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  2. Sorry I know this is a old post I am new to the forum, I have a GS450h which has a failed oil pump, Hayne do you have any part numbers of the failed bearings in question please.
  3. Sami Tilander

    gateway processor

    TPMS System fault cannot be cleared with TechStream. If you have a) wrong ID coded to ECU, or b) completely dead sensor, the fault will be visible in the dashboard... TechStream will show more details, e.g. which sensor is not sending... Sami
  4. Holts speedflush (2 bottles) as halfords had it in stock$ja=tsid:94971|cid:865695751|agid:43902126895|tid:aud-297219198889:pla-330017885415|crid:202397318385|nw:g|rnd:10330581918022059297|dvc:c|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:1007337&gclid=CjwKCAiA0uLgBRABEiwAecFnk8cz-yJqb0uD4W3hUaMbt4cwLeNEDrsvy7UCaSTTxmwJSqoDTaLYYhoCrI8QAvD_BwE
  5. Lanternman

    Dead electrics

    That's good comment, thank you. The interlock key has been in and out a few times, it only fits one way, the handle slides and clicks fully shut. I will measure battery pack volts next (when it stops raining!). I know all modules are good and have similar volts. I did triple check the module links before final re-assembly, but you never know, if the pack volts are suspect it will have to come out again. I can see a scrapman looming .....
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  7. Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience. I can understand that you feel aggrieved at this situation. I have purchased some items from Rockauto in the recent past and found them to be excellent. Like Lee, I cross referenced everything I was considering just to be as clear as possible that what I was ordering was correct. I too was concerned about LH and RH orientations especially as their market is LH drive vehicles. You are quite right when you say .... Be careful what you order Hope you manage to get the car problem resolved in the not too distant.
  8. wharfhouse

    Satnav coming on

    I have the standard rather then Premium Nav - I have set everything up as I like it including the traffic updates etc. which work fine when navigating but like the OP said I have had a few random reports of traffic come through that have nothing to do with the journey I am on or where I am in the country - it just seems to be a blip in the system - not really concerned as I've only had a few over a couple of years of driving the car, it's just strange when they pop up on the screen!
  9. My wife's car recently had speed related noise and vibration that we thought was due to a bad wheel bearing. The noise/slight vibes came and went at different speeds. I couldn't find anything wrong with any bearings/bushes/etc so dropped it into our trusted indi. He found that it was due to a bad tyre that had gone slightly out of shape. As you mention the tyres are getting ready for replacement, it might be worth renewing them sooner rather than later.
  10. Odysseus

    Cruise control

    On the RX450s from 2009, it was an option, and was part of the same option pack that includes the HUD - these cars seem to sell for a significant premium over the other SE-L models based on my research to date. I think it was standard fit from around 2015 or whenever there was the new model. I have adaptive cruise on my GS450 and I love it. Occasionally I wish it would return to the set speed a bit quicker once the slower car moves out of my path, but that might just be the latent BMW driver in me... 🙂
  11. You're very welcome Jay. A couple of other things you could do if you get bored would be the switchback DRLs and the USB cigar lighter conversion
  12. If the above does not help, I took mine to Lexus and asked them to remove the plastic cap covering the OBD Port and let it drop down by its thread thus exposing the Port and its location for you. Hope that helps Ian.
  13. I have now received a copy of the "Terms and Conditions document" and from what I can read, there is no catch. If anyone wants a copy, then PM me please and I will send.
  14. Likewise treated the pipe to Hammerite a couple of ears ago. Starting to show rust signs on it so must do it again. Its the underside which is the difficulty. I carry two lengths of 12mm copper pipe joined with elbow compression joints in the boot - just in case it leaks somewhere abroad. Not an easy job to replace I imagine. Headlamp removal necessary perhaps? I recently bought an oil cooler on t'bay for very little cash and thinking is it worth substituting or would it affect the Air con ability if placed in front of the Condensor??
  15. If (like me), you're less skilled than John the Grom options need not be expensive. There is something called a Grom VLINE (now on it's second generation - VLINE2) which provides a full app experience, with an Android based OS and all the usual things like Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, et al. I think it even supports Apple CarPlay. Also it would easily Bluetooth to your phone for streaming with full steering wheel control, album artwork, etc. This is really snazzy but is around £500. A cheaper Grom option is something like an Android/iPhone intergration kit. This would allow Bluetooth streaming (with the right accessory), and would support streaming from a physical connection to your phone. I think it also shows track name information on the display, but wouldn't have the richness of the VLINE. These are about £130, but you occasionally see them for sale second hand. I have experience of Grom units, but not in Lexus. I fitted the £130 option to my old Volvo S80 and it was brilliant. Excellent quality and very reliable. I sold it when I got rid of the car for £100, so all in a very good exercise. My 2008 GS came with an old school iPod adaptor in the glovebox which actually suits me pretty well, which coupled with a decent FM transmitter means I rarely want for more connectivity, but if I lacked the existing iPod adaptor I think I'd go for the cheaper Grom.
  16. Comedian


    Sorry dad
  17. Never had that pleasure, just the design makes me think of the Zil. Seeing vu-tube vids of Russian calamitous driving don't think I'd be brave enough to drive on their roads.
  18. JonDenison

    RX300 Suspension

    Not a bad idea at all mate... I’d love to find a fix that doesn’t cost the best part of £1k a week before Christmas!
  19. Scouselexus

    Have a Toyota Crown Majesta S180 -2006. New&onesearchad=Used&postcode=l360sl&page=1 only two for sale in whole of uk this one looks like yours. Cracking motor you got btw
  20. Looking forward to your first report. Enjoy your new car! Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  21. No. It works fairly well at low speed, but as soon as you get to motorway speed, it becomes confused by the background noise. The main thing for me is that they're too many steps to perform the simplest tasks. It's much quicker to manually work though the menus and less prone to errors. Besides, you can't dictate text messages etc. Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  22. Yh the denso ones are the original on the 3is. Lexus dealers just change the rubber inserts usually which does the job. The blades are cheaper from carparts4less
  23. talaipwros

    New Lexus ES 300h club forum is born

    I had a July 2012 GS250, one of the very first of the new - then - GS. Amazing car, not a single noise, not a single problem whatsoever.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Hi Adam, Would it be this one? Overall I would say that Lexus Sidcup did well, but not without some effort. Firstly, their car prep wasn't great and a lot of issues went unnoticed during its pre delivery inspections. However, the aftercare I received to rectify those problems was very good, although a little prompting was still necessary. Bradley Smith (Used car manager) and Aidan Murphy (Aftersales manager) were particularly helpful in getting my car sorted. So, the general impression I got was that, despite the poor preparation, they will go to great lengths to ensure the car is of a good standard if anything is amiss. One final thought is that I am very glad I bought it from the main dealer, especially when you consider the grief I might have endured if I had bought this car elsewhere.
  26. Why do ISF exhausts never come up 😭 GLWTS What make and model are the wheels?
  27. Let her use a fingerprint! Or tell her the code! WTF.
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