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  2. Noticed this at the weekend, it's the valve cover (I think) on the passenger side
  3. Yes, very good. I only manage about 29mpg on a good long run. Did you check this by brim-to-brim measurement or is this from the car's readout? I have had mine since Feb 18 and my real (measured by actual litres and mileage) mpg overall has been 24.6. The car computer gives about 4% to 5% better mileage than actual.
  4. This topic has come up before. Sounds very like the turbo whine on a diesel car. The consensus was this it is the motors. On my car (300H) I can only hear the whine when the driver window is lowered and there are hedges on both sides of the road reflecting the sound. Cannot hear anything in the car with windows closed. It is possible of course that your noise is due to something else and I'm sure the experts on the forum will have an answer.
  5. Looks like the paint has picked up a few marks over the last year 🙁 Just look at that red glow 22621163.pdf
  6. Thanks for the update Martin, it is much appreciated. Keep looking and let us all know how you get on.
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  8. A brief update; I went to see and drove the car on Sunday, it seemed to drive well but it was too scruffy. It had tears in the front seats and on the doors, at some point in its life it had an accident I could see the nearside wing and door had been repaired/replaced and the external trims on the door were corroding pretty badly. Also had a dodgy wing mirror and although it had lots of dealer stamps for servicing there wasn’t any paperwork regarding any repairs in its 14 year life. I didn’t feel good about the car so I’m going to leave this very low mileage example and keep looking. Thanks for all the help and advice you have given me All the best
  9. Now that’s impressive. I pride myself on getting very good mpg figures from all our cars but that is going to take some beating. We we’re thinking of a similar trip at some time but were not sure about some of the roads,eg surface and width,going by some comments on another forum. A J.
  10. Are you sure it’s the fuel pump and not the electric motors spinning up?
  11. Quick question on this - which fuse did you feed off of in the end? Also, did you use the passenger side fuse or the driver side? I will be attempting to do the same in my IS250 very soon with my old Nextbase dashcam.
  12. I contacted the local Lexus HQ for complaints. Despite this car is virtually brand new, I had to spend the last 1+ month with weekly visits to the dealership. I had a front brake replacement, realigned wheels, the fuel pump / engine fault thing. The attitude of the dealership is very dissatisfying either.
  13. At 85k I wouldn't change my a AT fluid unless it was dark and smells burnt, a shame they stopped putting a dipstick on later cars! The rubber hoses to the radiator can be difficult to remove from the transmission metal pipes but once you've got them off they go back easily. I only replaced mine because one was split but if they look ok they should be alright, unless you replace them for peace of mind. OEM is the way to go for a radiator if you can afford it, there are plenty of non OEM ones but many won't fit a UK car without adaptions which isn't ideal. You'll also need 5 litres of Toyota ready mixed red coolant. The foam in-between the radiator and AC condenser will fall apart but I've always just left it off. This is how confusing aftermarket can be, both LS430 radiators but slightly different, the top one with the nozzle on the top far right will fit properly but the bottom one won't because it doesn't have it so would need adapting. And some now don't have radiator caps.
  14. Have you tried reseting these via turning steering wheel lock to lock to lock to lock, should reset sensors and lights go away.
  15. I'd suspect alignment for your steering wheel being off. Had mine done twice and its off a touch, as had right stalk down one notch and they centred it off those 🤦‍♂️ Didnt cotton on until later and couldn't be bothered to go back a 3rd time, and the slight dip to right is better for my arm on window, more comfy so left it.
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  17. So I am finally getting around to changing the radiator as a precaution as recommended - I am also considering changing the gearbox oil as I am at 86,000 now and was also told that was a good idea (but equally others have said to leave it) so I was wondering if anyone can point me to the exact radiator I need and what fluid (and how much) and is there a filter/gasket to get as well? are there any hidden surprises awaiting me and is there any hoses on the radiator that I should change or do the ones that are already there be ok?
  18. Quick question - has anyone recently had a problem with ladies foundation makeup staining the black vinyl seats on their NX 300 - leaving a kind of faint white deposit ?
  19. All very inconsistent. The RC F specifications states you can use 95 RON. The GS F states you should use 98 RON, but you can use 95 if 98 isn't available. The LC states 98 RON or greater (which is around 94 octane using the America rating system).
  20. Yes I decided to recheck the diagnosis before i destroyed the hub bearings so I boxed it up and swapped the rear tyres side to side and gave it a run. the nearside was still quiet but the drive side had reduced to a slight rubbing, nothing like it was so it may be the tyre wear does not agree with being on the offside. I am going to give it another run tomorrow and see where we go from there.
  21. May we know a bit more about that CarPlay wireless adapter? How does it work now? Any freezes, any broken connections? Thanks for sharing.
  22. Swap the tyres over. It may save an awful lot of time and effort and money
  23. Thanks for the honourary wings but having seen your car in the flesh you can be captain and I'll accept copilot!
  24. Thanks guys it really is a bit OTT but it's a car to have fun in and to experiment with so that's the spirit of the thing. Phil, as the captain of a Celsior, I think you have earned your wings.
  25. Hi there anyone take a look at my readings on techstream and tell me if the Steering angle sensors and yaw rate sensors are correct readings. My car steering wheel is sitting off centre to 11 O clock position. Any help be good.
  26. Hi there I got techstream running with help of a tech buddy and Zotto club member😁. Is there can user guide on how to use the c software to clear DTCs. As I plugged in twice just to try and then ABS\VSC lights stayed on. I cleared them as I knew how do with paper clip method. Every time you use the techstream do you have the abs\vsc lights come on. Any advice be good.
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