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  2. I was told years ago that iridium plugs are the best because of the higher temperature on running gas, and you have to adjust the gap to suit, laserline are apparently the main ones used in Europe also the gap is made smaller by an average of 0.1mm. Some garages say you can use Platinum but once again I heard that isn't true because they wear quickly and can cause issues on LPG cars. There are lots of different sites to look at for info on this, so take a bit of time and read the info.
  3. Excellent! I find prep is quite key especially with Gtechniq products so fingers crossed your results will be as good as I found it.
  4. Well... he already side it did not work. Have you disconnected the battery when doing all that? Could it be some fuse that blown when you were fitting the android screen, shorted something?
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  6. So no one is having issues finding the right tyres for our car??
  8. I agree, I always go for premium tyres and research them properly. As it happens you can no longer do seasonal swaps if the tyres are 4 years old or more, you have to replace them.
  9. As Malcolm said above, a replacement alternator is usually done on an exchange basis, so you send yours in and get a refurbished unit in return. If you can't find anyone with the specific one in stock then you could send yours for repair and refurb. I live within a couple of miles of this place and you could send it there or there may be a place closer to you who does it. This is definitely the way to go though; no way on earth would I be buying a new unit from Lexus.
  10. Check the service data, and when the hybrid battery check was last done. The Nickle Metal Hydride batteries do last longer than Lithium which is one reason Toyota/Lexus use them but much over 15 to 20 years old and you may have to budget when you buy for replacing the battery pack at an Independent service provider which is cheaper than Lexus but would still be around £2.5K. If you could stretch to a slightly higher miles RX3 (ie, later 450h as there's plenty about on the used market at very reasonable prices), that might prove the safer bet wrt battery life. The other thing to check is rust, especially rear sub frame. They are prone to it if left unprotected. The only other things which may need looked at given the age are the water pump (these have been known to leak on RX400 series engines) and the condition of the suspension trailing arm bushes which are prone to wear due to the weight of the car, and not a cheap fix (no pattern parts AFAIK?). Engine, if regularly serviced, should be good for 300K miles, easily.
  11. Just in case you don't know, your add on FB says Sold, or it's atleast showing as Sold.
  12. Door opening does seem very complicated but it is all for safety. Ensure car is stopped and in park. Press handle as indicated on sticker. If however a cyclist is passing it won't let you open the door. In the olden days I would sometimes open the door and lean out when reversing. No chance of doing that now 😅
  13. Thanks mate just read your post seems like my car has the exact same problem 😞 glad you got it sorted out this group is a good send
  14. On the other side of the scale i have a Nokia C 135 it cost me £16 4 years ago it is not smart.It replaced my 15 year old Motorola when the keypad wore out.
  15. Even if the gunman had rembered to put his glasses on and actually hit the target,I don't think he'd have done much damage as there isn't much between Trump's ears.That's all despite the fact he is permanently sprayed bright orange.
  16. I would encourage you to try the Lexus voice recognition & commands. Means you don’t need to look at or tap anything, if you’re in CarPlay with audio there, it’ll happily accept e.g. “play Times Radio on DAB radio” or “play Heart UK on DAB radio”.
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  18. It may be a Lexus but it's also just a standard petrol-engined car like thousands of others, so any OBD scanner will do the job.
  19. I had a Triumph Motorbike, I knew where the oil went in and I could see all the places where the oil came out again.
  20. Been looking for a new set of coilovers for a while now. Nothing wrong with the set fitted to the car from Japan RS*R, except that they are too hard for the pothole infested roads in my neck of the woods - doesn't do the tyres, wheels or car any good. So settled for a set of TEINS Flex Z from TegiwaImport for £684 which i couldn't say no to, and with friendlier spring rates of 8Kg, my driving would be more comfortable. If I find the fronts to soft, I'll just change to 10Kg springs. Sprayed the coilovers with ACF and wrapped with coilover covers to keep them corrosion free. Will put up pics after its all complete tomorrow.
  21. Not sure what times we are talking about, but Xenon bulbs, even the good ones... do not cost £180. Osrams are in that £60-80 range (for 2), maybe up-to a £100, but last time I needed a pair like 5 years ago I paid £45. But again £100 for 8 years isn't that expensive and you get that long warning when they get pink, so waiting 3 months for some sort of discount is totally feasible. The only way halogen bulbs last is if you don't use them, good ones are maybe wither/brighter, but they don't really last that much longer and good halogen bulbs are also £20. The other key difference - halogens wear out from use, xenons wear out from turning them on, so once on they can shines basically forever with very little degradation. Basically there is no way halogen outlast xenon, say "£ per hour". One is in a range of £1/100hours, another £1/1000hours.
  22. From the RX forum, a class action link.
  23. I’m sure Toyota will be bringing us Hydrogen Power cars in volume here in the uk sometime soon ….. well maybe 2or 3 years away They’re more clever than most other manufacturers ….. I hope 👍 Malc
  24. Hi Ro. Did you manage to cure the issue you had?
  25. Hi Sean. You say you had both 12v and High Voltage batteries changed. Where did you have this done? Why did you have to have this done? How many miles are on your car?
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