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IS200 Tear Wear Problems


LOC we have a problem, if you are reading this article then you also have a problem.

Tyre wear on the Lexus delivers much distress and financial loss to the owner even to the extent it has cost lives through unexpected tyre failure.

This example for the geometry recovery needs to be read and enable you to understand what to expect… nothing more! nothing less!

What’s wrong?

Active Camber Range is the criminal, as you drive the compression of the front suspension expresses the Camber range, this area we call the loaded / unload position. The ‘static’ position is were the camber corrections are measured and corrected from ‘the’ (point of reference) the problem we have is that the ‘dynamic range’ stays near to or over the active loaded calculated range constantly, hence the repetitive tyre wear complaints.

As you can see here the intension from Lexus is to realize a marriage between comfort and performance. But if there is a conflict then you will end up owning it.

Now what?

Absolute positioning is not my intension here, but I can give some examples from my studies done so far, remember geometry is complicated and dynamic, the picture below demonstrates how even a Lexus Main Dealer can get it ‘very wrong’.

Study has shown

Geometry/ front/

IS200 99-03

IS200 99 GB

IS300 00-03 GB

All have repetitive front tyre wear.

Most of the above also have a castor position set for Europe.

IS200 –99- GB and the Sport show little tyre wear and display UK Castor positions.

Corrective static positions for the Camber toward 15’ negative and toe compensation on the IS99-03 and the IS00-03 tends to move the Castor toward or within UK spec, study has shown that this new Camber position denies tyre wear.

Now get modified

Add to this ‘problem’ you go low! And wide! Tyres start to wear and there is a moan in the forum, no one wants to correct the geometry since you are ‘out of spec’ now what!……

Well this is an area you have to address many people can write the new positions myself included.

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