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  2. What stuff should RX owners do as preventative maintenance? Is it a good idea to change the thermostat, radiator cap.. any other small cheap cooling system components that could cause overheating if they fail?
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  4. Not sure if you got this sorted already but although you are in "P", make sure the foot brake/handbrake is engaged too. Hopefully that should work.
  5. Try Megazip and Jp car parts. Megazip have a warehouse in the United Arab Emirates in addition to their head office in Japan. Japan Spares have excellent service too.
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  7. Anyone know the towing eye thread size? I'm looking to make a bike carrier and this is the final part to complete. Think it's M18X4 but want to check before I get my supplier to try and find for me.
  8. There are a couple of white ones within your price range on the Lexus website... Including a very nice launch edition for less that £55k. (There is also one of the new green ones... For£90k) Sent from my Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Tapatalk
  9. When you shift into gear with your foot on the brakes the car will squat or rise due to the suspension becoming loaded with the torque from the engine/transmission/driveshafts as the wheels cannot move. Due to the gearing the effect is less in a higher gear - the two stages makes it less noticeable to the driver/passengers than a single big squat/fall.
  10. Not way, the auto on the IS200 isn't great with it only being a 4 speed. Here are some things to look for:
  11. The base models don't have a separate amp, just an integrated one in the headunit. What model of IS200 do you have? It is common for the stereo to be replaced - the CD player tends to break on the original ones.
  12. I'm with you on this, in the winter I wouldn't have too much of an issue, but this time of the year? I've sat in my car in the summer with the windows slightly down, it's unbearable, and I'm not wearing a fur coat!
  13. Cheers Howard, as expected the leather place has not even replied to my email yet but the more efficient, it seems, USA based Rockauto delivered my ignition parts today so been cracking on with that job
  14. Ive been wondering since I brought the car why there was a battery in the ashtray! Cheers 🙂
  15. My car has lugged loads of carfuls of garden waste to the dump. The rear bootliner has a load of scuffmarks and scratches now. What can ya do.. happy wife happy life
  16. I confirmed with Lexus sidcup that Any cat back system would be fine with the warranty (mine is a 2018). My first preference is not custom fit and a subsequent installation by Lexus. I’m leaning towards an RR racing bazooka exhaust
  17. I'm enjoying servicing the V8, and when stripped back it's a hell of a thing to look at. There's no harm in not putting all the engine bay covers back on is there? Has anyone cleaned up and 'presented' their engine? If the covers are just for sound proofing, I'd be happy to live without 'em.
  18. really ? I thought it was usually £1 a set of 4 😊 Malc
  19. I think the idea is that the noise and time it takes to first get through the guard before having the cat accessible means they would just target another vehicle. If the vehicle was parked in a secluded area then nothing is going to stop them.
  20. You were lucky you didn't have to pay someone to take it 😉
  22. True, they are a tad ugly inside, they remind me of an Amstrad computer!
  23. My 2016 model does have the wireless charging tray, but it is too small for my Samsung Note 10 Plus to fit. I enquired whether the larger tray from the facelifted model could be fitted, but the price was horrendous (I seem to remember that it was around £700), but involved swapping the tray, some of the fittings, and so some of the cabling. Having said this, there is a possibility that, while the tray is not fitted to your car, the wiring is already in place and fitting the tray might be doable: a 2018 model would have the larger tray if fitted. I am thinking of the way cruise-control is easily retro-fitted to the CT200h, and it is just a question of adding the stalk. your dealer should be able to clarify.
  24. how odd, I just highlighted and hit the quote button, as i have now and it popped with your name attached, how odd Malc
  25. Update: I've been a bit slacking on here, so anyway. I've installed the new exhaust (HKS Hi-Power) a couple months ago and I've also put coilovers (TEIN FLEX Z) on the car a few weeks ago. Exhaust was a very very easy to install. Nothing special, just pop the hangers off, undo a few bolts, job done. Now coilovers. There were all pretty easy to do it, just a matter of WD40 and undoing bolts here and there. However, the rear left bolts that goes through the shock & lca was rusted in so bad I couldn't remove it. I ended up cutting it and putting a new bolt in. FIY, the bolt is M14 and around 80mm long.. I couldn't believe how difficult it was to find it. I ended up buying it online for £7 as B&Q, Screwfix and Toolstation had only M12 or M16 as alternatives... I needed my car, so I just put an M12 through it that I got from B&Q as I didn't have any other option, but it's all good now. The car is now sitting about 60mm front and 50mm rear lower than stock. The ride is actually more comfortably than on stock shocks, although the stock suspension was 135k miles old and tired. Here's a pic of the clearance on the front on full lock with 18x9.5 ET38 wheels. It looks fine, but it does rub on full lock when there are two people in the car. Only an issue when parking, and not a big deal at all. It just catches the arch liner, so no damage. Here's a few pics of how the car sits now. Also had to test the diff. The stock suspension had so much travel the diff just wouldn't lock, whereas now the rear end is a lot stiffer, the little Torsen LSD engages a lot better 🙂 Apologies for the poor choice of location, but it was convenient and nobody was around as this McDonald's is still closed now due to lockdown.
  26. It will indeed be a non-starter but you'll have to call out the dealership or other suitably qualified company with the special gear to get it going. The traction battery is approximately 288v and people like the AA and RAC etc., can't deal wth that.
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