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  2. I am now a very happy bunny. Turns out I picked a really good storage company. They read up on it before receiving the car, and have been doing the correct routine monthly!
  3. Found the problem, just need to sort it now. Snapped sensor bracket.
  4. Did you take OBD reading before starting this job? I imagine with those frightening Spark plug burns/ or no burns, that you would be getting at least one fault code? Once A Garage changed my plugs in a 230TE Merc and I heard an enormous bang when out driving. One plug had clearly not been tightened and it had hit the Bonnet with force, making its mark. Trust no one, unless you are absolutely sure of their competence.
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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  7. When I had my VW Beetle in `69 I covered the front boot lid with a rubbery/plastic curtain which to an extent protected the paintwork from stones but introduced other problems like water retention, staining and inducing rust !
  8. Maybe we need to employ a little man that can run in front of the car with a fly swot to swot away any stones that dares to come near our Lexus cars? Just like they used to walk in front of the cars with red flags. 😄 That actually takes me back to the Landyzone membership where, if any one asked about a problem with a Range Rover, you were told to get your butler to fix it. The Discovery was expectedly called the Disco The Landrover series was called Tractors The Evogue was called the Ewok The Freelander was called the Gaylander
  9. heaven only knows what's going on with China right now ....... not just the tragedy that's emerging from Hong Kong heard today that both Macau and Taiwan are about to be treated to much more Chinese influence and control ( takeover ) with China just amassing a further 5000 troops on the border with India at Sikkim ? Chinese goods for me can just stay where they come from methinks Malc
  10. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  11. I'm a mechanic on mechanics wages - not a builder 😋 Is it true they come with matching AML branded pipe and slippers?
  12. Agreed it is in fact quite noticable and needs to be 'turned down' after a long while, I have read that if used constantly then the fan blades can get covered in crap and reduce efficiency, just like the fans on desk top computers! Yuk. good, easy mod to try without any actual intervention into the car's operating systems. Well worth a try but it may be a placebo effect if you do it yourself! paul m.
  13. Good news is not much. I can only from experience so its as follows: Go for an Auto Check auto gearbox goes up and down smoothly (check for judders at low rpm) Complete Service history is an absolute must. If not perfect its evidence that previous owners have not understood or failed to appreciate the car and probably means it wasnt loved and cherished. No amount of work will get this back. Check for pulling when braking, bad for rear callipers.
  14. The Lexus/Toyota reputation for reliability is one of the main reasons for buying them - was in my case. Lexus comfort was for me a close second. Stone chip damage to paintwork and screens is a potential problem regardless of marque. Perhaps Lexus could make the already oversize grille even larger to reduce this problem! lol.
  15. Ha! My limited time driving with you, I'm not sure I entirely agree! 😁 Anyway, when you buying an AM V12 V?
  16. The ventilation is quite effective - my wife thought she'd wet herself when I put it on for the first time.
  17. There will be some pointers here. Mine was a 2007. I can't remember when the facelift happened but most of this issues will be covered in this post. Any 2009+ owners will no doubt be along soon.
  18. The seat cushion is pretty effective by virtue of the air flow being mainly towards the front half where air can escape between your legs. Ducting the foot vent up to the seat cushion and putting the AC on makes it really quite cold indeed but it's by no means essential. The seat back is different. I feel little effect but it depends on what you're wearing and your build. I'm 6' and 14st and fill the seat fairly well and I find it's not enough ventilation for a long journey. The air gets trapped and after a while it still feels very warm. I've added a mesh lumbar support thing which puts a little distance between my back and the seat without compromising comfort. I removed the central nobbly part which was just stitched in place. With this mesh support on the seat back, I can feel the warm air escaping from my sides and the ventilation is reasonably effective and good enough. I'd still like to duct cold air from the AC to it if I can figure out roughly where the intake is.
  19. I wonder how effective the seat ventilation actually is. The heated seats work a treat but trying to get air through the perforations while sitting on the seat must be none existent... Anyone actually got the ventilated seats? Sent from my G8142 using Tapatalk
  20. reading earlier about the RX300 early one's having a prone under section that rots out .......... maybe check all that out to prevent anything untoward leaping up and causing grief Malc
  21. even with a starting handle we needed 4 plugs ? Malc
  22. Excellent! Well done to both of you.
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