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    Time to officially introduce myself after a couple of posts. I've just purchased KM11EFO from Lexus Coventry. As most of you will know, it used to belong to MarkG. I considered all the usual candidates, C63, M3 etc but looking at the forums with all the trouble they seem to have, the IFS seemed the best choice. With a years warranty, and the option of a further 2, it was a no brainer. The 'fuel economy' and insurance cost was also a consideration, after driving a Prius as a taxi for many years. I'm retired now and wanted some fun. Driving home from Coventry I managed 28.6 mpg. Driving down to Devon 29.6, and returning, with a bit of 'playing', 30.6 mpg. Well pleased. I'm obviously not trying hard enough!!!! Insurance. Seems being an old git pays dividends. Saga, fully comp, 13 years NCD, £239.27. ( I did check this many times) Yep £2.11p more than my Prius!!!!!! which I'm keeping as a town runaround. Well Mark, thanks for looking after it, be assured it's gone to a good home to be cherished.
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    Just an update on this topic. I refused to go away and jumped through all the hoops I was presented with. Eventually got refered to the MD of the company who were sub-contracted to the council who agreed to pay the cost of repairs. Just been paid by bank transfer this week. Now I just need to book it in for the repair. 😀
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    As I mentioned yesterday the RcF has gone to Lexus Cheltenham for a service and a bit of personalisation. They kindly gave me this to runabout in for a while and I must say I'm very impressed.......... I requested it about a week ago as I've never driven one before and my first impressions are wholly positive. From the outset it's obviously a drivers focused car and has clearly been designed as such from the outset. No doubt most of you have read plenty about them as they've been around for some years now, but what I really appreciate is normally aspirated petrol rear wheel drive. This one is a manual which most no doubt are the gearbox is great close ratios stacked together well for acceleration in any gear, bit noisy and buzzy at motorway speeds 80mph in 6th equates to 3000rpm, I understand the auto 6th is an overdrive. Great pointy steering and the vehicle is easy to place in part to the raised front arch bumps, but like an Elise or Exige. Engine revs out pretty well past 7000rpm albeit this one is still tight as it's only done 199 miles and naturally I'm being sympathetic........ c The interior is great IMO all the tech and kit one would want with swathes of suede in all the right places, great seat and positioning nice and low just right for a little fellow like me. The pedal/steering to gear lever are just right and feel just right, engine produces just short of 200bhp would I want more not sure really would quite like a go in a super charged one to see. All in all a great package chuckable car with a fairly spacious boot reliability as I understand stand it and not a bad price what's not to like 🤗 Big Rat
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    Picked up my new NX Luxury in Mesa Red from Lexus Swindon this afternoon. No doubt it will take me a while to get to grips with the new navigation system and the touchpad, but so far it all seems very nice 😀 I must also thank Rob, James and all at Lexus Swindon who have been great to deal with - not to mention incredibly patient - throughout my trials with the previous NX Sport. Lexus UK also deserve thanks. The promise of this level of customer service is one reason why I chose a Lexus in the first place, and it's nice to see it is real even though I wish I'd never had to find out! I'm off to play with my new toy...🙂
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    I have only had my 2005 GS300 for 6 weeks and its my first Lexus, It has only done 67k with full Lexus Guildford service history and paid £3850 for it. I got rid of a 2012 Mondeo Estate tdci 163hp mainly because the Powershift gearbox was starting to play up and was quoted £2000 just for a new dmf and clutch! A Lexus has always been on my bucket list it just so happens that the one I bought came up at the right time. I still cant believe how good it is especially considering its 13 years old and it takes levels of comfort and luxury to a new level although I have had a lot of grief from BMW owning friends telling me its a grandads car (which I am)! I have replaced all 4 tpms sensors as none of them were working and they were badly corroded at a cost of £280 including fitting and programming to the car fitted by Etyres who certainly knew is stuff and I also replaced both hid headlight bulbs which were £30 for the pair from Ebay. Lexus Swindon had the car in this week to do a recall for a fuel pressure sensor and gave me a CT200H with 4k miles on it which felt awful compared to my GS. I actually look forward to driving again now which is something I haven't done for years and also have to look back at it after I have parked up! I know its not everyone's cup of tea but for me its everything I have been looking for in a car and its actually not that bad on fuel with the computer showing 40.04mpg on the drive down the motorway to Swindon this week driving between 65-70mph.
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    Morning Folks, So amazing day at Brands in the sun yesterday (although I now resemble a lobster! Lol). 😂 Car was looking sharp, although no prizes this year (dodgy judging if you ask me). Thanks to my soon to be niece for some amazing photos, hope you like them. 👍😎
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    Just a quick vid best to listen with earphones..... 😊
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    At the half term break just gone, the family and I went up to Skye. We were so very lucky with the weather and the midges were not so bad. 3 bikes on the back (plus one in the boot!), picture is the Glenelg to Skye ferry, a very romantic way on to the Isle. Over 1000 miles with the rack and bikes and it felt very solid, so I can really recommend the Saris. My LS never missed a beat and I averaged about 26mpg. Car photo is at the house where we stayed in an area called Waternish, the house being in Loch Bay. It is a beautiful place and our fourth time there but never with such great weather. Didn't see another LS all the way there or back but amazingly a 400 overtook me just outside of Dunvegan. Love my LS.
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    @Stuno1 As regards the wheels question you posed Stu my car goes in tomorrow to Lexus Cheltenham for a major service and some personalisation, my wheels have been diamond cut once before so I want to preserve 'the one more cut ' for the future so I'm having them fully stripped and powder coated in a dark Anthracite with a slight satin sheen to the surface I didn't want a glossy finish. And the calipers are going from black to 'Brembo Yellow' I'll post up a thread with lots of pics when I get her back. 🐀
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    Lexus has announced a safety recall of certain 2006-2013 models equipped with the 3.5L 2GR-FSE V6 engine — here’s a breakdown of the vehicles affected: • 2006-2013 IS 350 • 2010-2014 IS 350C • 2007-2011 GS 350 • 2007-2011 GS 450h The issue revolves around the diaphragm material in the fuel pulsation dampers of the engine. These components may harden and crack over time, causing fuel to leak and increasing the risk of a vehicle fire Reference; https://lexusenthusiast.com/2018/06/26/certain-2006-2014-lexus-models-recalled-over-v6-engine-issue/ http://pressroom.toyota.com/releases/lexus+is+conducting+a+safety+recall+involving+certain+lexus+is+and+gs+vehicles.htm
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    Some dealers recently have had their Ebay accounts hijacked. It's a very clever scam. Scammer sends the dealer a message saying they want to PX their car, they say the car is on ebay, have a look. They supply a link to the px. Dealer clicks on the link and is shown the log in page for Ebay, it looks very genuine. The dealer enters their user name and password to see the car being Px'd, it even takes them to a car ad on ebay that looks genuine so at this point the dealer doesn't know they've given away their user details and password. In the meantime the scammer posts up some ads for an unusually cheap car and takes several £500 deposits of people before it's all closed down. I'm not saying this is the case here, but it's going on.
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    Morning All, Guessing some may already be aware of the big tuning/Time Attack round this coming Sunday at Brands Hatch? Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone is planning to attend? I’ll be showing my car in the Kleers show ‘n’ shine competition again this year (won best of show in 2016, which was before the supercharger kit and a few other bits and bobs!), so if you do attend, please feel free to pop along and say hello. 👍 It’s normally a good turnout with plenty to see and do including a few trade stands, food stands, racing etc. I’ll be arriving nice and early to get mine all finished up (around 8am or so), so hopefully see some people there throughout the day. Cheers all. Pete 😎
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    The Mark 4 is twenty years old in November and I have just done a clean and refurb of the wheels as a birthday treat,see pics The wheel wells were scrubbed clean and sprayed with new underseal and the suspension hardware arms were coated with protective corrosion resistor, the static beams and fixings coated with a slight film of sprayed underseal ,this prevents atmospheric corrosion.The rest of the under floor is rust free as it was like new factory finish. I did the underside with Dinitrol 6 years ago when I bought the car and it was a good move as the area around the diff and above is still corrosion free.
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    Says the guy replying to a two year old thread.
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    After fitting new disks/pads I decided the calipers needed some TLC and with such good weather recently it seemed like a good time to get it ticked off the to-do list. All calipers were de-greased, quickly rubbed over with abrasive pads, given a final wipe down before paint. They were then all given several light coats of etch primer, base coat and clear coat, high temperature paint. I think they came out pretty well. This was the first time I'd painted calipers on a vehicle and the bin liner trick really does help to minimise masking. For reference the calipers before painting can be seen a bit further up this thread;
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    Careful, I popped round today with some sugar and this happened...
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    At westfield shopping centre.... Along with a pair of red and white LC's....
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    Just to let you know, I'm the new proud owner of KM11EFO, recently purchased from Lexus Coventry. Used to belong to Markg. On holiday at the moment with very intermittent internet, so will update soon.
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    @Bluethunder Nean I agree the engine note from the boxer 4 is a bit nondescript, guess the car may benefit from an exhaust on it. Some pics of this model but sun is a bit intense.
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    Black with black wheels? Will look like a wheely bin. Especially with that flip top. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Just need to get few of these and you have yourself Lexus ES for half price 😄
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    Nothing done on the 430 but the 250 is done and finished... Bought it for my good lady, it's a 2006 Lexus IS250 SE-L with Nav, we have the original bill of sale at just over £33,000, we paid a lot less than 10% of that for it...!!! It is a one owner full service history vehicle but had some cosmetic issues... It has now had a front end respray, along with the rear bumper, the wheels have been refurbished, it came with a nearly new set of four matching tyres but the front nearside had got too friendly with the curb and had various chunks missing, none were to the cords but I wasn't happy with it, it would have been OK on the rear but the 250 has larger rear tyres..!! So a new matching tyre was fitted... a 2017-18 sat nav disc and a dam good valet and it is looking like a 2 year old car... It has been serviced by a Toyota and Lexus specialist for a number of years and has had all the fluids changed recently and new discs and pads all round, it drives spot on and hopefully will give years of use... That bonnet looks better... Rear bumper looks new and is a closer colour match than the picture portrays.... The rest of the paintwork responded well to a good polish.. The wheels were very poor, now looking new again.... The inside was pretty grubby but responded well to a clean and feed, new genuine mats fitted... 430 hits the paintshop Monday.....
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    Rayaans, tell them you have no intention of paying any money. It's not your fault. If your insurance company doesn't pursue the other driver's insurance they might have to pay themselves (I'm assuming you're Fully Comp) which they won't want to do. In the past two years, my car has been hit twice whilst parked in car parks. I simply refused to pay up front. Your insurance company should be working for YOU. You're the customer, tell them what YOU want.
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    This is becoming more complicated than it should be. Firstly. you're not at fault in any way. You have the Drivers name and the vehicle registration. You've notified your insurance company and given them the details of the accident. It's now up to them to find the other drivers insurance and tell them of your claim. Take your car to a repairer of your choice (not theirs). The other driver's insurance company will send an assessor and hopefully approve the amount and the claim. There is no reason to pay any excess you have on your policy, you're not claiming on your policy, you're claiming on his. Your no claim bonus will not be affected but your premium will rise (seemingly if you claim on any policy you will probably claim again; so they say) Good luck, this should not cost you a penny in any way, shape or form (apart from the increased premium) Graham.

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