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  3. The Auto Express Driver Power Survey is about the only honest review you get from this German owned mag. A real survey written by people who actually own the car and run them day after day, year after year. Not someone on a three day jolly staying at a 5 star hotel with hot and cold running maids paid for by BMW. When you read there Lexus reviews I do wander what the guy is smoking.
  4. Just bought myself a secondhand Quicksilver exhaust from a chap called John who had an RCF a while ago. So the mods begin, I've ordered a set of Vossen 10 spoke concave wheels in satin bronze so I may have to keep this car at least 14 months.
  5. I am not aware there is a way to disable it, but as mentioned above it is very unlikely to cause start problems. Diesel especially needs high current to start, so most likely you need to check you battery voltage etc. Same happened to me in the past - if you lucky enough to start the engine car will run smoothly. One tip, press start stop button without pressing the brake (not sure if that is how it works on manual) so that all electrical bits can start first e.g. mirrors opens up, steering wheel moves to position etc. And only then press brake/start button to start the car. What I noticed, when you have battery on the way out it usually doesn't have enough power to do everything at once and then fails to start engine. Sometimes you only have 1 shot to start and so better not to waste it. Second tip, try to turn off as much possible electrical systems before you turn off the engine e.g. heated seats (particularly), radio, climate control, auto-headlights. When you come to start it then, you pretty much only starting the engine and it requires less power to start. I don't think there is a way to turn off auto tilting steering wheel if you have one fitted, but then follow what I said in tip 1.
  6. Yep, perfectly normal. You should also notice that, because hot air rises and cold air falls, the airflow will start with the face vents so that it cools the cabin as it falls. In winter you'll notice the opposite; warm air will come from the footwell first so that it warms the cabin as it rises.
  7. Not wanting to put you off as many satisfied owners, but you may care to read this thread by a perfectionist if buying at the cheap end. (Mercs also suffered from the Radiator problem from memory)
  8. +1 on above, it's normal for this to happen and not a problem, the extra load on the engine gotta be provided somehow! My mondeo revs increase at idle if I put the electrically heated windscreen on!!! paul m.
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  10. So I called Lexus the other day and asked if that price included a new tensioner/pulleys. I was expecting a no but to my surprise it did! Cracking deal if you ask me. Started a proper thread now for the car over here.
  11. It wasn't the top of my list of color combinations but I do like it now. Would have preferred a black interior though. I've always had black cars before which look great, providing you wash, polish and wax them about every 30 minutes. I have no idea if the previous owner was a member, I only joined the forum shortly before buying the car. I don't have the new log book yet but based on the bluetooth settings and past private plates it was owned by somebody called Roy. The car check I did said I'll be owner #4. Perhaps it was first registered to Lexus but it appears it was bought in '06 by Mr 13 TT who kept for 3 years, while Roy has had it for a decade! He must have liked it. Both of them actually seeing how both of those plates are currently assigned to a Lexus LS460.
  12. Hello and welcome to the LOC. In a word no..due to the extra load on the engine for the AC the increase in engine idle speed is normal or the engine could stall. Why do you want to stop this feature as it only affects the idle speed, if you are driving it makes little difference anyway, I leave my AC on all the time. With a 4 litre engine it makes little difference to fuel economy anyway.
  13. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  14. Hello Andy That's a lovely looking car - same colour combination as mine - silver/grey does not age at all in my opinion, hides dirt and imperfections very well and cleans up easily. Im looking forward to seeing the car after you have finished valeting it. I think I have seen the reg somewhere - was it a members car?
  15. Thanks John - good tip, I have not booked the car in yet, typical as we approach a heatwave! I have looked on rock auto and the prices of the condenser look good, if I can get a good independent to sort it at a reasonable cost then definitely worth fixing. I am thinking of treating myself to a new car if I manage to get a job when my company makes its announcements on the 1st May, or if I don't get a job will be keeping the LS or getting something like a Yaris hybrid for the school run!
  16. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  17. then whichever one you get will probably need the radiator changing to save the gearbox from terminal decline nothing to worry about, just the ultimate preventative maintenance that never appears on the service schedule nor sorted by many owners But as I say, it's an irritant to be done soon after you buy the car, just to be on the safe side Malc
  18. How funny, I was reading exactly the same article in the latest autoexpress magazine at a friend’s house yesterday. Great result for Lexus, and the IS also came top of the Reliability list too.
  19. Welcome Andy. A good write up and an enjoyable read. Car looks great.
  20. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  21. Hi people Is there a way to stop my LS400 1995 from increasing the RPM when the airco pump kicks in?
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