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  2. This looks a good price and a good capacity - 20,000 mAh. But being unbranded, I wonder how long have you had it in the car? And how long does it stay fully charged? Are you using it to jump start the car? Do you think it's sturdily and safely made? Sorry for the list of questions but I'll probably buy one if you can recommend it.
  3. Hi. If you have any issues with insurance all then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
  4. DRLs aren't going to help. They aren't designed to light the road, they are just there to make your vehicle visible to others and legally they have to dim when you switch on your main lights. The best option would be to replace halogen headlights with HIDs or LED headlights - both tyres need to be self-levelling and have headlamp washers so to retrofit these legally is difficult.
  5. Jarinder, the front winter mats are exceptional in design and quality. You only have to look at the them to appreciate the fact that the injection moulding machine that must have been made just to produce these mats is very elaborate and therefore it's why Lexus want £400 for a front set alone.
  6. Jan 2022 due. Told by my dealer car built and left the Toyota City factory. Was told March/April next year but it would appear I should get it January sometime. Ordered 26.10.21
  7. Then your battery is faulty or you have an electric parasitic drain fault on the vehicle. My 400h original battery lasted 8 years before I noticed it getting weak and replaced it, and the vehicle could be left for 2+ weeks without issue.
  8. Definitely for Insurance cover, no charge for the car itself. Be aware though that the insurance premium may still hold you liable for the excess should you damage the car or even if a third party car collides with you. Warranty claims are different however as the loan car is covered by the dealer incl insurance.
  9. Best to speak to your local Lexus dealer, they are able to supply and fit genuine CATLOCs. They may also be able to mark your vehicle with Smar****er FOC:
  10. Lexus Stoke, glad you have good service there but this was my experience………….. [ Visited Lexus in Stoke this morning that I had booked in for 11. Take a seat, sign this, key, big plastic folder held out for me as I wondered why ? (all this in a kind of authoritative tone without the hint of a smile) and knew who we were from the off (guess they must have seen me parking up) Oh! the folder was for me to drop my key into it, anyway the nice lady at reception made us a coffee and we took a comfy seat as I saw the next customer go to the desk where the same guy simply took his key from his hand ? We both looked at each other wondering was it me ? (as you do) and no we both thought we had done something wrong (how strange) Anyway 45 min's later a tech guy asked us to follow him outside to show us what he had found where he took his time to explain what he had done & found. He thinks that the rear dash cam camera lead that had been installed so neatly (by me) was causing the seal to lift just enough to let water by as he had checked carefully and could find no former trace marks anywhere that you would expect had it leaked before, he had sorted the wire to another route and jet washed the area to double check. A real nice knowledgable guy who I would be very happy to work on our car again should the need arise who complemented us on our choice of Lexus (and meant it) and bid us a good day. ]
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  12. I had a Viesmann installed 2 years ago and so far so good. Made the decision after reading up a lot. One thing I did discover was every engineer I spoke had a different view of what's best so no help there. Another thing I liked is they employ their own service engineers so no "who sold you this then" comments 😊
  13. I think the charge is to cover insurance, but when having a service I’ve also been offered loan cars for free by Lexus (but not always). Believe there may be an option to take the loan car for free with a high excess if the worst should happen, or pay the small charge for a low (or zero, can’t remember) excess. I’ve always dropped off and collected myself at Lexus Swindon. In terms of the cars offered, over the past few years (owning an NX) I’ve had a UX, IS, GS, RC and RX! Never had a CT or ES.
  14. Hi, My ES is due for Year-1 servicing soon. I got the notification via email. I tried to book an appointment via the Lexus Link app. I noticed that Lexus are charging £15 for a loan car while booking for servicing via the app. For now I have booked a Collection & Delivery option on a weekend for which there is no charge somehow. What do the rest of the members recommend ? IIRC while I had the BMW they used to charge a small fee for a loan car too. Audi didn't charge for the loan car but they used to loan out a manual A1 😕 I have booked a Collection and Delivery but having second thoughts. Should I simply drop and pick it up myself ? What sort of cars do Lexus loan out usually ? Cheers, --E
  15. Sad news that Sir Frank Williams has passed this afternoon. When I was growing up the Williams team was right up there with Ferrari, McLaren and Renault - that was the era that really got me hooked.
  16. Ordered an FSport in white with Red interior... Should be here March/April
  17. It's a PIA. I used mine Monday, did 70 miles, come to use it today, flat had to be jumped. I have a solar panel, which seemed to work ok in Summer. No other cars I have owned in the last 30 years have this problem and could be left a week without getting a flat battery. The battery is less than 12 months old.
  18. I think car 44 will be a little bit quicker next race 👍let's hope there are no reliability issues for lewis or max VID-20210625-WA0000.mp4
  19. Hi how do i pm you ?
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