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  2. @Womble72 Paul yes it’s a wonderful colour not that your bias of course......🙂 Ive had a pm saying it went through Lexus Cheltenham a few years ago and yes it was a Doctor up that way who had it, there’s a YouTube vid somewhere. Big Rat
  3. I really don't think sellers push the emphasis on warranty enough. Most on here know the cars are bullet proof, but I imagine most potential buyers don't know this. Many will have looked at the main contenders, C63 and M3 etc, read about the problems on the forums, and been put off. They may then assume the F range is the same. I chose my ISF in June after much research here and elsewhere. I realised I could buy a very high performance car, and have a warranty until it was 12 years old! Purchased from Lexus Coventry at 7 years old, it came with the usual 12 months warranty. At the same time I also signed up for the 2 for 1 extended warranty at £66 x 12 months. Total 3 years. My intention is to keep the car for 2 years. I can then try to sell privately with the balance of the warranty being transferrable. If I keep it, I can renew the warranty before it's 10 years old and within mileage limit, hopefully for another 2 years. I hope my assumptions are correct. Shoot me down if not!!
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  5. I saw a VXR8 the other day. Don’t want to put you off one, but age (IMHO) is not being kind to them. The ISF on the other hand - damn, ISFs still looks fresh. Quite often I’ll be in convoy with an ISF and I always admire its lines. I’ve SO got a soft spot for ISFs ❤️
  6. Habu

    NX ordered today

    There are areas where little is seen for a few days such as the leg between Indonesia and Africa but on the whole I had ‘my’ vessel in sight all the way from Japan. I used the MarineTraffic app on iOS. The Ship Finder app was practically useless for tracking as it only showed the vessel in a port until it was near UK waters. There’s a lot more info on MarineTraffic too about the ship and its journey.
  7. OldSoldier

    Cat replacement

    Eventually found an exhaust garage who could do the job for £500 which included pipe tips. They didn’t do a proper job the first time, after a couple of weeks the blowing exhaust was back, and it turned out that the way the additional pipe had been connected, caused something else to bend, opening a gap between two mated flanges After a revisit and a different engineer, two weeks later it sounds ok. Now back to Lexus for that engine light. Ps what a difference to the gear change when there’s a hole in the exhaust. With a blowing exhaust I noticed that the gearbox wouldn’t change down until the accelerator pedal was pressed 70% of the way down, at which point the car would drop 2 gears and go fast. With a blowing exhaust my Sc430 had two speeds, sluggish slow and screaming, nothing in between
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  9. LexusLarry

    Brake pads

    I had EBC Yellow's on my 2006 GS300 when I bought it last year and they are amazing, very grippy cold and hot. I've tried Lexus and Pagid pads before but these are by far the best so I've just ordered replacements as they are now due along with EBC discs but they only really reason I got EBC discs was for the black coating to you don't see any rust.
  10. M44RKD

    NX ordered today

    Managed to locate my ship but it hasn’t tracked since 10th grrrrr
  11. BachelorDays

    Shaking engine IS 220D

    Looks like the Temperature sensor (I gave you this as a possible cause) is working fine. That's a high mileage on your car - I wonder if your model has issues with a CPS (Crankshaft Position Sensor). That controls timing. For starters I'd check the connector on it for any carbon deposits, stains etc. The thing that gets me is that if the car is cold it doesn't misbehave - even after warming up. It's only if it is switched off and then started again whilst still warm that you get issues. Most things, like injectors etc, would misbehave after it had run a while from cold. Most things, like EGR clogs etc, would get better as the engine got hot. Tough one! Hope you get to the bottom of it.
  12. Don't do it too quickly. Allow a couple of seconds between touches and I find it works very consistently, a second flash of the indicators confirming deadlocking.
  13. Vaguely remember this being a one owner “Drs” car (could be wrong)......millage hasn’t gone up from memory, I’m sure this has been for sale around 18 months to 2 years, remember the white leather, millage and obviously colour 😉.......not to sure about the white with red, do like the white leather on other colours, but I’ve always found the red hard to balance with other colours, carbon, gloss black etc......but what a “beautiful” colour body 😉
  14. Defratos

    Post your Pics

    lol so true 😂
  15. I’ve kind of kept my eye on the ISF market as I’d still like one in the future. The ones for sale always seem to be later cars with super low miles and big prices, or cars with more miles than I’d like in the 14-15k bracket. Very rarely do I see cars in the middle...which is where I’d be! Hopefully that’ll change in the future when I’d ready to sell the Fozzy STi. I have added added the Vauxhall VXR8 and Jag XFR to my list of potential V8’s (if they’ll fit in my single garage)!
  16. @Ashrez All that sounds great the Toms stuff without question is right up there with the best with a myriad of choices, other markets are so lucky Japan of course the the States as well are all well served. Ive just been looking at stuff on YouTube regarding this and a few things standout . The Toms brake pads for the Gsf . Their body kits as well are popular. . The coil overs in this vid are popular in the states...... The spacer inclusion at say 10mm to give the car stance as well, something the Rcf needs as well. Im still pondering on the bright window trim on mine to change to black it’s available and for Lexus incredibly cheap, you may want to enquire about yours as well if your contemplating the front, just to link it all in. I shall watch with great interest you progress lots of pics as and when please. Big Rat
  17. Shame you can't make WBBC-2 Dave ( @Warrington guy )
  18. Next time! You can meet the two new members then.
  19. I know mate, I wish I could be there.
  20. Rem Another great blat 🤪
  21. @Big Rat Paul, currently contemplating on getting a set of spacers for the wheels either Eibach or H&R. Got aftermarket wheels on my last GS but the one's on the GSF are excellent wheels already and looks really good, they just need to be pushed out a little. Next would probably be an exhaust going either the Quicksilver or Tom's Racing Japan route. Then maybe get the chrome bits like the front grille and the window trims gloss black. Then depending on what i can work out with my budget i'm look into getting bodykits for the car (really liking the Tom's Racing bodykit here too). And coilovers, although have not decided on which brand yet as it is a daily driver and so far the ride has been perfect for a daily and lexus has tuned the suspension perfectly as it is. Will revisit this if and when i feel the car needs to be lowered. I feel the car has power to spare in real world use so, no plans in that area.
  22. Here is mine, along with some other cars...…….
  23. This is on eBay mixture of pictures would like some more information for my isF register anyone know anything about the car please, does look nice and not particularly silly money. Oh and while we are on the subject of isF’s For sale I called at Autoscuderia near me for a quick piccy, they have this advertised isF advertised I’ve mentioned before it to is in great condition....... Big Rat
  24. Great photo, although the car has apparently developed a fault, its leaving black lines on the road and is sideways...……..
  25. Just noticed today a clock icon appearing on the map screen instead of the Orange road to signify delays. (Standard SatNav on pre facelift car). I also noticed a while ago one way icons appear at larger roundabouts etc. Has anyone else noticed this and how has it changed, I have not updated anything recently? Thanks
  26. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    It amazes me just how much money there is in motorsport, even apparently low key events that hardly anyone has heard of. But away from the billionaires of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, there is a lot of smoke-and-mirrors, dodgy deals, deals falling through, bravado and bluster, vanity projects, financial gambles and quite a bit of hand-to-mouth it seems. And allegedly a lot of teams running without insurance. Hopefully Lexus can avoid all that!
  27. Do you have the part number??? I have also met a brick wall trying to convince Lexus that one will fit my 2012 GS450H.... Thank you John
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