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  2. Prices seem crazy high. Mine is August 2017 with 30500 miles, so going off that I could get as much as the 35k I paid almost 2 years ago for it with 19500 miles!
  3. hover the mouse over the username and then click message on the popup:
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  5. For sale: Mark Lewinson Head unit. Item Condition: Great condition. Fully working. No issues. Price and price conditions: 200£ Extra Info: N/A Pictures: Contact Details: Location: Boston / Lincolnshire Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Free UK delivery.
  6. Hi, I recently brought a 2014 Lexus IS300 F Sport, I have a few issues (well I think these are issues) 1. When I press the Parking Assist button when in ‘D’ (drive) mode, I get this long beep. And this sign comes up. Red bar with white lines. However, when I put in reverse it disappears and the parking sensors seem to work. Is this faulty? I thought it’s only meant to beep when it detects objects? Also, this sign is not in the owners manual. So I’m so confused. 2. How do I automatically enable parking assist when I put it in reverse. I’ve looked through the settings and I can’t see it anywhere. I don’t want to keep pressing the parking assist button and if I do I get the problem as mentioned above.
  7. This looks a good price and a good capacity - 20,000 mAh. But being unbranded, I wonder how long have you had it in the car? And how long does it stay fully charged? Are you using it to jump start the car? Do you think it's sturdily and safely made? Sorry for the list of questions but I'll probably buy one if you can recommend it.
  8. Hi. If you have any issues with insurance all then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
  9. Jan 2022 due. Told by my dealer car built and left the Toyota City factory. Was told March/April next year but it would appear I should get it January sometime. Ordered 26.10.21
  10. Definitely for Insurance cover, no charge for the car itself. Be aware though that the insurance premium may still hold you liable for the excess should you damage the car or even if a third party car collides with you. Warranty claims are different however as the loan car is covered by the dealer incl insurance.
  11. Best to speak to your local Lexus dealer, they are able to supply and fit genuine CATLOCs. They may also be able to mark your vehicle with Smar****er FOC:
  12. Lexus Stoke, glad you have good service there but this was my experience………….. [ Visited Lexus in Stoke this morning that I had booked in for 11. Take a seat, sign this, key, big plastic folder held out for me as I wondered why ? (all this in a kind of authoritative tone without the hint of a smile) and knew who we were from the off (guess they must have seen me parking up) Oh! the folder was for me to drop my key into it, anyway the nice lady at reception made us a coffee and we took a comfy seat as I saw the next customer go to the desk where the same guy simply took his key from his hand ? We both looked at each other wondering was it me ? (as you do) and no we both thought we had done something wrong (how strange) Anyway 45 min's later a tech guy asked us to follow him outside to show us what he had found where he took his time to explain what he had done & found. He thinks that the rear dash cam camera lead that had been installed so neatly (by me) was causing the seal to lift just enough to let water by as he had checked carefully and could find no former trace marks anywhere that you would expect had it leaked before, he had sorted the wire to another route and jet washed the area to double check. A real nice knowledgable guy who I would be very happy to work on our car again should the need arise who complemented us on our choice of Lexus (and meant it) and bid us a good day. ]
  13. I had a Viesmann installed 2 years ago and so far so good. Made the decision after reading up a lot. One thing I did discover was every engineer I spoke had a different view of what's best so no help there. Another thing I liked is they employ their own service engineers so no "who sold you this then" comments 😊
  14. Fair enough. Understand your reasoning. I wouldn’t. Doesn’t make me right though 😀
  15. That's a shame Ian. This will be a good time to service the rear brake calipers and Handbrake mechanism.
  16. Hi James. Can you be more specific about your smoking exhaust? What colour is the smoke? When do you first notice the smoke? Are you sure it's smoke and not steam?
  17. If it's location that your talking about this may actually be a good car because messi's profile says he's from the West Midlands and I'm East Midlands so it's already pretty close.
  18. Gives me confidence that you've had good experiences with these cars. 👍👍
  19. It was more an issue with American cars but thats down to them not using premium fuel I believe as well as their octane ratings being different, the IS350 didnt suffer from that as it had both direct injectors and port injectors I believe.
  20. aha then .. preventative maintenance for the next 25 years ........... and I bet you never need them Malc
  21. Actually, I'm glad you mentioned the dipping mirrors thing. Betsy and I have just been shopping and I noticed that when she was put into reverse, the driver's mirror tilted up! That was soon sorted out though, as I'm sure everyone will be pleased to hear. Thank goodness for manuals eh!
  22. It all depends! Are you handy with a spanner and can you raise the car off the ground and keep it there safely to allow access? Fitting is just a case of getting it in the right place and doing up a few nuts. If you cannot get the car high enough up on axle stands then it will be difficult to manoeuvre the plate into place (a genuine CatLoc plate is heavy and awkward) and you have to hold some of the bolts in place whilst tightening the shear nuts. Some Lexus garages will fit one for a reasonable sum, try contacting one local to you. If you do fit it yourself then make sure it is in the correct position and rattle free before taking the final step of shearing the security nuts. Once the vehicle is high enough, they are fairly simple to fit.
  23. Perfect - this wireless solution gets better by the minute!
  24. More to do with the gearbox - it will select the highest gear possible on the overrun. Change down manually if/when you want engine braking to be effective.
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