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  2. You can link your settings to one of the keys on the RX450h, but this may not have been available on yours. I don't think the functionality as you describe is available either way (car remembering key position last used for each key).
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  4. In my RC if I set the base level to my preference when parked up, it's lost when on the move. Conversely set it when moving and it sounds like a Halfords special boombox when parked!! Unless the system can adjust automatically to compensate for ambient noise it's never going to be 'right' to my ears.
  5. That's good to know because I'll be going there for my servicing, although I'll probably stick to my local trusted fitter for the tyres.
  6. I just saw this invitation to stray totally OT when re-reading the thread, and apologise for not ignoring it. I believe the question, or something like it, is often addressed and earnestly discussed on advertising courses because, uniquely in the case of a product like cakes (and bread), the normally conflicting concepts of "hotness" and "freshness" are actually synonymous, i.e. hot cakes are fresh cakes. Therefore, the advice given to aspiring copywriters is to describe products as "oven-fresh" rather than merely "hot", thus confirming to customers what they already know.
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  8. Hi all. Newbie here. Having owned 3 Lexus (Lexi? ) before I'm now about to be back behind the wheel of my first CT200h . .and can not wait! My only concern/reservation is that I am a bit anxious that the ground clearance at the front is looking likely that the bumper/valance may scrape on vicious speed bumps or parking kerbs? It's a 2014 Advance Sport which looks similar in height to the F Sport. Can any owners testify to such scuffing/scraping or am I worrying unnecessarily? It's only after the test drive and looking at the pics, the dealer took for the ad, that had me wondering. Many thanks!
  9. It is a used car. Sometimes small dealers are better as they are eager to grow so will go that extra mile. Sometimes the big dealers are good but their tag justifies it. One never knows. I mean he got the issue months after he had the car... personally I would not bother and get it fixed. Things break. It is just metal that helps you go from a to b. People have unreasonable expectations and the worst part is, they think it is their right. To me it is same as the 'right to claim benefit'. Take some responsibility ffs. In some countries you get zero warranty even on new cars. The saying goes, there is no gurantee for human life and this is a machine bound to break. Just mentioning the other extreme. The OP is not even interested so I do not see any point in discussing this.
  10. Just serviced mine today - I change the oil and filters twice a year as only small miles done. Use Magnatec, always have done as its a brand I trust although if I had the opportunity to buy 20 litres I would as it would make a lot of sense doing so. So, oil, oil filter, air filter, brake discs (front), brake pads (front) and greased all slide pins front and back took 3 hours. All the parts cost me £98 which I am happy with ..... what would the Lexus labour charge be? I also replaced the standard paper filter with a K&N oiled one. It does make a difference and its noticeable on cold starts - have had one in all cars owned and as I tend to keep the cars till they die so it makes sense to me as they can be cleaned and re-used. MOT next month which is the first time for me with this car so want to make sure it passes as it has done on all previous ones. The 3 hours taken included cleaning the alloys (inner and outer and waxing them) It was April this year when I cleaned and greased the pins but this time I noticed the drivers side one was a bit stiff (one with the rubber washer on it) Usually re-grease these every 6 months and I think this time around if I had left it a year until checking it would be seized as the existing grease in the pin assembly was black and the pin was quite hard to remove from the slide assembly. Came out though, cleaned and went in easy.
  11. acepower84

    Boot electrical issues GS450h

    If possible, can it be deleted please as i have reposted in the correct section. Thanks
  12. You won't believe it! Earlier when I was driving to Church a grey ls430 2002 came out of a lay-by and followed me. This is now the third ls430 I have come across in two weeks. Doesn't the good Lord send us nice cars when we want them 🙂 I honestly don't believe what's going on at the moment. Am not having a laugh, this is honestly true. Definitely wasn't under the influence ha ha. Is it some kind of an omen its like ls430s and 400s are attracted to my car like a magnet at the moment. Just passed my test before the summer holidays so if a red or gold coloured ls430 follows me i will know its my parents spying on my driving habits! I'll be driving into London tomorrow so if I see any more ls430s I will genuinely eat my hat This is 100% true. Had I not been driving at the time I would have snapped a pic just to prove it.
  13. I don't have any experience of this, but it sounds like the common theme is that they are all on the boot lid. It might be worth checking the wiring loom for breaks where it goes from the boot lid to the main body.
  14. Well I'm sure most can guess my view........ Is funny I walked into the garage earlier today as I was grabbing something and looked at the Supra, which always puts a smile on my face, and thought people must think i'm crazy for keeping that in the garage and the RC-F on the drive when the RC-F is worth about £10k more. But I know which one I would get rid of first 🙂 I would say that is very strong money for that car, they may get it but I have my doubts. The fact that the yanks can now import these cars and drive them without any further tests (after 25yrs from manufacture they are allowed) is starting to push prices up, but i'd say not quite this much..... yet!
  15. Comedian

    RC-F Road test

    I was starting to wonder if anyone had noticed!
  16. Lol now why didn't I see that?
  17. I used RS*R springs on my old GS300 Sport and put the badge onto the car as a result.
  18. Britprius

    How Should a U Joint feel?

    Prop shaft joints should articulate freely without any notch y feeling to them. A point often overlooked is that there should be no side play across a universal joint as this will cause an out of balance effect. John.
  19. David Cowling

    Fuel Tank Capacity / Cruising Range

    Strange they cannot give an accurate guide, I would be very reluctant to run anywhere near zero cruising range but an extra 100 miles would be significant.
  20. Rory

    Car dying :(

    Cheers, Mudguts never had his repaired and said it has never gone any worse over 2 years, I just need it to last another year
  21. Mine does. Not on the service plan though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Arqum

    NX wanted

    Great car! Beats a MK1 Merc B class hands down!
  23. I did try this but the passenger window still only works manually and the drivers passenger window doesn’t work at all. Another thing that doesn’t feel right is that if I walk up to the car it will only unlock my side/ door. I have to then get in and press the unlock switch above the window controls to let the passenger in. other than than that I couldn’t be happier with this thing. It’s a rare car on the road here so you get a few looks (the greyd wheels are part of that). And if needed you have the power to keep up with most cars.
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  25. Cezar B

    Post your Pics

    Believe me I know... not the reason for commuting with this one though It saves me adding up miles on the RCF 😎
  26. Hmm, Southampton marathon; by my calculations that's about two full size Bakewell Tarts... 😁 Thanks, ankle is about 90% mobility now and its aches are manageable. Won't be running anywhere for a while though!
  27. gdh300

    Latest UX videos

    Yeah, I've liked the other tests I've seen of his, seems to know he's about. But I think my views about cars probably align more with American rather than British journalists!
  28. madasahatter

    Replacement Shocks

    eBay item number: 222325284657
  29. If you can give me the dimensions of the battery, and it's AH capacity I can sort some candidates for you. John.
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