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  2. Other thing - simply check the error codes with OBD2 reader, plenty around under £10. Perhaps it is going to tell what fault codes ECU is sending when dashboard goes crazy.
  3. That's a good price and you've got some peace of mind now too! Happy days! Hope yours turns up soon Barry!
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  5. Home audio: Want good treble and mid-range: electrostatic speakers from Quad are the best I have heard; for home use; with Quad valve amps. We used them to listen to vocal tracks in 1974. Since then I have not worked with music so what is used now is something, I have no idea about. Maybe the new Quad loudspeakers are able to reproduce bass as well. The old Quad electrostats needed to stand about 1 meter from corner walls go get reasonably good deep tone reproduction. Not something everybody want in their house. But better treble and mid-range I have never heard. I still have my old B&O 6500 system and that is good enough for me. Hearing does not get better with age. A pair of old Koss headphones is still the best I have heard but listening to music alone is not really funny. Car audio: The ML-audio in our CT200H is sufficient for us. What matters most when installing audio in any room is the correct position of the loudspeakers. In a car the listeners are sitting where they are sitting so installing loudspeakers is not at all easy when all in a car should have good sound quality. I think the people that made the audio system in the CT200H did a terrific job and I am pretty sure (without having heard other than our own) that the rest of the Lexus car range have pretty good audio systems installed. Hybrid cars are rather low noise so they do not need audio systems that can blow out the windows when turned on full volume. To me sound quality and clearness is important and extremely loud music is only good for the companies making hearing aids. Happy with the Lexus? Absolutely.
  6. Both front facing sensors have been replaced by Lexus Bristol under warranty, which has resolved the problem. Great service as usual.
  7. hi umar here is a diagram of the audio on a ct you will notice a condenser this is a basic crossover so will limit the frequencies that can be played through the dash speakers so you will need to hook up your new dash speakers before this condenser.
  8. Two things spring to mind: 1. Electrical oddities are often due to a failing battery. My old BMW used to go crazy, Xmas dash lights, wipers coming on, interior lights coming on etc. Give it a good charge and see what happens 2. Alternator output. Check with a multimeter across the battery terminals. With the engine running you should read 13.5 - 14.5v. If a Voltage Regulator fails, it will output close to 16v so the electricals throw a fit.
  9. True. I still havent received mine yet. Told me ETA 25th november. Tried chasing it up, no one has got back to me yet from Lexus direct part. 😩 barry
  10. Yes, but check first the terms the dealer of your choice lists here. Some don't give any discount, others vary. I was surprised that I got 15% off my Mot at Cheltenham.
  11. There’s very light corrosion at the base BUT probably caused by rain water sitting on it, I was told they tend to fail from within, could of taken rad home and cut in half to see condition......cost was £526 all in......then service and auto box fluid change on top.......£806 total BUT cheaper than £5k for a failure.........they did say there wasn’t any rhyme or reason for some failing and others not 🤷🏼‍♂️
  12. As john above says this is perfectly normal as the car has a sealed fuel system. Be thankful Toyota/Lexus did not continue with the system fitted to the American version of the gen2 Prius. This has a bladder in the fuel tank to hold the fuel, and in certain circumstances farts the fuel back out of the filler tube while being filled. Also if the bladder leaks into the tank for any reason the tank assembly has to be completely replaced. John.
  13. Thanks for your reply I had Avon on a big Merc I had a few years back and they were very good so I’ll have a look. I hope you enjoy your trip to Cornwall, something we fancy doing but the 460 is quite wide for the small lanes.
  14. Yes I saw that, but every device like this is going to be awkward from time to time. One review said it connects 95% of the time which I thought was pretty good really. Mine turned up today. No import costs and a return address in Reading. It's pretty much plug and play, you just connect it to a USB port and connect the phone to the bluetooth connection it presents and off it goes. Not much chance to test it yet, but it connected straight away after restarting the car and apart from a slight delay in response times, it seems to work well. I'll see how it goes over the next few weeks and I'll get a chance to properly try it out on a long journey around Christmas.
  15. I tried to put it in that fuse but when the car was off, the battery was still charging. So that one must not be an ACC.
  16. So I am having this weird issue on my 05 SE. 66k miles. Sometimes, not in any particular time or place, but while driving around town, all the dash lights will light up including the warning and airbag lights. The screen says 'Check Vice Funny thing is that everything works just fine including the PS. The moment I restart the car, all lights go away and it's normal. It just came back from a major service and they said the car had no error codes registered. They however said they did a sonography thing where they check for noises and frequencies and said that the alternator was making a little noise but nothing major as of now. Thought if you guys know more about this? Thanks.
  17. Glad you enjoyed the journey, I'm looking forward to driving mine to Lands End in less than two weeks. Everyone will have their own views on tyres but for some years I've gone with Avon's which give excellent wet grip. I've got them on my Celsior and my Volvo and I think they're great tyres.
  18. Today was the day for the rad replacement, service, auto box fluid change and wiper blades 🙄.....was told it’s hard to judge the corrosion level as it normally fails from the inside, I took a couple of photos, she is a 2008 with 69200 miles on her......service carried out was 70k.
  19. I have not owned my latest Lexus for too long but thought I would share some feedback on my first long motorway journey. It was 428 mostly motorway or duel carriageway miles. I achieved 32mpg at motorway speeds keeping up with the traffic. Tyre noise was my greatest concern. My CPS light had come on a while back and with a clean of the front L has stayed off. The roads were wet so on corners it did not feel too sure footed. Can anyone recommend tyres that are quiet but also give a reasonable grip and life. I don’t drive hard I put 70,000 miles on a set of Pirelli Scorpion tyres on my XC70. The jury is out for me as too whether the LS430 or my 460 give a better ride, however I have to say I have been impressed and pleased and can see myself loving every minute in this car. Thanks for any feedback or suggestions.
  20. Maybe 'test drive' a similar hybrid to compare noises?
  21. No... I didn't proposed to ban that... besides protection and contraception exists for better half of last century. I think my point was towards family planning - responsible people plan it carefully and financial situation has a lot to do with. If having kids would be more of financial burden and less of source of income then less antisocial families/mothers would go through with it - you do realise that there is group of people who count the "best number" of kids to have to min/max on benefits right? Is this comprehensive solution - no probably it isn't. Without financial motivation we would probably comeback to times of orphanages - although that sounds better than your own mother twisting your arms and legs just because child support is £60/week higher for child with disability (disgusting)!
  22. Yep, thanks for that John, I remember googling that too ... but the alternative (my 3rd para) view is still of interest as clearly not everybody is in agreement. 😉
  23. It's worth noting that newer Lexus vehicle convertors are produced with less of the valuable metal content, so theoretically the will have very little scrap value. Of coarse we can presume it may take a while for the thieves to realise this, before they stop taking them
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