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  2. Lacquer is peeling all over from my Merc Malc. 18 years old and Red Metallic. I can`t see it from inside the car, so I don`t worry about it. Lots of tales on Merc Forums about Lacquer peeling from Red Mercs!
  3. I don't really understand this lacquer peeling business you know ! Mine's done 232k miles, been outside for at least this past 10 yrs 100k miles and all lacquer coat is seemingly fine Is it that panels have been resprayed at some point causing this peeling I wonder ... and mine is original paintwork maybe ! Malc
  4. I had to have the other rear arms cut out as well by another garage as nothing would budge them!
  5. just take care when you have them fitted .... they get demolished very easily ....... 😲 Malc
  6. I hope one of you guys can help me, some lowlife has scratch the front bumper of my MK4 RX, my car is white but the front bumper trim is a dark grey does anyone know the colour name or the code number. Thanks.
  7. Looking over the car I do notice that the laquer is peeling in a few places I had the roof resprayed because of this a couple of years ago!
  8. as " professionals " they should have had 'ways and means ' methinks anyway, done now and you're happy with the outcome, that's all that really matters Malc
  9. absolutely .. she looks a fine example ... are you going to use her everyday and thoroughly enjoy her or are you going to leave that to the next owner to enjoy ? Doubtless you will try to get an agreed insurance value coz if you don't and suffer the remotest knock / whack, however slight. she'll be a write-off to the insurers I know from experience ............ as does Bluesman / Mike now methinks probably btw are the wheels original ? not the same as mine, a 1995 car, but maybe they changed OEM a little later on the Mk3 Malc
  10. I had sprayed it with various concoctions beforehand but I think the bolts and sleeve almost weld together.
  11. they should have been rather less hasty and used penetrating oil overnight or more ...... when I had a similar issue with a wheel alignment company they got the parts prices first THEN decide NOT TO FORCE the issue and wallah ! .... next morning all undoes rather painlessly ...... and not expensively Malc
  12. Having had front upper control arms, front lower ball joints and front strut bushes replaced and rear suspension arms no.2 also replaced I decided on a four wheel alignment, so I went to Wheels-in-Motion to have it done having heard good things about them. Up on the ramps and find the rear is way out and the first bolt they try and undo breaks off so phone Lexus parts direct £460 for two rear suspension arms no.1 and associated bolts, nuts etc. Amayama £134.09 for arms and nuts, £27 for bolts and cam plates from Germany (Amayama stock arriving too late). Back on the train and back again to pic
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  14. 100,000 miles / 120 Months page from IS250 schedule, and wouldn’t expect ISF to be million miles different!
  15. The 250 has an ‘inspection’ type flap that gives access to the filter, you don’t have to remove the whole underbody tray to get to it and oil drain plug is in plain sight!
  16. It was time to service the car that has been running really well, until today. I was changing the plugs, right bank what a faff, anyway I was working close to the inverter and didn’t fancy getting a shock so disconnected the fuse on the traction battery, looks like a big mistake, as once I had completed the work on the plugs feeling very satisfied with myself the car wouldn’t start, no ready display and only a bulb check ECB and check hybrid system message!! I hope I haven’t blown anything up and was only doing what I thought was right obviously I was wrong, can anybody shed any light on
  17. The exploded diagram doesn’t show any fixings and I seem to remember they are attached with double sided adhesive tape only. To aid removal I would suggest warming up the piece with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive then use as you suggest plastic pry tools. You can also buy “label remover” which is an aerosol spray and softens the adhesive which you could squirt inside once you get it started. Obviously once removed make sure all the residue is cleaned off, isopropyl alcohol is good for this then allow to dry and wipe over with a clean cotton cloth.
  18. Hello, I have been investigating a slight wind noise coming from my front left driver door and I managed to track down the issue to a very stiff old seal that is attached to the left rear door and makes contact with the driver door's seal. The part in question has the following part number - 7576253010. Below I have provided a sample image from quick googling. The seal in question is actually attached to that plastic part. Since I can not get the gasket only, I will have to get the whole plastic part. I wanted to make it as a DIY project. I wanted to know if this part is only glued on to the d
  19. Lovely stuff Zak. Nearly as nice as mine Now I've seen the pictures I'm pretty sure I remember the ad. If it is the one I saw I did drool over it once or twice. Where did you manage to source the mats from?
  20. Hybrids are typically the targets, so the RX400h. In theory the RX300/350 could be targeted as easily but I've not heard of it happening.
  21. Sort of. Unfortunately the ones listed on LPD are for the MK4 with the revised bumper. And also unlikely to exist. But thanks for looking Qamar Bit of background, I've been chasing these parts since I got the LS last year. They're not available from Lexus, they're not available from Amayama, they're frequently damaged or already missing on eBay bumpers and as I've been told by numerous breakers, if they are complete they're one of the first parts to be snapped up. Blind luck or 3D printing are the only options open.
  22. Does anyone know if the rx300/rx350 are prone to catalytic converter theft? I have had it twice unfortunately and don't want it happening again!
  23. Very nice....the fact that you had a decent example to start with helped I think, the one I recently purchased from Phil was in the same condition and to be honest I’m struggling to find anything I can do to improve it. Nothing like the lawn mower stripes in the carpet and you managed to get that carpet just above the footrest clean. Did you remove and clean the black coloured outer arch trims as they harbour muck, 4 philips screws with a chubby if the wheels are on. I had my bonnet gas struts re-gassed at SGS in Derby for £17.00 each retaining originality. Just checked to
  24. RHS of the boot. You need to remove some of the trim to get to it.
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