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  1. Looks pretty similar to mine. Looks like a usb dealer update. Lot of money for what you get though.
  2. My plate is an 09 plate. I have a usb slot in the arm rest but don't have the L shaped reversing light. Still need to see if a record button comes up when I put a CD in. Unless my car was an early adopter of the hdd?
  3. I dont have a menu button but when I go to the nav menu map version it does not have an eject button. If it' not a DVD is there a way to update it without a Lexus dealer? How do I know what update version I need?
  4. Please help me. Im looking for the nav DVD drive in my 2009 is250c. Ive looked behind the clock and there is a slot in the plastic for a disk but a metal plate behind it, so it' not there. Ive also checked the boot and glove box. Its nowhere. Does anyone know where it is hiding? Or have I got it all wrong and it needs a usb nav update. Please help. Thanks in advance.