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  2. i've spoken to aviva and they've told me as long as i stay with them my premium wont be affected at renewal it would be as if it didnt happen due tot he fact that the 3rd party is paying all costs they did say if i changed insurer it may be looked on differently
  3. Only by omitting a few simple equations Paul!
  4. Earls Court Barry and we would leave with bags full of brochures ?
  5. Hello to you all..... Can any body tell me if it is a big job to replace the above joints. (front) and are the Joints very expensive.....Suspension arm Ball Joints Thanks to you all.... Roy.
  6. Hi Jason. I've just come across your thread. Very involved what you've done. I have to ask but do you have rain sensing wipers? I had the exact same problem. My wipers wouldn't come on on intermittent but only on constant. My problem was the rubbery plasticy sheet between the windscreen and the sensor behind the rear view mirror. My car didn't have that sheet. Once one was bought and fitted my problem was cured. I did a thread on it in the gen 2 is.
  7. This thread has got my head thinking. I'm pretty damn sure I redlined my is300h when I had it. From a standing start with the switch set to power and traction battery at least on half and foot buried into the carpet. This by the way on a motorway slip road. Every day on the way home from work I'd rag it from those traffic lights and I'm certain I hit 6k revs. Made a lovely noise lol (not as good as my is250 tho 😗)
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  9. I am wanting to repaint my centre consol as its scratched, I have searched the web looking for the code. I know the dealer can get it but its a long way from monday. I have a IS200d and has piano black trim on the doors and centre consol, it would not be too bad if it was a straight forward black but it has metalic flecks in it.. Any one help me here as to where I can find the trim colour code or even know the colour codes??? thanks in advance
  10. Hi DC. I've just come across your thread. I've looked up the cellllink neo only to find its a battery for a dashcam. One question. What dashcam are you using? Why does it need a battery? I'm a bit flummoxed because I fitted the Nextbase 322gw which is forwarded facing and has a rear facing camera attached to it. Both give superb quality video. I also got the hardwire kit. I looked in my handbook to see which fuse I could use either for constant power or for power to be turned on and off via ignition. I can't understand also why such a high fuse rating of 15 amp is required when my nextbase is only 2 amp. Please enlighten me.
  11. LOL! No I was not looking for myself. I am happy with my RX450h or will be when the hatch chrome handle is properly fitted. It transpires that a component of this was omitted when repairs were made. You would think that with these totalling close on 10K the fitter and quality control would have noticed. I think it's just an adhesive strip. It's as well I first rang Lexus Exeter to find out whether they were expecting me as Snows Repair Centre Southampton promised. Instead of arranging with Exeter they had contacted Plymouth by mistake. The part has been ordered and my car is being taken by low loader to Exeter for this to be done in January. I will also be asking them to fill it up with petrol to compensate for my abortive visit there today as the part was not stocked Anyway, while I was waiting for my car to be looked at, I took the opportunity to try to find out what Lexus/Toyota were planning so raised on this thread as possible interest to OP and anybody else who may be contemplating a new car.
  12. There are systems to monitor your batteries, at least in mainstream EVs. Basically, you will get battery fault warning and will be unable to charge or drive, rather than car becoming fireball when charging. But physical damage is an issue with EVs - if you just run off the road and banged-up the floor it is not good idea to go ahead and start charging it. As it happens batteries are relatively exposed compared to petrol tanks at the moment (especially for underside damage) and therefore we need to start thinking about different risks when driving EVs. Even if you ran over piece of derby on the road in EV it would be good idea to check if battery didn't get damaged, whereas that is really not an issue with modern ICE cars. I am not sure what caused first fire, but the video I have copied I am fairly confident it was physical damage the battery. Probably the owner hit something on the road and dented the battery shell a little bit. This was not enough for battery to fail, but it was enough for maybe one cell to get slightly deformed, it started heating-up and overtime this caused domino effect, one cell burst, surrounding cells burst and eventually it got critical mass to blow through the insulation and cause major fire.
  13. This might sound silly but on my 2009 model the lights don't actually go off until the door is opened. I had a problem with the switch on the B pillar and that would not turn off the lights when the door was opened sometimes. Because the lights are on you may not realize that the interior light also failed to come on. This meant that the ecu didn't pick up the door opening.
  14. You'd better get moving then, you've got a lot of catching up to do!
  15. That's a good idea, thanks I'll try that.
  16. here is a link for you but it only goes to 2014 or have a look in your manual
  17. How far away are keys from the car,? could be sensing them if nearby
  18. Could it be something like stopping the sunshine causing a reflection and stopping the hud being seen clearly. It’s a guess though
  19. My car's in at this very moment having 4 sensors replaced.... will see...
  20. Interestingly, I have read recently of an increasing number of MB vehicles with Pan roofs having problems with fragmentation of plastic"keys" on facias. MB Dealers claim to know nothing about the problems! Perhaps this is due to internal temperature extremes and admission of a greater length and range of the electro- magnetic spectrum caused by the fitting of the Pano roof?? Something to watch out for on other models?
  21. no glass cover with your car insce ?? Malc
  22. Barry i was in lidl last night and the one you bought they still had one in store and someone had opened it up. It looked fine to me it was just the other one was a lot larger and would fill the full cavity. Brent
  23. Worth a read, it might help narrow it down:
  24. Wow! Brilliant! I will not ask about reliability!
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