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  2. When you ask for auction sheet, keep an eye open for his reaction. I recently searched for an import and half the time the dealer avoided me, because this is quite an important document. It tells you the real condition of the car when it was sold. Things can be repaired here to hide anything. I recently overlooked a friends car who claims it was an action 4 exterior, he had dents all over the car, no way can it be an grade 4 exterior. Grade 4 (most common grade) which means its got a few small marks and stone chips, normal for a car that age. 3.5 will mean its for a dent and some scratches etc. 3 it's pretty bad condition 4.5 will mean it's spotless. Look for the R symbol. What a lot of dealers do, (not saying your dealer has) but they photocopy them with different numbers. Very easy to do. Get mileage verification, ask for a Bimta or Jevic mileage check certificate. Also vital.
  3. Selling my Rear carbon diffuser by Wald Japan. Collection only, located in Glasgow.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll be picking it up later this week so I'll go through that before I part with any money. The dealer has the best feedback I've ever seen and they import huge amounts of cars from Japan and seem very picky about what they buy. Forewarned is forearmed and all that. It was only registered in this country at the beginning of this month.
  5. I can remember the Astra Max turbo diesel van out accelerating something like a Lotus Espirit years ago. Also the Evo 8 FQ400 got beaten from 30mph in 6th gear by something like a Kia Pride on Top Gear 😞
  6. I've taken the plunge, will be here tomorrow and I have 2 days holiday so can crack on with it. I've had a look and am curious how you got the wires out of the glove box (when you chased it up the A pillar)? Can't see any real way of getting it out... Unless I'm missing something obvious!?
  7. I do recall Saab claiming their Saab 95 Aero was quicker from 40mph all the way to 90mph than a Porsche 911 Turbo of its time in 2nd to 3rd gear rolling take off and a few tests confirmed it was the case.. but 0 -60 the Saab will not stand a chance.
  8. Years ago I was happy if my cars made it to 60! I do enjoy a launch now n then though, not sure if mines gone down since I've got headers exhaust and the rr intake and tune installed so I suppose what I'm saying is its important to me even my dailys tuned up and does it in around 6 seconds and I can fit a wardrobe in that!
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  10. Is this a new import? If so do you have a copy of the auction sheet? top right hand corner of the sheet has a number, either 3, 3.5, 4 or 4.5 and then another underneath the same numbers. First one is condition of car and second is condition of interior. Both are vital to see and inspect any forgeries. Usually best to crawl over this document to make sure it has not been in any accidents. If the number has an R after it then its classed as a repair.
  11. penguinpaul

    Smell when AC turned off

    Thanks all, I've used an autoglym aircon bomb that didn't help, but maybe the more specialist products are a better bet. In the mean time, I'll look into cleaning the drain. Looks like it's easier to access from under the carpet, rather than below the car. Also looks like there's a foam cleaner designed for the job too.
  12. I would be sceptical that a battery 11 years old will be in good condition, normally once the warranty has run out i.e. 3- 5 years , replace as a matter of course. the battery in the boot powers the controls on the car , if it is failing the whole system will malfunction. did you do a full discharge test? Another quirk of the car is that you cannot raise the revs with the accelerator in park. I would have thought piggy backing a 12 volt battery on the control battery shouldn't cause problems, but jumping with a plugin type could well cause damage.
  13. I forgot to add the cost to change my Auris for the GS250 was approximately £3500
  14. Thank you gents for your replies. I would look to keep the car for 4 years I do about 5000 miles a year and using my average of 37mpg against Honests Johns GS300H average of 45 mpg, its £600 cheaper to fuel , 1120 cheaper to tax, £200 cheaper to insure and (based on franchised dealer prices), £40 quid cheaper to service in favour of the Hybrid over 4 years. Just over a £2000 saving for an £8000 investment. I haven't taken into account how much the cars are worth in 2022 though. i haven't driven a GS300 but my father currently has a CT 200 and its an acquired taste just like my Auris. Hybrids are nice and I drive slowly (I regularly avaraged 55-60mpg out of my touring). I did have a bit of buyers remorse (for a few days) when I sold it especially when I wasnt paying tax but that's not the be all or end all and the V6 engine is so silky smooth and responsive. Look forward to more thoughts Abs
  15. Thanks Wakhtar Just changed to 1.3 and will report back after trying it in the car later.
  16. The trouble is some manufactures gear the car for 0-60 and the rest of the gears are wrong. As most German cars are limited to 155, a speed limiter of 170+ means you can always beat them on the right road.
  17. Britprius

    Engine failure

    Yes my car was recalled for the valve springs. The annoying start up rattle that some of us GS450H owners get according to Lexus does not present a problem, but cars with the same engine that are not hybrids were recalled. New timing gears were fitted on vehicles with normal starter motors, because the rattle was capable of loosening the holding bolts that eventually fall into the timing chain causing havoc. I know of two GS450H's that have had bolts fall into the timing chain. Hard luck is the basic response from Lexus. John.
  18. Hi Piers Yes £500+ seems to be a starting point for professional rust treatment of a large car. I hadn't heard of Bilt Hamber so thanks for that, from their website they do a car underbody protection kit 2 x dynax-s50 750ml 1 x dynax-UB 750ml 1 x dynax-UC 750ml 1 x surfex HD 1L which might be the way to go for me.
  19. 0 - 60 is not that relevant for me. 45 - 75 is as that is where i want my power to be.
  20. 0-62mph is important to me and it's not that accelerate often to 60 using all the power but it is good to know the car can do it. When I search the car or just look at the car on Autotrader I always put 2 filters on - Auto gearbox (my wife would hate manual) and Acceleration 0-8sec. It would be great to have something like under 5sec car but at the moment pass. So to me anything below 8sec is interesting.
  21. For me it seems almost opposite, obviously gearing comes into play ... but small volume turbo often kicks from stand still as they have low down torque (at least modern ones does) and 2.0t can take on 3.0NA, but when it comes to rolling start NA would leave turbo in dust due to more instant response and higher top-end power. Overall, this is only important if your car on the edge of being slow i.e. ~8.0s 0-60... if your car does under 5s 0-60 you would be equally fine for 40-60 or 30-70 overtaking...
  22. Big Rat

    Lexus Ipswich

    @SCB Well done Simon a great car and the best colour 😊 🐀
  23. MLW

    ls460 Rear diff fluid change - DIY

    How easy were the drain plugs to open? I have a big breaker bar. Can you not get the oil in without a special pump?.
  24. Hi Abs, welcome to the forum! The GS300h will be quite a different driving experience from your GS250; have you test driven one yet? Won't matter if it's cheaper to run if you don't like the hybrid!
  25. Experienced this in my S2000 ownership. A friend of mine had a VX220 turbo at same time. 0-60 we were pretty much side my side. On paper I think there is 0.2s between them. Once we were moving though and accelerating side by side in say 3rd gear, the 220 left my S2000 for dead (mixture of lighter car and torque from the turbo).
  26. Stompe

    Identifying and updating CT Navigation

    Let us know if you go ahead with it,please.😃
  27. Jaystar77

    Is a remap possible?

    Just on the topic, I've been looking at a remap for my 06 RX350 (more for power than mpg) and there seems to be a few options available. For reference I'm getting around 28mpg on the daily commute which is spot on for the size of it. They all seem to be mainland UK so a few emails might net you some answers. After a few 'brown' moments I've decided that the chassis needs some work before I go adding any more horses!
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