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  2. ..thanks Toe, all good for the last few days anyway with the new fob battery.
  3. Hi, There is a tool set for removing control arm bushings and bearings. It is like a puller using a long thin threaded bolt and steel tubes of various sizes. Using the right combination of tubes and thick washers of the set, the bushing can be pushed out. Using the same tool, another bushing can be installed. The same principle applies to bearings. If you do not have this tool, before installing an interference fit bearing, put the new bearing in the freezer when you begin work to remove the bearing. By warming the bearing housing with a camping gas flame, the new bearing can be put in position by hand. You must be quick because when it gets hot from the housing, it will need some persuasion to move. Chris.
  4. I always thought Ethanol was an octane booster and did not have the type of cleaning additives V-Power is supposed to have.
  5. could you take her out for some essential shopping maybe ? keep her in fine fettle, even if it's just to somewhere like Pets at Home store to get essential cat food etc .. yesterday at our one there was only one other customer so quite " social distanced " ...... keep the tyres ok and battery recharging etc Malc
  6. Just a question: is it possible to use the inflation kit now furnished by Lexus in place of spare wheel ?
  7. the blessed simplicity of olden times eh ! It started about 32 years ago with the very first Ls400 ..... absolutely everything ...... Ls ........ Luxury Saloon eh ! Malc
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  9. Why don't you buy a 240 AC powered compressor instead?
  10. AGM and Gel type batteries tend to be sealed and need a different charging regime to "normal" wet lead acid batteries. Being a sealed battery, you can only charge AGM and Gel batteries at a very low charge rate. This prevents the batteries producing excess gas. If they did produce excess gas, the case would blow, so they have valves that vent the gas over a certain pressure. If gas escapes out of the vents, that's your battery capacity escaping into the atmosphere and you can't ever get it back. Always use the correct charger with AGM and Gel batteries. Don't be tempted to use anything else as it can ruin the battery. One thing that people forget is that when an AGM or Gel battery is flat, it can take days to fully recharge because of the low charge rate. Charging overnight isn't enough. Also if you jump start the car after the battery has gone flat the charging circuit on the car is designed to charge at the specified low charge rate, so you'd have to drive the car round for days non-stop to fully charge the battery. :-) Open wet lead acid batteries can quite happily sit gassing for days and you just top up the electrolyte with distilled water. You can't do that on a sealed battery. Even sealed wet lead acid batteries should be charged to avoid gassing because you can't top the electrolyte back up. Basically AGM and Gel batteries hold a small amount of acid electrolyte close to the lead plates in a sort of thin sandwich, which makes them smaller and lighter. AGM batteries hold the electrolyte in a wet mat held up to the lead plates (hence the name Absorbed Glass Mat) and Gel batteries hold the electrolyte in a sheet of gel essentially. They work more or less the same as a wet lead acid battery (where the lead plate is suspended in a bath of electrolyte: So bulky! You can get more technical as the charging regimes for each type of battery is different, but the essential thing is to always use a charger designed for the type of battery you have. Hooking up an old 4 or 8 Amp battery charger to an AGM or Gel battery (or even sealed wet battery) is a sure-fire way to get them gassing thereby reducing the capacity and rendering them useless.
  11. Here's my setup. I'm using a Maypole smart charger and a Bosch S4 sealed battery in my GS450h. The lamp in the boot is switched off and the bootlid is left ajar to allow for the charger mains lead to trail out.
  12. Does anyone know the dimensions of the battery on the hybrids? The MX-5 uses a 32Ah Panasonic sealed gel battery which is 325mm long x 125mm deep x 160mm high. It even has vent ports on it because it's designed to sit in the boot on the MX-5. Not sure if it's the same battery or has similar specs, but it might be a cheaper alternative.
  13. Hello. I have same problem with my on. The difference is my one is diesel and manual transmission. Also when I have this lights engine don’t have power at all. Any advice? Thank you. Sorry for my language
  14. Different car, but same as @Arqum, I just wired mine directly to the battery. Works fine.
  15. Roger, I am very tempted, sitting in the house with the weather getting better is not easy, I think I will get one next week, roughly a week before a pay day! 🙂 Which one do you have Roger? Is Dual Action is really worth it? Thanks Vlad
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  17. The Panasonic battery in my wife's MX5 lasted for 16 years. I put its longevity down to charging it once a month with my Ctek charger, which I do to all my cars.
  18. Be careful about OEM mats as they can be sourced from the USA and are for left hand drive. Do check.
  19. The door mirror glass you can get new on EBAY . Not difficult to fix but a instruction is recommended so you know where to pry to get the thing apart. I reused the old heater element. Attached the glass with high temp silicone. Worked well.
  20. Hi Andy, I can't remember the last time I did it but I would not normally expect to remove the wheels to bleed the brakes. Is this to replace old brake fluid or do you suspect there is air or debris in the system? If you don't have a pressure bleeder, the 2 person method is quickest. The SC is quite low so it isn't the easiest, turning the front wheels on full lock one way and then the other might help access to the bleed screws on the front. If you can get the car in the air a little that will help too.
  21. A month ago I'd have gone for the standard NX with metallic paint, the Sport Premium Pack and the panoramic roof. It's close the the spec of the F-Sport and was exactly £40k so no luxury tax. Unfortunately it looks like they've put the price up, but you can still do it if you stick with the solid black paint.
  22. I used to run these on my Celsior until I got hold of a set of 18s. They are a straight fit on most Lexus models (CT and LS600 have a different PCD stud pattern). Generally in good condition although the fronts do have some curbing damage on the outer rims. They are fitted with tyres with 235/40/17 on the front rims and 255/40/17 on the rears ( 8” rim width all round). Although these have legal tread depths the tyres are now old and beginning to show signs of ageing so I would suggest replacements Spigot rings for the normal Lexus 60.1mm bore are fitted and I have a complete set of wheel nuts but the original Lexus sleeved ones are correct. Offset is 38. Just popped a couple of photographs for now, first one is fronts, second all four with rears at the rear 😀, I have more detailed individual shots on request. Asking £200.00 for LOC members but bear in mind given the present situation collection may be difficult for some time but will hold with small deposit.
  23. I am currently looking for a cheap 400h to swap with my GTO mkII but I have driven one recently and what people don't realise is that the electric motors are always helping the engine via the CVT transmission. If only we could get a longer range. I can build battery packs for cars but I wanted to know how far the 400h community have gotten in increasing the battery range, are there kits? or videos? has anyone tried or found the connection points? does anyone know the max amps drawn from the batteries and max re-gen amperage? thanks
  24. Looks good mate ! I miss my 2gen IS250, now got IS300h - very different cars ! How did you fix the rear roof / upper rear windscreen spoiler on ? Was it the 3M tape that comes with it or did you use some sort glue ? I am thinking of getting one like this for my IS300h (as they do them for 3gen IS too) and want to make sure it stays on which is reason why I haven't bought one yet, seeing people's experience first.
  25. Thanks so much for the help guys- I knew the car didn't have a serious issue so it helped to put my mind at rest. A set of jump leads and a relatives car brought it back to life today, I'll sort a new battery asap. Thanks again, James
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