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  2. I cancelled all entries as the manual says if more than 1 key is present, it won’t store into memory correctly. I have entered the car with just the card key and set position 1 and position 2 however the seat does not move in any memory position but the steering wheel does move. May have to take it back to Lexus as I am not sure if it’s something they change a setting on.
  3. Pulse Width Modulation unit - basically like a dimmer switch in this case, more commonly used as speed controllers for little motors, like in radio-controlled cars. Dead simple, just +ve and -ve input, +ve and -ve controlled output. I dare say there will be expensive ones around but you can get them from China ( for a couple of quid.
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  5. I think you're right with the part number (but if it's wrong I deny all knowledge of it ) so just order one from your local Lexus dealership - or rather, find out the price first! A quick Googling shows them for the equivalent of a couple of quid but you can probably multiply that by ten, or just buy from abroad.
  6. It’s taxed and motd, wonder if someone has fallen ill at work as so has had a prolonged period off work without needing the car Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. if this warranty just simply covers the batteries then reading the USA posts there are some serious other issues surrounding the hybrid set-up that can fail too The Inverter at $24,000 and whatever this Carbon Switch might be at $7,000 all a bit scary to be sure and for me to " invest " in a much later car and to take out comprehensive Lexus insurance ( is it really that comprehensive ) seems a bit of a financial nonsense to me quite frankly I enjoy my Ls400, and my previous two too at their time. I also have my quite superb 56 plate AWD Honda Legend that I have trouble driving, the seating, steering rake and all else totally fails to allow my legs to be comfortable after 10 mins driving BUT it really is the gf's car so that's all ok Never been a petrolhead nor impressed with status symbols nor 'wanting to have ' the latest or very best of anything tbh, just enjoying good simple quite comfy safe reliable easy driving with plenty of oomph to get me out of any challenging situations .......... oh, and to sometimes race the s..t out of boy racers at the lights I'll take my time to change cars, there's never any rush and there's ALWAYS an opportunity to buy another at some time down the line ...... the world's not short on V8s or V12's for sure My next door neighbour has just changed his 2004 Bentley at 78k miles for a 10 plate at 25k miles, doing his usual few hundred miles a year in it and parking it outside ........ now is that a status complex or what ! His other main car is his Audi S8 ( is it, it's big bugger ) ...................... and his old but beautiful looking Jensen Interceptor might be the alternative car for me BUT I guess that's potentially full of bills if I was to do my usual 12 / 15k miles a year Now a brand new Ls400 to commemorate the 30th anniversary would be a good car for Lexus to produce provided it retained much of it's Old School technology I'd seriously consider buying one of those or sure 19 years in the saddle of a Ls400, so maybe my psyche and ' will ' isn't in bothering to cope with potential car nightmares Thanks for all your help in getting me to this point Malc
  8. I replaced my battery 3 weeks ago and have a usb with volt meter in the car and after 14 days with only short trips i did go for an 1 hour trip, the charging volt was 14.2v allmost all the way and did go down to not charging after 55min. So if you use the car like me with only 10 min trips, charging the battery maybe once a month will make your battery happy and last longer. Quote Send Sticky Note
  9. AS we've had a dry Sunday today, I managed to flush the system: not much dirt, but it seems it was enough to slow down the flow in the matrix. I now have hot air too. Curious fact: emptying the system from the radiator only (i.e. without undoing the engine block tap I mentioned previously) resulted in approx. 4.5lt of coolant mix. Considering a dry fill is 7.1lt, it means a fair amount of old coolant/antifreeze has remained inside. Worryingly, it means filling with a 50% mix would results in a diluted mix, since I flushed the system with a cleaner mixed with water (empty system, fill with water and the 250ml of cleaner, empty again and fill with antifreeze mix). (litters - LOL)
  10. Fitted them when I had a 2016 NX, easy enough to do. Turn the front wheels to full lock to give you clearance for the screws and clips. For the rears, it easier to Jack the car up a bit to give you more space. You’ll need a small dump screwdriver if I remember correctly.
  11. Agree with John above - more important to stay on top of the front in recognising when they require replacing. That said, i have just been out in mine after replacing all the pads, and along with the re-greased pins, what a difference in the braking - Replaced them all with Mintex pads, I have never gone for the fancy green or red pads etc, just made sure the ones i have used have been a recognised brand. The brakes are a lot more sharper than before and stop very very well.
  12. This very short clip plays sound as now boosted by two sounders with radio on and shows the small amount of cable from Tomtom now visible when the TT screen is not in place. IMG_0202.MOV
  13. If it helps, I had the same on my 300h and the dealer eventually refitted the rear window as there were reports of a batch of cars that were not fully sealed, same year as yours, and that did fix it. Peter
  14. Latest version is 2019 v1 new version probably due in November.
  15. It's not that odd, it's just an item of electronics like your TV, HiFi, computer or whatever and they all fail randomly at random times.
  16. $6-7 a quart in the USA for the same OEM stuff, in the UK profit margins tend to be bigger ( read rip off).
  17. Sounds very expensive to me, punctures as mentioned previously are rare, wheel refurbishment is possibly £50-80 a wheel and should you damage one beyond repair a second hand one on a 2008 car wouldn’t cost the earth. Not had a response yet from the poster but is there also an excess to pay for each claim?
  18. Application for Carte Gris is underway, using the MoT instead of CT which is allowed if the MoT has more than six months to run. The FaceBook group has modelling software than can calculate the fees
  19. Hello rich1068, I've the same problem on my JCE10L, check if the rust is 'inside' the front of the hood (look for thick parts in the front egde of the hood). In my opinion it's a typical IS200/300 hood problem. Wkr, Frank.
  20. Cabin filter changed at last service 4000 miles ago, screen was cleaned 1month ago and car only used at weekends, I don’t think it’s stuck on recirculate as it never steams up when car in use, if it’s under sound deadening where’s it getting in as no signs on carpets. I’ve never had a problem with not using ac on other cars I’ve owned, wife’s car is a Kia ceed she keeps it like a crap box never cleans glass at all and her car has no condensation on inside at all anywhere.
  21. I had one of these cushions, didn't like it and thrown it away. 1st of all the car started giving me an electric shock after every journey and 2nd of all heated seats did not work as good, especially I find the GS seat being one of the worst heated seats I ever experienced! Add cushion to it and you need to wait a long time to feel the heat at your bottom! I asked Lexus Glasgow about the problem above (heated seats and uneven seat base foam wear), they checked it and said all is fine! But gave me a quote of £400 if I want to change the seat foam with them.
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  23. Ah so perhaps android auto and carplay are not too far away. They might be brought out as a 2020 MY update
  24. Could you please post the link to the SD card you bought please. Also, any special instructions or did you literally just swap out the card? Cheers!
  25. The 3gen UK GS450H definitely has a LSD as standard equipment. John.
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