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  2. For only 5 minutes duration yesterday afternoon we had concentrated hail with a strong wind. The 'stones' were not really large, possibly 3 or 4mm. Almost immediately this activated the alarm on my car but none of the several makes of my neighbours cars were affected. The alarm was activated once previously under similar weather conditions on another day. I unset the alarm with my remote and neighbors stopped staring out of their windows. But it would have been more embarrassing if it had happened at night or while we were not at home. Of course, like my insurers, I want to have the protection the alarm provides but avoid activation in similar circumstances. Has anybody else suffered this problem or know whether sensitivity can be reduced by me or Lexus. Thank you.
  3. Sadly no, there are 2 routes that both merge into one road that leads into my part of the estate. Both routes have plenty of speed bumps. No choice but to go over speed bumps to get to and from my house.
  4. Not as prevalent, in fact it is unheard of at this time but whether that is because it is too difficult or just because cats from older vehicles are more valuable, and therefore are targeted, isn't really known. We know the cat is further forward on the series IV, but we haven't seen pictures to tell if the front is still accessible or not. Heard of a few cases with it happening on the series III but no where near as bad as the series II 400h.
  5. It's interesting to imagine what our transport will be like in the future but much may depend on Government carrot and stick approach. Expect self driving vehicles to become common place. For those, (probably the majority), who just want to go from A to B for relatively short journeys, dialing up for a self driving car to take them to their destination(s) might suit. No need to to have your own car, thereby saving on initial cost and depreciation and being off road while parts were awaited, as another automated car would come along. For those wanting to travel further afield, perhaps there might be a larger, more comfortable range that again would most probably be battery powered. When needed the car would take itself to a power point and recharge. Those who still wanted their own cars and particularly those still with petrol/diesel power might have to subsidize the 'hire a car' users. Indeed we are beginning to see some of this happening already in road tax difference, low emission zones etc. I saw a very short film about how hydrogen was being used used on a small scale. It showed it being used to power cars as well as to provide power for heating. This might become b an alternative rival to electric. Interestingly, an airplane powered by Hydrogen was shown on TV today and it was hoped that this would be the forerunner of a small commercial plane. I am sure we are going to see some quite radial changes in the next 20 years and beyond. Many enthusiasts will reminisce about the days when they drove their own petrol/diesel cars.
  6. The official way is to pay for online access as already mentioned, or alternatively sign up to some service that provides the information which has been obtained with permission from the copyright holders - e.g. alldata Discussions around obtaining Toyota's copyrighted material without permission aren't to be discussed on these forums.
  7. The 400h engine is relatively quite and the noise insulation does a good job. The older Prius models and the other 4 cylinder models are noisier which is where most of the complaints come from.
  8. You cannot use the 12v battery to start a Toyota hybrid vehicle if the traction battery goes completely flat. This is why the AA/RAC will recover your vehicle to a Lexus dealer if you have a flat traction battery as they don't have the ability to get it running. Each dealer has a THS charger, you can purchase one yourself but they are around £5k + the required lead for the vehicle in question. The DC-DC converter that generates the vehicle's 12v system from the traction battery once in Ready state is made from solid state electronics designed to operate at specific voltages. It doesn't work in reverse, nor does it work at lower input voltage which then affects the output voltage. It cannot be thought of a passive AC step down transformer which could be wired in reverse to step-up.
  9. Have you tried Lexusspares direct on eBay? I got mine from them. His name is Paul Frost, I can't remember his contact details but they're on the forum somewhere.
  10. Well done, and my apologies again for not replying. Did you remove the airlines or cut them? My car sits a little higher than with the original shocks, about the hight it would have sat with the height setting on high but it feels just as good or possibly better than air.
  11. once they hook it up to the aircon machine it will remove all gases and oil check for a leak by applying a vacuum and then refill both automatically it should only take about 1hr
  12. RAV4 plug in is delayed in Europe and will be very difficult to get hold of in the US this year - the batteries are in short supply. This is where Tesla has the advantage - they have the manufacturing capability and long term contracts with the battery manufacturers that no one else has. I would expect the new NX, which will be Rav based, to have the plug-in option available. Seems the best compromise at the moment, the range just isn't there on pure EVs. Take a look at the range predictor in the middle of this page from Vauxhall: The Corsa has an official range of 209 miles - drive it at 75 mph when it is 0 deg C outside and that range is 103 miles!
  13. I recently was in the same predicament as you and decided to take out the 2 year extended warranty for piece of mind. The replacement parts on the LC is ridiculously high. So my thinking is it will pay off in the long run to have the EW. 😀
  14. Same engine/transmission but the GS in both F-Sport and Premier have Adaptive Variable Suspension standard whereas it was only an option on the IS300h F Sport. The suspension is only very firm on Sport+ setting due to the AVS being softer in normal modes. The GS300h F Sport lacks the advanced features found only on the GS450h F Sport (rear wheel steering and variable ratio steering).
  15. Hi Jon. I see you have asked most of the questions I had when I got my CT200 at the end of July. I absolutely love mine (registered Sept 2019) and quickly figured out when to use the different driving settings just by trying it - Sports mode is excellent for going up steep winding hills! I’m bizarrely finding myself driving slower than I ever have (the husband can’t believe it) in an obsession to have it in electric mode and increase my mpg. I’ve even not minded being in slow traffic as it has upped my mpg! I get my business mileage back based on a petrol car so I’m quids in. I generally get 60mpg on a mixture of road types plus motorways. I ended up not taking any of the dealer offers based on the condition of cars I’ve had previously (fingers crossed). The guys on here are great with their experience and suggestions. I have never loved a car so much. I hope your wife likes it as well - us Lexus Ladies look good behind that wheel.😀
  16. Illuminates blue, although I thought they appear slightly blueish even when off. Either way the fact that you can store music on the HDD means it has a HDD based sat nav which is only dealer upgradeable unfortunately - and wouldn't be worth the cost IMO because it would be at least £150+.
  17. Courtesy of the member of the moment, RemiP, where the speaker cover clips are located, so you can remove with minimal or no damage to cover or surrounding trim.
  18. First impressions very positive AJ, my son in law who went me to negotiate the deal on my behalf has owned an Aston Martin Vanquish, RR Wraith and presently has the latest Bentley Continental rates the Lexus very highly, right up there he says.
  19. Hi doog, yes normally go two or three times a year to France. sadly not this year though!
  20. Hi all Ending up using Toyotec - a bit of a wait but knows what he's doing. Thanks for the reco!
  21. So glad I didnt apply this update - I downloaded it from the website but thought I would hang on. I will try to forget about it, only another 15 months before it gets replaced anyway!
  22. Since I put some silicone spray (not WD40!) on mine months ago I have not had a problem at all.
  23. She has been booked in for Tuesday 6th October for new Timing belt and Water pump.
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