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Replacing LS400 Rear Brake Pads


Replacing LS Rear Brake Pads

1.remove back wheel

2. Inspect Pad Thickness

Minimum Thickness : 1.0mm (0.039 in)

3.Remove Anti-Squeal Spring And Pad Guide


. Do Not deform the clip and anti-sqeal spring

.The anti-squeal clip and spring can be used again, provided that they have sufficient rebound, no-deformation, cracks or wear, and have had all rust, dirt and particles cleaned off.

4.Remove Pads And Anti-Squeal Shims

5.Check Disc Thickness And Runout

6.Install New Pads


.Make sure the arrows on the inner anti-squeal shims facing to the direction of disc rotation

.Preess in the pistons with a wrench handle or equivelant(tape the end of the tool with tape)

.If the piston is difficult to push in, loosen the bleeder screw

7.Install Pad GuidePin And Anti-Squeal Spring

8.Install Rear Wheel TORQUE TO: 103Nm (1,, 76 ft.lbf)

9.Depress Brake Pedal Several Times

10.Check That Fluid Level Is At Max Line

Thanks to Mat Clawley for the guide!

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