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  2. I’ve heard you need to inform DVLA as the car changes from a 4 seat to 5 seat. No idea how true it is, but it makes sense, other wise insurance and the car wouldn’t tie up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. At very least your should not be using either if you overtaking on A-Roads - that is when PCS with scare hell out of you. ACC is basically only good for middle lane hogging on motorway in my experience. In outside lane it makes no sense if you overtaking - usually you should keep "Audi" distance otherwise people will cut you off from middle lane and on Lexus there is only "Lexus" distance setting which is enough for a truck to fit in ("safe distance"), in A roads it gets confused with turns and other obstacles so not recommended and it is really only good if you religiously keeping to speed limits set it to 70 and stay in middle lane whatever happens - in such case you can pretty much sleep behind the wheel and ACC will do the job. I guess biggest benefit is glass badge which look way cooler than standard one... and occasionally you can use ti when motorway is very busy and there is literally no point to be sitting in outside lane.... except in UK motorway traffic is mostly on and off, there is no middle setting for congestion and IS250 ACC is not "full speed" system, so really there isn't much opportunities to utilise it much.
  4. Hi people I bought my 2018 grey gsf from Liverpool lex December 2018 it had gen3 coating on purchase have picked up some minor scratches as well as bird poo marks should I ask Lexus to machine polish or get ceramic coating from specialists??? Any advice appreciated , I live Solihull. Thanks Shafiq
  5. Don't know what owners manual you've got, mine doesn't go up to page 206 !! Can see section how to change light bulbs if it's non led and how to use/switch it on but nothing about DRL even on index !! I see, learn something new even if it's small things !
  6. Chasdad

    Toyota crown

    Yes i found it when i was removing the seat covers. Every import ive had has had one
  7. Thanks guys. That is most instructive. I was confused by the alternative floating rotor term. I assume that term is American and like shock absorbers is just plain wrong. John
  8. Hi people i bought my jan 18grey gsf from lex Liverpool in December 18. Brakes will not stop squealing!!! Slight scratches from bird mess it did have gen3 coating done on purchase from Liverpool. I live in Solihull but prefer lex Wolverhampton should I ask them to machine polish or get ceramic coating done by specialist any advice appreciated thanks Shafiq
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  10. I actually prefer fake tips to real tips - glad the predictive text didn’t correct me there! 🙈 I loved the ISF tips 👍
  11. I'll have to time mine next time it comes on. We can compare notes! ( Maybe once a every other journey. When it was coming on a lot, it was a leaking strut for me... )
  12. I’d be surprised if they do tbh they have to give 12month warranty on “parts” and labour. If they don’t supply they possibly won’t fit due to the law and warranty being void BUT very enforceable in a court of law if they did fit them.
  13. Wouldn’t know where to start with something like that. Not very technical minded
  14. Unfortunately I'm from down south and normally any snow has melted by lunch time .ok if we do get snow it's for a few days at most and we normally just shout down the phone to the boss there a bloody inch of snow out there it's too dangerous to go to work lol.i will fit a half track rear end just in case .lol
  15. With the greatest of respect Karen, if you haven't taken the engine covers off to look what's beneath them and you're being stumped at this first hurdle, perhaps having a garage or auto electrician do the work for you may be the best option? I don't mean that in a nasty way, just trying to save you hassle. Personally, I would tap into the high beam fuse which will possibly be in the engine bay fusebox but I don't know for sure as I don't have a 2016 car. Also, how much power does this light bar take? If it's too much for that circuit to handle along with the high beams, you'll probably have to wire in a relay to do the switching so that it switches on with the high beams but gets its power from somewhere else, ie, direct from the 12V battery rather than the high beam circuit.
  16. The backing plate "issue" on the MOT only refers to brakes where the backing plate has a direct effect on the braking, as in the backing plate on a drum brake setup. In that case the backing plate is an integral and essential part of the brake integrity and any defect like rust (or not being there!) can directly affect braking. In disc brakes the plate behind the disc is shield and has no effect on the braking performance and isn't an MOT fail. If the tester fails it, he's reading the rules wrong. On hybrid brakes, where the inside of the brake disc also acts like a drum, then usually the drum brake will have a separate (stronger) backing plate, or the backing plate will be the actual suspension upright (because the thin dust shield isn't of sufficient integrity to support a drum brake). On the RX from the pictures in the Haynes manual, there is a separate backing plate which is not part of the dust shield. So the dust shield can be removed and the drum handbrake backing plate will not be affected. Therefore not an MOT failure. But you may have to argue the toss with the MOT tester if they don't understand. For instance how can the handbrake be working if the backing plate is missing? Having a Haynes manual handy to show them pictures may sway them.. :-) I've had it on classic cars with disc brakes where the dust shields are no longer available. You can remove them completely and still pass the MOT.
  17. My previous CT had this problem. A quick visit to Lexus Teesside and the technician who came out to look at the problem knew exactly what it was. They took it into the workshop and 20 mins later it was fixed free of charge. Top marks to Lexus Teesside
  18. My son found the link online. He has a 2009 RX 350 which was my previous car. Such a great car that he wanted it when I upgraded. Check out his car in the photo attached.
  19. I talked to the workshop and they will look at it end of the week
  20. Often, it takes longer to mask up the delicate areas of a car you don't want the cutting, polishing, finishing pads to touch before you even start to machine polish a car.
  21. I'm running 35 psi on the DHP wheels. Seems about right. No abnormal wear.
  22. Thanks Graham, it is such a wonderful relief haha. As for the sensor, I'm not too sure. I originally checked continuity in the connector and checked resistance of the original and new denso MAF when I first replaced it and they seemed the same (or close enough). Same results through reading the sensor values on OBD2 as well but seeing as the new aftermarket sensor worked as soon as I plugged it in, I doubt it was a wiring/connector issue. Haven't checked my aftermarket sensor values against the ones I was getting on the other 2 units though, might do that during the week, more for piece of mind than anything else!
  23. This is simple to correct. The padded side panels are easily removed with a pry tool. You then remove the silver side strakes by unscrewing a few simple Philips-head screws (no stupid Torx screws on Lexi). If you want to then remove the main centre console, you pull up the Remote Touch and cupholder assembly (it just clips in). You then undo a hidden Philips screw on the drivers side underneath the transmission selector and unclip the console with a pry tool. You will notice some felt padding from the factory. To improve it, all you need to do is buy some felt tape from Amazon then cover every clip and all areas where parts touch each other. When you reassemble, you should see a marked improvement. The great thing with the Lexus interior is that the fundamental build is nice and tight, simplistic and solid. So when you do this kind of work, it pays off because the basic quality is good. I once tried to do this on a Jaguar XF and it was nigh on impossible to get it solid because the design was overcomplex and the parts used where flimsy.
  24. I think one of first pics I posted here was rcf with a 718. This weekend went for blast with the older n/a caymen. Sent from my BV5800 using Tapatalk
  25. Hi Try this site as they specialise in this model, Richard whose site is is fixes SC430! 2ddesign
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