We know that proper car enthusiasts love their motors and really care for them. That’s why club members can save up to 15% when buying car insurance through us, regardless of whether the car is a modified monster, pure classic or even the family runabout.

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Car Insurance

As the UK’s largest specialist motor insurance broker covering everything from classic and vintage cars to heavily modified sports cars, Adrian Flux can offer you the best car insurance quote from our panel of over 40 insurers.

We use our specialist knowledge to offer great rates for owners of all kinds of cars, from classic cars to hot hatches, high-performance cars to modified cars, 4x4s to imported cars and kit cars. We search a wide range of specialist schemes to find the best policy for your needs at a price that won’t break the bank.

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Total Loss Protection

It’s a fact of life that your vehicle will lose some of its value over time – you’ll never get back the thousands you’ve paid for your shiny new motor. But there is a way to protect your investment and make depreciation a thing of the past in the unfortunate event of your vehicle being declared a total loss.

While your vehicle’s insurer will only pay out its current market value, our Total Loss Protection insurance will top this up by 25 per cent, up to a maximum of £10,000, giving you extra funds to buy a suitable replacement.

Insurance premium for the vehicle Total Loss Protection
£0 to £500 £36.99
£501 – £1000 £53.99
£1001 – £1500 £74.99
£1501 – £ 2000 £95.99
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Terms and conditions apply.


Imagine the stress, not to mention the expense, of losing an entire set of keys. It’s not just the cost of replacing the keys, but also the cost of getting home if you’re stranded, and the expense of recovering your keys locked inside a home or car.

That’s why our Keycare policy covers all this, for every key on your fob – including house, car and office keys – up to an annual limit of £1,500 and with no excess to pay. All for just £16.00.

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*Available for only £15 if purchased alongside a motor insurance or household policy, plus additional key fobs for existing clients can be purchased for just £9.50 each.

Flux Rescue

However well you look after your vehicle, you can never guarantee it won’t let you down. So why take the risk when Flux Rescue can give you peace of mind at an unbeatable price, whether you drive a car, van† or ride a motorcycle?

Your vehicle will be covered for UK and European (up to 60 days) roadside assistance and recovery, plus a home start service, all from £54.99* a year.

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†Vans have a limit of 2500 GVW
*Available from just £36 if purchased alongside a motor insurance policy for the vehicle


Losing your driving licence can have a devastating effect on your life, whether you need your car for work or to ferry your kids about. Now Flux Driverguard insurance will help you cope more easily without your car from just £75 a year, which provides £1,000 a month for travel expenses if you are banned from driving for speeding or totting up offences.

Our premium packages cover up to £2,500 a month, and will also pay out if an injury prevents you from driving, pay for you to complete your journey following an accident and provide up to £74.98 per day for a courtesy car if your vehicle is stolen or involved in a fault accident.

Plus £74.98
Premier £124.97
Executive £249.95
Elite £374.92
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Every day, 400 people in the UK put the wrong fuel in their car, often with costly consequences. With the number of diesel cars on the increase, more households than ever own multiple cars which use different fuel types, leading to a rise in misfuelling accidents.

Now you can protect yourself against a moment’s lack of concentration for just £19. We’ll arrange for the draining and removal of the contaminated fuel, either in situ or at the nearest garage, and refuel your vehicle with up to £10 of the correct type.

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*Available for only £17.50 if purchased alongside a motor insurance policy for the vehicle

Learner Driver Insurance

The cost of adding a young learner driver to your insurance can be prohibitive, but it’s well-known that the more practice they get, the faster learners can pass their test. Now learners can get all the experience behind the wheel they need from just £2 per day. This new policy is perfect for people who want to use their car to give loved ones or family friends extra driving lessons – but without putting their no claims bonus at risk or forking out a fortune in additional premiums.

The policy is designed to cover for you only whilst you are learning to drive in a car which is owned by you, a friend or a member of your family. If you do not own the car you are learning to drive in, the owner and keeper must insure the car separately throughout the duration of this insurance as this policy will not cover them. Policies can be taken out for up to 12 months and cover vehicles up to insurance group 27 valued up to £20,000, for learners up to the age of 25. Any claim will be settled on the learner driver’s insurance policy, and will not affect the no claims bonus of the vehicle owner’s insurance.

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