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    Well eventually I'm an ISF owner and I'm sooooo pleased with it. Collected today from a member here so thanks David @Dave400SE for the opportunity. Great to meet you. I gather its belonged to at least 1 other member too so perhaps I'm just the current custodian of this fine machine. I took the long way home through the Peak District and haven't stopped grinning yet. I didn't stop to take any new photo's either, Doh, but here's a couple of Davids. Its in great condition but I cant resist spending a few ££ to make it the best it can be. Thanks to all you guys on here from which I have leaned so much on my search to find the right one. Love it. Love it. Love it.......or is it "her" ?
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    For reason I won't go into, I went to the (VW) T-Roc forum the other day. Bearing in mind the T-Roc has been out for only about four months, there are probably 100 threads already cataloguing loads of faults, including clutch failures. Long live Boring Forums!
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    Just got my LS460. I will try and post some pictures. Absolutely beautiful.
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    MOT passed this morning
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    My wife's brother in law is a 'Jaguar man' and passes his Jaguar club magazine on to me when he is finished. As a Jaguar sympathiser, I always look for a good read, but I am truly shocked at what owners say.....new wishbones, not too bad at £450 a side......new rear suspension bushes only £400 as if it is 'normal'. The most scary aspect is corrosion. My daughter has a 12 year old FIAT Panda with no corrosion. Yes, a FIAT. Yet, a £50,000 Jaguar F type (the E-Type replacement ) has a string of corrosion issues, such that members are screaming for Jaguar to act. They do not. Corrosion was solved by the bad boys of Lancia, Vauxhall, and Fiat in the late 1990's. That Jaguar still has an issue is really worrying. We however, just waft along quietly in quiet snobbery ......and why not?
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    Things to look for... Service History - Look for Plus 60 (60k/6 year service) to check if that has been completed (including Spark Plugs) as that is the biggest service it needs (about £900 from Lexus). Check invoices (if available) to see if water pump has been replaced as that is the only real weakness on the ISF that I am aware of. If you get a chance to drive it, try both normal and sport mode. Normal mode the throttle has a dead zone for just cruising whereas Sport mode is instant throttle response. Snow mode.... I believe it has the E-Diff rather than mechanical LSD (you can tell from steering wheel. If it has blue section at bottom it has mechanical LSD). Other thing that's fairly common is the aux belt slipping a bit under hard acceleration. Mine has done this since the day I bought it 3 years ago and doesn't bother me. Quite a lot of them do it if you look on youtube at ISF's being launched. Squeaky front seats are a quick tighten with a 10mm spanner. The safety recall will more than likely be the passenger airbag recall. Day job completed by Lexus so no cost to yourself. Don't be surprised if front tyres are worn on inside. Common with most of them although mine wear evenly for some reason since I have had alignment completed by Wheel Alignment Specialist in Southampton. From the pics it looks like it has Conti Sport 6's all round so a good sign that previous or current owner has put decent rubber on it. If brake discs/pads look like they need replacing then a relatively cheap consumable if you get some Brembo or Pagid discs/pads from Euro Car Parts in one of their numerous 50% off all brake sales. The MOT history is a bit random... the parking brake efficiency is a common one. Mine is being adjusted before it's MOT next week when it has a 10 year service as well. My main concern is the unreadable mileage and the 45k mile jump in MOT between 2010 and 2012. Also with it being a 2009 then why would it need an MOT in 2010 (assuming new cars are still exempt from MOT's for 3 years). That kind of mileage and the gap for 2 years... Could have been a track day car for a company maybe? Would it need an MOT if it lived at a race track? If the Service History lines up and you can get it for 10k then you have got yourself a potential bargain. Also... Just notice the tailpipes don't look standard. They look like these are fitted... https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/for-Lexus-Is250-Is350-GS-LS-Is-f-ISF-Style-Custom-Muffler-Tips-Twin-Dual-Oval/1342371713?iid=152232848229&chn=ps So possible that an aftermarket exhaust has been installed. The standard tailpipes are over £400 a side from Lexus so you can understand why replicas would be fitted instead if previous tailpipes were discarded. HTH
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    My RCF Carbon is in at Lexus Hatfield having the £45 winter health check and preparation and so I organised with the dealership to borrow the new long wheel base RX450h for the weekend. We have 4 children between 10 and 13, so we need a 7 seater and I have managed to get this Lexus on my other half’s list of cars we are considering. The model we borrowed is in Luxury spec and apart from that I didn’t spot any obvious non-standard options. So my impressions are: - it is deceptively quick, clearly not a patch on the normal monster I drive, but in town from any speed the hybrid motor provides that instantaneous torque which makes the car feel a lot more nippy than it should. It also means the car is a lot quieter as the gearbox doesn’t kick down as far as it needs. Which means it picks up speed without making the normal fuss - which means when you look down, you don’t realise how much speed you’ve taken on - speaking of quietness, it is almost Bentley quiet in the cabin, bit of tyre noise, but apart from that it is a very pleasant calm place to be - stereo is awesome. It’s not the Levinson in this one, but still sounds great. Music was okay but with spoken word (DAB radio but also audiobooks and podcasts) the hifi was particularly well resolved - the ride is good if a little wallowy, granted this is particularly noticeable from me as I’m going from the ridiculous into the sublime, but nevertheless it is good and very well at everyday speeds on almost any road surface - I haven’t extensively tested it off road, but the few bits I have driven down (access roads to dog walking car parks in the South Downs and a farm entrance to visit friends) the car didn’t deal with them very well at all. Over sprung and under damped on rebound I would say - meant it sounded and felt very crashy. Not a patch even on my old Mitsubishi PHEV thing. - size and practicality. It’s MASSIVE...much bigger than an Outlander. But the legroom is pretty bad in the back. The middle row of seats slide forward and back which is cool. And with 5 people it’s v big. But the draw of this car must be the 7 seats and unless you are transporting 5 year olds, someone is going to be complaining Overall? I really liked it, but feel it is flawed. And vs the pretty flawless Xc90, i feel it’s going to struggle.
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    Has this site been taken over by the US forum:-) There is no such thing as 'math' in English; it's maths. Math is American English. And there is no such thing as British English; that's English. Here endeth the language lesson! Apologies Adam if you are from the other side of the pond!! Now in respect of the actual question although I drive an RX I agree with all of the other comments. I've never driven a large engined petrol car but I've driven a hybrid for almost 30 months and a 3.5ltr hybrid is an absolutely amazing experience, smooth, powerful, quiet and, all things taken into account, amazingly economical. They are affected by the cold weather; a combination of more electricity sapping accessories being used and the batteries being less efficient in the cold can result in my mpg dropping to mid to high 20s; down from mid to high 30s in the summer. Regardless of that once you've driven a hybrid you'll be hooked!
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    Quick cold start VID_29240505_181602_624.mp4
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    One more, just so Comedian can see the new wheel colour.
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    To me it says :- I can think for myself, I am not a sheep. I value reliability and customer service. I am not concerned with what people think of me, I am happy to be different. I value craftsmanship and individuality as well as luxury. I am not a petrol head but enjoy a comfortable relaxed drive. I am part of the enlightened minority.
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    Evening one n all, Ryo is organising a Mini meet at Tesla Oxford services, meeting will be at 1pm with some American F’ers who own a Super charged RCF, open inveration to one and all. hopefully see a few there. Paul
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    Kindred Spirits............that's cars perhaps as well as owners. I took the ISF to a work meeting this week (any excuse) and found myself parking next to this. Look Familiar ?? I then bumped into the owner as I was about to leave to find its a Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex Edition. A personal import from Japan which has the 2JZ engine, same as my IS300, although with twin turbo' s for him. Its very quick apparently. It was certainly very nice. Other similarities to my IS300 include the steering wheel auto box shift buttons and nearly all the other switch gear. I bet there are more. The line of evolution to Lexus and later models too was clear. Small world
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    Hi, Thanks for the welcome! I wasn't expecting it (and missed the notifications). Here are some pics. It is a Crown Majesta S180 C Class 2006 - so full leather, enhanced sound system, climate control, rear fridge etc etc. I imported it from Japan to Australia. Have to say I had never heard of a Crown before I went on-line looking for a lexus, so buying it was a bit of a gamble but it seems to have paid off - had it a few weeks now and am still v impressed.
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    Since I bought the GS 450h I wanted to brighten up the front bumper somehow. Decided to make a lower lip finisher in 0.5mm aluminium. Made using paper templates in 3 pieces with two small joining pieces. The aluminium was thin enough to shape into the curves and folds of the bumper's profile. Once fitted it was polished using various wheels and mops with different grades of metal polishing compounds. Took me back to my previous life in Bodyshops working with sheet metal. Needs no more than a a bit of Autosol once a week after polishing.
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    There is usually so little to read on this forum, it could reasonably be described as pretty boring. I can go on Jaguar and BMW forums etc and read about all sorts of problems with engines, gearboxes, suspension problems, starting problems, creaking, rattling trim, electrical issues, not to mention the countless diesel related problems. I recognise that there are far fewer LS cars on the road than BMWs and Jags but perhaps, sometimes, it's good to be boring? (I hope I'm not tempting fate, the only issues I currently have on my 400 are the windscreen washer light on, I can't be bothered to fix it, and a new cable needed for my heater temperature control, which may be a major job and not worth resolving. Perhaps the final test before buying a new car, is to gravitate towards those with the quietest forums?
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    Finally got the car back this afternoon after nine days and the problem was diagnosed as the prop shaft bearing. The car does now seem to be a lot better to drive and the noise does appear to have gone. Unfortunately I was unable to do more than 50mph during the journey home so am unable to confirm for myself that the vibration has gone, although Steve the technician who worked on the car is confident the problem is now sorted. The problem with the light steering was traced to it toeing out so a 4 wheel alignment has sorted this and as a result the steering now feels much more weightier. Will be going out for a long fast run tomorrow and hopefully, after more than three years, I've got my car back to how I remember it and will enjoy driving it again.
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    Spotted! Just outside Brisbane, Australia! (I got a small reprimand from Mrs Funex for being a ‘sad car weirdo’!!!) 🤣
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    To the right of the steering column (where it enters the dash area .... if you will) there is a button. Often referred to as the Satellite switch I believe. It is a button that says On and Off and has a central domed button and a left and right tab. This button allows access to certain different menus when the engine is On or Off. This is where you turn off the Internal Motion sensor. You can only do this when the engine is turned off. You have to reset this every time you want to turn it off. It defaults back to On each time the engine is started. This is handy button to know about also for Cross Channel ferries etc. By turning the motion sensor OFF you can stop the car alarm being tripped off by the swing ticket hanging on the rear view mirror. Hope that helps.
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    I previously owned the Evoque, which to be fare was a good drive and handled well. I traded in my RX400h for it and the only reason was that I'd had an older RX before that and thought ! fancied a change. But for me it was style over substance, let down by horrendous after sales service, in my case a fault with the panic alarm (didn't even know it had one until it randomly started going off at all times of the night and day, much to my neighbours annoyance). It went back to the dealer on numerous occasions and had to call out their recovery service at least twice. I remember one time going to pick it up after being 'fixed' and when I asked someone else to open the car for me to check, it started going off straight away, I then sat in their reception for 2 hours whilst they stripped someone else's brand new car that had just been delivered to get parts to 'fix it'..... well I left in a loan car!!! Never again!! Couldn't wait to get rid of (back to the dealer!) Extremely happy with my RX450h (it's replacement). Never had any issues with the 3 RX's owned.
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    I believe the TSB is: CP-0082L-0614 Vibration and droning noise when driving Your dealer could have spend 20 seconds searching the TSB database for that rather than just fobbing you off. I really don't get how Lexus scores so highly on customer satisfaction sometimes 😞
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    A quick report (slightly behind actual progress) of where things stand with my car. The intention is to lower this car with coilovers, give it some nice wheels and a nice exhaust. None of that can happen (in my opinion) without renewing all items of suspension and brakes that are found to be wanting... boy howdy is there some work to do! Here's a couple of my issues at the front of the car: Both front calipers have blown piston seals. the outer seals were all that was keeping brake fluid from p***ing out the caliper every time you hit the brakes: Clearly the previous owner was driving the car with the brakes in this state for some time... The calipers were effectively seized in place on both sides of the car. It didn't also help that the slide pins have probably never been serviced - so they were seized in the caliper carriers as well: Old hardware on the left - after some serious F'ing and blinding getting the pins out the carrier and cleaning them up. New hardware on the right - as I just didn't want to risk putting the old pins back in, however clearn/lubricated they were. Here's the caliper being stripped; easy to do - hang the caliper from the upper arm, pump the brakes and get the piston out the housing - try not to get a jet of brake fluid in your eyes if your piston seals are sh***ed! Pistons on the way out of one caliper - they were in good nick so were re-used: New seals in the caliper and boots inverted on the pistons before slowly offering them back in to the caliper body: pistons back in and seal/boot circlips back in place: c The caliper repair kit supplied from Brake Parts.co.uk (along with the discs, pads and caliper hardware: All put back together - the discs are Bremtech, pads are Ferodo: My boy is supervising the work - he was anxious to point out that there's a jack stand under the car just out of shot!
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    Sitting in my car waiting for my wife when a guy driving a new Nissan pulled up beside me, asked me to wind down the window and he said "that's a beautiful car you've got there". Nice to get a comment like that!
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