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  3. Lexus took my car in a couple of weeks ago to replace sensors and update some software. Tech guy from Lexus Ireland met with me and the dealer and explained that they have been having some problems in this respect with UX or NX (forget which he mentioned). Said they had that problem solved but this was the first ES where they had a problem. (Do I believe him?) In any case they gave me a 20 reg ES for a week and the tech guy kept my car to check it out. Told me he had driven in some heavy rain without a problem after the fix. He had already told me the sensors acted up when he first sat in the car before the fix. Anyway, everything ok for the past week but I haven't driven in rain and I power washed the car today without a problem. Having said that the car was two to three months old before the problem occurred originally so I'll wait a little longer before final judgement. If all ok I'll post again in a couple of months. Hope you don't hear from me in the meantime! Hope you all get sorted. Great to be able to discuss this with other like minded people. Tried WD40 - didn't work. Didn't reach for the vaseline! Con
  4. They're very similar to the Porsche 928 wheels. It just goes to show that they look good on what they were designed for.
  5. No, as otherwise you’d hear of a lot more failures than this one as I expect the majority of owners leave it on all the time.
  6. Just to remind you that if your changing the infotainment system that will invalidate the warranty and you won’t be able to claim it back if anything happens to the system. I had spoken to lexus and they are going to putting a retrofit system for Android and iOS devices. Also doesn’t your car have navigation built in? If it’s the basic one I agree it’s really rubbish. We have the premium navigation and I prefer that as i can send instructions to the car.
  7. @hockeyedwards I even manage to read some books as a “Facebook-free man” 😂
  8. Just realised that Kevin is in beautiful Wicklow. That might contribute towards his consumption figures being in such a mountainous area with the narrow roads, altitude and attendant hordes of tourists.
  9. There are also aftermarket options available that are much cheaper than going to the dealer, see my post here: Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for your feedback. At present Lexus Bradford who did a lot of the servicing work have no record of a belt change. My letters to previous owners from the service history have not had a response and there are no labels or stickers under the bonnet. I am of the opinion that it has not been done so now looking for options. Do it myself or trust it to my usual genius garage man to do it for me. Thanks everyone
  11. I have finally completed the suspension upgrade after the rear ARB arrived from Japan yesterday (£103 delivered compared to £228 from Lexus UK). Installing it was probably the easiest part of the conversion. The two chassis bars that bolt to the centre of the chassis behind the diff need to be unbolted and the bar will then pull out easily. I bought some universal poly bushes but found they did not fit so for now have reused the old ones which work fine. When installing the new ARB the best order is to bolt the new drop links to the bar then position the bar but don't clamp it to the chassis. Encourage (carefully with a hammer) the drop links to sit inside the lower arm and bolt them up. Then bolt the ARB to the chassis. It now handles soooo much better and really transforms the car. This must be the best and most cost effective upgrade for an SC.
  12. Might be I am the dope perhaps I should learn the commands
  13. The CrossClimates SUV could have been designed for the NX. Quieter ride, terrific wet grip, and good wear. Only v minor reservation is that I don't think turn-in is quite as sharp as on my original Bridgestones.
  14. Still got my eye on a certain Soarer. Things are a bit tight at the moment but the seller says he's in no rush. 2JZ in the one I'm looking at.
  15. We had a Lexus meeting there about 4 years ago, it was great there was some awesome cars there,
  16. Every thing wok fine other than texts. Settings all seem to be OK. I have raised it with Lexus customer support who are looking into it.
  17. You have to wish Hyundai luck with this. Whatever else it is, it’ll be damned reliable.
  18. Yep, the head unit is only a symptom, not the cause. You need to do some proper diagnostic fault-finding with the correct tools for the job, such as a multimeter and a clamp ammeter to name just a couple. There's no shortcut to this, which is why 'auto electrician' is a separate trade to motor mechanic.
  19. I bought a few bits recently from LPD - excellent service.
  20. Thank you for your replies. Yes we purchased the car from Newcastle Lexus last year so the car is still under warranty. I have tried the dehumidifier packs and they seem to have done the trick. However the weather isn’t as cold down here in Bristol now so time will tell if the problem returns. I will get it booked in if it does and keep you posted.
  21. I'm really happy to see such a age range on this community! Yeah i'd give it about 5-10 more years before everything turns "eco".
  22. Tip for pushing piston back is to do it with a flat head screwdriver BEFORE removing the old brakes. Using the inspection hole on the caliper, slot your screwdriver in between the disc and the INNER pad and lever the piston back in side. Screw a wheel nut back on to secure the disc. Do this with the reservoir cap removed and ONLY if you are replacing both discs and pads and obv screwdriver will damage the parts. Have used this method on many cars....
  23. Anyone had vibration problems after having a Catloc fitted? My catalytic converter was stolen on Monday 20/1 and before I have it replaced I thought I'd order a Catloc for the car. I ordered the part from lexuspartsdirect and have received an email stating, "We have been made aware of a small number of instances where this kit can cause a vibration when the vehicle is being driven. There is presently no solution to prevent this vibration, however, Lexus are in development to create one. Once the solution has been homologated it will be rolled out to all owners of this lock free of charge." and asking if I wanted to proceed with the order. Has anybody had this Catloc fitted and if so did any vibration problems occur?
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