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  2. Hi all, My 2014 IS300h f-sport seems to have a very faint whistle when under acceleration. I cant hear it if the windows are up its that faint. The noise goes immediately when I take my foot off the gas. doesnt appear to be a major issue as the car drives brilliantly. I have worn brakes and im getting them replaced next week but i ruled them out as the culprit as this only occurs under acceleration.....and only at low speeds. anyone heard this before? thanks all
  3. Hi Thackeray. What i meant was that when look at the brakes I see a gap of about 2mm between the caliper and the disc. on the other side there looks to be double the space. the car has done 54k miles and id say thus is the original set of pads. but I did read that I should be getting much more life out of them. I only got the car in January 2nd hand
  4. Cannot advice on shocks, but I had changed to 18inch wheels myself and first impression was same - the car looks taller and kind of needs lowering. Difference is just visual - between 17 and 18 inch rears is 7mm, so they raise your car 3.5mm. That is very unlikely to have any side-effect on handling or noticeable difference height. However, I understand you point very well, because it looks much taller visually.
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  6. I thought the CT was never made with Xenon headlamps.I was told my Premier has them but I believe they’re LED.They are self levelling though. To the OP as said you will need them coded to the car via a dealer or someone who has Techstream. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Excellent, thanks for responding and giving advice on the problem. This is what makes these 'unofficial' sites invaluable when it comes to trying to get to the bottom of obscure problems that garages/dealerships could otherwise take you to the cleaners for, every little bit of info helps. paul m.
  8. agree with zoot1948 on both my 13 & 17 plate Is300h the headlight washers only work when the headlights are turned on
  9. royoftherovers

    Boot (trunk) fitting on IS300h

    As Rayaan says. If you bought it from a dealer, take it back immediately and tell him to fix it f.o.c. A Dealer has a responsibility to inform you if the vehicle has been in an accident.
  10. Went for some Bosch ones imported from the states. There's a website called RockAuto that does some stellar deals and they include all the customs fee's at the checkout so no surprises.
  11. Zotto

    Driving a Hybrid

    Here a video about driving hybrid cars like some Lexus models, with general suggestions and with the help of a nice free app for android made by HSD italian forum members.
  12. Some interesting points Malcolm. Went to the bank this morning and a claim raised with Halifax. Their team will consider the evidence given and I'll learn more in 7-10 days. Not quite the instant refund a la DD Guarantee. Not sure how things differ with credit card payments over £100. In other news, no word from Euro Car Parts, still...
  13. I too have just bought an aerial replacement for my 400, as I took mine off the other day to find out the drive cable had snapped. Was 15 quid for a replacement and arrived next day. Seems lots of people have had to replace so I'm looking forward to another fix it job :) Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  14. Yeah, spotted that next time out, footbrake switches off drive, parking brake doesn’t!
  15. Connor2x4

    Mk4 LS400

    Are you able to dm me details? That would be brill if you could mate Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  16. I think its slightly weaker on the drivers side but that's to be expected with wear & tear if mainly driven alone.
  17. It's in the boot, under the lift up door in the floor on the right hand side, theirs plenty of info on here on how to change the dvd.
  18. rich1068

    29" Wiper Blade?

    We're starting our own forum. We hang out. Chat wipers. That sort of thing.
  19. johngdh67

    Help! ASC not working...

    Can’t answer that one haha. I know I’m just a stickler for things working as they should. Had another look at it yesterday and it turns out that central speaker isn’t actually playing music at all so was wondering if it should or if it’s just for the ASC system, might be a dead speaker...
  20. I've had my IS250 just over a year now and covered 18K miles mostly on my commute and I've been monitoring the fuel consumption using a phone app called "mycar". Firstly its clear that the trip computer is about 10 to 12% optimistic when compared to a brim to brim comparison. The lowest figure in that time was 25.45 (brim to brim calculated) when doing lots of short runs and the best was genuine 40.87 2 weeks ago. (indicated 44.4 for the tankful) From the data its obvious that temperature is a critical factor for warm up times to get the best mpg along with type of use (daily commute is 80+ mile round trip of mostly clear motorway). Today I'm doing an almost non stop trip up to Scotland and it will be interesting to see what MPG I get if we don't get caught in too much traffic (the other MPG killer) I'll try and report back in a week or so. ETA it seems aircon hits the MPG to about 3 to 4 mpg.
  21. Hadrian


    Just to add. I have tried the built in satnav again, but it's still a complete mystery to me. So over complicated, with multiple menus for every command...I just don't have the patience to try and master it.
  22. Hadrian

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    Ours has 53 mpg on the display, that's on various types of roads and speeds. I'm happy with that.
  23. That would be like a diamond cut finish, I believe? Even when lacquered, any minor stone chip will allow moisture ingress under the lacquer, causing the ‘white worm’ effect Powdercoat with lacquer final coat I believe is the most hard wearing
  24. 200h

    IS300 - some queries

    yes i'm a size 10 and never had this issue i'm like rayaans heel stays put so my foot pivots between the 2 pedals , all the interior lights are changeable to leds to whatever colour you want W5W is the fitment type its a push in bulb, with regards to being juddery i haven't noticed this.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Thanks for the response. I am aware of that but don't think it's the problem as sometimes they don't work at all and sometimes they stop mid sweep. However I think you have a point about it confusing the system. What I think I'll try is to switch off the auto function for a while and then try it again without using my one sweep method and see how it goes. It's quite annoying as despite what I have read from other members I find the auto function really useful and apart from the intermittent fault they work really well.
  27. You might want to checkout the US site "ClubLexus" as even though they prob don't have many/any DERV's over there they prob have had more occasions to change ECU's simply due to numbers on the road. paul m.
  28. Hey guys, I've been researching for about two weeks trying to solve this one. There are several topics about alarm unlock/lock install but none seem to address this version of my IS. I've attached my master switch layout, this is the RHD UK version, I'm physically missing what the RHD schematics point to as the unlock wire (pin 6) and lock wire (pin 15), it's not there. Instead I have another module under the steering-wheel, "Double Lock Door Control" (85970-53010 051500-3390), which I can't find anything on except some sellers and dealer links. Can anyone help or guide me to complete my alarm install? Notes - I've attached the official wiring schematics that fits my IS200. Everything matches except I'm missing the important wires. - I've attached my master-switch wiring harness with notes from my research. I'm missing the lock/unlock wires - I've attached the pin layout and colors for my "Double Lock Door Control" with some quick test I've done. Wasn't able to find a wiring diagram with information - There is NO lock switch nor keyhole on the passenger side
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