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  2. Wow. I've always had FANTASTIC service from Lexus Derby! @Nick W858 Have you tried the OPC at Leicester? I always took my Cayenne there and they were amazing.
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  4. from nearly 7 years and 80k miles with my Mk3 it averages between 420 and 520 miles per tank just depends on your driving style Higher miles per gallon usually arises when the car is motoring effortlessly along the motorway at about 70/80 mph, fully laden ........... and on a sunny day Malc
  5. Hello Guys. This is just a quick update to let you know how I got on. The adjusting screw is mounted towards the bottom of the light units between the two lenses. You have to turn it anti-clockwise to raise the headlight beam and it works in tiny increments so be prepared for your arms to ache when you have finished. It is a bit awkward to get to the screws as on one side the battery is in the way (there is just enough room to work) and on the other side the air filter housing is in the way (I removed this to make life easier). The end result is that now my headlights are back to where they should be. I went out for a drive in the dark and no one flashed me so they don't seem to be dazzling oncoming traffic and I can see where I am going. Thanks to Steve for the picture. Steve.
  6. Parking tickets

    When they built a new Waitrose near to where we live they put parent and child bays nearest to the main entrance with the disabled bays much further away from the main entrance. I bought this up with the store manager and he said that if distance was a problem I could park in the parent and child bays. I did it a couple of times and you should have seen the looks I got from people. It clearly demonstrated that Waitrose felt their parent and child bays were for the customers that they felt they earn most profit from. The parent and child bays have taken away the importance of disabled bays and why parent and child places are provided in the first place is a mystery to me. No point in telling me that car parks are dangerous places for children then look after them properly.
  7. Based on recent experience.... Add Lexus Derby to the dreadful list. Lexus Carlisle - superb. 10/10.
  8. What sort of range and MPG can I expect from my 1997 (MK3?) LS400 on a long run at 70-90 leptons? Trying to get an idea of how many fuel stops I’ll need over 6500 miles...
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  10. Parking tickets

    An interesting read ...
  11. Parking tickets

    But based on the opinion above that is illegal as well. Would @Bluesman support much harsher fines for disabled people parking in "parent + child" place? I doubt it, I wouldn't support it.. The fact is that every single one of us, me, any person on this planet will look at the thing from their own perspective. Disabled will always want more spaces for themselves, parents with kids for them, cyclist will always want more cycling lanes and drivers will always want streets with less traffic. The answer is balance. What tells me that there is the problem is the fact that since 1972 (graph is from 88, but there are archived versions of same graph from 72) government only spent ~ 20% of taxes raised from motorists back on the road infrastructure. 80% disappeared somewhere.. and the problem is not too many cars, not bad drivers, but the infrastructure which is 50 years outdated (at least).
  12. Washing

    I prefer to just do it myself - don't use ceramics personally though - used it once and realized that I was waxing/putting sealant on top anyway so wasn't worth it. Haven't had chance to do it on the RX yet due to weather and other commitments but its been protected with spray sealants every wash. Should get the time to do it this summer.
  13. Parking tickets

    Law is just an arbitrary rule made by the person or group of people - law doesn't mean it is correct or right. There were laws like - "black people are not allowed to use public transport". So you are saying that law is absolute and unquestionable? What if the law would be that every person owning the car should be castrated - would you support that as well? It is law isn't it? You not trying to think outside of the box and just continue ignoring the real problem - goverment doesn't do enough to create suitable infrastructure. Government needs complete their responsibilities before asking people to follow the rules - quite simple. And I am not trying to say that solution is necessary to make more parking spaces, improving public transport, supporting flexible/distance working, supporting 24/7 economy. We can even look for example abroad - there are cities where public transport is free... so it can be done, just somebody needs to get on with it. As well contrary to your thinking the size of the fine makes no difference - there are multiple studies done (many relating to death penalty) and all concluded that ultimately there is no correlation between how harsh is the punishment and likelihood of the crime. However, there is direct negative correlation between likelihood of being penalised and likelihood of the crime. In layman's terms you can make parking punishable by death, but if likelihood of punishment is going to be 1 in a million irt won't deter from the crime. But if you give £10 fine to every single offender it is going to be very effective. here.... back to my original point - before penalising anyone goverment first of all should do it's part in providing infrastructure.
  14. Maybe an option - I had suplex on my old MErc 190e, they were excellent for the 10k miles I had it for:
  15. Tell him to stuff it ! There will always be another one that turns up eventually.
  16. These are the Kilen springs and the 2x front KYB shocks going on my mk4 - just ordered 2x rear KYB shocks at £70 each inc vat from Amazon : Need to find a source of top mounts, the genuine Lexus ones are £175+vat from Guildford. Altogether, for genuine Lexus shocks, springs, top mounts, and spring insulators, the bill was over £2k, so I’m sticking to aftermarket! If mine was a mint example with full LSH, low owners etc, I’d contemplate fitting genuine parts. Planning on using Toyotatech in guildford to do the fitting. £50/Hr + vat labour is more palatable than Lexus £142+vat
  17. Broken coil spring?

    Your comment in 2014 in that other thread, Steve quote IIRC the rear springs on the October 1994 on models (series III) were longer than the earlier models so this may explain the difference in height. Unquote. KYB should not be saying they are right for 1989 - 1993 (Mk11 and Mk 1) This is what it says on the Invoice from Parts Superstore (e-bay purchase back in 2015) Irritating, and now showsing me that the Nexens I put on the rear are getting low, so two replacement Maxxis's (which I have on the front the same age and have worn well) are now on order. PS I'll be allright for off-roading!
  18. Exactly, hopefully I get it sorted on the weekend, but things like the Reg and pictures are needed. As no one is going to buy the car blind.
  19. Cracked Manifold

    My IS250 se-l had a ticking noise, went in for investigation and turned out to be the injectors pumping fuel, my F has always had the same tick from start up, was given a full bill of clean health when last at Lexus Woodford, I assumed it was the fuel injectors, has been the same for the three years of my ownership, can’t be the manifold as Lexus would have tried to get me to replace it for a cost.......of course 🙄.......must be a noticeable difference with engine note, my old accord had a cracked manifold branch and that was MASSIVELY noticeable 😂🤣👍
  20. Bit disconcerting is the fact that the R4V site states that my reg is available for £499 when I beg to differ! paul m.
  21. Washing

    Plastic beer crate just the right height and a lot more sturdy that the plastic steps
  22. .... and on another aspect of him not giving you the reg.. how can you get an accurate insurance quote?
  23. Hi guys is this an F meet or other models under the marque can come too? #gooseberry
  24. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    😂hope they dont take it down
  25. Exactly this - Lexus Bristol and Lexus Stoke - dreadful Lexus Cheltenham - Excellent. Hope the 911 gets sorted. Great cars
  26. Sat idle my car's battery voltage, as read by the custom arduino-based tracker I've got in it, is fluctuating between around 9.6v and 11.5v. Does this suggest a bad battery? It didn't struggle to start earlier but it seems odd for it to be fluctuating continuously by 2v.
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