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How To: Change Motor Oil & Oil Filter


How To: Change Motor Oil & Oil Filter

This tutorial is based on my 1991 LS400

Jack up the car or drive it up on ramps then loosen oil fill cap and set aside.


Slide under the car and loosen this (1) 14mm oil drain bolt from pan...have your oil catch container ready:

The oil won't just fall right down but rather shoot out like water from a garden hose so be ready to position it and reposition it once the oil flow slows down a bit.


Once the oil comes to a slow drip then reinstall the drain plug and a new gasket.

Torque specs: 14ft-lbs




Move your oil drain pan over and position it under your oil filter. Take the oil filter remover wrench and loosen it just enough so oil starts to drip/pour out and let it drain to a slow drip...once it comes to a slow drip then completely twist it off. Clean up the area around the oil filter:

Now you're ready to install your new oil filter....Clean the take some oil and lubricate the gasket on the oil filter like so. Twist the new filter in by hand until the base is flush...once the gasket makes contact then tighten it 1/2-3/4 of a turn more:



Now add 5.6 quarts of oil back in. Take your car off of the ramps/jacks and start your car up and let it idle for 5 minutes while you check for leaks. Shut the engine off and let it sit for a couple of minutes then check your oil level. Take note of date and're good to go.

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