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    Well, as of Saturday it will be 😀
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    My car had the not unusual cam phaser cold start up rattle from when I first bought it. I found a relatively easy method of curing this, and at the same time reducing cold start engine ware. The method consists of fitting an engine pre lubrication system to give oil pressure before the engine starts. I made the system up using readily available parts that should cost no more than £25 in total. I have had this system running for over a year now. Ebay is your friend here for parts. The parts required are followed by pictures :- (1) A fluid control solenoid valve suitable for oil with a 12 volt coil, and 1/2" BSP ports. (2) 2 x 1/2" to 1/4" BSP adapters male to female. (3) 1 x 1/4" BSP "T" piece female (4) 1x 1/4 BSP male to male coupler (5) 1 x Grease gun flexible hose with 1/4 BSP ends. (standard fitting) (6) A pressure container that holds approximately 1Ltr, and will withstand 100 PSI minimum. (see text) (7) Some form of mounting brackets for the above. (I used 3" exhaust clamps for the cylinder I used.) Solenoid valve. 1/2" to 1/4" adapter 1/4" BSP "T" 1/4" BSP male coupler Flexible hose rated at 900 bar more than capable of the at most 4 bar it will be used for. The pressure container (empty gas bottle) with solenoid valve attached. The flexible hose screw into the bottom of the solenoid with the tank vertical. The hose then goes to the "T" that is fitted on the oil pressure outlet. The oil pressure switch is removed from the top of the oil filter housing, and the 1/4" male to male fitting screwed in its place. The "T" piece is then screwed onto the male fitting, and the oil pressure switch then screws into one of the available ports on the "T" piece witch ever is the most convenient. The flexible hose is then screwed into the other port. This completes the work on the engine. The end of the flexible hose screws into one of the 1/2" to 1/4" BSP fittings, and this in turn is screwed into the port on the solenoid with the arrow on the bottom of the solenoid pointing to it. The other 1/2" to 1/4" fitting is screwed into the other port on the solenoid with the 1/4" male to male screwed into it. The tank is screwed onto this, and mounted vertically with the solenoid at the bottom. " so that the oil enters the bottom of the tank" I used PTFE tape on all the threads, but any suitable sealant could be used. You can if you wish fit a lever type tap in the line from the engine to isolate the system This completes the plumbing. The solenoid was chosen with 1/2" ports because it has a larger internal port opening to assist quick oil flow. Electrical. This can be as simple or complicated as you wish as a basic push button operation or a completely automatic system using a timer from the cars start button. I am for the moment just giving the simple version. One of the two wires from the solenoid is grounded. The other wire is extended to a suitable position on the dash to a push button switch this switch is fed via a 5amp fuse from a permanent 12 volt feed. This completes the basic electrical work. Operation. The car is started in the normal way the first time, and allowed to run for a minute or so then turned off. Check the oil level, and top up as required. The amount depends on the size of the tank your have chosen. This only needs doing at the first start up after fitting the system. The system operates by the tank being partly filled with oil at engine pressure while the engine is running. the solenoid valve allows oil to pass through it in the reverse direction to that of the arrow on the bottom of it. The air in the tank is trapped, and compressed to engine oil pressure with the engine running. When the engine is stopped the solenoid will not let the oil under pressure out of the tank. When you wish to start the car press and hold the newly fitted button for about 10 seconds to give time for the oil to get into the engine. This will open the solenoid and the oil at engine pressure will flow round the engine filling the cam phasers, and lubricating all the moving parts. Then push the start button in the normal way. The engine will start without the noise, and the tank will refill with oil ready for the next start. The tank I used was an empty blow torch gas bottle. These hold gas under pressure at around 100 PSI, and are capable of holding well over double that pressure for safety reasons. I drilled and tapped the valve end of the bottle to 1/4" BSP. Any container that will hold 60 PSI reliably, and with a capacity of about a Ltr or more will work, but the inlet to the tank must be positioned at the bottom. It also must be perfectly clean inside. I calculate that depending on actual engine oil pressure the tank will fill to about 3/4 of it's actual capacity based on 45/50 PSI oil pressure. The flexible hose can be a made up hose from company's such as Pertech, but must be capable of holding the engine oil pressure reliably. The bore of the hose should be large enough so as not to restrict oil flow. This is possibly the downside of using a grease gun hose, but they are rated at 900 bar 13410 PSI so no chance of it bursting, and are an off the shelf item. The length of the hose should be chosen to suit the mounting position of the tank. Sorry I could not get pictures of the system fitted, and I will answer any questions as there are bound to be things I have missed. John.
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    Hello to everyone, I am 69 years young I have had 3 toyota rav4s spanning the last nearly 25 yrs and still have one, going through something of a late life crisis always dreamed of Lexus but could not afford one, decided to look for a weekend soft top that would accommodate my small dog (a havanese) so I am now the very proud owner of an Sc 430🤔will try and put up photos when I learn how, technically I am a bit thick!
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    Hello, I know it's been awhile since i posted here. Just thought i would share a short clip my brother made for me after getting my new exhaust system on the car. It's an Electronic Valved Controlled system. So in the clip the 2nd rev was with the valves closed, the rest were wide open 😁 GSF_Exhaust.mp4
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    Not your fault. Too many people (including our government) didn't understand which is why we now have the lock-down. When you catch Covid you are infectious for up to 7 days before symptoms show. Once you actually fall ill in a healthy person you will have a few days of fever and dry cough and recover. Once fully recovered you are no longer infectious but you can still infect people by grabbing a doorknob that has the virus it on it, and then shaking someones hand who has not yet been infected. For the 10% or so of our population who have underlying lung/heart health issues the fever is dangerous. Say the NHS has for example 25,000 ventilators so can handle 25,000 bad cases at a time. That's 25,000 people who would die without those ventilators.Some will die anyway, but most won't. With social distancing/lock-down we reduce the level of simultaneous infections to the point that under 25,000 are needed at a time. We also give ourselves time to build new ventilators so that next month we can handle 30,000 simultaneous, and the month after that 50,000, etc. Why do you think car manufacturers are converting production to Ventilators and F1 teams are assisting with design and prototyping? That's just one example. Also applies to hospital beds, numbers of doctors/nurses, antibiotics (for secondary infections like Pneumonia) and other stuff. If we had carried on as normal in 6 weeks the whole of the UK would be infected. With a death rate of 1% and 66,000,000 people infected we would need 660,000 ventilators and only have maybe 35,000. That's 625,000 dead people because no ventilators for them. If the death rate reaches Italy levels that's 6,600,000 dead or 1 in 10. In Italy at the moment 10% of those who catch Covid are dying because they can't cope with the numbers (older population, underfunded healthcare). That should drop soon as their lock-down starts to take effect. China coped better because their people are used to doing as they are told and they managed to confine the outbreak and they kept their death rate down to 4% of those infected. If we can keep our death rate at 1% it'll be a miracle. If we'd started preparing when China announced how bad it was, we probably wouldn't need the lock-down for anywhere near as long. The scientists also don't know if this is one of those bugs that succumbs to higher levels of ambient UV. Hopefully as we head into summer the UV will kill off the virus on outdoor surfaces and slow the infection rate.
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    Never use a hybrid to start another car unless it's another hybrid. In a normal car the battery is only used to crank the engine. Once it fires and the alternator is spinning then its the alternator that supplies all the car's electrical demands and if there's enough 'spare' capacity it will also keep the battery charged. A starter motor in a conventional car will draw upwards of 300A when cranking the engine, which is why when jump starting a car you always get the engine of the donor car running first before attempting to start the recipient car; firstly to stop the donor battery from going flat and secondly, if the donor battery isn't quite up to the job, the recipient car will draw power from the donor alternator, not the battery. Hybrids don't have alternators; they charge the 12V battery from the 288V traction battery via a DC/DC converter that steps the high voltage down to around 14V. The DC/DC converters cannot supply anywhere near as much current as an alternator and if the recipient car tried to pull such current from it, there would probably be a big bang and all the magic smoke inside the converter that makes it work would escape and it would be a very expensive job to have some more magic smoke installed
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    I'm very pleased to to announce myself as the very satisfied owner of a 20 year old LS400 with a brand spanking new this morning MOT
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    Happy birthday to my wee RX400H - 12 years old today and still goes like a dream.......
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    Hi guys Background I bought my 2007 lexus gs450h in January. For some context, I have been daily driving a honda s2000 for 5 years, and wanted something comfortable now. The car has 48000 miles and is immaculate. It is silver on cream, I would have preferred black on cream or light grey but low mileage ones are few and far between or over priced. Tech/options It is the se-l as I wanted all the options, specifically radar cruise and the ml sound system. The sound system is fantastic. The lack of aux input is very frustrating, and there is no cheap or easy way of adding Bluetooth audio, I have Bluetooth for calls though. The radar cruise control only works from 29mph onwards. There is no option for it to help you crawl in stop start traffic. I also like the electric memory seats. The seats and leather are super soft and comfy. The climate control works fine. I have the screen off mostly as I don't like the outdated graphics, but the screen resolution is really good so it's a bit of a shame. The reversing camera is massively superior to parking sensors alone in my experience. The front parking sensors are woeful. They don't detect low objects that would destroy the lower bumper eg high kerbs even up to a foot high which is shocking considering how large and awful looking the parking sensors are. I love the keyless entry and start. Fuel economy I've averaged 30mpg on the motorway and less than 20 local. I don't think it will improve. Hybrid system I find that the hybrid system is more like a glorified stop start system, I love that when stationary or parking there is no engine noise etc and I like the torque fill at low speeds. Performance Official 0-60 is just under 6 seconds. The car doesn't feel very fast to me, although it is fast enough. This may be due to how well insulated the car is. The performance feels right for the size, and you can feel that you are hauling 2 tonnes at all times. The steering feels fine and is not too light. The brakes are quite different to conventional brakes because the first portion of brake pedal travel is regenerative and the more you press the more regen you get, after which the conventional brakes kick in. I do not notice the change but you can see the changes on the power dial. I love this feature as the cushiony regen braking makes for a more relaxing drive. Suspension is fine for the handling and size, the car doesn't roll too much and corners ok Comfort The car is nice and quiet, especially when the engine is off. The engine sounds rattly to start and quickly quietens down, but is never super quiet and not as refined as I expected from a petrol lexus engine. The 2.5 V6 in an is250 of the same vintage is much quieter in my experience. The seats are the softest I've ever experienced in a car and the leather is nice and soft. The armrest is reasonably soft and a good size. The steering wheel is nice to hold, it's a shame heated steering wheels weren't common back then, as its the only thing I can think that this car misses. The suspension is not as comfortable as I expected. I think this is purely down to the relatively low profile tyres on the 18 inch wheels (245/40/18). I will get 245/45/18 tyres next to remedy this and hopefully will correct the mpg and speed inaccuracy of 10%. Since my ownership I've done around 1000 miles and have developed 2 annoying interior rattles, probably due to the horrible road surfaces, 1 in the centre console which may well be rectifiable, but one in the rear passenger area that i can't find the source of as I am normally alone. Overall impressions Overall the car is fantastic and good value with plenty bells and whistles and all that I needed /wanted.
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    So due to circumstances I've had my first day off today. By 10am boredom got the better of me. Therefore the is got its 6 month major clean 4 weeks early. Washed!, hoovered, windows cleaned, de-tar, polished, leather feed, tyres jellied, and the hybrid fan motor got a clean too. The wife being a nurse on the front line I done the curtisy thing of hers before mine! Volvo may get the same tomorrow if I don't start boredom boozing tonight. If I don't have work by Monday I'm gona be out of things to pollish🙄 Wishing all the best of health
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    Might as well give it a scrub. Not a lot else to do!!!
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    I’m classed as a key worker so get to blast my F every day (neighbours not happy as I leave at 02:20 every morning) and kinda hard to keep it quiet on a cold start with Armytrix system 🤣🤣 Ma bad
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    Just some info more, trying to give the real dimension of problem. Not all people will get the virus, but just about 70% of population. Among these ones, more than 80% will have light or no symptoms at all, but among those fallen in severe symptoms will need to be cured going to hospital: more one is old and with other chronic illnesses , (but also young people could have severe troubles) more he is at risk to need; among these some will encounter a interstitial pneumonia that absolutely needs oxygen treatment in intensive care units for many days with high death risk. You can imagine that , before or after, intensive care units will be completely saturated and at that point people will be left to each one's destiny. At the moment, here in Lombardy we have almost reached this situation and trying to build ASAP new intensive care units, meanwhile , staying at home, we try to reduce new contagions to gain some time, hoping to not arrive at the moment where it will be necessary to decide who has to be cured and who not. I leave to your guess who will have precedence. About final count of deaths, my personal opinions is that, among infected people, that are NOT those detected because of hospital or tested but at least 10 times more, will die 1-2% , that seen in numbers is rather scaring, but compared to all people daily dying for all other reasons will DOUBLE the rate, till the epidemy lasts and hospital cures are given. Better to accept the idea that we will have, among death causes we already are accustomed to (cancer, stroke, etc...) we will have also this virus in the future; not a nice way to depart, as it needs total isolation from family and progressive loss of breath. Due to intensive care units need, this is also not a good time to go to hospital also for other illnesses, so my best wishes to all LOC members to stay safe at home.
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    Waiting.... Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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    Thanks Roger. I spoke to him today and the fever seems to have gone and he feels much better than he did two days ago.
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    Ever since I bought my 96 LS400 last year there has been an annoying wind/road noise from the near side rear passenger area, just like the window is opened slightly. The window was fully closed so I was a bit baffled and was thinking maybe there is a hole in the wheel arch or something but I checked this and couldn't find anything. Possibly the weather strip/s on the door was causing it but I also checked this and couldn't see anything wrong. But...........................I found what was causing the issue. Bear with this because it will make sense at the end🙂 On Monday I took my mum and dad to visit my cousin, my mum was in the back of the car in the near side seat (the area with the wind/road noise). When I arrived back home I opened the rear passenger door for my mum to get put as it was pretty windy etc. While I had the door open I noticed that the rubber weather strip that runs around the top 'rail' for both doors (not the door rubber seal) had a gap of about 2 inches at the bottom rh side like the strip had moved forward. Once my mum was out the car I opened both passenger side doors and moved/slid the rubber weather strip back towards the rear to where it should be and it covered the gap. At the end of the rubber weather strip there is piece of rubber that keeps the strip in place but this had detached a bit. B4 and after pictures are below. Next morning I drove to work and the 'annoying wind/road noise from the near side rear passenger area' had gone. If it starts moving again I'll put a small blob of CT1 or something to hold it in place. I am so glad it has solved the issue because it was really really niggling me!! Obviously I hadn't noticed before, even when I washed the car along with the door jams etc. This maybe a complete one off issue on my car but just thought I'd post it in case someone else has a similar issue. B4 After
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    The money grubbing are just trying it on.Shop around. My recent renewal was a 35% hike on the previous year for no reason. I shopped around and ended up with a 10% saving over the previous year. My previous insurer asked me why I'd moved. I told them that I disliked their business model and that loyalty was a 2 way street.
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    No doubt it's largely down to age (although some younger people are attracted) but I like to listen to songs/music mainly pre 1980 when songs had a good melody, were clearly annunciated and not just a noise! Here is one by Matt Monroe, regarded by many as good as if not better than Sinatra and possibly the best male singer of his genre that England has produced. Llisten to perfect pitch, tone and clarity. Nice scenery and the Muira From 'The Italian Job.'
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    The accelerator does work in drive with your foot on the brake, but it has to be pushed further than normal to get the engine to start and then run at medium revs. It does not increase the revs if more accelerator is applied. When in this mode the outer ring of the planetary gear is held still along with MG2. With the engine running it then forces MG1 to spin at speed generating electricity to charge the HV battery. All the Toyota/Lexus hybrids operate in this manor. If you use "P" the engine will charge the battery to a low level then turn off once the engine is warm. It will then restart if the HV battery gets lower on charge or the engine cools below a given level. The charge rate in this mode is slow because the engine is at it's tick over speed, and does not generate much electricity. It will also not top the battery up to the full bar level, but usually to the 3 or 4 bar level. John.
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    F owners no need to worry then. How is everyone? Petrol is cheap (er than it had been) and roads are quiet, shame they're full of holes. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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    The situation will ease eventually but is likely to get much worse before it improves in terms of the number of those affected and of those that die. The damage done to businesses large and small and to the self employed is incalculable as is the cost to the economy. I think it will take many years for our population to enjoy the pre Coronavirus standard of living (and even before this we were living beyond our means). Viruses can mutate and become more virulent and it remains a possibility sooner or later that another will follow, so the people of the world should take a lesson from this virus and be better prepared for another pandemic.
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    I have had a UX on loan to me while the fuel filler flap on my LC was replaced. My partner has an NX for her daily driver and so I was able to compare the two. The UX was a 2WD with the "fake" leather seats. These are comfortable and I could get a good driving position easily but I would have liked lumbar support adjustment. The automatic seat heaters and auto steering wheel heating was a good feature in this colder weather. Over the 3 weeks I had the UX I averaged an indicated 46mpg. This compares to about 38mpg for the NX on the same usage. My overall view is that the UX succeeds in living up to its name as an Urban Crossover. It is good for local journeys. It is easy to park in town. However it is not as quiet and smooth as the NX on longer motorway journeys. My main criticism is the lack of boot space and the restricted legroom in the back seats. I am not that tall but the rear room behind me was quite limited. There is no way that the UX could accommodate 4 occupants and their luggage for a weekend away and I am pleased that we went for the NX.
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    Hey everyone, So I took the RX450hL out to RHU and Fastlane Naval base today for a wee roadtrip. Here are some photos from the adventure. Also managed 34.8mpg on the travel (which I think is decent for a 7 seat petrol SUV)
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    With regret I have decided to SORN my car even though I have only just got it back on the road at the beginning of March. Because of the Corona Virus I am not likely to need to use it, and it seems pointless keeping it taxed at around £30 a month, and not use it. My wife has an Aygo that only costs £20 a year to tax so for local outings if needed we can use that, It is most unlikely that the restrictions will be lifted in the next 3 months. If I do wish to use the car I can tax it on line at any time. In the mean time as the car is close to 150,000 miles I have ordered parts to give it a head to toe service including changing the coolant pump, drive belt, timing chain, plugs, all fluids, filters and gearbox oil pump bearings. I can take my time doing this, and it will give me something else to do outside on pleasant days other than gardening. I am going to flush the engine oil, and refill with 0w16 Toyota synthetic oil I have over an acre of garden consisting mostly of an old orchard, and grass for witch I use a sit on mower to cut. I use the old oil out of my engine in my Briggs, and Stratton mower engine, and in my 2stroke chain saw for both the engine, and chain lubricant. I will also service the Aygo leaving out the timming chain change as this although 14 years old has only done 75,000 miles. John.
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    I'm realistic and I know that this virus will never be gone, but by mid to late summer most of us will have had this variant and recovered. If we slow it down enough (once the idiots realise that STAY AT HOME means just that) then the NHS will be able to cope with the lower rate of infections, and therefore lower rate of seriously sick people who need ventilators and IV antibiotics, and that means that very few will be killed by it, and by "few" I mean 5,000-20,000 for the UK. What this whole debacle has made clear is that Boris can't manage his way out of a wet paper bag with a scalpel, and that the UK is populated with a very high proportion of selfish idiots. As for the effect on the economy and people's livelihoods, most will cope, some will not. Nobody wants to be in that last group but the alternative is that we carry on as normal and someone that you know or love is killed by the virus. It's not the first and will not be the last virus to spread like this has. Hopefully next time it will get acted on sooner and people may take it more seriously, but I doubt it.
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    Yes Alan and the problem is that we tolerate them too much.
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    Covid era. Those who are self isolating, do join in 🙂 of coz, rmb to keep 3 steps away from your car just in case... if it has a cough.
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    Nah it will be OK..... some of us will be f#'ked of course due to being in a car crashes or electrocuted, killed by bored relatives that don't like losing at monopoly or abducted by aliens as usual. Aids, Sars, chicken flu, mad cow disease or crazy Dave who lived round our way who used to steal kids so we were told didn't get us..... but nothing has had a massive impact on us really since the Spanish flu... and in those days being short because you didn't have enough to eat or kicking the bucket because you had TB or arsenic poisoning from green wallpaper that you just had to have in case the neighbours saw you had last years blue Wallpaper still up (what a fu#@king liberty). But its 2020 we are (for the most part) warm and dry in our homes with little or no damp causing respiratory problems, we all have enough food and maybe enough loo roll in the cupboard to see us through (there is always the SUN newspaper otherwise). Of course it could be the end of civilisation as we know it. But what is to be done anyway....... Its like standing in the sea watching a wave about to hit you you can panic or just watch it hit you either case there is no getting away from it... Distilled down to the very essence of the situation Chaps Stiff up lip and carry on. Either way its my Toyota Celsior and if i get the "Rona"..... i'm going to die in the car and instruct the wife to set it on fire ... I am going out like a viking
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    You will have lots of fun with your LS400 for many years to come. There is just one problem owning an LS400 you will find that the fish and chip shop, Chinese takeaway, paper shop and your big shop shop are all suddenly further away, this is down to a well known problem that Lexus is aware of but do very little to address the problem which is you somehow always go the long way round. Enjoy.
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    Going to try for a picture
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    I decided on the Luxury when i bought my NX after a initial test drive. The car was 6 months old with 12,000 miles on the clock but as i am now retired and do around only 5,000 p.a. this was not a problem. It was not however a Lexus Fleet Car but the Service Managers car at Lexus Exeter and came with almost every goody added., which I found after some time looking for a "garage own car" as I knew they do tend to "dress" them to sell others Price was good due to "High Mileage" about £4000 less than others of same age with 5000 on the clock but three years later it has now 26,000 on the clock so well below average. Only thing I would say was a niggle to me was setting the SatNav with that dam wheel instead of the touch pad. Didnt bother with all the add-on's they wanted to sell me except the Service contract which is about to run out and i will renew with Lexus Bristol who have been great.
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    Good Morning Marny and welcome to the forum....... firstly if you suspect the battery maybe flat then charge it or connect a booster battery and see if the car starts, the 12v battery is a small capacitty battery and is used to start up the computers and pressurise the braking system which is probably the ticking sound you can hear, the circled tank is your brake fluid the orange hose is in fact a high voltage cable for the hybrid system all orange cables are high voltage. i do suspect the battery is flat..if you remember years ago when your battery was flat you would get a clicking noise from the starter motor due to lack of power i think the same applies to yourself except this time its the brake pump you can hear when the battery is full you will hear a buzzing sound for a few seconds this is the brake pump pressurising the system properly
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    Easiest way to get the police round your house..... Tell them you are being burgled/car being stolen. Then tell them you have a gun and are just about to use it on the criminals. Very quickly armed response will be there.....granted they will arrest you as well as the real criminals but at least you get a quick response Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If your MOT date is after the 30 March, then you have a 6 month extension on it. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-mots-for-cars-vans-and-motorcycles-due-from-30-march-2020 However, you are still expected to keep the vehicle safe for use on the roads but that is always the case. If you knowingly drive an unsafe vehicle you are liable for prosecution and your insurance company will refuse to payout if you have an accident.
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    OK, so my car is now on SORN, battery charger bought and connected. Photos attached. Thanks for the help and advice
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    Until the serious side of this covid-19 hits home literally some people will regard it as an inconvenience . I have had droves of young families walking by my house as if they were on a sunday jaunt and disregarding the separation criteria they are not able to collate the information the government sends out because it is too precise and they are social media addicts that only work on whats on the latest blog. If this virus came and bit thier arse they might take notice if they don't take notice they might end up with no arse to worry about.
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    Must have cost a bit to tow it out there. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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    I couldn't remember if I had posted any photos in this section, anyway just in case it's an age thing I'll post up some since the new wheels were fitted.
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    I have not heard or read a bad review/comment Vlad. Go for it I say.
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    Makes a change from the usual “we’re calling about your recent accident” I usually tell them to phone back later as I’m not due to have it until tomorrow. A few seconds later the phone goes dead.
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    We are at this time grasping out for some picture of what is to come with very little in the way of tools or weapons to combat the threat of this virus . The reaction to invisible threats is to run and hide and paint a picture of the worst possible scenario.,to that end the powers that be worldwide are taking unprecedented steps to contain the threat and create a stable society to regiment the fight to survive. Hopefully this will buy time until we find the weapons to eradicate this threat to our humanity, there will be all kinds of scenario's being painted and blame cast everywhere as to how the situation as come to this but there are signs already that this pandemic can be contained and eventually defeated . The present casualty lists for the countries infected are variable and erratic depending on what measures were taken at the start of the infection ,Italy being a prime example of too little too late and Singapore very precise and swift intervention the rest are scaled on response and location and the ability to cope. The original epicentre is now reporting no new cases and the rest of China likewise apart from imported ones but the signals coming from China support the case that this virus as a time span that can be tracked and hopefully that is the key to defeating it until a vaccine is developed. Yes there will be a sea change in Society but I think too the good and it will bring reality to the young that was brought to the young after the second world war and the fact in blazing letters that "Tomorrow is promised to no one".
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    COVID-19 is a respiratory infection and as such the only form of transmission is by droplets containing the virus, dispersed through coughing and simple exhalation. These droplets are either caught in the hand or fall on surfaces where the virus can survive for ~72hrs, less on softer surfaces sch as clothing. Droplets exhaled by an infected person, be they symptomatic or asymptomatic, can then be either inhaled by another person directly or picked up from a surface (door handle etc.) and transferred to eyes, nose or mouth by touch with contaminated hands. The virus does not penetrate the skin and must enter the body via a mucosal membrane. Hence the emphasis on social distancing, hand washing and avoiding touching one's face. Bottom line is we are all (well at least 80%) of us going to become infected at some point. The vast majority will survive and establish herd immunity. This hopefully will protect us when the virus returns next season. Unless of course it mutates as do the more common influenza viruses. Either way COVID-19 will in all probability join the other corona-viruses endemic in the human population.
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    yes .............. to put it simply certain Ls400 s have air but very few in the UK The Ls 430 always has air ( I presume, but then again I think I read somewhere that a very few don't ! ) and whilst air struts have much longevity a replacement corner from Lexus / Toyota is about £1000 a corner plus fitting and quite enough to upset one's budgeting maybe whichever you choose, and for heaven's sake you MUST choose one, or maybe two you should remember that these are now very old cars in car technology terms and resemble the ancient " mores " of old with sublime comfort and grace when motoring .......... and the very best of old technology with resilient comfort, reliability and quality of presence Malc
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    I've had a whole heap of Audi A3s and Golfs of various flavours in the past (2.0T, 2.0T quattro, S3, R32, GTI etc), so I was naturally quite attracted to the Golf Mk7 GTE. I'd still look carefully at the upcoming Mk8 GTE or A3 etron. The CT200h makes a lot of sense, though, even to this VAG fanboy. It costs about 30% less than a GTE of the equivalent age and you're less likely to experience issues with a CT - the GTE arguably has the more complicated drivetrain, less proven. On top of that, it seems that many people's fuel economy is similar in a GTE to a CT, noting that you go through the hassles of a plugging in with a GTE. The GTE will inevitably be faster in a straight line. If you can get beyond that, then you might find - like me - that the CT actually steers pretty well and delivers a more nuanced performance than 0-60 can describe. It certainly benefits from an anticipative / "cool" driving style, but once you adapt you will enjoy it and find it perky when needed. Having spent a year driving my CT, I'd say that the CT seems like a higher quality car than any Golf or A3 I've driven. The VAG products have an attractive veneer of quality, but it's only skin-deep in comparison to what I'm finding in the CT. I don't think the CT can compete with the kerb appeal of GTE, but that aside it's still a very decent buy at the end of its production lifespan.

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