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  2. Megazip parts have the parts you need with their part numbers. Also try Japan Spares ( Lock in to their web sites and find your car from the data on the identification tag on the passenger's side pillar. Chris
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  4. Got to admit I wouldn't want to coil over a GSF. Bumps are gonna feel firmer than walking on Lego. Personally if I was going to lower it I would bag it.
  5. I previously noticed light condensation on my battery also. So where the water ingresses through the boot seam crack, it runs down between the boot trim and the inner boot lid, dripping onto the lower boot threshold carpet. If there is sufficient water it drips down between the gap around the hybrid cover trim ( the tray that holds the tools). This water then evaporates (especially if the hybrid battery is used and warms the surrounding air). This moist air rises, including into the quarter area on the left as it is linked. The coldest surface is the outer quarter panel skin, so condenses ther
  6. Yes, I don't hand hold a phone while driving and pay a bit extra for Premium tyres too as well as keeping to Lexus spec - definitely makes me too safety conscious to be driving! Only wish the guy who rear ended me last November had been more safety conscious. Fortunately, I was moving at the time. Had I been stationary, damage to the rear would have been much worse with the battery quite possibly broken free and propelled forward. Although battery acid is diluted with water in a flooded level battery, it would be nasty if splashed in eyes or you were trapped and soaked in it. Regard
  7. Sorry, I have been busy for a while, I was hoping to get round to this post. I have to question as to why any car - brand new, still under original manufacturer warranty (3 years) only gets its first service from a dealer and then the remainder independant! Out of warranty I understand and military/service vehicles where they get serviced on site (including royal mail fleet) I also understand. But Joe public, first three years, I don't personally like. Discs and pads are the big wear and tear expense, crica of £1600 from the dealer, so as this was done 1000 miles ago, no need to be c
  8. My LC is a 20 plate but when I made the call to dealer and suggested I take in immediately he said that parts would have to be ordered so it would have to be the following afternoon. Anyhow haven’t had any bother through the recent snow and cold weather, it’s being collected for its first service next week so will ask the to re check it.
  9. Yes it’s a F-sport Takumi in Graphite black with red leather interior,it’s 6 months old and just 1750 on the clock. When is your car due to dock and what spec have you gone for?
  10. Absolutely. Music is the key. Not really loud, but good. My wife did not like the EVO2. Was only in it once.
  11. If you are referring to ARM ASSY, FRONT SUSPENSION UPPER, RH then I believe the part code is: 48610-59065 and from what I can see, IS300h and IS200t share the same part and it was the same part used on the series II IS250/220d
  12. Hi Kevin Yes I believe that green one I posted is in the USA. Very popular to modify over there. 😂 no my wife doesn’t drive the Mini. She hates my “old cars” and prefers her much newer cars!! Very different taste. Tbh the car has been in storage since 2005 so I really should do something with it 😂. It was defo something I drove tho..... great fun 😉🤣👍 I sometimes go to some local car shows. The main Cornwall one I go to is the Mt Edgecumbe classic car show just over the water from Plymouth. Always a good turnout. I also part run ‘South West Retro Rides’ which
  13. The 2021 UX250h includes Android Auto. The normal way to use it is to connect your phone with a cable to a USB port in the car. There are dongles available (Carlinkit, for example) that allow you connect using WiFi from your phone to communicate with the dongle. This saves you having to plug in your phone every time you get into the car. Does anyone have experience with this, that they could share?
  14. Well, I have found the post I was after. Unfortunately, it proves (a) my memory isn't what it used to be, and (b) I didn't solve the issue in the end. If you look on the post, you will see that I eventually took the car to the dealer to get the sensor registered: Annoying to say the least, so I wonder why it doesn't work with the TechStream.
  15. As always, thanks Phil, great advice. I'm really struggling finding the correct part number for the front ARB bushes? Various sites give me 48815-50111, 48815-50151 or 48815-50151?? EDIT - actually, I'm getting conflicting parts numbers for front and rear ARB bushes Any ideas?? Thanks anyway David
  16. Just having the best day! I bought the car privately on Saturday - Hybrid warning and VSC came on while driving back 'briskly'. Booked it into local Lexus dealer in Norwich - quoted £60 for diagnostics. No fault found, FOC, car washed to boot... AND the car returned > 37 mpg driving back through Norwich at 17:30 - albeit lockdown. Thank you very much for the advice! #BestCarIveOwned #TopCustomerService.
  17. I’ve always found I get better economy in Sport mode on longer motorway runs. Definitely the case with both NX I’ve had. A little less noticeable in the two IS hybrids I’ve had but still there. Possibly the way I drive and the way I want to drive. I find I don’t have to bury the accelerator into the carpet every time I want moderate acceleration. I can always feel the extra electric shove in sport mode in part throttle conditions. Foot to the floor and there appears no difference between sport and normal. It’s the part throttle response that is so much better in sport. Hate eco mode with a pas
  18. Thank you very much Chris for such useful explanation. I did not know all these differences before reading your explanation.
  19. Nice find, as you say, pricey is right! I've settled for one of the Lexus front under-run panels (will be fitted when my crumpled 350 gets repaired) as it was relatively cheap on ebay. The front bumper just needs something to drop the chin IMO. I sickened myself looking at kitted Harriers in Japan, will have to settle myself with UK spec. When it comes to insurance make sure you declare EVERYTHING lol. If they can argue your car looked more enticing to a thief then they will use it to squirrel out of a claim. I run a few modified cars and Adrian Flux needed full details, even dow
  20. The car may be off/locked but the phone sub-system may remain active whilst the phone is within range? Something similar in the two Mercs I had.
  21. Have a look here If it's brushes, voltage regulator or rectifier then these are easy enough to replace yourself.
  22. Great. Let’s hope it’s as easy as it looks. Thanks
  23. You have intrigued me again. I had a S3 GS 405h and it did not do this. But then mine was a 2006 model so I wonder if it was something introduced on the facelift models.
  24. Or maybe the car is wet after coming in from the rain, I guess that could make sense.
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