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  2. Here for sale is my lovely sc430. I haven't had it long, but there is a genuine reason for sale and I just haven't had to time to really drive it. Its in 139000 miles, cambelt, waterpump and radiator were replaced around 8000 miles ago at lexus main dealer, mot until March 2020. I had the oil and filter changed around 2 weeks with parts I bought from Toyota, it has stainless steel exhaust that isn't loud as in boy racer loud, it just has a nice tone to it. That car itself is in very good condition, one slight little mark on the passenger door but apart from that it's in very good condition. £3800 I'm open to sensible offers. For some reason it doesn't allow me to upload more than one picture
  3. could the raid external cooling of the engine cause a clearance problem.. resulting in quick wear?
  4. Has anyone found a short cut to turn off the display screen? rather than going through the menu/ screen settings
  5. Tuned and OEM parts Used and Brand new Spare parts directly from Japan by post. We can find almost everything for your car e-mail: Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki Apexi, HKS, ZeroSports, Cusco, Spoon, Nismo, Blitz, etc.
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  7. A member here who goes by the name of SH20 fitted an X car link to his 460 - if you search the forums his post should come up - l'm in a bit of a hurry
  8. Basically go all over the car with a 'heavy' hand grabbing and pulling at anything and everything because at 60 mph the wind and more important the turbulence over and under the car is tremendous force, you must have stuck your head out of a car window when you was a kid but I bet you'd be reluctant to do it now at 60 mph! paul m.
  9. As long as they are both the same spec ie (5w-30) it be okay
  10. my 17 plate F Sport has memory seats i presumed your F Sport would also have them
  11. Honestly the crash didn't feel that bad. I had no idea how hard the crash was until I stepped out. Gutted about the car but I'm just thankful I didn't hurt anybody. I went over the pavement but luckily it was late and nobody was around. This could have been a very different story. As much as I loved that car, it's just a car at the end of the day. Going to be picking up a Mazda 3 later today. I just need a cheap runaround for now. Low miles and full service history so I'm sure it will do it well. But after having an LS, every other car looks depressing. I'll start saving for another LS, and try not to crash the next one.
  12. Earlier this year I sold my 2011 limited edition Is250c with full service history and 65,000 miles for less than £10,000. I think that Advance model even with the low mileage is way overpriced.
  13. Hello all i bought an is300 a couple weeks back, always wanted one due to my nfs days haha anyways since driving it im starting to notice that there are afew issues such as the electronics. When driving and i have the radio on and when i do another command such as AC or indicating the speedo dims, radio cuts out for a second almost as if there isnt enough electricity for everything. on top of that when I accelerate it doesnt feel like it has as much power as it should my bmw before it was heavier, less bhp but felt soooo much faster. Id like to add i have no idea when it comes to cars i just like to drive and admire them, any help or advise would be great.
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  15. At low speeds the ride is firm going on hard. If that is why you mean by bouncy then I fear that new shcks will be a disappointment
  16. Lux to eV is calculated using the following formula. Lx = 2.5 x 2^eV. Basically the Osram bulbs are 2.5x brighter than the ebay bulbs. Unfortunately I don't have any figures for the original bulbs that these replace. But I suspect these new ones are in the region of 5x brighter.. Sent from my G8142 using Tapatalk
  17. I have had both a 4RX and a NX. On the same type of driving, the RX did not achieve such good mpg as the NX does but it is not far behind. I reckon the RX actually averaged about 34mpg overall.
  18. when i had my CT i changed my tyres to the dunlop sport maxx rt they where a far better tyre than the yoko's
  19. What are the differences between the eCVT and the Honda i-MMD system? It seems as though the Honda system has a fixed gear when in engine drive mode and drives the wheels via an electric motor when in hybrid mode. Does anyone have experience of how this compares to the eCVT Thanks Paul Thanks Paul
  20. Been sprayed with something like waxoyl I think. Had the car since new, but did get "pit" manovoured by a truck, so maybe left over from the body shop...?
  21. Apart from the assesability problem changing the alternator is reasonably simple. Take a note or photo of how the drive belt is fitted, and it is a good idea to change this at the same time if there are any doubts as to how old or worn it is. John.
  22. So I took o/s front wheel/brakes etc off and spun hub, the bearing had defo gone. took car to a different garage this time and had new wheel bearing fitted and also had both lower ball joints replaced again for a better make (not ecp rubbish). resulting in the steering wheel going to 11 o clock, this proves that the ecp ball joints were complete rubbish!
  23. Almost last chance before it gets p/x and a wonderful genuine low mileage car gets lost forever 😢😢😢 Any offers, please message me on 07976711228 Thanks Paul
  24. To be honest you will struggle to find one with it anyway! There are 17 SE-L's on Autotrader right now and none ( yes I really did check!) have got ACC/PCS, not even the one that's listed for £11,975! So don't think you need worry about it interfering with any addons!
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