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  1. just dropped by to say that I'm still enjoying my GS 300 1st gen, runs so smooth, had no probs untill today, 190.000 km's. and saying hello to all !!!!!! yezzzzzzzzzzz................... :D
  2. leexus Ok...I don't know what you exactly want from me. Can you pls show me where I said you HAVE to speak german in the euro forum? Did you read my post above? If not than pls read...if you did than pls do it again. I never said it's a must to speak german. this is nothing personal leexus, It's in order to cummunicate, and giving everyone accessing the forum the possibility to read all posts, there should be no language discrimination. I don't see a portugees lexus owner reading your german posts. So he should be able to read all posts. That's why and only. I have no probs reading german, but there are more people then just me in that forum, who are non german. verstehen sie was ich meine leexus?
  3. #1 language in the world = english ! # 2 = spanish # 3= french........ so why should we europeans, ( dutch, french, italian, spanish, danish, fins, norvegians, hungarian, yugoslavian, serbs, kosovars, polish, greeks etc.. speak german in a euroroom ?? you tell me leexus. !! the universal language on the WWW WEB is ENGLISH !!
  4. Richie is right !!! It needs to be in english for proper communication ! Yes, it is true that we already do have an Euro forum inside TL. And sufficient... we're only a few. Only the germans and austrians do speak german. All other countrys do speak a different language. So are you prepared to make a forum for each other country,in their own language ?? better start off then for about 7 seven countries or even more I think, each in their "mother language". Thisd is a ridicilous remark there on Richie's post. I am with you Richie on this. No one was offended with the "flint" post , I thought it was funny too. But if I were a German I wouldn't like that too much neither. The point is that we, on the continent, can express ourselfs in at least 3 to 4 languages, maybe not perfectly, but understandable for anyone with some respective willingness . It can't be said for everyone. So please let's act as grown ups, and make this place what it should be a community for people with the same interest, whatever their origine. Amen
  5. heavy ...........LOL..... very good :lol::lol:
  6. maybe find it here for 49 US $ or here yezzzzz
  7. probably untill I buy another one LOL :lol:
  8. yes, I have traction control on the 1st. Gen. too works perfectly well. Very strange you don't have that device standard
  9. well you guys did a good job there nice pics..... they're all over the net now supercharged and ritchie should get some $$$ from the siteowners ?? LOL
  10. good news for the is owners in need of speed !!! all info here>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lexus is 430 = one off prototype ?!!!?? and here the pics
  11. just parking sensors and the 12 CD player doing great like it is :tumble:
  12. this kind of mobile is now for sale in europ guys watch the entire video to see what it can do for you yezzzzzzz
  13. no prob for 8.5 in the front up to 10 in the back :)