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  2. A member here who goes by the name of SH20 fitted an X car link to his 460 - if you search the forums his post should come up - l'm in a bit of a hurry
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  4. So would a soft reset ie disconnecting the vehicle negative battery connection for a short time 10-15 mins be likely to resolve this as there is no real fault as such with the car? paul m.
  5. Hi, I have a 2006 LS460 with the Mark Levinson system. Does anyone know the best way to get the audio system to play music from my phone? I assume it would require a totally separate system because the current system can't do it? I currently use an FM transmitter but the quality is not that good and the volume needs to be quite loud so it's not an ideal situation. Also - I gather the ML amps fail quite frequently, if they do, what are the symptoms of it? My car currently has very poor FM reception and I see online it could be a dirty earth around the steering rack or something, so it's going to an audio specialist next Friday to get that looked at, I may get them to double check the amp is working etc as well. I see replacement ones are seriously expensive....surely aftermarket ones would be the way forward if it were to fail? Many thanks!
  6. As a side note, whenever I read about people having problems with their cars after driving through flood water I can't help think that if it were to happen to me ( not likely as I would rather drive an extra 10 miles to avoid!) then I would try and seek the help of a paint spraying garage that had a paint curing oven and pay for some time for the car to be placed inside said oven to try and dry things out a lot quicker/if at all if left naturally at this time of year, like I said just a thought and wondered if anyone had ever done this. paul m.
  7. Basically go all over the car with a 'heavy' hand grabbing and pulling at anything and everything because at 60 mph the wind and more important the turbulence over and under the car is tremendous force, you must have stuck your head out of a car window when you was a kid but I bet you'd be reluctant to do it now at 60 mph! paul m.
  8. As long as they are both the same spec ie (5w-30) it be okay
  9. Transmission needs regular maintenance, not much oil like in traditional automatic with torque converter, but in my last service at 60.000 km. they changed ATF (4 liters): may be it is not strictly necessary, but at least I would change ATF after some years .
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  11. my 17 plate F Sport has memory seats i presumed your F Sport would also have them
  12. Honestly the crash didn't feel that bad. I had no idea how hard the crash was until I stepped out. Gutted about the car but I'm just thankful I didn't hurt anybody. I went over the pavement but luckily it was late and nobody was around. This could have been a very different story. As much as I loved that car, it's just a car at the end of the day. Going to be picking up a Mazda 3 later today. I just need a cheap runaround for now. Low miles and full service history so I'm sure it will do it well. But after having an LS, every other car looks depressing. I'll start saving for another LS, and try not to crash the next one.
  13. You mean even mixing them in the same oil change?
  14. I did think this might be the case. My old IS250 SE-L clearly spoiled me!
  15. About £120ish, a Koyo from ECP. However, a Koyo isn't a direct fit for a UK LS but is for a Celsior.
  16. Earlier this year I sold my 2011 limited edition Is250c with full service history and 65,000 miles for less than £10,000. I think that Advance model even with the low mileage is way overpriced.
  17. Check the roof top one - especially the end of the spoiler where it is bonded to the car. My last IS had a roof spoiler and it was not adhered strongly to the body on one side (think water had got under the adhesive) - A bit of Tiger Seal fixed it permanently. I dont remember it making a noise tho Other area to check would be the felt inner wheel arch liners to see if they are secure
  18. I was looking for one of these and they are generally around the 8 to 10k price range - the mileage is low but thats not always a good thing for big engined cars - mine was low, particularly for an old car (now at 35k for a nearly 14 year old car) but have had no issues at all but looked after it from 25k when i bought it. so think i have been a bit lucky. Dont think the dealer selling this knows the market for these which leads to the fact that does he know the car and what he is selling really, would make me go over it with a fine tooth comb looking for issues if i was buying it. It is way over priced, knock 6-7k off that price and it will sell easily.
  19. I have personally never heard of this being a problem with the RX,i live in a rural area and often go through standing water on B roads and have never had an issue in my four years of ownership.
  20. Thanks RIck... The light does not stay on and clears as soon as I turn the key off and on again. So I think its seeing a fault which then clears.
  21. Paid £188.50 earlier this year for one off Ebay with a 2 year warranty. I think that's about half the genuine Lexus one costs. John N
  22. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  23. Hello all i bought an is300 a couple weeks back, always wanted one due to my nfs days haha anyways since driving it im starting to notice that there are afew issues such as the electronics. When driving and i have the radio on and when i do another command such as AC or indicating the speedo dims, radio cuts out for a second almost as if there isnt enough electricity for everything. on top of that when I accelerate it doesnt feel like it has as much power as it should my bmw before it was heavier, less bhp but felt soooo much faster. Id like to add i have no idea when it comes to cars i just like to drive and admire them, any help or advise would be great.
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  25. You need to have memory seats to have the reverse position mirrors.
  26. At low speeds the ride is firm going on hard. If that is why you mean by bouncy then I fear that new shcks will be a disappointment
  27. Does the transmission require oil changes or is it 'sealed for life'?
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