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  3. That's a very open ended question. Depends on how its applied and what your trying to achieve. As mentioned what protection are you going to use after? Will you clay the car prior? Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  4. Hi All I've recently purchased an Nx300h. Within around 20 minutes of driving away from the garage the TPMS light lit up and is now on all the time. I've checked all tyres and all seem to have the correct pressure. This is my first car with TPMS and I'm not so familiar with how this works. I've read up that there are specific valves installed on the wheels for this to work. The garage (non Lexus) did replace all 4 tyres as part of their service. I've tried resetting the TPMS via the dash menu, but when attempting to reset via the hold button nothing happens. No prompts on the screen. The light remains on. I've read that for TPMS to work it needs specific tyres installing. Is this true? Thanks Kal
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  6. Miele are or were made at Gütersloh where I was stationed in the early 1970s. Herr Miele, the founder of the firm, was often a guest at official functions and gave generous allowances off the list price of his products to Servicemen in the area. Miele products are not cheap but they certainly are designed to last and it is very easy to get spare parts which can often be replaced easily.
  7. Thanks Roger. I vowed never to visit Bolton again when one of their Salesman using the toilet alongside me left without washing his hands. I explained the reason for their loss of my sale and left the premises. And I dare not tell you about the Senior Captains of UK Industry whom I noticed did the same, when I attended my first C.I.P.D Annual Conference in Harrogate. Just do not touch the peanuts in the Bar !!
  8. I beg to differ. MG1 drives the sun gear of the power split devise "PSD". This in turn turns the planet gears "all part of the PSD" If the ring gear "part of PSD" around the planet gears can turn freely the engine cannot start because there is not turning moment of the planet gear carrier to which the engine is coupled "again part of the PSD" If the car is in park The ring gear is locked from turning by the parking pawl. This now gives turning moment the the planet gear carrier to turn the engine if MG1 is energised. If the car is in "D", and moving in electric mode powered from MG2 locking MG1 starts the car from the wheels via the ring gear, and MG2 as these are directly coupled to the wheels. So at all times the PSD gears are in use. In neutral Both MG's are electrically isolated, and free to rotate so the engine cannot be started. John.
  9. Hi John very interesting and mirrors my feelings about Lexus Chester also. I do think we are in for a world of change and one thing that stood out from our Australian holiday was just how friendly everybody was and went out of the way to help you ... and that was generally everywhere we went. Although like you I am friendly , it definitely rubs off and with this current crisis I have noticed out walking suddenly people are more friendly and I really hope it remains so. I do think you are right that those businesses who stand out in their approach will prosper and I would look at Lexus Stockport, Liverpool and also Bolton before I would visit Lexus Chester. Cheers, Roger
  10. I only visit for car washes and the Annual Service and am known by my christian name by all bar the sales staff. You know what Roger, it does not cost a single penny to be nice to people. To ignore people is to invite criticism. Ignoring people (THERE ARE MANY OF US) who are present or future customers is unlikely to generate customer loyalty or future sales. I do not suffer fools gladly, but if I could buy a new car and ensure that commission generated from the sale went solely to the team of Receptionists and one particular guy in Service, I would do so. If I want a new car, I will look towards Lexus Liverpool. These are indeed troubling times and personal relationships will prove to be something that can be valued.
  11. I stripped the drivers side brakes today, and found no problems with seized components so I just removed the lip on the discs, and cleaned them up. This is when I found a problem with the wheel bearing as the disc was spinning through use of the angle grinder on the discs. There was a rotating knocking noise coming from the bearing. One knock per rotation. A new bearing has been ordered to add to the growing list of parts. Since doing this work I now have a VSC ABS warning, and brake fault lights, but I will clear these after changing the caliper pistons, and flushing the brake fluid. Tomorrow the rears, and possible sticking slide pins. I know the pads, and parking brake shoes are good having replaced the a year or so ago. John.
  12. Hi If you check the link I gave they give details info for both Left and Right hand cars. Go in there and check your exact car details . Parts sometimes differ also for which market the car is intended. USA , Europe , Japan etc. There are other sources where you can go in with your exact VIN number and get the info without knowing much . Try For part number checks there... example. IF you put in the partnumber above it seems it is intended for LH and RH drive but for 2003 onwards only?. Seems this needs some more checking. You can ask the AMAYAMA guys for example if it is the right one for your 2001.
  13. Inside and out today. Seats conditioned, vacuumed, dusted, wheels tyres, snow foam, washed, hand polished, waxed. Rubber seals conditioned and glass sealed. You know it's serious when you take the reg plate off. Probably rain tonight and cover it in sand. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  14. From Bamboozled Does anyone have a photo or drawing of the Exhaust system please to show what is and what is not on view ? I am a complete duffer carwise and having looked under the Car still have no idea what is what Many thanks
  15. To move the seized piston I left the disc pad in on the opposite side, and a block between the other moving piston, and the disc. Then with the car in ready mode to get brake assist I pushed the brake pedal until I felt the piston move. I cleaned up as best I could the rust off the side of the piston with it still stuck in the caliper but protruding, and painted it with brake fluid to lubricate it. I then removed the caliper leaving the hydraulics connected, and used a nut, and bolt (19 mm spanner size) and a piece of steel tube about 2" long that fitted over the bolt. This tube fitted inside the stuck piston with the nut screwed up against the bolt head with the protruding thread inserted over the threads, and against the opposite piston with a piece of flat steel over the end of the piston. Screwing the nut off the bolt jacked the stuck piston back into the caliper. Doing this a couple of times with a block between the opposing moving pistons to stop them being ejected freed the piston up enough to use if required, but I have left things ready to replace the pistons, and seals as required. The repair kit from "Big Red" comes with 4 pistons, seals, and dust covers at £35, and I will use one of these saving the others for when problems strike. Working on the principle if it's not broke do not fix it. John.
  16. Do you mean polish or protection? Ie remove scratches or coat? Also how bad is the paint? Ask 10 people and you'll get 11 opinions though [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  17. Not a problem unique to Lexus. i have had it on a Mazda and a BMW i previously owned.
  18. As we are in lockdown and trying to find things to occupy our time, polishing the car seems quite popular with the majority of us. So, what do you think is the best Polish to use on your paintwork?
  19. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  20. Hi all, getting through first steps OK, but the hard plastic boot trim with the hidden tabs seems to be on very tight. I know you just pull hard and they snap out but I'm afraid to break anything. Which direction do you pull? I have the three plastic retainer clips out
  21. Is in it the same clock spring for left or right hand drive cars ?
  22. Might be telling you something John.......what some people will do for a free coffee 😜 although presumably you have been visiting to have your car washed 🤗 Cheers, Roger
  23. The probable reason you had not seen the logo's prior to this time is the battery had not been up to capacity from you owning the car and the Ecu had set conserve mode cutting back on supplied power use. Putting in a brand new battery with total power requirements for all services as reset the ECU,there may be a switch sequence also that disables this logo.
  24. I leave mine on all the time when not using the car, and I believe it is supposed to trickle charge and keep the battery in top rate condition. I have no reason to doubt this, and from my experience so far so good
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