discs – These are prone to warping if wheel nuts are not tightened in the correct order and to the correct torque. Any steering wobble under light braking from 60mph indicates a problem.
  • Ball joints – Perform full lock turns and try to drive over speed bumps and listen out of knocking noise or loose steering feel.
  • Instrument cluster – Check the needles fully light up. These can fade over time and a new instrument cluster is very expensive.
  • Radiator – If the coolant hasn’t been replaced every 2 or 3 years using the correct Toyota coolant the radiator may well be rusting on the inside. Difficult to check but look at the colour of the coolant. A rusty colour indicates trouble however please note that Toyota Long-Life Coolant is red so do not confuse the two.
  • Exhaust – The standard exhaust is stainless steel however series I GS300s are getting to the age where these can fail. Please note these will always appear worse than they actually are due to normal surface corrosion as the stainless steel is not of a grade to provide a good looking exterior finish.
  • Bonnet/Boot gas struts – These can become weak and unable to fully lift the panel.
  • Sport 18” wheels – The standard 18” wheels fitted to the sport model are prone to buckling. These need to be checked carefully and make sure there is no steering wheel wobble at high speed.

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