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    Not sure if anyone's into BMW's here but just got this at a very reasonable price,already got the full drivetrain package to swap it into M3 evolution spec with a 43000 mile engine! I'll be working on it most Sundays so can see it being a long project,I've got a thing for fast saloon cars and estates so this fits in with the ISF perfectly.
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    Hi owned this for about 3 months now, still getting to know it, loving it so far 🧐🧐🧐
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    ...and - of course - it started on the first turn of the key. Did you even doubt it? Perhaps needed a couple of extra seconds to get the fuel from the tank, but to say I was chuffed is an understatement. 🙂 It ran smoothly but quite rich (guessing from the exhaust smell) for a few minutes but then that settled down. Came up to temp; warm air into the cabin. Even the brakes are OK, although I might get them skimmed. It's a '97/98 Mk4 that I bought and put off the road while driving my other LS. (Silly, but it seemed to make sense at the time.) Photo is from just before I parked it up. Just got to get a deep clean done to get the muck/leaves/etc and see how it goes at the MOT station. Cost so far: £80 for a battery. More to follow!
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    Hi Everyone, We have hundreds of products on our website and have teamed up with Lexus Owners Club to offer a special promotion to members. Make sure to use your code from the member's section when ordering. If you need a specific part post on here or send an enquiry from our site https://www.lexuspartsdirect.co.uk We will need your reg/vin so an enquiry through the site may be the safer option.
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    Well i finaly decided and went down to see the Gs and to be honest was very pleased with it the only dark area that i found was the discs they were a bit rusty and one of the rears had a slight groove in it so we had a detailed discussion on this and we ended up looking at the specs of the discs and they were in the tolerances so i had a good run round in it and tried the brakes harshly and gently and they performed flawlessly so decided to have the car. Yes Adam you were quite right they was ok to deal with very courteous and said slightest problem let us know and we wouldnt expect you to come the 200ml we will arrange with your local lexus to appraise fault and liase with us One thing i noticed on my old SE L i had music options galore 6 Disc player HDD USB BT but this one as 1 disc USB and BT but the other one was overkill i suppose i didnt let that put me off The Mouse thingy was a bit awkward but just after 3 days ive got used to it The journey home was faultless and it was bucketing down with rain and as the tyres were Dunlop Maxx i was a little apprehensive but they were perfect but they are new One minor problem i found was that the Pass mirror did not drop on reverse but a quick phone call got the answer my local lexus told me to put it in reverse then drop mirror with control then back to park and then try again and voilla it worked I will get a few pics when i get myself sorted I would like to Thank you all for the excellent advice given its much appreciated Shahpor Nick Chris Mike Many thanks Robert
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    Got a Lexus ES30h on Tuesday as my new company car fleet lease. My previous was an IS300h so I was familiar with Lexus and the Hybrid drive. I've driven it for a few days and have to say I love it and its a huge leap forward. Much bigger especially length wise. Got it in Sonic titanium with Sandstone tahara. My work budget couldn't run to the extra pack to the base model sadly. (so relatively Poverty spec lol). Drives fantastic very solid and smooth - reassuring. Made to glide along in comfort I would say. Infotainment much improved. Radio especially DAB loads better than in the IS. Navigation seems better also but the mouse pad is taking some getting used to and seems fiddly with the nav especially - very difficult to zoom in and out without the rotary dial. Most reviews seem to concentrate on the Takumi so I will concentrate on the base model and the negative info I struggled to find out beforehand. No auto wipers - (at least I can't find them so far) - not too bothered but seems to be standard on other models so a bit surprising. Speakers in the back are barely there hardly any sound can be got out of them even when putting the fader fully at the back. I mean its OK but again relatively poor given the cost of the car. Petrol tank capacity has been reduced to 50 litres I believe from my previous IS 300h 66 I think it was. I do drive long distances so will probably be at the fuel station more. You get power adjust seats in the front including lumbar adjustment but no memory on the base model of course. Steering wheel is power adjust for reach and height and automatically moves away on entry and exit! Very nice! Cornering lights included which I did not know about beforehand. Footwell illumination front and rear and handle illumination inside and out. Pop up headlamp washers which are nicer than the IS. Heated seats are more powerful than the IS - they were a bit feeble in the IS. Theres loads more interior and boot room than the IS which is what I wanted. Overall I absolutely love it and keep looking at it and wanting to drive it all the time! Very very impressed and happy.
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    Well car collected this afternoon. Very pleased with the look of the wheels. They have advised me not to pressure wash them for a couple of days. Whilst the car was there it was MOT'd and they took a look at the reversing camera which I thought was often slow to switch in. The result is that they couldn't find any issue but from previous experience suspect a media hard drive problem. Lexus Warranty have authorised the replacement of the media hard drive unit which I understand costs a wallet busting £1800. For convenience this will be changed at next service as the unit has to be shipped form Japan. Well done Lexus Cheltenham .
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    Some photos from today!
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    After my RX failed the MOT on the strut top bearings, my local garage spoke to lexus and they do not sell just this part you have to buy the whole new strut !!!!! £750 each !! So after spending some time on Google I found an advert on eBay and eventually spoke to this guy who was able to replace just the bearings for me at a reasonable £60 each The business name is orchard engineering and the contact number is 07901712988 Just thought I'd pass on the good news to other RX owners 🙂
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    Absolutely I’ve since blacked the grill which is much better (just not a decent pic of that yet) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just A few Pics of the Lexus I am quite pleased really
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    I was given an ES F-Sport as a courtesy car today whilst my GS was in for a service.The Azure Blue is an awesome colour and even looks great on a wet, miserable day like today. I found that it is noticeably quicker than the GS when accelerating and a bit quieter at full throttle. Whilst I do agree with Linas.P about the coarse sounding engine when it is at full throttle, I don't need full throttle very often on my GS so it doesn't bother me that much. I suspect with the ES being quieter and accelerating quicker, I'd notice it even less. It would really benefit the car if Lexus could develop a smoother engine for it, maybe it is just not possible with a 4 cylinder Atkinson Cycle engine. The ride was definitely more jiggly than my GS, presumably because it is an F-Sport, but I think it is better on the big bumps. I'm not convinced that the road noise is much quieter than the GS though. Also, the suspension felt looser to me, not as controlled as the GS is. Whilst I think I could get used to driving it, my biggest problems are with the interior and equipment levels. If I went with the F-Sport, I'd lose the 12 inch screen and the internet connected functions and, surprisingly, the soft-close boot lid. The smaller display limits the options of what can be displayed on the same screen, including not showing cover art unless you make the media screen the main one. My GS shows it on the side screen too. I know these are small things, but it would make the ES feel like a step backwards unless I got the Takumi pack or model at £6k to £10k more than my GS and another £300 per year in car tax. The main thing though is the reduction in trim quality. The "wood style" trim on the F-Sport looks like cheap textured plastic to me, the window controls look no better than my Skoda Yeti and the volume control looks like it's off a cheap home radio. The hard plastic in front of the infotainment screen feels really cheap, as does the plastic on the door bins. All of these are much better to look at and feel on the GS. There is hard plastic on the centre console too, but this is covered by my leg, so it doesn't bother me too much. They've also changed the stalks so that they stay in position when you move them, I prefer the GS stalks that move back to the centre position when you let go as it feels more premium to me. Overall, I agree with most of what has been said in the reviews and I've been put off buying one. It is what I feared, a lower spec, lower quality model than the GS for a very similar price. I hoped that Lexus would tweak the quality a bit compared to the US version given that it is a new model here, but apparently not. The overall quality feels more higher-end Toyota than Lexus and the loss of some of the equipment I have on my (cheapest model) GS, means I'm very unlikely to change to it. It will be interesting to see how the Camry compares when it's released.
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    Update: Guys, I got my Lexus. What a machine. What a pleasure getting in the car every morning and driving to work. Loving every second. My father in-law asked me to get him for a ride and really enjoyed it. Said that it is very comfortable, quiet and it seems like a Boeing with all lights and instruments. He was very impressed and was asking during the whole ride to drive faster! 😂 My mother in-law want to get her ride this week. Some pictures to you, since you love pics. Thanks for all the support, Lexus Lovers!
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    I know them all very well at Sidcup, I have brought my last 4 cars from them, Alfie is a new salesman at Sidcup but i am sure your get on with him fine, if your not sure about anything have a chat with Bradly, and Kevin in the service department. If need be can pop down there for you and get any information your need, have a look round it and take photos.
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    51000 and change - so it’s still wrong. MOT on December 1, mileage was 49152. makes me question the stds of Lexus UK and the garage I bought the gsf from, if the information is not vetted and checked before posting. I’m very happy with the gsf. Is a much bigger car and on the road is a lot more composed than the ISF. It’s as quick, throttle response in S+ is a lot sharper than sport in the ISF, and on sweeping A and B road you can feel the TVD working to apportion power across the back axle, making the car feel very agile. This feels like the car shrinks around you, giving the impression that you’re driving a much smaller car. Brakes are awesome. Fuel consumption- not that it matters is the same. only niggle is the supplying garage change all 4 tyres to hankook s12 evo2’s - not convinced with them, don’t think they’re as good as the bridgestones on the ISF or the MPSS on my previous M5. I’ll change them for my choice when they wear. the tech is a generation newer, so the driver interface is more pleasing, but really offers nothing more than the ISF - it’s just better packaged. Nav as with the ISF still couldn’t find its own arse with both hands - Waze is a much better option. Overall though, Pleased with the decision to change, still think it will be a better ownership experience than any of the competition (m3/4/5, e/c 63, etc etc) Hopefully it’ll be as reliable as the ISF, which never put a foot wrong. Nothing went wrong or broke. Bang for buck it’s good value too, as such I’ve bought a Porsche 968 CS (3rd one I’ve had) which arrives this week..... mrs is impressed as you can imagine.
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    First time on this forum, have had my 2010 isf for 18 months (had a 2006 is250 SE-L for 6 years previous) now used as a daily driver and has been a true Lexus drives and looks like it has come straight from the factory. No one knows what it is since I have had the car only two people have said oh it's an isf. I have a question for anyone out there, is there any difference between the Sat Nav DVD for the is250 and the isf I am going to update the Sat Nav DVD and want to make sure I get the right one. I have attached a couple of pics of my prized possession and will be looking to go to any car meets in the Essex area this year.
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    Personally I feel that sequential indicators are a good thing, if implemented properly - for example, if hazards come on bright then fade away but turn signals sweep then they convey more information than by colour alone. This would also help in the circumstance where three cars are parked on double yellow lines - does the middle one have its hazards on or a turn signal and is trying to pull out? In terms of peripheral vision, I have very poor colour vision in my periphery (everyone does to some extent due to rods/cones on the retina, but from what i can gauge mine is worse than most), and if I am in a queue of traffic with a lane of cars to my right such that a car's rear lights are in my peripheral vision through my side window then I can not tell the difference between a brake light and and indicator without looking across - I perceive that the light comes on, but I can not perceive what it is - dynamic indicator provides a differentiation. Anyway, back to the OP's actual question. I have, in the line of my work, disassembled a few dynamic turn-signal light clusters. On the Audi Q7 cluster it's trivial to enable/disable the dynamic turn signal (and audi charge £300 extra to enable it) - it's simply one of the 6 pins on the connector. However, on the PSA DS7 rear cluster it is totally baked-in - there's no way to disable it without delving deep into the electronics inside the sealed cluster (ie cut into the plastics and the resulting lack of sealing after that... bad news). The OEM (magnetti marelli) is the same in both of those cases. Hard to know how the Lexus clusters are implemented and I don't know who the OEM is (but likely Denso, Stanley or Mitsubishi). I'd say there's a pretty good possibilty that there is an easy way to defeat the dynamic indicator in any Lexus model because the US is their biggest market and the US forbids dynamic indicator (sort of - we're all familiar with it on the likes of Mustangs and it was all the rage on american cars in the 70s. However, the way that the US regulates it requires that each element that lights up in turn must have a minimum area that is pretty big - each one of the big 3-segment tail/brake/indicator segments on the mustang is big enough, but each step of an audi or Lexus dynamic indicator is not big enough. Not a problem for the DS7 cluster mentioned above as PSA have no presence in north america). It might be as simple as pulling a wire out of a connector, but how willing are you to risk damage to your vehicle/light clusters should something go wrong during the experimentation/implementation?
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    It's certainly something I'll contemplate if/when sections need attention. I've had three full stainless steel systems on various older Japanese cars where it's been more cost-effective to do that than find replacement mild steel stuff (if they've even been available).
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    Two MOTs ago my 400h had an advisory that the rear bushes on the front arms were cracked and had excessive movement, which I witnessed for myself during the MOT. I bought a pair of arms and then proceeded to change them which was a right ball ache. It involved jacking the engine up as high as possible to remove the engine support to get at the mounting bolts or the arm. I then looked at the on line workshop manual and noted that the first step was "Remove the engine and transmission complete" glad I didn't get Lexus to quote for it.
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    Gotta say when I read the 'cause' of this thread's posting I was a bit horrified....wheel nuts loose!!!!! Sorry but that is quite basic. please don't let your confidence exceed your competence when working on your car cause you could be driving somewhere near me! paul m.
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    As a British engineer, I don't actually agree with harrylime. British engineering is brilliant in some respects - we're fantastic and innovative problem-solvers. We're very good at originating clever new ideas. We're terrible when it comes to consistency. There's very much a "bodge-it-and-make-do" approach whereby hand-fettling is an accepted method of finishing the product. The attitude that I've encountered many times over the years in UK industry has been "We've always done it this way and it was fine then so it's fine now". This mindset doesn't allow for making something better over time. (It should be noted, however, that "bodge and make do" actually works pretty well in a war). Meanwhile the Japanese and Americans come up with continuous improvement approaches like Kaizen or Six-Sigma. The death of the British car industry had little to do with government support or lack of. It was because most of the products were lackluster or poor quality or both when playing on an international market. Metro or 205? Maestro or Golf? Rover 800 or Toyota Camry? XJ40 or LS400? Again and again stupid things have been done. When MG Rover became independent from BMW they had a really well engineered car in the 75/ZT, and they had some rather dated but liked cards in the 25 and 45, both of which needed updates/replacements. What did MGR invest their money in? They spent a lot on re-engineering the FWD Rover 75 into an RWD V8, and a bunch more developing the X-Power SV. That left nothing for developing mass-market models, so the best they could do was import the Tata Indica and slap a cityrover badge on it. That car failed not because of carrying a british badge, but because it was expensive for what it was and nowhere near as good as its competition (eg fiat panda). The point about Honda Swindon, Toyota Derby, BMW Oxford and Nissan Sunderland producing high-quality cars in a productive fashion is that the quality and continuous improvement systems are overseen by those companies. The culture of quality is enforced from above and these plants are not allowed to descend into typically british chaos. Should a new car company start up in one of these facilities? By all means - but it won't be easy. Tesla did exactly this (Tesla Fremont is what was formerly GM Fremont (the Longbridge of the USA - a reputation for poor quality and low productivity) and then latterly the NUMMI joint-venture between GM and Toyota, before it was sold to Tesla). If you wanted to make a new British car then it would need to be forward-looking. Most of the components are already there - Take Gordon Murray's iStream architecture. Bring in electric drivetrain from Ricardo. There's a Li-Ion battery factory for sale in sunderland (AESC - owned by nissan but they've been trying to sell it off for a few years). Get some styling from some of the great british automotive stylists currently doing the rounds (Ian Callum, Peter Horbury, even Chris Bangle (who despite controversy at the time did actually pen designs that stood the test of time very well, even if people couldn't see it at first)). Leather and wood and metalwork inspired by the great british automotive traditions - make the car unapologetically british. Volvo have achieved huge growth and success in the past few years by stopping being apologetic and actually being distinctly swedish (thanks to chinese money). There's enough german cars out there, and jaguar made a mistake by trying to be that. Leave techno-bauhaus to audi. Make it distinctive, make it desirable, but above all make it a quality product.
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    @emjay82 started a thread on a great thread 'Elan Valley Breakfast Meet' and displayed some awesome video. I don't normally take a camera, but recently I did. So, if you've never journeyed over to Wales with us, here's are some images that depict the scenery and how an F car blends in. Let's hope Emjay82 organises another trip soon. Not sure why the images are being shown so small, you'll need to click on each one.
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    Bit of a cold start the other day!
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    I just had a quote from Lexus Birmingham - £165 each. Looks like I may have to move to Bolton
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    So just realised its been a whike since i updated this! Not much done really life has took over and been flipped 180 so this had had to go on the back burner! Anyway ive managed to finish the fuel lines and also installed a sytec fuel pressure gauge on the FPR Also managed to make the oil feed for the turbo aswell, used -4 braided ptfe hose andfittings all from viper performance. managed to neatly run it around the engine and down to the mishimoto sandwich plate. All the fluids are in and next up is the battery relocation. Once that is done i can sort out the vac lines and turn the engine over to get the oil round. Few more things i need to do before i can fire it up on the base cal. Also if any of you guys are on instagram, give me a follow on there, i post things on there pretty much as soon as they are done 👍 lexus_turbo_2jz
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    Hang on, two minutes.......... ........... yep, enable/disable the front parking sensors. That solves that problem, I noticed the front parking sensors on the Autotrader picture before I bought it. Didn't realise that it was a dealer fitted option.
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    Hi Guys, Just so you know we can offer you the same parts that your Lexus Dealer will use at cheaper prices. We have had a lot of customers buy the parts from us and get their local dealer to fit them (as they are genuine dealers will fit) Plus you still get warranty and all the stuff. - Hope it helps
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    Exactly what I was thinking too. My experience is exactly the opposite. The 'run' of the sequentials immediately grabs my attention because they aren't doing the same as everybody else's indicators.
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    The slot that you put your music CD's ( and movie DVD's if you have the multimedia system) is NOT the slot that the SatNav DVD lives. The SatNav DVD has it's own dedicated slot that is behind the clock bezel/fascia, this is removable with the two small watchmaker screwdriver looking tools that are stored in the spine of the cars toolkit in the boot. Try and do it without using a Metal screwdriver at step 3, if anything use plastic! And don't bother to dis-connect clock module. paul m.
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    Had to Google the Cullinan. Eww. That and the Bentley Bo'Selecta are ghastly vehicles.
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    I once took my other car, a VW Bora TDI to KwikFit for an oil change about 4 years ago. I normally do it myself but was a bit lazy at the time so thought I would let them do it. I asked the guy behind the counter if he knew it needed oil specifically for Pumpe Duse engines and he said yer, we have all sorts of oils. They proceeded to put it on the ramp and after about 20 minutes, the manager came to me and said "did I know that the starter motor is faulty and that the exhaust needed replacing?" I played dumb and asked how much. I can't remember how much he quoted but it was in the hundreds. Now, I had owned the car since 2005 and knew it intimately. It had never failed to turn over and start and it had recently been through an MOT and I am one of those people that work on my own cars having been professionally involved in car repairs and plant machinery on an LPG plant in Algeria. I knew he was talking cheval merde. After that episode, I could not stop thinking had they used the correct oil or just put some bulk type stuff in. I changed it a week later myself for oil of the correct spec. I would not go near a KwikFIt again!
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    Hi Charlie. I think you need to check the level in the cooling system header tank ASAP. Often the antifreeze stains the inside of the tank ( it certainly has done on mine) and you can be misled into thinking there is a level when it is empty. I tend to 'wiggle' the tank on its rubber mounts and look for the level sloshing about a bit. Failing that I guess take the top off and have a look. Either way I wouldnt drive the car again untill it's sorted, new cylinder heads come expensive! Bri
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    Well that is right - they are not comparing it against Volvo S90 T8 plug-in hybrid, but rather cheapest possible option with 2.0L diesel. What is surprising from whole review is that both cars they review and all the optional choices have diesel engines. I understand that 2.0L diesel is often cheapest version of the car and they just trying to make comparative review ~kind of like for like, but in current "political" climate this seems ignorant and misinformed. Almost funniest quote from entire article is this - "Use maximum throttle and it’s more audible, but not much noisier than a diesel rival.". That is what I was saying all along - 300h is "trashy" engine, in the way that obviously it is quieter than diesel whilst simply idling or cruising (wow what an achievement, this is like saying faster than 1 legged dog), but when step on the accelerator it really makes harsh and nasty rattle. I mean when petrol engine is "not much noisier than diesel"... that is pretty awful petrol engine. Finally, I have said it before and will say it again - Lexus put themselves in stupid position comparing ES with 5-Series/E-Class... they are not there, it is wrong class, GS (being arguable much better car already failed there).. and now they introducing half class lower car for the same class - it is destined to fail. If they would have positioned themselves rather at small 4-door coupes class, that would have been a win! I can easily see the car coming on top or close second in comparison against MB CLA, BMW-Grand 4, WV Arteon... But not against BMW 5
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    Sorted. Nextbase 312 comes with cigar lighter long lead. Took that apart and removed the small 12 to 5v regulator module. Mounted cam up behind mirror , so is not distracting to driver. Cut cam plug off with 8 inches of wire and soldered to output. Used another 8 off the input feed. Removed interior light pinnacle, 2 screws beneath the flip down section, and pull the other end down crisply to release the interference push in shafts, then comes a bit toward you to let two ears come free at windscreen end. Look at one off on eBay spared for sale. Earth to one of 4 easy bolts in roof cavity. Live lead coupled to pink wire on multi connector. Was only one measured 12v switched. Plug pops through where there is good gap at mirror, flick cover off mirror makes it easier. Takes about an hour to do. No damage to trim. Can put ferrite slug on your wiring if have Dab radio, but wires are so short, doubt would be a problem. Everything works fine. Car not upset. No canbus freak out. Lead must feed up to 4 bulbs if all on, so way more juice than cam requires. Cannot see anything when fitted. My RX has all sockets in central console long run. There is cigar lighter, but who wants huge wobbly black lump sticking out. Why spend money on hardwired kit, as all is supplied with cam, and way bigger hassle ripping half trim off, and diving into fuse box fitting that.
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    No offence taken. You need a subwoofer to listen to Bassnectar or you're only getting about 30% of what they recorded in most cases =P Sadly I've never been to a Bassnectar gig as they only play shows in the US, it's on my bucket list though. And they don't just play their records on stage, they mix them live in the same way they would in a recording studio when producing an album, so there's variation for the live event. Some electronic bands I'm sure do just play pre-recorded stuff on stage, but if the fans love it then that's all that really matters right?
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    I'm a time-served, fully qualified electrician by trade (although I've not actually worked as an electrician for many years) and to me yes, I know what needs to be done and when to do it, but it's more a case of 'accidents can happen' so you try to minimise that possibility. My four-year apprenticeship took place in Courtaulds factory here in Preston and it was brilliant in that they had their own power station on site with four turbine/generator sets, generating 6.6kV, with 12 substations around the site. One day I could be replacing a lightbulb in an office and the next I may be working in the power house on one of the gennys or even laying and jointing a new substation feeder cable. My point is, even though that car battery is only 12V, there is no way on earth that I would leave both terminals uncovered for a stray spanner or screwdriver to fall or roll down onto and possibly cause a short circuit.
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    Bristol have one of those 2-litre RXs for sale as well. They seem to be a bit of a curio, apparently 238bhp from a turbocharged '4'. I wonder if the turbo is sufficient to give it the torque that modern multivalve engines lack? It strikes me it would have to work hard to haul the RX around and that economy would suffer as a result. First week in with my new 64-reg Luxury, all very good so far. Doing everything I hoped it would and my first tankful worked out at 33.5mpg. Cleaned it up today and no nasty surprises, indeed I was impressed at how tidy it is.
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    Just ordered some 450h calipers £130 posted Will get em fully refurbished in black Cant wait!
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    Okay, the fact that it is up in the air means the struts are holding air and the pump put the air into them so its probably fine. The most common fault with air-sus is the height controllers. Check to see if one corner in particular is higher than the others? On level ground, set the height level to the middle setting on the switch and measure the gaps between the wheel arches and the tyres. If one side is higher than the other, it's very likely to be the height controller on that high corner that is faulty. The other way to check if it's high on one side is on a level road the car will pull to one side. If the suspension goes down and stays down that points to a leaking strut but if they are all 'up' then it seems your struts and pump are fine. New height controllers are about £200, they are quite small items and very easy to fit. You might try to source a good one from a breaker for a lot less but it's a risk. They can sometimes be taken off, cleaned or freed up again if they have just seized up through dirt ingress.
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    Really don't know why you guys are still bothering with main dealers. Just had our IS serviced at local independent, £220 all in. Oh 4 OEM spark plugs are £50, and will be a 20min job max.
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    Take care over sunroof. Mine didn't work when we bought it and it took the garage that supplied the car over 30 hours of labour plus a few hundred in parts to fix it. The problem was caused by a small plastic part jamming the runner on one side and burning out the motor. They had to remove most of the interior of the car and the whole sunroof and supporting frame to fix it. All covered by the garage. Estimated cost if a Lexus dealer had done it probably more than £3-4K! Make sure you really need a sunroof!
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    Very very happy with the one-owner dark blue/light grey 2008 GS450h SE w/67k I bought this week. We drove home 250 miles at amazing 67 trip-average mph AND 37mpg! A true continent crosser with the best mid-range acceleration I’ve experienced since a rented Tesla Model S 70, AND far better inside-and-out build quality The tyre pressure warning was reset by the excellent Lexus Hedge End in an hour from my unbooked arrival, for just £72, presumably with a diagnostic OBD device. The weather has been ideal for the quiet-to-60mph sunroof. Tyres are cheapies and all meaty, none older than 2016. Presumably DAB for LBC can be added via the Aux socket: I love the fidelity of the Mark Levinson sound, on Radio 3 and Classic FM. I have a lot more to learn about this terrific £7200 machine. It and the incomparable ‘03/72k SC430 V8 are now my Lexii fleet. The rare Cerulean/white ‘09 34k IS250C SE-L will go to the best home I can find, possibly to a member of my car club, for £9k, having depreciated £7.4k in 4 reliable years and 20k miles.
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    I agree: you have to drive an EV to really understand what it is like and what it's about. I had the opportunity to drive a Renault Zoe for 2 days and I absolutely loved it. The instance response combined with the lack of noise... messes with your head and resets all that you thought you knew about driving a car. Very relaxing, and a lot of fun when you want it to be. I am seriously considering adding a Zoe to our collection, especially now that the recent battery pack upgrade seems to address range anxiety issues.
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    Last week was the ISFs first MOT and service under my ownership. Wasn't exactly looking forward to it as: a) the car was still in winter storage, b) it was the big service i.e 60k and c) it was a 250 mile trip all in (my local dealer was now just a Toyota dealership). I need not have worried, the car sailed through the MOT and the service went well, additional work needed to correct the wheel alignment and clean up a sticky rear caliper. I really like how they text you a link to a video and the option of authorising any additional work. The highlight was the Salesman Stuart offering a drop off and pick up service to the tram stop. Good lad. There was a bit of a dilema what to choose though... hybrid or v8. Think you can guess what I chose! All in all a great service from Lexus Edinburgh, shame I couldn't get a discount with my club membership though.
  48. 3 points
    I was thinking about getting a Volvo before, but they are quite expensive in Germany and most of them are Diesel, what is a no go for us since most towns in Germany are about to ban Diesel. I am totally aware that my cost will be higher than some Skoda (my wife wanted one), but I will invest money in the pleasure of driving one of the best cars ever made. And thanks God at this point of my career, the money is there. I will most probably make some trips with my son to watch races on Hockenheim, Nürburgring and Spa, so I would like to have something nice, reliable and enjiyable for my day by day and trips. I am convinced that I am making the best decision and whatever what others will say/think.
  49. 3 points
    OK, so the paint blemish was caused by a paintless dent removal carried out by previous owner. Lexus have given their usual excellent aftersales service and fixed it free of charge and also delivered back to me. This is one of the reasons I rate Lexus as the best owner experiences I have had in all my years of driving. Thanks to the guys at Exeter Lexus.
  50. 3 points
    I bought mine on the proviso it would get through an MoT and the cloudy headlights were flagged up on there even when it passed. I used the 3M headlight restoration kit on mine which I did a while ago and then ordered the 3M clear coat wipes which I finally got around to doing yesterday and they have really finished the job off nicely. The headlight restoration kits are great for just sprucing older cars up a bit

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