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Buying an IS300: What to look out for


Buying an IS300: What to look out for when purchasing a Lexus IS300

This is a list of things to check when viewing an IS300. If you are unsure about checking these items it is recommended that you get an independent inspection carried out.

  • Ball joints – Perform full lock turns and try to drive over speed bumps and listen out of a knocking noise or loose steering feel.
  • Alloy wheels – 17” wheels are prone to corrosion. If the car is within the 3 year manufacturers warranty they can be replaced. Otherwise except to pay £40-50 per wheel for refurbishment or look on eBay as there as many sets of IS wheels now appearing there.
  • Stone chips – Take a good look at the bonnet and front bumper as stone chips are common.
  • Ignition lock – Insert the key into the ignition, turn on, turn off and remove the key. Repeat this a few times. Any sticking may indicate a problem with the ignition barrel (Note that the key needs to be pushed in when turning from ACC to OFF). Cost is around £80 for a new barrel.
  • Folding mirrors – Open and close the mirrors a few times. If a mirror sticks it is normally nothing more than dirt which can be cleaned with soapy water and a quick squirt of WD-40.

Thanks to Colin Barber for this Guide!

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