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  2. You mean @Warrington guy? Oh yes! We’ll just have to find a deserted area: no people, no wild animals... fish... nothing...
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  5. Fu£& me sideways with a ripsaw...... that’s fairly meaty then! You and Asbo Dave (in the M4 child terrifier) will have to have an exhaust battle!
  6. BTW I had a fat deja-vu about this "MT vs. AT" arguments (not like "again", because it is again and again, but "I remember this type of discuss, but what was that?"), and just remember what was that: automatic A/C. 20 (or slightly less) years ago, what an ocean of kB was spilled over issues of automatic A/C in all corners of internet, "it's always wrong temperature, it blows into my face, blows not here, but there, I don't get how it works and why it changes this or that, it's costly gadget, it's all wrong and witchcraft, I prefer my oldie goldie "two knob and button" manual A/C". Today - automatic A/C is a standard, manual is for peasants and vans, and I don't think anybody seriously complains (except peasants, for the lack of automatic A/C 😉 ). So wait a moment, a decade or two, when CVT/AT will be de facto standard, and MT for motomaniacs and poor people only - public will forget all this "I would be happy with a manual". Exactly like US now... But I bet we will find something to whine about, maybe on "how dare they ban manual steering and cars without LIDARs in this city zone, safety-shmafety, AI-shmai, my old lexus is fine and I would be happy to steer and brake myself, like good ol'days" 😁
  7. Good skills!! See you all there!😀
  8. here is a module to give you auto fold / unfold of your mirrors it goes without saying that your mirrors must have manual electric folding mirrors for this to work
  9. Sorry, I never fully understand this kind of sentiment. What ways exactly? And why people always grief about trannies, not about "I want my manual choke back" or "I'd be happier to set ignition timing manually". Disclaimer - last question is rethoric of course, I perfectly know why: because still there is a choice, MT vs AT, and it is enough to make an issue. And back to the topic - true automation, as "set the owner/driver free from chaffeur-like manual occupation", was always significant factor for premium cars, am I right?
  10. Hadrian

    Heater fan noisy - cheap fix

    Well done, good job.
  11. Linas.P

    What Makes a Premium Car these days?

    Cannot agree... over lifetime you probably will spend more money maintaining manual, then you do automatic. Maybe there are unreliable boxes, but taking for comparison IS250 MT vs AT, in 300k miles you most likely have no issues with AT, whereas you would be dealing with DMF and few clutches on MT... so I guess depends what specific box you are talking about. Certainly not the rule which you can apply broadly, at least for cars from last 20 years that isn't the case. I agree that you will understand what is premium car when you see it, equally you will know very well what isn't premium.
  12. NemesisUK

    NX SatNav Map updates

    I just updated my Premium Nav unit with a micro-SD card from Toyota-EU, part number PZ445-US335-0P I paid approx 3x the price in your link but felt more comfortable to have the card from Toyota, less chance of corrupted data, or possible missing/incomplete data. I simply removed the original card and replaced with the update. When powered up it automatically updated the maps and then updated the software. My dealer wanted £640 for the card and £30 labour to perform the update ....
  13. Interesting review which essentially builds on their last one which was quite bad. Looks positive though and like a good cruiser. Would be interesting to see the prices. I presume the F Sport "High grade" that they refer to is actually the F Sport Premier Pack
  14. willskoda


    I bought a Yatour from eBay and some USB/aux sockets for my 430. The system works as CD changer 2 on the head unit. The Grom is probably a better unit but didn't have the cash! The USB is useless but the aux line in is brilliant.
  15. Adrian28

    NX SatNav Map updates

    As stated above, premium sat nav was an optional extra on pre face lift luxury models. My 2017 luxury has the standard sat nav with the wheel to control it.
  16. rob_clio172

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Now that would be fun! They may fair better off the line with the way modern auto cars are set up and get the power down but i should reel them in once rolling
  17. That's where I've been trying to get the live feed from but I cannot get access easily due to the electric rear seats. If anyone knows any easy access through to the cabin, I'm all ears!
  18. Hello - I don't know if this is of any help to anyone but I have found a cheap fix to my noisy/vibrating fan on my 2011 CT200H SE-L The number on the original fan is stamped on the bottom of it 272600-0456 and as any body that has tried to get one of these will know - they are a mortgage payment to buy. Even second hand, if you can actually find one they are over £200. Now I got to thinking that Denso aren't daft so where possible they will want to make one part to fit multiple vehicles so after a bit of digging I decided to buy a fan from eBay for an is220 number 272600-0322. When it arrived there were subtle differences but I only wanted the motor part. I removed my fan, trim above the passengers feet off, 3 screws and a multi plug and the fan is out. The circuit board is under a plastic cover, 4 screws then a couple on the board itself and that lifts off ( bit of sealer on one end but no issue ). Then 3 screws for the motor. The plastic fan impellor is slightly bigger so needs swapping - just bend the little tag up and hammer the motor spindle out. and there you have it - an identical motor. rebuild is just the opposite if dismantle, nothing exciting. All done, back in and working is 30 mins - and the cost £22. Only tools were 8mm socket to get it out, screw driver, hammer and a bolt to use as a punch. Lots of motors are available at cheap prices. Wish I had done it months ago.
  19. rob_clio172

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    😂😂😂 ah i see, the way you said it i thought it had been messed with and put back in the incorrect position and tbh it does look odd like that. Thanks though as now you have officially modified my my car and added to the build 👍
  20. congratulations 🎉 and hope you enjoy your pride and joy for years to come 😊
  21. Welcome back, Jonathan - a lovely looking car! Enjoy!
  22. Possibly another plus for the F being less well known🤞🏻
  23. AKY15

    Acid leak in RC300h

    Thanks for link. I will update when I can. I have to say well done to lexus so far they have supplied me with an upmarket courtesy car whilst they look into it. So glad I bought a lexus.
  24. Mine was playing up like this over the winter, with clean msg then fault msg then complete parking sensor failure. Took it to the dealer and they diagnosed first a sensor with a stone chip in it which had damaged the sensor. They swapped it, but the fault didn’t go. Further investigation finally led to a faulty control unit for the front. Replaced that and all ok. Mine was under warranty so no charge. Sensors are £80 each I was told!!
  25. I had red leather Recaros in my V8 Audi S4 & it always made it feel like being in something different & special somehow
  26. Anyone see the review of the ES in Autoexpress ? Not that I'm after one.. Just thought that some might be..
  27. Great to have you in the overnighters club 😜
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