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  2. hello I have a Samsung Galaxy A12 that i wanted to use in my RX with wireless charger. A couple of questions: 1: Do I have to take the phone out of it's case in order to recharge it? 2. Does anyone use an adapter from amazon to convert non wireless charging phones into wireless compatible? thanks Jason
  3. Thanks but I'm not interested in pattern filters, only genuine. I could just get that from ECP/CP4L. Plus that works out more expensive than the Toyota/Lexus kit! I was hoping some members may know of other dealers who sell service kits online like LPD. Looks like I'll be buying from eHybrid on eBay.
  4. Mine for one is listed as incompatible. There are a couple of other useful threads on the subject of E10 ethanol ...
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  6. Update, ordered from Lexusshop via ebay at 1.00pm yesterday dropped through my letterbox today at 11.15am and is the perfect match, thanks rayaans for your imput. David
  7. In a word, yes. BHP produced is different according to engine speed. The following from a modern F engine for example shows a peak around 7k rpm. You rev just beyond that before changing gear so that you don't drop too far back. The beauty of the CVT on a hybrid is that it can hold the engine at the peak power rpm so you continuously have maximum power. Most of the time however you don't need all the power the engine can provide so you can just sit at a lower rpm. Put your foot to the floor in an IS300h and it will hold the rpm at 6,000 rpm which is the peak power point fo
  8. I don't think you'll find All Season tyres as a direct replacement for those supplied from the factory. I'm assuming you have the staggered set-up 19" wheels? Lexus did offer the pre-facelift model with 17" rims but not in the UK and definitely not on the F-Sport. My face-lift model (2019) only comes with the 19" rims and there are no All Season offerings, only full Winters
  9. I do like the look of the F-Sport, it has a more, edgy look. I am looking at F-Sport with lots of upgrades AND the Premier. Still, really like the White. Was looking at the red but now I see it has white undercoat, it's put me more onto the white. My current Lexus is Dark blue/black, My previous as you see from my Avatar, was also blue. So I really want to go lighter. Silver, no disrespect, each to their own and all that but...I can't do it. I had a silver Celica before my Lexus and it just looked dreary compared to the other colours. Also, where I work, the car park is awash
  10. I never said there wasn't a way to mount the subwoofer. I said "there is no way in hell that you are going to get it to fit the original Mark Levinson Mount" as the mount, physically, goes over the speaker. You could utilise the mount but you would be cutting parts off it, just to get the original speaker removed from it. I also said "replace it with something completely different and mount them differently" which is what you are saying and I totally agree. I didn't just repair my speaker because I thought it would be the best option. I explored other options and decided that repai
  11. Haha, I love it when that happens. I did that a few years ago.. On the way to work I kept driving past this BMW E36 that was stood on the drive for years.. actually knocked on the door and an elderly lady answered. I asked if she'd sell it, and she said I can have it for £250.. when I got home I had a look on eBay again for a project and found a V8 Soarer for £450. I wish I got the BMW as well, but I ended up getting the Soarer for an absolute steal. Guy had it parked on his drive for 7 years. It had a suspected oil leak and seized brakes. Car didn't run due to a faulty fuel pump. I took it an
  12. It does but is a separate unit bolted to the right hand side of the transmission just before the bell housing. The engine coolant radiator is just that so new rad and coolant is all that is required.
  13. Good to read how much better it feels. I had the strut bar bushes and bolts replaced the other week and even though Dave only set it up by eye the car immediately felt better. A proper alignment was obviously recommended and I took it to a local place I've used many times. They made an utter hash of it and I've had to book it in at Lexus for Monday to get it sorted.
  14. In short, yes. Worth it to me as I don't have a smart phone, actually prefer planning a journey by map than relying on sat nov, but when driving round an unfamiliar city sat nav is very helpful.
  15. My bad for not going into the details. The 2AR-FXE engine is based on the 2AR-FE. The key difference between the 2AR-FXE and 2AR-FSE engines was that the latter had direct fuel injection in addition to conventional port injection. NX 300H and the ES 300H both use the 2AR-FXE Engine IS 300H and the GS 300H both use the 2AR-FSE Engine Not saying the 2AR-FXE Engine is bad, the efficiency of the combined motors is increased. The UX on the other hand uses the M20A-FXS Engine also used on Toyota Corolla Hybrid and C-HR Hybrid
  16. Looks like southern Spain maybe, the only salt on the road being the time someone dropped their tub of Saxa on the way home from the Supermacardo. Mine is similar mileage now at 96k but 6 years older, it’s early life in Japan, a dry garage and yearly under wash helping with preservation.
  17. That’s good to know that the CT runs well with those miles on it. can’t wait to pick it up Saturday as I couldn’t get it last weekend.
  18. then I guess the re-seller is only making about £500 profit for all his labours if you assess new tyres at @£500 and the sale price at £2750 .... and that's likely to be negotiated upon too ! Maybe a good on-buy for someone then Malc
  19. Nearly 150k on mine. Just Tyres and brakes changed, nothing else really (Bit of rot on the usual heat shield).
  20. Hi Robert, I watched your video and I've just checked my multi-function display, and what I said before seems to be correct, at least for my car. When you're in the list of Settings (Language, Units, EV, etc.), keep on pressing the down button and you should reach 'Tachometer Settings'. If you press Enter on this, you should then be given the 3 options to change your display. I would ignore the Switch Settings option for now as this is something different and doesn't affect the hybrid system/tachometer display.
  21. That explains it Alan, and here was I thinking it was String theory that provides a theoretical framework in which all particles, from photons to quarks, are one-dimensional strings as opposed to zero-dimensional points.🤣
  22. Absolutely the right stuff to use and apologies if I am repeating what might already have been said, but you should not use "normal" grease on any rubber component. Essentially, normal grease will degrade rubber and is totally incompatible. Red rubber grease is designed to be compatible and is readily sold by the usual culprits or easily sourced on say Amazon. As for using copper grease elsewhere on brake components or disc/wheel mating, then simply do not do this! You should use a grease like Cera Tec which is specifically for metal on metal contact parts and is particularly suited to th
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  24. Hello All, Found you via google search after purchasing a CT200H
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