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  2. My '08 73k GS450h may have a hybrid battery issue. It starts without a problem. initially the battery meter shows 2 bars below maximum. If i stay in Park with the engine on, say waiting for someone to get in, the battery meter drops to only 2 bars remaining. The LS600h does not have the same symptom. Is the GS450h battery due for a reconditioning soon?
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  4. Some scrote has tried to get into my car. It looks like some ring-wearing oik from where the scratches are. They say the first scratch hurts, and whoever came up with that wasn't wrong. Why oh why oh why didn't I shell out £40 for the door handle protectors?
  5. +1 on making sure a plug/loom has not been missed out as there are a lot of them! Especially if it falls Back into rear of dash space. Also the connection on the side of the unit has got the same plug configuration ( should not have been designed like it!) as one of the ones that go in the bottom row so check these have not been reversed.
  6. Yeah, the indicator stalk does include the switch for the rear fog lights. Pretty much a like-for-like replacement for the one that was originally on the car. You are correct that many of the Asian-spec GS's, particularly those in south-east Asia, do not have rear fog lights. I sourced mine from an Aussie car, which did. The part number that I listed above is essentially plug-and-play for UK GS's. That Honda Accord guy is a little OTT though 😄 My neighbour had a USDM Accord. That car had a mechanism that fastened the seatbelt for you!
  7. Hi we have a service plan our car is 2014 and we only cover about 5k miles a year and it’s way cheaper to have a service plan. Also if you are thinking of reselling your car later on having a service completed every year at lexus will maintain the resale value. On average you will save around £100 between pay as you go vs service plan. Furthermore additional items such brake fluid and other extra items will also be included compared to pay as you go. Also do remember that the hybrid health check is also included in each service compared to buying it individually.
  8. My last LS430 was throwing codes for the CATs and the O2 sensors. They were actually fine, but as the exhaust was leaking it was throwing out those codes. Instead of going to Lexus I had a full stainless steel catback made up for it with a third cat delete. I used Tony Banks Exhausts in Leeds and they did a top notch job. Just over £500 and they did it in just a few hours. They stock cats too so might be worth getting them to fit their own if you need them, instead of trying to source and fund genuine ones. I imagine Lexus would charge more and a regular steel exhaust will be prone to corrode and rust again. They'll build it however you like so you can have it quiet as stock if you'd like. I opted to have it just a little louder. It was still quiet, especially inside the cabin but sounded just a little deeper and actually sounded like a V8 should.
  9. That car was actually on my list of cars I was considering because it was in my price range. I never went to see it in person but it looks like it's in decent nick. In regards to it riding low at the back, they all do that so I wouldn't worry. Personally I'd try and find something with lower miles. Mileage isn't everything with these cars though. My 100,000 mile LS430 is in better shape then my 65,000 mile one. If it's been taken care of I wouldn't have any concerns with the engine or gearbox as they're bulletproof. My concern would be the air suspension. it's reliable as far as air suspension goes but I start to see them fail from around 160,000 to 200,000. Or course that can easily be fixed, but it would be very expensive.
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  11. Does Toyota Techstream not work on the Soarer?
  12. Have you tried a Lexus main dealer for the part?
  13. No, that was saved for the IS250/220 SE-L
  14. Staggered that the tax is so high in ROI. We should all go and buy our used cars over there! Sounds like you got it for a great price, though I misunderstood the history in your first post. I thought you'd bought it in a private sale from a long-time owner.
  15. So as many of you who follow my thread you'll be aware I unfortunately totalled my last LS after a few months of ownership, just after getting it all perfect. Well I'm glad to say I'm back in another LS430 and boy does it feel good to be home. So here she is! Possibly not my favourite colour combination but neither was silver. I think it's growing on me. 98k with FSH. All Lexus dealers except for the last one which was independent. A few little issues as you'd expect, but nothing I can't take care of. The paint is in mostly great condition for it's age, and the undercarriage is much cleaner then my last one. And the alloys are mint. The steering column adjustment is broken, but who's isn't. The passenger seatbelt doesn't move up or down. I don't think the AC works like my last one. And it needs a cam belt service. That's about it really. It drives really well. Of course 3 miles after buying it this happened: But knowing these cars I'm not too worried. So I've just placed a massive order with Lexus Parts Direct. She's getting a full service, all new fluids, gearbox flush, diff oil change, new battery, new belts etc. Also ordered a full set of discs and pads but went with Pagid for those as ECP are having 50%. I've always used Pagid and I've found them to be great, my last one came with them. Holding off on any LPG conversion for now. Due to change jobs soon so my commute might be less and make it not worth it but we'll see.
  16. I've just looked at that link and I cannot see anywhere about a cat lock or similar
  17. Servicing a car at the dealers that only does low millage's, and based on time only is both wasteful of lubricants and filters, and in general only benefits the coffers of the dealer. If safety is your concern take the car to your local mot station, and ask them to do an mot. If you are concerned the engine oil will deteriorate in the period before it becomes due on miles take it to a local trusted garage, and ask them to do an oil, and filter change. There is nothing else that requires changing till the 60,000 mile service. The only problem with doing this is any affect it has on your guarantee, but if the oil and filer or any materials used are of Toyota/Lexus specification the guarantee cannot be voided. John.
  18. Not necessarily, there could be some hysteresis programmed in to the warning light. But, I agree that it seems unlikely. Next time my light comes on, I'll try adding fluid in small doses and see what happens. That could be a while, though, as the bottle is so huge! If anyone else has opportunity to test this before me, I'd like to know how you get on.
  19. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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      Thank you

  20. Back to the battery. Put my old 45 year old 4 amp battery charger on, (terminals disconnected). After 3 hours reconnected the AA smart charger- 1 amp. It worked and went to charging. I have heard of this before. An old charger...... 'gets it fired up'... and the new one can operate. When it is fully charged (probably 3 days), I'll measure the voltage and if it is low, I'll replace it.
  21. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  22. I used d:class automotive to retrim my Mercedes in nappa leather, two tone and a custom design. It was a good 10yrs ago, cost was approx £2k. It included installing seat heaters to the rear seats..
  23. Spotted a Red Lexus RC-F today on the M61/M62. Reg was AMA70N i think Looked absolutely epic with what appeared to be aftermarket wheels. Anyone on here?
  24. And please tell us what you think of them after a couple of thousand miles David.
  25. I think that diligence and flexible are mutually exclusive Basil.My GS only does 6000 max each year, but it always receives its annual service from Lexus. You can always take out a service plan which will cushion payments and which are fixed for the duration of the agreement.
  26. Many thanks! This is a non Brainer. Cross Climates will be then. Cheers!!
  27. Following this thread last year, I bought a 1-year-old 2018 CT. It had its first annual service at 7,400 miles just before purchase. The CT is run alongside our family van, doing 50% of our annual mileage (about 8k miles across the van and CT). Mostly, this consists of short urban trips and some longer runs where a van would be less suitable. The CT will probably be showing 11,400 miles on the odometer by the time it's due an annual service this March. I see that the CT's 20k / 2-year service is quite steep at £400 and the scope of the "full 20" service seems a bit overkill given that the car will probably take another 2 years again before reaching 20k miles! Perhaps I'm answering my own question because I always diligently care for cars (no expense spared) and I know it's about age as much as mileage... but has anyone else taken a more flexible attitude to the Lexus service schedule?
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