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  2. The CT has already been withdrawn from North America. My wife had two and they are lovely cars, but I could never really see them challenging the A3 or 1-series. I am sorry the IS is not coming to Europe at all by the sound of it, but that too is probably inevitable after the withdrawal of the Avensis too. Clearly the “small” saloon is simply not where Toyota/Lexus sees profit to be made in the next decade or so. This certainly carries a risk, however - it was the 3rd gen IS which brought me to the brand and I thought it was a terrific car. Having the UX as the cheapest model will make the brand hard to access but, arguably, therefore also more premium. There are deals to be had on them and you have to remember even the base spec is terrific - my wife’s is base plus premium pack and there is very little you miss. Time will tell!
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  4. Coincidentally my GS300 2006 55 plate also had the alternator die...frustratingly the week before I changed it in February. Car had 120k on the clock. In 5+years and 32k I think it and a shock absorber the only mechanical non-service parts I had to replace . On way to work, noticed the red battery warning light and slight burning smell. Got to work (~1mile). Drive to garage, ~3miles across city was tense but car made it. Roy's Motor Company fitted a reconditioned non-Lexus part. On a forum somewhere I saw a report of another same age Lexus (IS?) with alternator failure. After 15 yrs, an alternator must do a lot of work so maybe not so surprising some need replacing?
  5. Not that it should be down, but that’s very useful to know! Thanks.
  6. Hi, a new member but I’m on my 6th Lexus now, IS200 followed by an IS200 Sport, then a RX300 and an IS300, then a big gap until I tried a CT200 but that was so boring to drive, I hated the CVT. I now have a 2011 IS250 F Sport, I picked it up with 82,000 miles on the clock now registered 105,000 miles. It’s a fine car, apart from the totally useless and dangerous supposedly auto dimming rear view mirrors. With the explosion of excessively bright Daylight Running Searchlights they don’t dim at all. Tell the dealer and they will simply shine a torch to prove they do dim. LED DLR’s shine forwards not down, LED headlamps have no controls over how bright they are or how extensive they are. The only law of headlamp brightness is the 65W, on 12V, just over 5 amps. Stick 65W through a 5 volt LED and you get 13 amps, and a white light brighter than the Sun. I have also proved my mirrors don’t dim with LED by shining a bright LED at the sensors and the dimming doesn’t work. When cars with these LED DLRs or Headlamps are behind me my only recourse to stop being blinded is to turn the rear view mirror to one side or up, which helps but not with the door mirrors. Worse case scenarios I also fold my door mirrors. Isn’t it about time Lexus came up with a modification that works with LED frequencies?
  7. Many thanks everyone always common sense which I don't seem to have! 😆
  8. I drove a mile through the centre of town.....this Lexus was the noisiest one in the country. Rubber bungs nice and secure. Bit like a just married car!
  9. I had a 1999 toyota celsior, Ls400, that had factory air suspension
  10. i have a spare car battery in the garage and if i ever need it i know its ready to be used i bought it back in 2016 when my battery went flat on my IS due to my car not being used for 3 weeks in winter its nice to have a get out of jail card to play if needed
  11. I have only fitted the lower ball joints to mine which made the clunk on full lock go away Looking forward to your write up after you have replaced them
  12. These are lower control arms bushes and us LS430 need to replace them once we hit 130K plus miles Paul Frost sell them for the 430 complete with the carriers so all you do is undo the bolts and swap over - barely takes 5 minutes If yours are soft that you can push your finger in then they will need replacing
  13. Thank you Thakeray, for the in-depth post, and the super-useful picture! I wasn't aware of of the parking pawl, and that may very well have been what I heard. The only comment I would make, which I didn't say, was that the car was on flat ground at the time, but I guess there may still have been some tension on the pawl at the time it was moved to Drive. I have since been driving the car today, and haven't heard the noise again. I have been getting used to the normal 'operational' sounds of an automatic transmission. Separately, I did notice that the first couple of minutes of driving the car today, the engine sounded a little 'rough'. Then, after a few minutes of driving, it had returned to being quiet and refined sounding, and was then fine for the rest of the day. Will see if similar tomorrow. Reverse parking on a fairly steep hill was also an experience! Seemed like there wasn't much torque available at first, and then with only gentle pressure on the throttle, the car speeded backwards! Luckily I had a lot of space behind me to brake in time, but it was a little disconcerting. Still figuring out what is normal in this car...
  14. Do you mean you tried it but with bad results, or you tried it and they were great for a few months and then went yellow again fairly quickly? The yellowing is caused by the reaction of the sun's UV radiation on the polycarbonate plastic of the light fitting and when you use sandpaper or wet/dry to get rid of the affected plastic, you expose a new surface for the sun to destroy again, so you must use a good quality UV resistant lacquer or top coat, or even a good wax polish it and that should keep them clear for a good couple of years, if not longer.
  15. Thankfully I'm now retired and am just about to put in my final returns 🙂
  16. Hi John, you do realise the irony in recommending an indie from your list, is that one of the garages is Jemca. Jemca own Lexus Reading and are in turn wholly owned by no other than Toyota. I was aware of the issue of warping brakes and the suggested causes as it happened to me with a Lexus 20 years ago. As a result ever since, when I have had to brake heavily I always release when safe, and reapply where necessary to allow the heat to escape. I have not had any further issues, but I find it as puzzling as everyone else, but not had a recurrence and to be fair it is rare I guess that we have to brake severely very often.
  17. I've written a couple of posts about the DAB system and how difficult it is to deal with on some Lexus models. If you're already familiar with switching between Multiplexes (or Ensembles as Lexus calls them - on the IS at least) then what I wrote earlier may not help you. But if you don't know what an Ensemble is (and there's no reason you should!) then maybe my earlier posts may help. Bear in mind that my description is based on the IS300h but it might be similar in a 2010 RX450h. Here's a link to my latest post on DAB radio, on the launch of Times Radio and how to tune in to it in the car. And here's another thread from last year of people complaining about DAB radio. The explanation I wrote is the sixth post down.
  18. Torque converter locks in sport s + manual. If you want that non fluid bump. I am 95.3 % sure you can queue gear changes in one of the modes. Ie press down twice and it will do 2 downshifts when safe. This has caught me out before when being impatient. Pressed again and it went down another one [emoji51] Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  19. Come on a Lexus owners site, and ask what cars best..... 😁
  20. Tyres are a common topic for questions and debate regardless of your Lexus model. Anyway, I thought this might be interesting/useful as we approach the end of the Summer. It's a good watch imho. Tyre Review Summer v Winter v All Season The same chap did a big review of 'regular' tyres which is also interesting (if you like that kind of thing!). No surprise from me to see him rate Falken so highly - I've used them for years (although can't get the size for my NX) and they have always performed superbly for me. Multiple brand tyre review
  21. Those of you not brave enough or like me without convenient access/tools to complete, just got all my slide pins greased today at Lexus Sidcup, came to just under £100 including the VAT. Now this is done on my 5 year old vehicle (which they also stated had 10mm left on the pads if relevant), when would this need inspecting and/or greasing again? Car only covers 5k miles max per year. Also if it helps this is the stuff they use.
  22. Have ordered a Nextbase 422GW and a hard wire kit, thanks for your input Colin.
  23. That totally transforms the rear cabin, tbh I never notice the rear as only ever getting in the front 🙄.....but definitely sets it off 👍🏻
  24. I had my headers replaced, labour costs are around £1100 without the parts, the subframe has to come off to gain access, Lexus state engine out although that isn’t the case, Roheel had issues with his and thought they were cracked, was gaskets in the end BUT they removed the subframe after mine were done and actually said it was a faster and a better way to gain access......any kind of titanium or S/S will require some additional heat shielding/wire harness protection due to additional heat, Ryo’s costs at Lexus we’re around £2500 ish in labour......this definitely isn’t for the “spanner n hammer man”......please do the research prior to the nod for work to commence
  25. Hey Guys. anyone tell me if the motorcycle theory test contains the hazard perception part like the car theory test? Also has anyone got any tips ? I found some recommendations on , but still have your real life experiences
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