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  2. Had to go to Bolton Lexus today to get mudflaps on my 2018 model NX f-sport. Whilst there got them to update sat nav with software update although I have had no problems.. Apparently there have been problems with the system and iphone 7 and 8 and system freezing/resetting, but as stated I have had no issue with my iphone x. The update is the second one and there is to be a third in just over 4 weeks time.hope this info of some use.
  3. Can't mention any names. I don't want to end up on the naughty mat with Rayanns
  4. Sorry my last message should be to Dale V..............did you get my last messages..................Thank you Roy.
  5. only those on here Roy ! Chris Vince re-soldered the innards of mine coz I lost the display, a common event on the Mk2 I had at the time ... and i had a nice drive down to Farnborough ( was it ? ) , near the air show place at that time, many many years ago now though .. I didn't sell my Mk2, it was written-off by some low life vandal but I then bought my Mk3 from a member on here, 7 years ago now Malc
  6. It’s a bit frightening pulling the vents out first time but you soon discover Lexus clips tend not to break easily so your confidence grows over time. The back light problem is easily fixed in 20 minutes with decent soldering skills but bleeding or blacked out LCDs are another thing so you did the best thing replacing the complete unit.
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    The picture has fell over.... Welcome to the LOC.
  8. Malc ...........did you received my last messages.. Thanks roy.
  9. Swapped the radio over at the weekend for a second hand one with a working display. The old one had no lighting and the display had mostly disappeared. Centre console was easy to get out but the top vents are stubborn. Plastic trim tools are a must. Also the connectors are really tight so require a firm pull. Thought the HVAC controls hadnt been connected back properly when I started the car but after 10 seconds or so they came on. Must be a system check after being disconnected.
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  11. not really a ridiculous price i thought ...... there were plenty of U Tube or whatever to tell you how to do it BUT you had to be rather adept at removing the cluster, taking it apart and replacing it, let alone having extremely nimble fingers to solder minutely .... and knowing how to solder ..... i thought £100 not a bad price to pay tbh At the time Lexus wanted @£1600 Malc
  12. Now, who might you be referring to I wonder?
  13. Well done. As you have found for a little effort you can save a lot of money. I wonder how many perfectly good tyre monitors are discarded each week, and the man hours wasted programming in the new sensors at exorbitant costs. John.
  14. I have lost one of my centre cap hubs (went on a trip on Saturday and it was ok when I left but when I got back it was missing-I assume it has worked its way loose ) so now have only 3 on the car so are now trying to get a replacement. I've got the original 16" wheels on it still and they are immaculate as I had them refurbished last year. I've been on ebay without any luck as most of the cars being broken up are from newer models and they wont fit (they are 160mm but mine are 195mm ). The only place that I've found that has got one is JapParts but they want £30 for one!! Any suggestions where I might get one without being screwed over by JapParts??
  15. £10950. plus the buyers fee of £600
  16. NX300h Luxury 2018

    Yep, I went through my settings. Nothing for safety camera alerts - mine definitely beeps and volume seems linked to Sat Nav voice volume. My GS also doesn't provide the ability for speed limits to be displayed. Looks like Lexus has removed this because the vehicle has road sign assist however that isn't the case with Toyota, my wife's Prius has both. My system is a 2015 so the 2017 system in the latest NX may be different.
  17. You want to see the ones with little wooden blocks tied on to reach the pedals.
  18. Hi Guys, Just wanted to say thanks or the help on this - I finally got round to trying the battery replacement trick on my day off last week and it worked a treat! I've only needed to do one sensor so far, I think the warmer temperatures have revived the other low battery for the time being. I got a full quote for TPMS replacement from my local lexus dealer (I only managed to get the price for the part last time) and they quoted £178 per wheel! So huge savings to me made by doing it yourself. Jimi
  19. A service plan plus extended warranty on mine would be nearly £80 a month. I'll keep the service plan but doubt I'll get the warranty until its a fair bit older. I guess it depends if you want peace of mind. That said this article gives the GS 100% reliability according to What car
  20. How much at hey £2500?
  21. So this so could possibly comes under Careless Driving according to the article I think that's stretching things somewhat. What the article negates to say is that thanks to Theresa May there are hardly any traffic cops left to deal with it.
  22. NX300h Luxury 2018

    Did but has nothing there. Might try it again. Would expect it to be the same on the GS-F as the 4RX runs the same system?
  23. Cant go wrong with brakes by brembo/pagid. In the case of the IS-F ECP/CP4L actually sell the OEM Brembo discs and pads. Additionally, if you opt for the pagid ones which are cheaper for the IS-F you'll find that the box says Pagid and the discs/pads are actually made by brembo
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