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  2. genuine LEXUS floor mat set . 👍🏻👍🏻
  3. On my 2008 GS450h, owned for six years - BOTH High-Beam Headlights just stopped working simultaneously and without any warning. I noticed it when driving and I tried to use them. The bright blue dashboard light indicator for the main beam comes on, and there is no warning message on the dash. But those headlights aren't working (all the others are). Easy, you say - their shared fuse must have blown. Per the manual, both paper and online versions, one 20A fuse in the engine compartment fuse box handles both L & R main beam lights. So, I went to replace it: From the instruction manual To my shock, the corresponding fuse (20A) was perfect, and tightly seated. Continuity-checked with a multimeter. In case the wiring didn't correspond to reality, I checked all the fuses around - all were also OK. So I whipped out my OBDII scan tool app on my mobile (BlueDriver gizmo plugged into the vehicle's OBDII port), but no error code of any kind shows up. The only odd thing I can think of is, in the last year, and only a couple of times - the car is driven thrice a day on average - the left dipped beam light did not come on, but came on when I gave the outside of the housing a thump. Please, what do I do next?
  4. This is what solved mine from Lexus customer services Remove vehicle from the Lexus Link+ App account, via the app’s “My Garage” page. Sign out of the mobile app. On the App’s log in page – Choose option to reset your password. Note: Your must enter your Email/Telephone number, before you get the ‘reset password’ option. Note: Please change your password to something different from the previous password. Turn on the car, and log into your Lexus Link account via the Multimedia system by using QR code when prompted. Scan the QR code shown on the MM system into the LexusLink+ App (My Garage, Add Vehicle, Use QR code). Once you are logged in to the Multimedia System in the car, please access and enable “Link profile to Key” – an option found under: Settings (from the Multimedia home screen) User account (Click into your name on the top left) Personal Info Enable ‘Link key’ (as per screenshot below) This should be a successful prevention of the profile log-out issue. “Link Key” means the MM systems seeks your profile details from recognition of the Key, rather than your mobile phone. The key is a more stable solution for profile recognition.
  5. I think that's an aftermarket mat. Black is the only colour SC430 mats that Lexus stock now. I think they are around £110 for a set.
  6. Not a chance. As Bob said, perhaps 5 or maybe 10 with a remap. I've got the mad max version gathering cobwebs in the garage if you want to try one that's a smidge quicker.
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  8. Yes. See the other long running thread that has some initial impressions from members, e.g.
  9. One just popped up. 15 Lexus service stamps. Perfect! MOT mentions loads of rust. Not so perfect.
  10. Hi mate yep rotated through all the options on the front setting hardly anything coming through
  11. You probably need to store numbers in your address book in international format. +44..... 4g and 5g calls come in with international format and the Lexus software is too basic to figure this out. Paul
  12. Cannot see phone identification of callers in lexus phone. Any tips on how to fix problem with my android phone Bluetooth to car.
  13. Only been twice and usually pick one south of the church on the seafront, there are plenty of them, it's a bit quieter, even get free parking sometimes. Everywhere is easily accessible on foot. Can't remember the name of the last hotel. But all around the Costa Brava are good value usually. Lla Franc is a nice place. Off the beaten track. Even Tossa de Mar or Cadaques. Plenty of places to go around. Some of the other places are a bit touristy lacking character and charm- Lloret, Rosis etc. Nice cheap flights to Barcelona then get out by train ASAP.
  14. Have you read the small print? In my experience these after-market warranties sometimes/often aren't worth the paper they're written on.
  15. Probably not. As suggested, get it straight in for a service, if no issues then cancel your warranty and get a refund.
  16. Just ask the question when you go to see it, can't hurt and hopefully they'll just confirm that they knew what they were doing as they'll likely have a book time that comes with instruction. Plus once you have the confirmation, if there are any problems you've had their word and it has atleast been to a dealer rather than independent/ other.
  17. Daft question, but have you selected the centre vents.
  18. I'm still getting the "unable to sync profile" message every time I start the vehicle albeit about 10 mins after the Ready message. I have my profile linked to my key and my Phone and have tried both links separately without success. Anyone have any more ideas how to get rid of it as it really is a pain?
  19. What I can say is that with my wall box it takes about 2.5 hours from 0 miles EV to 100%. If you're using the "granny" cable from a 13A plug you should expect about 5 hours.
  20. Hi. I bought one of these as well. Managed to install it but it seems a bit taller than the factory one. I cant seem to push it in far enough for the yellow plastic clips to click into place it keeps fouling on the top and no matter what i do some of it sticks out. Can you please let me know what did you trim exactly. Im quite disappointed with the fit. Also i cant seem to get this trim panel from the front of the screen to fit. The seller provided a replacement panel but its the same size as the factory one.
  21. Or if you have a RAV4, get charged £70 to have plates fitted.
  22. Seriously? Well thats a coinkydink, 1 in 200-ish..... You never know who you are talking to eh, hope its still going well. I imported mine, its also a 59 plate 2010 model. What are you thinking to move onto?
  23. Do you mean to the look of a 2022 onwards second generation NX? It certainly wouldn’t be a straightforward replacement as the vehciles are build on different platforms with different body dimensions.
  24. I'm sure that's where most of them live,apart from the ladies local to me who seem to all have the "minus R" edition.(That is the on without an R on the gear lever).
  25. Too much fuel. I’d get the fuel pressure and injectors checked.
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