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  2. Sounds more like the service I used to receive from BMW. Pretty disappointing to hear that Porsche can also treat you like that as well.
  3. Best of luck with your search, epic car. The front wheels on the Black 09 plate are on the wrong way round!! A common mistake.
  4. The F sport white ISF with 13.5k on the clock is my old car & I agree, which is one of the main reasons why I was so tempted by such a good trade in value.
  5. Hello there Gymsey, I have same problems for years now and I was annoyed at the beginning by the fact that I need to stretch all over the car inside and open doors manually. After a while I got used and lately doesn't bother my anymore but I actually prefer that way as it is more safe! I had my Lexus is220d 08 for service in Lexus garage a few months back and I asked about this door locking issue to look into it. Seems to be issues with the actuators doors locking that does not respond anymore hence the 5-6 times sound and flashing you hear and see every time you open the driver door. Same happen with is not a setting trick as I also believed so for long time. If it was setting option it will not do this clicking for 5-6 times! It is definitely the door close actuators and could be at one or more doors! It is not big money to replace those actuators but my concern is that all do it panels needs to be opened and loads of plastic screws may get broken so solving one issue degenerate in others as you may fix door locking system but end up with door panels rattling while driving, after!! It'll be pity this to happen in such a quiet cabin environment that Lexus have 😋 Like I said it doesn't bother me anymore for long time now. If needs to open more than one door( driver) I'll just long press key fob for opening and wait for all windows to slide down in order to open the required doors needed beside the driver door. Hope this will help. Regards, CT
  6. Just looking at the Lexus USA website, the ES Hybrid starts at $41,000, and the GS Hybrid at $63,000. That might influence the sales figures.
  7. Chipsaway

    I have used them for a stone chip on the front edge of my bonnet. I was very pleased with the job and the price,but I agree with what Mark has said regarding the skill of the specialist and looking at work recently completed.
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  9. So I have emailed the dealer, he said that the car, was to order for me, as I know that he sources a lot of nice cars, so he would need a deposit before he pays for it from the dealer. But he has not sent any pictures or even the reg. I understand where he is coming from, but I don't want to pay a deposit and the car is no good.
  10. The exercise was certainly a success as your idling speed should be at 650rpm on the vvti engine and the variables you experienced at various stages up to that was the results of the engine ecu learning the output from the engine after you had cleaned the throttle.
  11. New GS300 owner

    Your welcome
  12. Parking tickets

    Nobody is trying to justify parking in disabled spaces here, however as in saying "treat the disease, not the symptom" - ignorance and lack of understanding about the problems helps nobody either. Disabled spaces are just one of many types of spaces which gets abused or being used as an abuse - the solution is to find the balance. Until then however we all need to be aware of our rights and laws in case we going to get some illegal charge (which is now increasingly common), so that we can defend ourselves.
  13. Jump leads: which size?

    I found that the weak point of jump leads is the clips themselves, which are often made of rather weak pressed metal that can easily break. I found a set of strong clips (welding? I wonder now!) and adapted the cables to fit (had to hammer the clamps on tight). There's a vid on Youtube somewhere about supercapacitors as a battery learn stuff every day!
  14. Broken coil spring?

    Shirish, I yesterday had the rear springs replaced with KYB's and frankly I'm a bit troubled. First impression on seeing the Car was that it had converted into a ~Dragster. There is about four inches clearance above the rear tyres. Now either its normal or the Springs that KYB claim are for all LS400's from 89 to 94 (No RD5979) are not correct for the Car, or they've put the wrong Springs in the Boxes.? I'll have to live with it for the moment and not driven anywhere to see what the driving experience is. The fronts now have about three inches clearance. As long as the Light settings will still pass the MOT and l ensure I can see ahead in darkness then perhaps I'll get used to the opposite of Low Rider?
  15. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    I just posted a reply in the IS250 section, basically I <think> the lower pin has a hexagonal recess in the inboard (not visible) end. Andrew
  16. @jackcramerr I <think> that while the upper pin has a hexagonal outer end the lower pin has a hexagonal recess (for an Allen key) in the inboard end..... I took my new caliper apart to grease it well before fitting it (in January) but I have to admit to not looking that closely. Andrew
  17. Is it not covered within the Nav manual?
  18. Wanted: Snow chains before Easter

    Have a great trip, we're driving to Vienna next month and hoping for no snow!
  19. On his Majesty Service

    I am inclined to agree with Mike, that grill does not really do it for me. Might be the colour or lack of a number plate to breal it up. I am afraid I am not a fan. Please put it down to age, as I am turning nto my Dad!
  20. Thanks John, I have owned the car for 7 years and it has never happened before. I will probably try to see if I can drive the car, albeit with the alarm sounding. I need to get the vehicle to the garage that undertakes my servicing, either by driving it or arranging for a rescue service to pick it up. Barrie
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  22. Tear in the leather seat

    Your dealership can sort it. Or I can highly recommend d:class in Chobham
  23. Tailgate noise!

    The new ones make a whirring noise when opening and closing.
  24. Washing

    Use an old chair. Good for sitting on when polishing sides too
  25. 2018 courtesy car

    Hi I had the Premier version as a courtesy car. I was impressed! I only had it for 3 days and didn't have the time to go through all the gadgets. Was great to see that when you get on the driver seat the wheel and seat moves to a saved store position. Also the sat nav screen is bigger and clearer. My wife drove the car a couple of times and she thought it was better when driving over small bumps on the road. Sad I had to give it back......
  26. Gs450h engine rattle on start up, tappety, help?

    As ive said already its probably the cam gears loosing pressure on rest period then rattling when starting
  27. I think that with long legs I must have knocked the switch. I think that that is the only issue I have with the IS, it is quite low for people with long legs. Anyway, I am now beeping to my hearts content !!!! Parkman.
  28. LS430 stuck in 3rd gear

    Make sure you use the correct procedure, and the correct fluid for your transmission. The procedure attached above I believe is for the 6-speed transmission fitted to the later LS430s which uses WS fluid. The older 5 speed need T-IV fluid and has a different procedure.
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