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  2. Thanks for all the info. There are a few things I am using to negotiate but they probably will only come off the list price by £200. It's priced at £19800 and is the Advance model with heated and vented seats. The brake rust I mentioned is on the calipers, not the disks. It's on the car I won't be choosing but was asking if it was a common thing with these cars for reference. The level of rust was quite concerning. The car I'm likely to choose doesn't have any rust on the calipers.
  3. Whats the reason you want a key wallet? Is it for vanity or for security so you key coding doesn't get hijacked and your car gets stolen? If its the later I'll post again with what I use.
  4. Yes... particularly considering your one is fully loaded unicorn car I cannot see you changing it soon 😁
  5. Joined the party a bit late on this one, on two occasions I've booked my ct in for faults both times i was told a diagnostic fee would be payable, the first was for a leaking fuel tank which should was an outstanding recall (purchased AUC dealer didnt pick it up - go figure), second windscreen auto sensing wipers weren't working - turns out the jelly pad was missing and the warranty doesn't cover faults were the part is missing only faulty parts.
  6. There are 2 settings one to connect to bluetooth audio another to connect as a phone via the phone setup option (which also does bluetooth audio), perhaps youve added via the first option?
  7. A cooler is actually a really simple thing to install with loads of space for one, I did one some years ago, although I would prefer the original setup. Saying that, if I intended to keep the car for many years I might consider it.
  8. In my youth I had a commute that took me through some great twisty roads that were virtually empty, in a mercedes convertible 560SL Some sections were really testing on the car at the limit. I fitted wider tyres, wider wheels ,offset wider wheels, better quality tyres in my efforts to go faster, handle better. All I discovered was that the manufacturer had in fact fitted the optimum tyre and rim width and offset after their testing !!!!! By all means change for cosmetics but beware losing the ‘cloud’ ride.
  9. The sunroof seal is a knock on trim that is often bonded on to the metal with sikaflex type mastic at the factory. it is like a miniture flocked version of a door seal it doesnt seal as such ,it just stops the worst of the weather getting in to overwhelm the drains. I haven't compared models but would expect all the Lexus models with a tilt and slide type sunroof of that era to use the same seal. there is a recall on webasto manufactured sunroofs in this style due to the glass delaminating from the metal sub frame on lesser makes like mercedes and ford ,.......hopefully t
  10. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Seems like some of the dealers are starting to become more flexible and I seem to now be getting somewhere with viewings. Fingers crossed I may find something soon.
  11. That is false economy... and it only hurts your head because you looking at the cost upfront, rather than comparing cost per mile. Almost any premium tyre I ever had paid for itself twice over just on mileage alone. First of all, they do not cost £150/tyre.. yes you can spend that much, but equally I appreciate that not every one needs Michelin PS4s... fairly reasonable Dunlop SportMaxx RT2's costs ~£80 for fronts and ~£110 for rears (just checked now and in Blackcircles and price is slightly up, but you get £25-off when you buy 4, so total of £385 for 4 tyres fitted) . Yes that is £380 f
  12. Perform initialization of the power back door system (power back door ECU initialization) if one of the following is performed: The cable is disconnected from the negative (-) auxiliary battery terminal. Or the battery goes flat. A wire harness of the power back door system is disconnected and reconnected. The power back door ECU (back door motor unit) is replaced or removed and reinstalled. The ECU-B fuse is replaced or removed and reinstalled. If initialization is not performed, the power back door syste
  13. I agree with this in principal, but can anyone point me out to the statistics of how many gearboxes were ruined here because ATF was not changed every 50k miles? I am not aware of one, perhaps they do not exist (yet). And indeed it is inevitable that eventually gearbox will fail without changing "life-time sealed" fluid. The only thing I can report is that my car was 192k miles and already in 3 accidents and written-off by the time it actually needed one. And I advised that to the new owner and he now has new gasket, fluid filter and 5L of ATF in his boot to address it. I am not aga
  14. Thank you ill ask them to have a look at EGR when i send it in for the recalls, and the engine mount If it turns out thats the worst than thats good, as i said before it is a good car True not the most fun but for commuting to and from work its good on fuel and confortbale full of nice little features Appreciate the replies and comments
  15. The rear screens on the 400h are completely separate from the rest of the vehicle's Infotainment system. The latest design, which came out in 2008 and therefore would have been fitted to your 2009 model, have integrated DVD players in the screen unit. I don't believe they were available as a retrofit, wiring isn't in place to power them so wouldn't be an owner fit job in the eyes of Lexus. Knowing Lexus if they did offer them they would be outrageously expensive. IMO you are better off with iPads and holders. These old DVD units with the infrared headphones were never great. Certainl
  16. When the testing regime moved from NEDC to WLTP a couple of years ago, the NX took a bigger hit on both CO2 emissions and fuel economy than the larger RX. So much so, on fuel economy, that real world owners can now easily beat the WLTP consumption figure (I average around 39 to 42 mpg). Yes, the NX now looks to be worse on CO2 emissions than it did when it was launched - but it's still better than most of its competitors. Can't comment on size - it's a matter of how much space you need - but in general I find that most of what motoring journalists write about Lexus, and in particular ab
  17. That can happen when the battery is a bit low on charge and I've known it happen when completely iced over too.
  18. It will be more that 5 seconds. As soon as you connect the battery pack to the vehicle's 12v system it will be charging the vehicle's flat 12v battery and will very quickly pull down the voltage of AA batteries. By the time you have connected it up and turned on the ignition you may be too late. AA batteries aren't 2500mA, they have a capacity of 2500mAh. Manufactures don't normally specify the Amps they can provide but internal resistance of non-rechargeable batteries will limit it to just a few Amps. Eight cells connected to provide 12v are connected in series. Current is a
  19. I did notice during their TV advertisements that Green Flag only appear to cover cars less than 10 years old, that’s probably the reason they can cut your RAC or AA renewal in half! I even took mine out of the garage today in the snow....found what I needed from the storage boxes then put it back in....fortunately it didn’t break down 😀
  20. Thanks for getting back. You’re right. I was looking for more Amp hours. But the high CCA may have shot a bigger short down although still 12V Correct. The POAA6 is an HV isolation issue. And water is typically the problem in the Rx400h that clearly has a water ingress flaw. Agree. If there was a Hybrid battery short somewhere in the mix it would cease to work. I think, anyway. It would be a coincidence that water ingress was now the problem just after I’d reversed battery pole Yes, the fact that everything works, charges etc is a puzzle. But it will only start after the aux b
  21. I certainly understand now first time ive seen this, wow.
  22. As I said above, I don't think the GP has any say in the matter. It's the hospital consultant who was treating you, not the GP, and we also know that seizures of any form and/or duration are a DVLA notifiable condition. Once you do notify them I think they will be making the decision for you.
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