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  3. darrude

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    I don't think so, but could be using waste energy to create heat, if I come off the M62 at J22 (highest point of the highest motorway), and it is pretty much downhill for 5 miles the road follows the river down for a further 5 miles (to my mums house at least). If I deliberately drive to depreciate the battery at the top of the hill I can do the entire stretch on electrical power alone, without the engine kicking in once. If I don't, and start the downhill bit with quite a bit of charge and/or drive a bit quicker to use the engine, charging the battery, then near the bottom of the hill the engine will kick in when the battery is full. I used to commute this way and consciously tried depleting the battery to stop the engine from kicking in. It came on this morning at the bottom of a hill (hot day, engine upto temperature and heating / climate was off).
  4. There was a video done when I decided to do my one and only rev up session of the day. Trouble is the phone microphone distorted badly, so sounds a bit rubbish unfortunately! I will post it though in a bit, mainly because the feedback from the guys up in the stand who left watching the vintage F race cars because mine sounded better is priceless! Lol.
  5. Not sure it'll help, but I have a sales brochure for the IS range which features all the interior options. Maybe some of the colours were also available on an RX.
  6. @Peter P18 Well that answers it then did the judge and the Mustang owner have the same surname 😉 Ragging cold engines bouncing them off the Rev limiter a massive no no......🙄 Any vids for us to view of the day please say there is .......😎 🐀
  7. NemesisUK

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    Or simply starting to maintain engine temperature?
  8. Today
  9. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place, but re-joining Gold seems really confusing. Firstly - is the scheme still active? Secondly - each time i want to join and add to basket it says i can't because i already have it in the basket...but there is no where i can find to actually checkout? Any help appreciated. Thanks Alan
  10. Would anyone know a way of identifying the interior trim colour on my car? Specifically the dash top? The codes on the passenger door sticker don't seem to help and neither are VIN decoders. It doesn't look black, more a dark grey. But then sometimes it seems to take on a brown colour which I suppose makes sense with the beige seats.
  11. darrude

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    Not speed related, I have had the engine just come on as the car is about to stop. My assumption would be the car is using the traction motor to turn the ice to avoid overcharging.
  12. Toyed with the idea of getting one of these when they first came out as an alternative to a hot hatch. Drove great and I think they look fantastic, great driving position, controls all perfect. But it was a combination of lack of rear seats, just a bit too slow in a straight line (a 320d would pull away from one which is slightly depressing for a sports car) and the cheapness of the dash (hard plastics and entertainment system looking about 10 years out of date) that pushed me elsewhere in the end.
  13. I’d long been looking for a replacement for my S2000 before deciding to keep it. The GT86/BRZ seemed to tick almost all the boxes, but I think the lack of open top motoring was the deal breaker for me, as well as the dire engine noise. Great looking and handling cars though. It was fantastic to follow Toyota/Subaru developing a car for people who enjoy driving, and a real shame they never proved as popular as anyone hoped.
  14. J Henderson

    Wrong oil / dealer knowledge?

    0w20 was also used in the IS250 after 2010. I'd imagine the 200t is the same grade.
  15. I once bought an E34 5 series bmw 520 for £1209.Smoked it around for 18 months and in the throes of buying a heavily discounted new Ford Fiesta my wife asked the dealer if he would take it as a trade in. I got £1500 pounds for it!
  16. They might do. Same scenario in this topic and he had to trim a few mm off the end, not the actual threads though.
  17. Lol, thanks Paul. Car of the Show went to a Mustang! Had a load of scaffolding hanging off the back (ridiculous rear spoiler), and spent the entire day popping and banging off the limiter with anti-lag. I was able to resist starting my engine till quite late in the afternoon. I also allowed the engine to get up to temperature unlike the rest of them before demonstrating how a PROPER engine should sound! Let's just say I drew a bigger crowd, had people shouting encouragement from the stands, and the others including the zillion megawatt sound cars kept pretty quiet after that! As Lee P at SRD says, "sounds like an angry God".
  18. @Peter P18 Car looks great Pete sounds like quite an event, fab pictures as well, dodgy judge yeah know what you mean stood in front of one or two of those myself... ah wrong scenario 🤡 🐀
  19. Well I have now covered 1000 miles and my average Mpg is 35.7checked tank to tank. After refuelling Saturday I covered 102 miles around the Cotswolds and according to the car computer averaged 40.7 Mpg. Can't be bad 🙂
  20. I did my steering wheel which had become very slick and shiny with a magic eraser and the difference is unbelievable!!! It now looks and feels like a brand new steering wheel and would recommend everybody to give it a go, you’ll be amazed!!! Of course there are many people who speak against them saying it’s like taking sandpaper to your steering wheel and it does more harm than good, I’d agree that if done too often and if you scrub too hard you could start to remove the dye from the leather but done gently and sparingly the results are fantastic and I’m so pleased with mine, I should’ve done a before and after. As with any DIY advice though, I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused and it is done at your own risk!!!
  21. Morning Folks, So amazing day at Brands in the sun yesterday (although I now resemble a lobster! Lol). 😂 Car was looking sharp, although no prizes this year (dodgy judging if you ask me). Thanks to my soon to be niece for some amazing photos, hope you like them. 👍😎
  22. When the car is cold it’ll always start up on the ICE even if the hybrid battery is full to get everything up to temperature, once warmed up and with plenty charge in the battery you should be able to accelerate very, very gently up to about 20mph on electric power alone (assuming level ground). If I accelerate to 30-40mph then ease back on the throttle so you are coasting then gently reapply just enough to maintain momentum and I can run on electric power alone at those speeds but the battery soon runs down after only a mile or 2. The car also saves fuel by shutting down the ICE when standing still unless the battery is charging or other demands are placed on the system such as air con or heating, mine switches off around 80% of the time, also the initial acceleration to get the car moving is done by the electric motor so saves fuel by overcoming that initial inertia. The thing that has to be remembered is that it is still predominantly a petrol vehicle with an electric assist, not the other way around, also Lexus hybrids are more performance hybrids than economy hybrids. Perhaps the biggest tip is to drive smoothly, hybrids really benefit from this, accelerate to the desired speed briskly then just feather the throttle coasting as much as possible to get maximum economy but not maximum fun, I enjoy the power and acceleration too much!!! My experience is based on a GS450h so the characteristics of the RX maybe slightly different but just give it time and allow yourself to adjust to the way a hybrid drives, they are a fantastic piece of engineering. To give you an idea of fuel consumption I went from an LS430 to the GS450h, day to day the LS430 averaged 20mpg whereas the GS450h averages 33mpg, on a run the LS430 would average 30mpg whereas the GS450h averages 40-45mpg. The LS430 is only a bit bigger and heavier and has a 4.3 V8 which gives 289bhp, the GS450h uses a 3.5 V6 with electric assist to give 342bhp so although it has more power and the acceleration is much quicker and livelier the fuel savings are significant. I love it.
  23. @tomRCFcarbon Loving that just checking down the back of the sofa.....🤓 🐀
  24. I’m in: Toyota Testing RCF-Like Special Carbon Edition GT86 Only if it’s CFRP though...I’m not into any of that other Carbon Fiber rubbish!
  25. Fantastic - thanks 🖒 Do you know if the standard studs will need cutting down with a 15mm spacer?
  26. @Martin F We all agree then it’s a great little motor.... time to chop all these ‘F’s in then for one...😂 🐀
  27. Overland

    Connected Services Problem

    So, I am almost sure that, if you have correctly connected the phone, correctly registered your car in the mylexus portal, and registered your nav system to the same portal, the problem is that they have not already upload your car nav system in their server in Bruxelles where somebody at Lexus told me they have the data center. So the connection will be refused. In my case (and I read here many others) it can be solved sometimes in weeks, or two months like me. I suggest push them about it, they for sure will tell is “your mistake, phone incompatibility, you don’t know how to pair” and so on. But tell them that you know what is the problem of their slowness, tell them you buy a car with a service and should work perfectly. They never admit they have not already done what they should be, but it’s time they improve their customer care. Here in Italy it is at the lowest level ever. I said that after four IS, two CT and 15 years of Lexus
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