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  2. I bet that having such an unused interior is a real treat!!! I’m much more tempted by low mileage cars myself these days because the thing I always consider when people boast that high mileage is nothing to certain engines you have to remember the mileage will take its toll on the rest of the car such as the gearbox, suspension components, steering, brakes, seats, switches and buttons etc. My Mondeo is 17 years old and has only done 57k and everything still feels tight and like new. I once had an 18 year old Ford Escort with only 13k on it!!! It was a real timewarp car being like brand new throughout. I’d say at 29,000 miles it’s not even run in yet!!! Congratulations on the new car, be sure to post some photos for us all to drool over!!! 😂😂😂
  3. shine668555

    Techstream on IS300h

    Same here on 63 is300h with techstream v12 i think. And xhorse vci cable. Not too much to customize.
  4. The more I am reading and watching the expensive I think fix is. Does anyone know if dryer is part of the condensor?
  5. No, that's the type fitted on my car, there's more than one variant.
  6. Is it a downstream sensor (post cat)? Just curious as the pre cat sensors can cause running problems.
  7. So lexus sell AC compressor and clutch seperately... Do they come seperate?
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  9. Steve44

    New Car

    Very interested in your experience of this as I am also considering changing to a NX in similar spec. Also wanting to see the ES, but think the boot and aperture will still be too small and NX practicalities will be better. i did have a test in a NX luxury at last service however and wasn’t immediately drawn to the experience.
  10. gb1600e

    03 IS300 MOT fail

    Well main dealers certainly know how to charge as that's a BIG bill. Only worth it IMO if you value a folder full of Lexus receipts to go with your full service history, (if you have that). I wonder if the main dealer will farm out the welding anyway? but how about asking the independent you went to as I bet they could recommend a body shop. That said I agree £462 doesn't sound that bad (depending on what they actually are doing). Good luck.
  11. Yeah, thanks for that... I've found that, too. Makes sense. I've also found that behaviour depends a lot on what speed I'm doing prior to the acceleration
  12. Evening everyone. Wondering if anyone had anything like this happen to their 300h? I started getting this noise today, like high pitched chirp while engine is running and it seems to come from the fuel pump sender unit. Warm or cold start still there but im sure it just appeared today Tried to tap it and wobble it with hand to see if anythings loose but no. Car spec is 63 plate is300h 108k miles regulary serviced with genuine stuff, everyday driving, fuel used. Roughly 2 tank fulls of premium between 10 tankfulls of standard petrol. Oh and im now going trough second tank of bp ultimate petrol. Thanks in advance 20181213_203751.mp4
  13. Agree with that Mark as so far I found the same. 11GY39 isn't actually a paint code, BBS don't / wont declare what the paint code is, its said by some to be close to a Toyota body colour Code 1E3 (Phantom Grey), and some people use BMW Ferric Grey (really? not for me). While I want my wheels in the stock colour I guess pointing to my rims and calling it "dark silver metallic" is as good as it going to get. Or does anyone have any actual paint code suggestions for dark metallic silver?
  14. Tinonline

    How to Change Lexus LS400 spark plugs

    Just a note to amend my own experience. I discovered/read a Lexus manual on this and one step is applying electrolyte grease to the spark plug threads. Next time I will do this. There was certainly no sign of this on removing my plugs...Lexus service history to the then 72k Miles.
  15. Mine worked 75% of the time, but I only used it to ring a few people plus to ask the sat nav to "go home" To be fair the whole infotainment is a bit rubbish
  16. 200h

    Windscreen Washer issue

    locate the non return valve and swap the 2 outlets around if its the non return valve at fault the drivers side nozzle will work and the passenger wont if not looks like a blocked nozzle here is the valve you are looking for 1 inlet from the pump and 2 outlets to windscreen
  17. Although I havent had a 400h for a few years now I found that if I planted the loud pedal then I got torque steer ( on occasion quite badly) however if I progressively applied the throttle then it was barely noticeable. Its much the same with the 450h that I now have. Hope this helps. Bri
  18. jumpingjehovahs

    Cruise control

    Quite right, and this is what I do. I don’t know about the latest model, but my 2010 has the little ‘joystick’ cruise control stalk on the bottom left on the steering wheel. Once you’ve turned CC on, you just push the stalk back for 3 seconds and it changes to regular CC. The car always biased to Radar Cruise whenever you press the Cruise On button. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. colin79666


    Yep - check the spare at least twice a year and have an inflater in the car should the need arise. I also carry an extending wrench as the one with the spare is too short if the bolts are done up tight/welded on. Top tip - if you buy an extending wrench check the socket actually fits your wheel bolts. I found the one I had for years did not fit the size used on Japanese cars and had to buy a different socket from Halfords when I got my Lexus - fortunately I'd tested before actually having to use it in anger. Not so fortunately I recently came to the aid of a colleague and then discovered my socket then didn't fit the works Renault 😣
  20. Nick can you please post up afterwards which side sensor you replace and which brand you will be using thx
  21. In RX 450h if you really need, it's possible to switch from adaptive cruise control to "traditional" , accordingly to instruction manual. Don't ask me how , I just gave a look time ago.
  22. northernstar

    Windscreen Washer issue

    Hi My driver's side windscreen washer nozzle on 2012 F-Sport (RHD) doesn't work anymore. Over a period of a few weeks, the stream became progressively weaker and now it doesn't work at all. Passenger side is fine, rear washer fine also. Doesn't appear to be any blockage in nozzle. Do you think this is an easy DIY fix or would a repair be covered by extended warranty? Thank you for any advice.
  23. Thanks and it is the 02 sensor, all sorted for tomorrow!
  24. Farqui


    @Chris111, ah yes that also became apparent for us recently. We sat the full size upright in the boot and everything else was dumped on the back seat. Not ideal but thankfully there were just 2 of us. But in hindsight we should have put all of the boot back (wheel support, floor, suitcases, etc) and then just put the bad wheel on the back seat. Other than this I can't remember the last time we had a flat. Lets hope we don't have another soon.
  25. Not sure to be honest but probably looking at over a grand in parts ( not doing shocks and springs yet as they seem ok). I'll be doing most of the work myself then get a proper alignment done of course. I'm going OEM on all the arms and strut rods etc. Everyone says how well these cars ride but mines not great. On a smooth piece of motorway it's great but very rough over anything less than perfect tarmac. The steering feels vague and imprecise especially at motorway speeds and I also get some vibration then as well and also when lifting off the gas at speed. so that's my first area to do. I'm getting uneven wear on the outside of my left front wheel as well after several alignments. Cars done 144k miles.
  26. Chris111


    Thanks @Chris Skelton. I do check mine occasionally and I also always re-torque the nuts myself after any work done but good advice that I'm sure a lot of people overlook. @Farqui and @Britprius I believe that there is a further problem for us GS 450h owners as in what do you do with the wheel and tyre that has had the puncture after fitting the space saver spare as a full size GS 450h wheel with tyre will not fit in the boot! If you've got a full car that will be a problem. I'm sure I have also read a thread on hear a few years back were the poster was stating that if you use a can of 'tyre gue' it will wreck the TPMS.
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