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  2. Evening all ! Its been a while since I last posted, owning and using my LS400 has been a joy [a little difficulty with power steering last year but a new pump and pipework from and all is now well again]. Other than that it has been the usual consumables and plain sailing. Bought @ 126k in 2014 now on 187k - still charging up and down the M6 and M40 regularly like nothing else on the road. Finally decided to charge up the Air conditioning (refrigerant bottle and and trigger from Halfords) doesn't seem to be a leak but the air is still not cold. I have an on screen warning to check the climate screen and a flashing AC button on the climate screen itself and now if the AC is on when I start the car, I get a 5-10 second Foghorn sound (seriously, its a head turner!) and then nothing. I replaced the relay myself and decided to get a new drive belt which went on during the last oil change service {six monthly oil changes suits me}. My guess is that the compressor cranks up, something is causing the noise and the compressor then shuts down. Any opinions and advice on this gratefully received. ps - Just agreed terms on an 2005 LS430 Facelift - going to run both cars for a while until I'm happy with the LS430 and then either mothball the LS400 or find a good home for it. Cheers V.
  3. I’ll keep them in mind when I change them. Where about in Liverpool are you from. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Got an is220d. As you know front and back different sizes. Had to go up a speed rating on black circles to get all four the same make. Fitted the Dunlop sport maxx rt2 tyres on mine. Great tyres in the wet, good wear, plenty of depth left after 3 years, would recommend them to anyone.
  5. Hi john. This is something I had not thought about even though I have exactly the same problem. I will get Techstream out, and on the car in the morning to see what I can discover, and report back here. I had considered altering the system to the later setup where operating the stalk gives a set number of flashes without the stalk latching in place. John.
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  7. I took out smart insurance, used it once. Probably not worth it if you keep away from the shopping trolleys and supermarket car parks. But may give peace of mind. Gap insurance was cheaper via my own insurance. What I did have and would definitely have again is the ceramic paint protection Gen 3 glasscoat in my case. After four years the paint is still shiny and easy to clean well worth it to me. Not got a dash cam but notice insurance companies seem to ask if you have one now and after playing high speed dodgems on the motorway today I can see why it may be useful.
  8. I paid for paint protection when I got mine. Complete RIP off, basically paid £400 to have £10 of paint sealer applied. For that price I could have had a ceramic coating applied at a detailer. Gap insurance, wish I'd gone elsewhere. Dashcam wasn't an option at the time for me, but installed my own, front and rear, there is a guide on here somewhere, cost £120. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself you can always get a quote from a local place. I'd say no to all and see if they lower the price, you can always take it out later, I'm sure they salesman will happily take his commission for add ons even its it's a couple of weeks after the main sale.
  9. Nice looking LS 400, how many miles has she got on the clock. ? You buy an LS for quality the Prelude for other equally valid reasons. Enjoy it.
  10. Do you have the premium nav (touch pad controller) or the standard nav (dial controller)
  11. That ring has 4 screws. Two top and two bottom. They attached to a drive train that is moved by a motor. I very much doubt the guy who put it back together got it wrong. My bet is he put it back together right. I had a few hit and missed getting everything right before I finally did. And what youve described was one of the symptoms. But it would have been impossible for me to know based on the file I sent made over a year ago. Hang fire and let me send you the right dump then when he flashed it, so long as it IS all put together correctly it will function as expected. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  12. Its sounds like the ring is rattling, when you took yours apart, did it seem the mechanical side can be broken?
  13. Thanks Malc, will do. It's such a well packaged car and just so comfy.
  14. Thanks, I've decided the wheel arches are too big, I know lowering it would help but with AVS the warranty could be a problem. Plus the wheels protrude very slightly so the extensions/lips would possibly do both.
  15. Jeff, I agree now. However when I looked before the Mk 3 GS had a picture of a 450h. Annoyingly I can't now find how I got that. There is an in-app purchase for the Carista which will turn on customisation. If the Mk3 is not supported its not worth it. BritPrius: can this customisation be done on the Mk 3?
  16. Just had a silly quote of about £160 from Lexus to update/ replace Sim Card on my 2014 Lexus NX Sport. Can I buy cheaper and just swap the Sim?
  17. I've got a 121,000 miles and counting. Bought the car last October with 115k on the clock. I've added 2 litres of oil since then, but no other upsets. It still drives like a new car. I sometimes drive with the radio off just to listen to it softly waft down the road. No squeaks or rattles .
  18. Yes the radio aerial utilises the elements on the heated rear window so no physical rod type one ( plus no broken masts to worry about). The link tells you exactly where to find the radio receiver. The adaptors do work, they shift the FM frequencies by I think 10Khz so bring the band to within UK radio broadcasts, you will also need to find a 12 volt supply and ground point.
  19. Thanks Steve, I'm guessing I may need to fish around in the boot then as there definitely isn't a socket on the main unit. Do these things actually work? Not much point if I can't access Classic FM! I'm also a bit confused about the roof aerial. Some say it's not for the radio but for Bluetooth, but my last two didn't have Bluetooth but still had the roof aerial! And George in his post above says the antenna is built into the rear screen.
  20. Unless things have change drastically there should be an aerial socket on the radio unless they are now using a remote radio receiver perhaps in the boot area to which the aerials connects then the signal is sent to the head unit. Mine had the same adaptor fitted as yours until I went aftermarket.
  21. Excellent news, I found as time passed I liked the car even more something I'd only experienced in my M5 back in the 80"s. I've not really had any problems with the infotainment system sounds as good as you can get in a car. Quicksilver essential for N/A V8 lovers.
  22. Hi all. Its not really rained heavily since so not been too much of a problem. However attached is a photo showing the effect I described - when parking and for example a bush or wall is in front I get this effect. Sensor 3 shows red and the others yellow. This is the one that when it was raining randomly turned completely red like I was touching a brick wall with the front bumper while I was driving down the road! and all the other sensors were unaffected. Must be a faulty sensor in my eyes! Brings me to another point - service at the Lexus dealer. I go to Lexus Stockport - part of RRG group. I took my IS300h there for 4 years previous so I can speak from some experience. Despite Lexus winning awards and being proud of their service I feel the service at Stockport is poor and really I had a better experience at Volkswagen dealers previously. With this latest episode I phoned them and they said they were too busy to look at it this week and maybe they could next week! I offered to send them the photo - not interested. I've had previous with them before and they certainly know my name lets put it that way. My IS had a permanent noise like a bearing was going in the front wheel - everyone (and I mean everyone!) who got in it would ask me if a bearing was going - they flat out told me several times they couldn't hear it and it was normal - implied I was hearing things. So -maybe- next week if they can be bothered - I will take it in and they will investigate - fully expecting to be fobbed off to be honest.
  23. On the Carista site I can only see GS 4th Gen 2012. Can't see any reference to Gen 3 for GS300 or GS450h.
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