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    Finally some updated pictures now I have the exhaust fitted 😄
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    Dealer sent me a mini video just after it came off transporter. Notice no centre wheel caps and the plastic film over wheels. Customer ES Video.mp4
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    Little bit of spit n polish and she comes up well 👍🏻😂😂
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    Most women look nice in white Alan, so please tell us the colour of his Tesla.
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    Can’t remember figures but had gap insurance, smart insurance (paintwork), Supaguard and tyre/alloy insurance plus over £800 options to original £62375 inc metallic paint and came to £63000. They gave £2000, which included £250 of options, off the original total. Also got Lexus £2000 deposit plus another £1000 as previous customer and 1.9% loan. All in all then about £60k before my NX trade in Used the paintwork insurance on NX after couple of scapes from cars parked next to me so worth having again I thought. Need Supaguard for grandkids. Couldn’t get free service as on NX but got 10% discount. Probably extravagant but now retired and only my third new car after a Honda CR-V and the NX and spending the kids inheritance. Need some luxury after 40 years of previous second hand and unreliable Fords, British Leyland and Volkswagen.
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    At long last my dealer say they have the car and we have agreed I can collect on the 12th August. Decided not to take part in the mayhem of the 1st Sept as this car is to stay with me for at least 5 years as I have 5 years free servicing from the dealer. Moreover my car will be registered with DVLA using my personal plate so the 69 reg plate is academic to me. Ordered 26th Feb 2019 and will collect 12th August 2019. My first ever new car. Glad I opted for the Premium Pack and the dealer threw in a Protection Pack so can't complain about the overall deal. Not really sure what 5 years servicing will cost but it will be 3 interim and 2 larger services. My GS450 service plan was about £36 a month x 36 months so an ES can't be less surely. Didn't think £378 insurance was too bad either with only a £150 xs (one accident, my fault in the last 5 years declared) There was not one top ten motor insurer who could match the premium and the benefits of Saga and I spent all my working life in the world of Motor Insurance Claims as a loss adjuster. Just got to stay alive till Monday.
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    Perhaps the best in-depth car review I have seen and the best I am ever likely to see for the Camry! I would certainly shop at Tesco rather than Waitrose as I continue to recognise value for money and I don`t mean cheaper !! The drivers` of Audi, BMW and Mercedes cars will take aeons to appreciate the qualities that Lexus has to offer. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy what for me are the unsurpassed qualities of my GS450h.
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    Well, when I bought my RX 300 it had a mixture of tyres on it, one of which was over 8 years old and was probably the spare at some time in it's life judging by the state of the rim so as I was a bit tight budget wise, I spoke to my "tyre guy". He mostly does motorcycle tyres but he knows others in the trade. I wanted reasonable quality, good wet weather, a make I have heard of (not a chinese "Hooflungdung" special) and didn't really care about wear as I would be going onto 4 season Goodyear Vector's for the winter months anyway. The Goodyear Vector 4 season Mk1's worked very well on my AWD centre locking diff Jaguar X type, so the next gen version should be even better on something with a bit more ground clearance as I kept rubbing the undertray in the X type, never got stuck, but left some interesting furrows behind me. He suggested these things: https://tirereviewsandmore.com/nexen-cp521-reviews/ Have to say, they aren't the quietest tyres in the world, but the recent monsoon conditions on the M25 didn't phase them at all. And they were cheap, under £300 for all four fitted. I know they are basically light truck tyres, but I kind of like tyres to have stiff side walls anyway. They don't squeal anywhere as much as I expected them to, they are quite soft on the tread though. I won't be taking it off road unless I fall asleep at the wheel and dive into a field. I've done over 5,000 miles on them, mostly motorway driving and the noise on the concrete bit of the M25 between the A3 junction and the M3 has to be heard to be believed..they have lost just over 1mm of tread depth. So they should last me until October when the winter rubber gets installed. Might get someone out of a jam if they really are skint. But I completely don't understand the thinking behind someone buying an expensive car and putting chinese ditch finders on it. Madness. My usual choice is Dunlop or Goodyear.
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    I've just had 4 new Cross Climates fitted to my car ( as part of my annual service and MOT ). Had to have a bit of welding done to. Well, it is 16 years old now... The tyres feel great! A real bonus. Feel ready for the winter now! ❄️
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    In the two months I’ve owned mine - this is the first other F car I’ve stumbled across. Parked in the furthest corner of a large car park near St Albans clearly hoping nobody would park next to them.
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    And of course, Audis are common. I mean, popular. 😉
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    Thanks Ian. I have been uncomfortable for quite some time with the " wear and tear" reason (excuse?) often put forward to deny customers under the Exteneded Warranty arrangement. I must say at this point that whilst I have had the cover for the last 6 years (and still have it) I have not been a victim to this scam (?). Wear and Tear does not appear to be defined in the Extended WarrantyAgreement, so we must look at the Dictionary Definition which is amongst other things "the damage which comes from ordinary use" In my view there is a world of difference between ordinary use damage (say, wear on seating covering) and a failure of an item which does not last a reasonable length of time,or fails to perform to specification (say, a water pump or a suspension part). Furthermore (in my opinion) when ever Lexus warrants the vehicle for a further two years (and takes the full premium, as it does), it is warranting each and every Protected Part for the full two year period. I do not believe that employees at each Lexus Dealership, nor the Administrators at TGW Services Ltd possess the necessary knowledge to interpret the Agreement correctly and find it easier and more comfortable to use the wear and tear excuse. If it occurred in my case ,I would have no hesitation in having the repair carried out at my expense and then suing Lexus (TGW) via the small claims track of the County Court, where a legal interpretation would be given.
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    When I grow up I want to drop 60k on a Lexus Good man John. And Mesa Red is lovely. Don't forget a picture or two when you get it.
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    If it needs replacing, it needs replacing. It will not get any better, and what if it lets go when you are miles away from home late at night? The dealer should replace as a preventative measure, and if the warranty claim is refused, it is down to them to fight Lexus, not for you to worry on every journey for the next six months. Take it back and insist it is changed under warranty. If they refuse, advise Lexus of your concerns that the dealer is trying to drum up unnecessary work, until they realised that you were covered by warranty, and Lexus would reject the claim. What will happen in six months? Self healing water pumps, if you have got one, I want one!
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    I have gotten used to the analogue clock, I love the way it illuminates in the night.
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    Be very careful of a Blue LS400 on eBay from our old friend in the West Midlands who now calls himself Lexuslegend. DVLA shows MOT recorded mileage all over the place. You have been warned.
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    I see that there are now a few facelifted RC300h on sale at various dealerships. Any member got one? Or has any member driven one? Do they feel any different to the previous model? I can't decide whether I prefer the looks of the old one or the new one!
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    Just in case anybody else finds themselves in this position I have just found the answer. I was entering a random destination whilst on my drive and when I selected start navigation I am told "Please proceed to highlighted route then navigation will start" it was at this point I was pressing the Lexus display audio control button then select the "three dot" symbol to get a menu with 1 Travel time and 2 Traffic bar. Mine only shows option 2 "Traffic bar " I now know that this was because I wasn't on the route !! Once on the route I could use the "Change route information" and had both options ,1 Travel time and 2 Traffic bar. To use the CHANGE ROUTE INFORMATION MENU you must be on a guidance route to get both options. I hope that makes sense....It was difficult to write down .!!!
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    I know this has been mentioned in the past and it was from a previous post that I have used the following garage for my last 2 annual services. I can strongly recommend Dave at Lex-tekautos south of Sheffield.He had worked for 20 years at Lexus and has just serviced my 450h (plugs/ changed oil with filter/ pollen & air filters/rear brake pads) for a smidgen short of £400. If you're looking for an alternative give him a call.
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    An LS is a car that once owned, hard to let go of. I keep meaning to try a 460, just to see if it can persuade me out of my 400, but at 202,000 miles the 400 is going strong. The only thing that bothers me is the LS range is so quite that any rattles seem to be prominent, but most 20 year old motors will have more rattles than your average materinty unit. Some twerp in a hot hatch Renault something or another was bothering me on way to work (sat in my boot they were), so a quite blip and the tank was up to 90. Nice to know it can still do it.
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    The RC300h everyday! Smooth, comfortable, responsive and exclusive. The BMW is brash and common..
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    Here you go: https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/116346-spark-plug-replacement-again/ I was wrong in that guide about the original plugs being platinum - I think they are in fact Iridium but with an additional platinum pad on the centre electrode. The IKBH20TT ones are 'new technology' iridium TT spec - a more advanced design (they also include platinum). The claimed service life of TT plugs is 120K km (72K miles) https://www.denso-am.co.uk/products/automotive-aftermarket/spark-plug-glow-plug/spark-plugs/iridium-tt/
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    I wouldn't worry about problems in changing the plugs. Some fasteners are a bit inaccessible, but it's an easy job. There will be no issues in removing the plugs when you get to them (and you can get to 4 of them with minimum dismantling - it's the two under the airbox which need its fiddly removal). My plugs were in for 12 years and 66K miles. I noticed no change with the new plugs (which are Denso IKBH20TT - the current spec by Denso for IS250 plugs and much cheaper than the originally recommended FK20HBR11) The new ones have been in for about 8K miles now with no problems. You may or may not need new gaskets for the airbox - i bought them and because they were to hand used them, but it really wasn't necessary to replace them but it might be different at higher mileage. I wrote a guide to the job - I think the thread is called 'Spark Plug replacement again' - about a year ago. Toyota branded plugs are Denso FK20HBR11
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    Why? It's not a rubber fan belt, but a 99 segment steel push belt.
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    Lovely job and well worth doing. I did mine about 2 years ago and they’re just needing doing again now. I’ll probably do them this month as the old girl is going in for a 2 Stage paint correction and wheel refurb this week. Have you thought about some caliper stickers to finish it off? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F270871152574
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    Prices and demand for GSF seem to be on the up!! this last one was 6 months older, ok 5k less miles (and a red interior uuuurrrgggh).....than mine and advertised for £6k more than I paid 7 months and 5k miles in and I’m really happy with the change from the ISF, which was a Great great car. As with the ISF, I normally get itchy feet within 6 months and start thinking of what’s next. The logical choice after the ISF, which I kept for 2 1/2 years, about a year longer than usual, was after considering all the usual suspects a GSF. The GSF is a proper car. Quick (not mental but quick enough), handles and rides well, bank vault build quality, 2wd which means that the steering is uncorrupted by not having to drive the car too, and so far been totally reliable. And service at the local dealer has been faultless. im lucky I’ve got other more focussed stuff I can drive, but I still get a buzz taking the GSF for a blast up the A696/A68 early on a weekend morning where I run out of talent way before it does! I’m off on the north coast 500 with my son in a couple of weeks and we’re taking the GSF, rather than one of the other cars, as I’m so convinced of it’s abilities. It is a cracking bit of kit. I know that the competition from the Germans will cover the ground a lot quicker and have more visceral performance (my colleagues RS5 carbon is nuts off the line!!) but I’m convinced that as an overall package the GSF offers more to the driver. long may the Deserved demand for the cars continue, especially while I’ve still got mine!!! and hopefully depreciation remains at the glacial level I had with ISF...... but what next......?????
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    Yup. Also the reason why Merc C-class now come with 41 litre fuel tanks (as the weight for testing is based on a 3/4 full tank - tiny tank saves them 10-20kg of fuel).
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    Had the same problem with my wife's CT (2013) last month. Heard the rattle, self-diagnosed a heat shield problem, and drove to the nearest Kwik Fit. They initially said that heat shield was a dealer only part but put it on a ramp to have a look for me. The mechanic (female) said that it was corrosion around the bolt fixing so they just refitted it with a large washer and its as good as new plus I don't need to pay anything! I offered her £5 for her trouble and the insisted that I put it in the charity box instead. Now that is the customer service that I expect (and usually get) from Lexus.
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    With over 4 months and many miles under its wheels, I'm beginning to get a good feel for it. It's by no means a classic petrol head's car, but it's certainly technically impressive and has a lot of interesting quirks. I thought I'd take a few pics during some idle moments, to help show what I mean. The outside doesn't take your breath away, but there are certainly some unusual exterior design details: As is the way with hybrids, total peak power is less than the sum of its parts at 134hp. Nonetheless, I think it can be impressive for short bursts in "Sport" mode as all the battery's torque is available straight away. Equally, it can feel more lethargic in eco modes. Each of the 3 modes gives quite different driving characteristics, much more distinctively so than in ICE-only cars. It feels like a car with between 75 and 200hp depending on which it's in. The front Lexus badge incorporates a Magic eye; part of the optional "Lexus Safety System+". This comprises: a pre-collision system, adaptive cruise, lane assist, auto high beam and road sign reading. The pack is only now standard on the most recent cars and is worthwhile IMO as it's rare on mid-to-compact cars: The interior is very comfy and of high quality (apologies for misaligned steering wheel!). The fabric, plastics and other materials are akin to what you'd find in much more expensive cars: ...but the mirror console is an example of some over-complicated controls: I also find the parking brake an unusual feature, but one I got used to quickly: The gear selector is more intuitive, but much less mechanical in feel to use than a conventional auto shifter. Underneath is an e-CVT gearbox, which - as we know - is different from a classic CVT but gives you an idea of how it works. The "B" refers to a more aggressive motor braking mode, simulating engine braking - and can be used to recharge the battery quickly through coasting, but I rarely use it. Two rotary dials below (in the centre console) control display and driving modes respectively. The dash display changes according to mode selected. This is in "eco", which dulls the accelerator pedal response and increases use of the battery (the EV icon denotes that only the battery is being used): The central display can be configured to show a range of different things. This one is for the hybrid system and shows what it's doing at any given time: Outside again... the rear hatch has a massive spoiler and the bumper below incorporates some aero details: Given that there's a battery under there somewhere, I think the amount of space in the rear is pretty decent: The air intake in the driver's side door aperture aids battery pack cooling - another of this car's more unusual features: The overall driving experience is wearing well, perhaps because it's so serene and different from anything else I've had before. Dropping the windows on country lanes reveals a novel range of quite pleasant battery and electric motor noises at low speeds, before the engine kicks in as needed. I'm learning how to drive most effectively, using Prius tips - which is effectively what this is. The "pulse and glide" technique involves accelerating briskly, before lifting off and letting the battery maintain momentum. With this now practised in use and some help from the adaptive cruise control on motorways, I'm getting between 55-65mpg overall. Urban mpg is generally close-to, or at, the average. On a longer 4-500-mile run that I've done over quite some years with work (mainly M'way, with some urban and country roads thrown in), I would see close to 35mpg from my old Golf R32, about 40mpg from anything VAG 2.0T and 60mpg from my old Volvo V60 D5. Hire cars with weedy petrol or diesel engines are in a similar range of 40-60mpg, showing little benefit for the drop in performance. And, so, from the CT200h? Drumroll... Ok - let's call it a real 70mpg. This was achieved with no particular efforts other than using the adaptive cruise control, which I must say is the best I've used - particularly because it senses vehicles in more than one lane and therefore doesn't speed up when a car in front moves into an outside lane. I'm happy because it means I can do the whole trip without needing to refuel...I think they call it "range anxiety" 😉. Unlike a normal ICE-only car, the CT's fuel economy doesn't drop when in stop-start traffic. The battery also assists the engine at motorway speeds, meaning that it's barely ticking over on a cruise and the OBC shows 99.9+mpg regularly. I've also made use of the boot when taking my MTB with me on said work trip: It also has some decent undercover storage: ...before revealing that Prius / Auris battery: All loaded-up: ...and out onto the trails: The only issue with the car so far is a cracking / creaking noise, made during the last moment as it comes to rest. Googling suggests it could be brake pad retainer clips, but it's also present when not braking but steering - so I'd better get back to the dealer at some point. Finally, I previously sullied the good name of this car by saying that its stereo was rubbish. I would like to retract this statement having - ahem - found that the Bluetooth volume setting on my phone was set low. :getmecoat: It's actually a pretty decent stereo and tops off the experience of this car suiting my needs pretty well. I've still much to learn about the car - and that's probably the best bit!
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    Interesting review. Just had my NX serviced and had a UX (with premier pack) loaner. Have to say that it's a nice surprise to have the chance to drive a different model from the range (have always in the past been given an NX), especially as I'd had no plans to test drive a UX. Quick impressions align with the review (discounting the usual journalist rubbish about hybrids). Positives Great to drive: responsive drivetrain (the new 2 litre engine is a cracker), with more EV running than in NX, and notably brisker acceleration. Excellent handling and ride (less unsettled than NX). Appealing dash and interior architecture, and more spacious than expected from reviews. The washi dash top finish is distinctive and attractive. Economical: a 60 mile trip using the AC that would have yielded 40 mpg in the NX showed 60 mpg. Negatives Although mostly very quiet, road noise on some surfaces (notably the concrete section of the M1) was appalling, and worse than the NX. More NVH work needed on typical British surfaces, I think. Finishes: some nasty hard plastics in hard places, and both the door trims and the rear of the cabin are too austere at this price. The boot really does seem small, and the rear of the cabin was claustrophobic according to passengers because of the high waist line and thick C pillars. It's very expensive for what you get, and makes the NX look good value. Lexus UK seems to have limited the available exterior and interior colour choices compared with other markets, as is their wont. Why? For example the burnt orange colour in which the UX looks fantastic is only available on the Fsport, and dash trim colours which enhance the washi finish seem to be unavailable here. We seriously pondered whether the UX could replace our NX, but it's too small to be our main family car. Still, an appealing package which could easily be improved (and hopefully will be at facelift time).
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    Yep, classic. The mechanical brakes don't get used as much on hybrids hence the noise A few emergency stops from 60mph usually cures the issue for a while
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    I’ve got a 2010 model and I see around 30mpg usually, but that’s with sitting in traffic for over 20 mins then a short blast up a dual carriageway. Not exactly peak economy run. The best tanks I’ve had I managed 37mpg which is on “extra-urban” 30-50mph runs. On the longest runs it has done (Cambridge to Glasgow) I saw about 33. If I drive a little slower it’ll see 34/5 on a run. Best full tank I’ve ever seen was 430 miles, Worst was 280. Economy is always worse in winter. It’s all down to how you drive it and regrettably I’m just as addicted to the shove of the V6 as I am to the creeping around in silence of the electric motor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow. Really. To be consistent, I strongly suggest that you disconnect all the airbags in your car. They cost a bomb to replace and create a real mess when they go off. After all, your chances of having an accident are about the same as hitting a pedestrian, so why should you need costly airbags to protect yourself and your family just because you *might* have an accident. Actually, while you're at it, you should probably also cancel your insurance. What is the point of paying for something you may never, ever need.
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    I had a similar problem with an RX back in 2015. This is the feedback I got from the dealer at the time, which may be of interest: The sensors are made of three main parts. An outer ring, a small disc (the sensor), and in between a rubber ring. The sensor works in a way that similar to a sonar, sending and receiving sound waves. The rubber ring around it allows the sensor to register the tiny vibrations from incoming sound waves. When the 3G glass coat (clear coat protection) was applied to my car, it was also applied over the sensors and surrounding rubber ring. Over time, the 3G glass coat hardened to such an extent that the rubber ring became completely rigid, thus preventing any kind of movement., hence confusing the system. The sensors were removed, dismantled and thoroughly cleaned so as to remove all trace of the clear coat, and then re-installed. No problem was experienced after this.
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    I've come late to this thread - so late that I've missed Paul. It's worth picking up on the oft-discussed "CVT drone" and "gearbox" points though. Owners who enjoy their NXs may feel defensive about this because motoring journalists cut and paste the same criticisms of Lexus models from one review to the next. As long as people expect to hear a linear relationship between engine revs and road speed, they will never get used to a modern hybrid. Even describing the compact power-split e-CVT unit as a "gearbox" kind of misses the point, as though Lexus & Toyota selected it in preference to conventional transmission options for the hell of it. Over 14 years of hybrid ownership I've got completely used to the decoupling of engine speed from road speed, and I still think that the Lexus/Toyota hybrid system is a generation *ahead* of any pure ICE drivetrain. It's a fact than when accelerating hard the NX hybrid system is noisy. It's also a fact that most of the rest of the time - and especially in urban situations - it's much quieter. Since hard acceleration is probably less than 1% of the time spent in the car, it's a tradeoff I'm delighted to make. Others - like Paul - may differ. There's still a challenge for Lexus sales staff in articulating this for potential buyers; and a risk that Lexus might be tempted to compromise the efficiency of the hybrid architecture by trying to replicate the behavior of conventional drivetrains. Perhaps all of this will be rendered irrelevant by the arrival of Lexus EVs in a few years.
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    Had a similar problem myself a few years back, AFAIK the air suspension struts on the 300 are not the same as those on the 450 and are one-piece items. Independent mechanic I spoke to said that they could grease it as with yours but not replace the top bearing separately.
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    I work in IT development. What you normally do with something that doesn't work because it's not turned on yet is not show it. That way nobody wastes time trying to work out why it doesn't work, submitting pointless support requests to the manufacturer. and making frustrated posts on owners forums. It's the IT equivalent of having a big red button labelled "click here" on the dash that doesn't do anything It's bad UX and I've have expected better TBH
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    Help. I just got myself an RX300 2004 for my other half, which because of its year doesn’t have hands free. (The car not the wife) I have a Parrot system I’m looking to fit. The problem is I can’t find an ISO cable to fit it. Ive done all the usual google and EBay but I still can’t find one. Does anyone know where I can source such a thing?
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    The above is why we bought a Volvo previously. I wanted a certain level of performance, which in BMW world would have been a 530d - however, finding an F10 530d Touring in SE rather than M-Sport spec was nigh on impossible - those few that there were were poverty-spec. We wanted a high-spec car with the oomph but without the hard ride and the V70 SE Lux D5 (+ Polestar = +20bhp) was basically the answer. The GS replaces the V70 and the GS is a distinctly better car in many ways, but it is firmer. It's a more comfortable suspension than my Honda accord (which although a great primary ride had basically no secondary ride at all - in other words it was beautifully controlled over crests and into big compressions, but "jiggled" like mad on surface imperfections), but the Volvo was significantly softer. The Volvo was far from being without fault - drastically underdamped (same shock absorber p/n as the ford mondeo, despite the front end carrying significantly more weight - kerb weight about 360kg higher - and having the springs to match) giving it a tendency to bottom out and then top-out. A couple of years ago I was on a business trip in Georgia when the owner of an associated company (one of our authorised repairers, in fact) insisted on taking me (and a couple of other guys) out for dinner. This turned out to mean a speedboat trip across Lake Lanier, but that's another story. The point of this anecdote is that he picked me up in his LS460 and drove... spiritedly.... along some fairly twisty back roads between Suwanee and Lake Lanier. It was the first time I'd been in an LS since 1999 (mk3 and mk4 400s), and I marvelled at the combination of smooth ride and controlled damping. My father had a 1996 BMW E38 740iL 4.4, and that shared that same combination of smooth ride and performance that BMWs now totally lack - I mean, it was on 16" wheels which you'd NEVER see any car in that sort of class riding on now. It is for this reason that I continue to hold Volvo in fairly high regard - yes, they have the R-design models, but the top-spec volvo models (Inscription) don't have stiffened suspension. They're not tuning their cars to be yet another BMW wannabe driver's car (as audi, mercedes and jaguar all slavishly follow BMW to do so) - they've recognised that Volvo buyers are buying Volvo because they don't want a BMW. I suspect, from looking at the underlying platform engineering (in other words, I've not driven one yet) that the newer SPA platform Volvos are distinctly more sophisticated than our P3 (ford EUCD) V70 was. The very long-winded point I'm trying to make is that I agree completely with Zotto and Steve44 - People spec M-sport BMWs with the Stelvio Pass in their mind, not a wet wednesday evening on the M62. The ES is probably a fine car in the real world, but motoring journos are a strange lot. So are company car buyers.
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    Aye, sadly predictable from the VW in-house magazines. Funny isn't, that evo - a magazine you'd think would emphasise performance even more - actually gives a fairer review. More grown-up journalists, perhaps? I consider myself a 'keen driver' but I don't feel the need to be flicking between understeer and oversteer at every roundabout, or flooring the throttle on every straight. I imagine there are a lot like me, especially here... 😁
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    In all fairness I paid him a deposit and asked him to deliver the car. Next day I asked him if its all ok for delivery and he said yes. an hour later he messaged me about the o2 sensors being faulty. Even then I told him doesnt matter bring the car (to test weather its genuinely wrong or he had sold it to someone else for more money). My conclusion was he had sold it for more whilst already taking a deposit from me
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    They seem very cheap but they do come from China. If I was going through the process I think I'd want a known brand, it's a lot of work if the product is duff. Saying that it may be worth the risk. Never heard of the seller myself.
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    thanks Nigel, i'll carry on trying to fix it! the rest of the car is very good. cheers tom
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    Hi Tom, Yes... and no... :-( We tracked the problem down to the (I think it is called) stability/yaw control unit, which is found under the driver's seat. When unplugged the issue went away and so we changed the unit... and the issue returned so, while it is probably not that particular item causing the problem, when unplugged the symptoms disappear - although you get the commensurate warning lights on the dash. However, having fought this problem for all this time and spending far too much time and money on it, I decided the simplest thing to do would be to live without traction control and "cure" the warning lights with that age-old remedy... black insulating tape! Two steps forward... one step back! I hope this helps and if you do finally manage to resolve the problem completely, please let me know because the only way I can see to 100% fix it, is to change the car! All the best, Nige.
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    Changing the sensors and PCV valve on a 2010 is250 Mine is the SEL ML HDD Nav variant. So the parts duly arrived from the USA via Rockauto in NY. Very speedy service too!! First thing was to remove the three engine covers and also the main one in the centre. The battery and components are all removed in the same process as described by Noobies excellent guide. I had copied and printed and laminated the sheets for guidance. That way they will stand up to greasy hands and can be used again if required. Those connectors into the electronics box are right little so and so's to free up. There is a large one on the right and two on the left side as seen in the photo below The grey one on the left is conventional squeeze and pull off. The other two (as noobie points out) are somewhat different. You will need a short and small (4mm) flat blade screwdriver to prise up the little black tag. They need to come right up before you can start to lift the securing bar. This white bar has to to come up to 90º as shown on the rhs connector in the photo. This partly frees the connector but they are quite a grunt to pull right out ...and you are always thinking to yourself ...go easy don't break anything. I actually used a larger screwdriver to help prise the connector apart from the electronic box. I laid everything out on the floor in order of how it came out to help with reinstatement. There is a loom wire attached to the tray and that is a bit of a toad to squeeze at too. I found the only way i could do it was by lifting the tray upright and squeezing the tabs with long nosed pliers. I had dosed the sensors bases with WD40 a couple of times and hoped it would soak in. So I figured I'd crack on with the PCV valve first. With all the battery parts removed you can get at the valve very easily. Squeeze the wire tag and slide it upwards and then gently pull the tube off and push it out of your way under the bulkhead. Its a 19mm spanner job. A tap with a hammer on the end of the spanner had it moving. It's pretty tight though! That's the new pcv and the old one removed. The part number is that for a 2010 model. Think it covers 08-12 models IIRC. The valve should rattle but mine sounded nothing like the new one. Bit of threadlock and then refit ...simples!! New pcv fitted (sorry the pic is sideways, it wasn't when I uploaded it) All connected and pipe and tag secured. Then it was on with the sensors. For the 2010 model with Denso sensors the Bank 1 Sensor 1 is part no 234 9048, and the Bank 2 Sensor 1 is part no 234 9068. This is different to Noobies and I don't know if his would have worked in my car or not. But this is what Denso and Rockauto indicated for my car year ... so who am I not to listen. They are nicely packed and are supplied with a little tube of copper grease to apply to the threads and have threadlock pre-applied at the seat of the threads by the compression washer. This shows the part numbers together with the old sensors. The cables are different lengths. I guess 9048 could be used for both, but 9068 will not fit on Bank 1 ... it's too short by 50mm. Bank 1 Sensor 1 The 2010 vehicle differs from Noobies in that there is no fuse box to move out of the way on the drivers side. It is pretty restricted access even so! I had purchased a sensor socket from China beforehand (£3 delivered), and you will need on of these! They are a 22mm fit and are slotted to accommodate the connector wires. There is also a 3/8" square drive at one end to connect, via an adaptor, to my 1/2" drive socket set. I needed two extensions and a universal drive (to get the angle of attack correct) to get clearance above the engine components. There is no room to get any push lower down and you will end up pulverising your fingers. And you are going to need them for the second sensor!!!! It was a hell of a grunt to get the old sensor to move but it only takes 5mm of movement and it's spinning freely by hand. The actual wire connectors are awkward to undo as you are relying on feel. I had an inspection lamp and a mirror on a telescopic handle that proved invaluable in seeing what the heck was going on behind the engine block. So this is Bank 1 Sensor 1 finished. Bank 2 Sensor 1 This is a right pig to do ... sorry, but that's the truth! Access is incredibly restricted and your arms and fingers will take a bit of punishment in the process. Perseverance is the ticket!! I had to cobble up an extension to the t-bar to get the leverage right. Then the relief when the thread goes is immense!! There then follows the same PITA trying to get the wire connectors apart ... and then back together after fitting the new sensor. That's Bank 2 done! Then put all the tray, electronic unit, plug connectors, tray base, battery, battery shroud, cable clip and connect the battery. Having turned the ignition 'ON' there followed a brief bit of computer loading on my screen (I have the nav/reversing camera option) then all systems were ready.....Started first time. Radio stations were all lost ... no biggie really. [There is no radio code to be concerned about] Clock will need resetting Window switches did not need re-syncing ... maybe something changed on the facelift variant! A/C had to be reset to Auto [as it defaults to 'off'] ... at least that's what I have it set at Cabin temp setting was unaffected as were audio preferences (Bass, Mid, Treble etc) Navigator cursor defaults to showing North Which was a weird ... only spotted this driving home across the heath .... sideways!!!!!!! Tap the Compass pointer with your finger and it reverts to 'ahead' view. No idea why ... but the rain sensor for the wipers seems to working much more sensibly than it had before ...puzzling, but I'm pleased about that. Won't know much about mpg for a while as the ECU will start its learning sequence all over again over the next couple of hundred miles. What is immediately noticeable is the reduction of smoke from the exhaust, and the smell of petrol vapour has completely vanished. Seems smoother and quieter but not hugely ... could be placebo effect. I should not have driven the works van in the morning ...that probably did it!!! Whole task was around 3 hours ... Including a much needed cup of tea at the end!
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    Lexus RX 450h - Series 3 - Equipment specifications Lexus RX Series III.pdf
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    Much easier method that is less intrusive which worked for me... as above start with car "OFF" If you carefully poke your finger tip into the ejection gap, just a couple or so Mil in you will feel the DVD. Apply slight pressure to dvd to prevent it from being able to turn, then switch "ON". After a couple of attempts of reading the dvd the system gives up, and gives you the option to eject the disc...........which is nice ;)
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    They are good questions...............Someone stole my manual.........

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