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    Hi Guys, posted a couple of times over the past while, and a few members have asked for better interior photos of my USB IS-F Never actually taken any half decent photos of the of the cars interior since fitting the seats and having the steering wheel re-trimmed. Quiet afternoon at work and an ideal chance to give the car a wash an hoover, and take a few pics. Hope you like them! The Seats are Recaro CS Sportsters from a Lotus Evora and came with manual runners. Yes, I've lost the heated seats and electric adjustment, but small price to pay for the perfect seating position as I've always found the standard seats didn't' quite go low enough for me. I must admit though, the heated seats were missed over winter, but it is nearly summer :) There is quite a bit of wiring involved to address the PCS and Airbag lights. This was taken care of by a professional Auto Spark. The bases came from the states, using IS350 mounts, although if I'm being 100% honest, the drivers frame isn't perfect and I'm going to have the original adjusted or an entirely new subframe fabricated. I used Optimus Trimmers up here in Glasgow for the wheel. They are top notch. Even did the wheel in once piece, unlike my GT3 which wheel uses three sections. I wouldn't ever have known, but Del the owner wanted it to be like the factory finish. He's some man! This is my third IS-F and chose to address all the little things I didn't like about the model with this car. There isn't much, but always room for improvement. I'm not into going overboard - Prefer to get the car like they way I imagined it might have come from the factory. OEM+ I think its called on the 'scene' :) Cheers, Stevie
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    Cars were a little chalk and cheese, Jag very modern, rode beautifully even on 20" wheels with the adaptive suspension and the engine is the best sounding and responsive forced induction v6 on the market imo. Then there's the ISF, well that's the car that will be sitting in my drive in a weeks time 😁 felt about 10 times more special. Bought the silver 09 plate 32k miles with 3 years of Lexus warranty.
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    Here she is, doesn't look to shabby considering she did 250 miles in torrential rain. Hopefully get some decent weather over the weekend to go for a bit of a run. (That's my work not my house btw!!)
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    If you want real exclusivity get a GSF.....................
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    So finally got sometime to install the Greddy Ti Exhaust. As previously stated I had to do a slight modification to the mid pipes to include HFCs, so I didn’t use the Greddy Ti mid-pipes, instead I had a new set made out of SS with cats and resonator. I’ve only driven around for like 1 and half weeks and had to travel, loving it the more I drive it and reminds me of how the car used to sound with the Joe-Z Exhaust. I was surprised to see I had a significant exhaust leak when I took of the OEM exhaust. Driver side bottom was pretty bad, and passenger side Top seems to have started to leak (below pics). I hope this custom installation should in general give a much better compatibility between the PPE Header flanges and exhaust flanges. (Driver Side Exhaust flang) (Passenger Side Exhaust flang) Below pic of the new pipe alone: Greddy Mid-pipes vs SS Mid-pipes Below comparison of both mid-pipes together: If anyone is interested I did the work at Styledynamics in London, so far I’m loving their work. Any finally a short sound clip below:
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    A very amateur video that might hopefully be useful to potential purchasers. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    As we all know from Lexus the pads and discs are not cheap, I had a guy source Brembo pads for the front of my isF last year and have just sorted a another set for @Rusty Crobar for the same price of £72.00 the rears are a little less. Had an email today today from him front pads now released and available in 24 hrs for both the Rcf and Gsf rear pads and front and rear discs will follow shortly. The price for the front pads for the Rcf and Gsf is £55.35 + vat A group buy is a possibility but unlikely so if anybody wants them here's the link ask for Sam or Neil they both know all about. http://wrsfactors.co.uk/contact-us Big Rat
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    Decided against H&S exhaust as almost as common as RCF's nowadays.... ;-) Taking one for the team and I have ordered an exhaust from Fox in Germany with black tips. Contacted them directly and got free shipping to the UK and 10% off the exhaust Also ordered a Takeda intake from the States. Bonus gone :-) Bring the noise :-) Will post relevant pics & vids once arrived and installed.
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    So she's sat there wrapped in the Welsh morning mist and dirt............ 🙄 After her previous day's exercise........ Big. Rat
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    'F' Car 10 Year Meet Major Changes Well had a long chat with Tim Huxley and his team at Cheltenham and due to circumstances beyond there control major changes have to be made. The two main reasons for the changes are firstly the huge unexpected numbers for such a small venue which will lead to both traffic and parking issues which clearly none of us want. And secondly on the chosen dates the now unavailability of the Lfa for the two days, it's a vehicle in high demand that has to be shared both in the Uk and Europe and Tim feels to just have it as a static display with the occasional start up defeats the object somewhat So plans are being prepared for the following......... The published dates of the 21st/22nd will become one day not known which as yet at Cheltenham Lexus as a purely Toyota performance car day of vehicles past and present with open house to workshops on site parking food drink and so on and all are wellcome. As and when I know more I will update as soon as. So as regards the 'F' car event this will be held off site at an as yet undecided location but will have much added interest that would have not been possible at the dealership. This will be held some time in May or June over one day, the venues that they have access to are 2 Hill climb sites which have many facilities and an airfield storage site that has a permission to use dragstrip. The drag strip and or hillclimb will be available to use subject to instructional presence which will be provided, there will also be a much larger number of 'F' cars available to drive test Rcf Gsf Lc and so on, all Owners club members and families are welcome. I can assure all that every effort is being made by Tim and his guy's to come up with the right mix of things to participate in so we can all get the maximum amount of enjoyment from whatever is decided upon. Big Rat
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    Take your pick.........................
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    Some sunny road rash correction from yesterday. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Well hers my old girl dogging up some yellow thing in the distance whilst basking in the sunshine waiting for her turn to to be 'Quicksilvered'......... Big Rat
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    and earlier in the day, I spotted my F sunbathing - obviously testing out it's UV protection!
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    I bought RCF other day with ACC/PCS TVD sunroof, QS exhaust etc just below 9k on the clock, was originally priced for £38k and I can tell you after the negotiations price dropped around £35k. I had a quick chat with Lexus Salesman and like someone previously said, some of the cars were bought on 3-year PPC and very soon they will be up for renewals and very likely their next choice is LC500 so hopefully more RCF coming to the market soon.
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    Ahoy! Reading Japanese blogs I've decided to speak to my friend in JPN to try out these little cosmetic OEM addons. First up RCF rear bumper winglets.. Already painted in 1H9 Mercury Grey so it was a case of dremeling out on the inside and as it comes with 3M adhesive it will stick right on. Next up.. GS300H Gearknob - difference is that the IS300H doesnt have the matching contrast stitching. Fairly easy to install, just pull down the leather boot and unscrew the old shift knob. Feels and looks nice imo.. Weatherstrip Mod. - This I find very useful as no joke wind noise is slightly reduced and closing of the front door gives an even more upmarket 'thunk'. B Pillar is also is cleaner as rainwater cannot get in. Weatherstrips are again from an older GS. Easy to install. Just mask off the trim area and use a trim tool to lever up, the first 2 clips will pop off giving enough room to fit the rubber tab into the door. Use alcohol to clean the door edge as the weatherstrip is self adhesive. Test fit without peeling off the backing so you are confident where it will go and then commit. Next Upgrade are CT200H Door Check Strap covers.. And Lastly as the room rolls their eyes.. Genuine JDM Alarm Stickers.. Did not source parts from Lexus UK as they are well overpriced. It was a combination of Japan and the USA. Lesson endeth.. lol
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    Yeah but everyone has an RCF nowadays... Almost as common as the VW Golf PCP R ;-)
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    Pics of the new colour and wheels - what do we think? I think it looks pretty good TBH https://lexusenthusiast.com/images/weblog/18-03-29-gallery-lexus-rc-f-yellow-8.jpg https://lexusenthusiast.com/images/weblog/18-03-29-gallery-lexus-rc-f-yellow-9.jpg
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    A few pics now it's out of hibernation just had a fresh mot at Lexus Leeds was surprised to have it fail on a rear shock and window wipers which I've never used as i never drive it in rain so I'm guessing they were perished.
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    As a non talented driver, 460+ BHP, RWD and British roads, I’ll take all the help Lexus can give me 👍😀 I love the idea of being able to balance the car on the throttle, powering it sideways out of a corner or even executing the perfect u-turn using throttle ownly. Great if you have the ability and a safe environment, but for me just pipe dreams, as reality says an oversteer moment is more likely to soil my trousers! Far too many RWD ‘hero’ types on YouTube. Love this one. Now, where’s my ECCO mode button.......
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    Todays job i pulled the engine back out and changed the engine mounts over to the vibratechnics 1s. Also managed to sort a coolant hose under the exhaust manifold to the back of the water pump. I had some left over reinforced silicone hose in my box so cut a short section out and trial fitted it. Once i had it measured just right i pulled it back off, put some reflective heat tape on it and refitted using mikalor hose clamps. Had to put reflective tape on it as it sits very close to the external wastegate pipe. Ive also removed the loom again to start modifying it to fit, ive labelled up all the plugs i will still be using and the rest is coming out, ends heat shrinked and taped up. Its looking like i will have to lengthen this loom to like i had to with the body harness. Pictures of this to come once im chopping and heat shrinking.
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    Picture for anybody interested :)
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    yesterday i took my partners Auris hybrid for its mot at my lexus dealership as they where £15 cheaper over our local toyota dealer (same group) before you know it i'm looking at a 17 plate is300h F Sport and today i've signed for it to replace my 63 plate 300h i collect my new car on wednesday ,the saving i was hoping to make has suddenly been lost, cant wait for wednesday.
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    Thanks for posting the video 👍🏻 Gives me a bit of a taster - my QS is arriving shortly & being fitted on Saturday. Looking forward to waking up the Cotswolds on my way home 😉😆
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    @rayaans Yes saw those Rayaans in fact there were 3 others in total but the Solar flare Carbon SJ16ZKS that was at a dealers up North for some time was subsequently withdrawn and has 2 outstanding recalls on it, and VUI 1838 is some months past needing its first MOT The third one CN15 UPF Which is also white with a red interior as is the one @Tfp has mentioned also has outstanding recalls. The White one above that is going through the auctions. VUI1838 was an ex demonstrator fro Lexus Belfast who carried out a wrap on it for a show and demonstration and had this wrap on it for some, here is one of many pictures I have of it Big Rat
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    Quite a bit to report in this update. First of all, my car was in at Lexus Edinburgh yesterday for it's annual MOT, plus a major service. The car scored greens across the board during it's last health check, which was back in January when I had the airbag recall done. So, I wasn't expecting any surprises (even if it was Friday the 13th...). Sure enough, when I returned to collect the car another all-green health check had been recorded, plus the MOT was passed with no advisories. For a courtesy vehicle, I was given a Sonic Titanium NX300h. An SE model I believe as it had some decent equipment. I'm not the biggest fan of this colour, but I think it suits the angular nature of an NX. I quite enjoyed driving this around for a few hours. It was nice and comfy, plus the elevated driving position and roomy cabin are a stark contrast to the low and snug-feeling IS. Anytime I get given a hybrid as a courtesy car, I find it strangely addictive trying to maximise EV mode and fuel economy. To this end, I only managed 32.5MPG, which was disappointing considering how gently I was driving. Before I ventured to the dealers I took the precautionary measure of applying this custom sticker to the airbox of my car just in case someone attempted to replace what's inside with a normal paper filter. Probably borderline paranoia on my part and totally unnecessary I'm sure, but you never know... Lexus used to include a sticker like this with the F-Sport intake, but stopped at some point. The car is now running on a new set of summer wheels & tyres. I wanted to coat them with Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour before fitting them to the car, but a punctured rear tyre meant the switchover had to be fast-tracked. The tyre in question turned out be unrepairable so I had to cough up £144 for a replacement. Anyway, these are the wheels that are on the car now... Freshly-refurbished "Hoshi" wheels as fitted to a MY2010 F-Sport. I bought these in February and some might see this as a backward step considering the other wheels that have been on my car at various points, but I've always really liked these, and similar multi-spoke wheels in general. About a month later with Winter just about at an end, they were all removed from their boxes and fitted with IS-F centre-caps and Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres. I got these for a pretty decent deal, and as with my winter setup, the rear is downsized to 245/40 instead of 255. I'm very pleased with how they look on the car, but until I take some better pictures, this is all I have.
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    Hi Guys, I have been a member of this forum for quite some time, not very active tho. I have had my ISF for 2 years (amazing car), last week I went to a Lexus dealer to see nice white RCF and I bought it... dunno how this happened as I didn't plan on changing the ISF, I guess love from the first sight lol. The car comes with QuickSilver exhaust already installed and I have a quick question for some of you who already have the exhaust. On QuickSilver website, there is a video of the exhaust on RCF with switchable valves. Anyone knows if this is the standard option they provide for all their exhaust systems or do you have to request that? When I had a test drive I checked all the modes and the car sounds exactly the same. Don't get me wrong the sound is amazing I'm just concerned about my neighbours and morning starts as it is super loud... :D. Ta!
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    Agree 100% but that said my CLS55 was pretty exclusive but much like the IS-F, it didn't really stand out, looking (to Joe Public at least) very much like it's "lesser" variants. The RC just screams out at one, even parked up in the corner of a car park there's almost like a big balloon floating above it saying "Look at me"!! Even without the rich burble of the V8 to attract attention mine seems to catch the eye of passing patrol cars (it's not my driving, honest!!), a couple have done a U turn to catch up and shadow me for a couple of miles before giving the thumbs-up and turning off. We're just back from a midweek break on Burgh Island and we lost count the number of cars on the A38/A303 that pulled along side then dropped back to check out the car. Exclusivity is great but one still needs the car to be noticed. 18 months into ownership and I still grin like a Cheshire cat every time I drive it
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    Just before a full on assault of a great B road.....................
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    Well I'm guessing he's bought something more befitting a man of his advancing years!
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    In the run up to the recent Quicksilver Exhaust group buy there were discussions on the forum about how the CAT back exhaust might invalidate the warranty. Some of us contacted our local dealerships & the general view they all took was that a CAT back exhaust is a wear & tear item which is not covered anyway & would therefore not invalidate your warranty. But on the suggestion of my dealer I contacted TWG (who run the Warranty) and basically just had the terms & conditions read to me, which of course states that it does not cover modified cars. Dissatisfied with this “ computer says no” view I re contacted my dealership & asked what they do when they have a difficult warranty issue. Apparently TWG have Regional Managers who deal with this stuff & to my surprise they suggested I contact one directly. I have to say he was incredibly helpful and asked me to send him an email with all the issues set out which he would send to their senior guy, who decides on policy, for his consideration & to provide clarification one way or the other. They came back to me on Thursday, (sorry for the slight delay in posting) and the following is TWG’s response:- “I am glad to be able to confirm the attachment of the Quicksilver exhaust on the RC-F will not invalidate the warranty. I have received the following update this morning,” “The use of the non-genuine exhaust DOES NOT invalidate the warranty. However, should there be a consequential failure of a covered item due to the fitment of this product then it would not be covered" “I can confirm this applies to the Lexus original Manufacturer warranty and the 2-4-1 Retail Warranty for all RCF owners.” Result!! & I have to say that I am massively impressed by this as the Regional Manager/TWG were genuinely interested in customers views & that’s not something that happens very often these days, so many thanks to them. Also thanks to Paul (Big Rat) for providing a lot of the additional info re the Quicksilver Exhaust - I will let him fill you in on the info provided by Quicksilver’s M.D. re it’s development with Lexus. Ordered my exhaust on Thursday 👍🏻
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    Well me and @Warrington guy Dave had a race recently....... who was the first into the fish and chip que at the services......... got to be honest Dave battered me...... Big Rat
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    You should never reveal your true age on any social media ;-)
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    I have tweeked the website's ECU and now sticking her on the dyno LOL Looking better already.. i will keep tweeking. I am no longer getting reports of downtime, must of had 2000 reports, my phones ringtone was on fire. Funny how it gets fixed at the end of the bank holiday weekend. Just typical
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    Congrats!!! Despite what many think, silver really suits the ISF and shows the lines beautifully.
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    @Stuno1 Stuart here's some pics of installation day......
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    2018 specifications at link below: https://carconfig.lexus.co.uk/gb/en/?RC/735687da-31ad-4922-9335-66f37cb58981/grades
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    Here is a bit of info about ASC: On the RC F there is a single speaker, behind the instrument cluster, it cannot be turned off and works in all modes, although in normal there is less sound. It will only operate once the engine is above 980 rpm and the vehicle is travelling over 4 mph. It takes into account all sorts of parameters to make the sounds realistic (engine speed, load, vehicle speed, throttle angle, gear etc). For the 2018 model there are a few changes. The ASC sound will only occur in Sport + mode, or custom mode if the Power option is selected. In addition to engine sounds, it will also enhance the intake noise on a sharp throttle opening (the vehicle does not need to be travelling for this sound to occur, unlike the engine noise). On the GS F there are two speakers, one on the rear parcel shelf and the other is the centre dashboard speaker. The system is off in Eco and Normal drive modes. In Sport just the rear speaker is used, and Sport + uses both front and rear. There is a button to disable the system completely in both sport modes. The system generates engine, intake (only in Sport + from the front speaker) and exhaust pulsation sounds (only in Sport + and front the rear speaker).
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    I’m not sure wives can be switched off in the manner you suggest, but if you do find a way to do this please let me know! [emoji846][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Things I like: almost everything Things I don't: The indicator lights are hidden by my hands in normal (10 to 2) driving position. The noise is also inaudible, so too often I've left them on after turns shallow enough to not trigger the self-cancel. My contempt for people who leave their flashers on is high, so I feel like a right berk when it happens When I'm listening to the radio, the display space for the song and band is so short that often I can't see who or what is playing. For example;2112 by Rush is just about OK, but In a gadda da vida by Iron Butterfly is well out of spec When switching on, it takes several menu interactions before I get the map up. I just want the map dammit 2.5 years in and I'm still not loving the touchpad. Teenagers seem to get it quickly, but then I comfort myself by knowing they won't ever get to see all the great bands in their prime (see above) ....and that's all...I think On a related note; I'm very pleased to see the emerging passion for the RCF from the ISF gang. It felt like there was some neutrality, or even skepticism, back in 2015 which caused me to doubt my choice. Now I feel in good company and feel like a man of impeccable taste
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    Its not a bike, but it wouldn't be far behind
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    Just a quick update having a meet with Tim and his team at Cheltenham on Saturday and will update more on the weekend 👍 Big Rat
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    Absolutely. My wife doesn’t understand why I value that attribute in a car. It gives me a sense of pride and just feels good. Loved that with the Evora. Frequently returned to car parks to have to wait while people took photos in front of it. I look forward to this with the rcf.
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    Some of you will remember my brush with a 460 last year... thread here... It was a Friday car, I hated it anyway as it felt like a BMW and not a Lexus, it was an expensive mistake but who makes money on cars...!!! It did make me miss my old 430 that I had to sell for medical reasons (mine, not the cars..!!)... now I have two new hips and a new knee I can get in and out of them again so I started looking last year for a facelifted 430.... well it turns out that there are a lot of overpriced tatty cars out there and after hundreds of miles looking at rusty, bent and abused cars I gave up as the other part of our latest master plan was getting close, we had sold the house and downsized and it was time to actually move and get on with it... Kids have left home and we can just about afford to retire... my various smashed up bits of body hate the cold weather so we decided to be snowbirds and head for the heat during our cold wet winters... So at the beginning of February we caught the big white bird over the pond and landed in Miami for a spot of boat shopping... to cut a long story short after 5 weeks we had found and bought one in Panama City FL, up on the panhandle... We have a few commitments this year so had to wrap her up and leave her in a yard till we return after the hurricane season towards the end of the year... So... back to Lexus.... we will only be here for around 6 months a year so another 430 seemed like a good idea, well made enough to not worry about sitting going nowhere for 6 months.... Yesterday I managed to find one that fitted the bill... a 2004 LS430 facelift in Blue Onyx Pearl with Light Gray leather 123,000 miles, full history, nice clean condition, no dents scapes or rust, near mint interior, drives as it should and has 4 new Pirellies. I love the colour combination and the guy was keen to shift it as he had already got it's replacement so a deal was done at £3,700 and the next 240 miles wafted by in serenity.... It is a joy to drive, so much nicer than the 460 and smoother than the earlier 5 speed 430..... It has a few small cosmetic issues that I will get sorted. Mechanically the Pirellies are runflats and give a hard ride, and are also the wrong size so I will have to see how much they annoy me and may change them... The steering wheel up/down motor has failed, refurbished ones at a reasonable price are available now. The aircon does have some gas in but is not very cold so I will get it recharged, and one front parking sensor has failed. The wheels could do with a refurb but aren't too bad.. On the plus side it has had the cambelt and waterpump done, all the cabin filters replaced, the modified gearbox oil cooler mod has been done and it even has the latest sat nav disc.... So I'm sort of a happy bunny now... can't wait to get back out to the boat but at least I have somewhere nice to sit in the meantime.....!! (460 owners, please don't take offence at my comments about them, I love the look of them and admire the technology but personally they just don't do it for me...)
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    M4 is rapid (as we all know). However, on a public road, M4 v RCF / GSF, I can’t see there being a winner (other than the law). Given your average driver, in the wet, I honestly don’t think an M4 would know which way an RCF / GSF went. I’m not a capable driver, but what impressed me most about the RCF was the wet weather handling. Never once did my car (unexpectedly) break traction. I was told by another driver that TVD does allow some tail happy behaviour in the wet. ISF / GSF / RCF straight line performance, not much in it (as you would expect).
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    I did a lot of research before buying my first Lexus - a GS450H - last summer. Do some GS450s suffer issues with shocks? Yes. Exhaust corrosion? Yes, some problems reported. Hybrid battery? Barely any. Other cars I was looking at in the same price segment (MB CLS350, BMW 530) have known issues too, which on balance looked either more prevalent and/or most costly to fix than potential GS450 problems. The GS450 was a £50K car when new and was a competitor to the V8 E Class and 5 Series, and latterly the high output diesels. The GS300, while I’m sure a very fine car, is not playing in this league ( On balance the Lexuses seemed more reliable than the competition. One thing I was positive about and still am is the desire to have a Lexus warranty on the car. This will probably take care of the shock absorber issue should I have it and an exhaust centre section, while not covered by the warranty, is something I can cope with. It also covers everything else, including the hybrid battery. If you’re buying any once expensive car ‘cheap’ then comparatively large bills when unfortunately things go wrong are an unavoidable part of the equation. This applies to the GS300 as much as the GS450. Best of luck with your decision and I certainly don’t regret my purchase. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk