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    Just chipping in on this as I have just replaced my 12V battery on a 2010 RX450h ... the original battery (dated April 2010 so probably with the car from new) was a D23 wet lead acid battery, a Panasonic battery with Toyota stamped on it, pretty bog standard, not deep cycle. The ones identified above by GSLV6 are too big to sit on the undertray so mayby there are some suble changes in the battery area between 2010 and 2014. I went for a slightly larger size than the D23 and purchased a Bosch S4 Car Battery 005 for £87 from ECP. It fits like a glove in the battery undertray and gives some additional capacity plus a 4 year warranty. Easy enough to fit.
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    Soooooo.... Been in touch with the exhibitions team at Chateau Impney where we can get a dedicated exhibition area, afternoon tea or lunch and rooms for those who want them. Plenty of good roads on the way there from every angle! The place looks pretty awesome, great for photos; And we can park in one of a number of great locations for the pics; Still gotta firm this up but it's a decent option for now. Watch this space for more.
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    Merry Christmas to everyone. Have yourselves a great time, be safe and drive carefully. Sincere good wishes to all you wonderful, helpful members. Best Wishes too for a Happy and healthy 2020.
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    Very neat job, and for what it's worth aluminium is terrible to cut with an angle grinder as it tends to stick to and clog the grinding wheel. John.
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    Thanks guys for the reply’s it was Lexus Carlisle I felt they were dragging there heels a bit as there was a bit of uncertainty about who was financially responsible ie warranty sales or service so I emailed Lexus customer relations and that seemed to make them more agreeable since then it’s been good service. At the end of the day the faults were with the car when I bought it so I wasn’t interested who paid I just wanted it fixed. Can’t say they have been unreasonable just a bit slow perhaps. what dealer was it where you swapped your car? really like the 200 it’s a great car to drive . It’s also a cheaper alternative to the hybrid by a good 5-7k and as I do a low mileage it made good sense still miss my ls 430 don’t think they will ever make a car like that again
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    Not been on this forum that long but gotta love the nature of a lot of the postings here. Lots of pontificating about maximum speeds, driving styles etc. Compare this to the German car forums which are inevitably concentrating on failed sensors, oil peeing out over the drive, engines chomping up parts of the induction system, wiring looms failing, breakdowns on the motorway, lumpy idling, engine lights coming on etc etc etc. Guess when your car (touching wood) is very reliable you need to find things to talk about!
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    Hi all Fixed mine so sharing how to guide if anyone's interested.
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    Did you use a genuine Lexus oil filter? In the olden days the good ones had a non return valve built in to prevent oil leaving the filter when the engine was switched off thus avoiding low oil pressure on start up.
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    any update on this at all? I would we would be interested in purchasing a GS-F
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    Not familiar with that problem but it does sound like something became unstuck. Glad it's sorted anyway.
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    One way of making it harder for them just a pity Lexus haven't bought out a cat lock yet!
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    I had one of those as my only car for 5 years before I switched to my first LS430 (now on my second). Great fun if you take the revs past 4k, very calm otherwise, and practical with a hard top for winter.
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    Cheers all, I'll advise my Dad and let you know if he has any success with Lexus.
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    Always open to the original members my good man. Although you have to park at the back 😜
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    I had the car fixed the car, and sent a copy of the invoice to both the contractor, and the council. Being disabled I could not be without the car for weeks until the claim was settled. I am not saying all councils or areas will be the same, but if you believe you are being given the run around do not be afraid to start pushing. John.
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    I have been through this after a pothole literally burst a front shock absorber. On line I found that a contractor was responsible for all road repairs, and claims in Herefordshire with multiple on line claims forms. My claim for over £600 was going nowhere fast. Every obstacle that could be put in my way to put me off the claim was done. I rang the local council, and told them I was taking the council to the small claims court. The council came back, and said the contractor was the party to claim against. I then wrote to the council stating the council was responsible for the roads, and they could not in law pass on there liability to a third party, and that if my claim was not settled in 14 days I would go down the court route. Seven days later I had a check for payment in full from the contractor. Moral if you know you are right keep pushing. It's not the value of the claim, but the principle that's at stake. John
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    I would lodge my complaint to your local council ASAP, explain that your going away but will come back to the issue on your return. Can you get a friend to take some photos? With the amount councils are paying out you'd think it would be cheaper to repair the holes!
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    Also if you're considering getting a hybrid looking to getting some catalytic converter security lock. It's happening a lot now and I advise you invest.. I am also a victim of the crime on the RX400h.
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    The Mark Levinson system in our RX 400h sounds absolutely brilliant. And I'm definitely what would be considered an audiophile, as well as a musician.
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    Mine is rubbing on full lock, no real noise but it's only because the previous owner put 245s on the front.. soon to be changed though
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    It's a difficult decision as the 450 is newer and looks nicer. It really comes down to your personal circumstance and financial position. Whether u have to finance the 15k or how much mortgage u guys have or not. Everyone is in different situations, I'm not in my 20's anymore so having the newest car is not a priority. I would choose to reduce the mortgage as much as possible so I can finish it quicker and pay less interest, then further down the line get a newer car. It all depend on personal circumstance.
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    Ouch, sorry to see that Alex. A strange thing to fail, fingers crossed you get it sorted without any hassle.
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    Because I have mechanical sympathy I haven't tried it with kick down as i know there is a fault. It is most noticeable when shifting into gear when the car is cold (raised rpm). When shifting from D to R it is noticeable too. If driven gently from standstill it won't bang, when switching from gas to petrol on the fly, the split second needed to switch makes it bang as engine loses power and then gets it back suddenly. Previous owner did tell me this fault, although he failed to mention the rotten metal underneath 👀. However, for the price I paid for the car (£1,000), with a working LPG system and relatively low mileage, I can't be too picky can I. Good news is I've finished repairing the wheel well. (Yes I know the welding is nothing short of shockingly hideous, but, as aforementioned, I am no welder, just an Ape with a Mig.) 😂 And at least now my gas tank won't fall out whilst I'm driving. Next on the list is getting the clocks out and getting them repaired. 😁
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    Freshly washed on each occasion mate! Got a few more CF upgrades to go on (bonnet and rear bumper spats) then defo want headers and a different exhaust plus I've got a design for a custom airbox that'll be perfected with a bit of input from Rich "induction" Twells. The man Twellsie has a custom (UK cracked) map on his in testing as we speak so wanna take a look at that too. Not keen on the supercharger as by all accounts (like you say), you just end up with an undriveable car unless you wanna go wide body or just use it on the track, neither of which appeal. Sorry to all the performance-first boys and girls but mine is looks first, noise next and everything else after that. Keen on a stereo upgrade too but that's last on my list. Sadly it looks like I'll need a new steering rack before most of the above though. Good job I put the cash for the warranty Lexus wouldn't give me into a savings account 😁😁, totally fine with that after 2.5 years of very happy, flat out most of the time, motoring!!
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    When I got my 2014 GS300h a couple of months ago the map update screen showed 'last map update was cancelled'. That irritated me no end so I resolved to do something about it and came across this thread. I visited the link: https://toyotamaps.online/map-updates/toyota-lexus-navigation-gen7-update I paid my $79 (£64.10) via PayPal and received a link to onedrive files. There are 8 of them and the total download size is about 14Gb. You then need to extract (one of the files is an extraction program) the files to a 64Gb Flash drive - I had a 64Gb SD card and a USB card reader but that didn't work. I contacted the vendor and he confirmed what I had already suspected - the car is fussy about the flash drives it accepts. So acquired a 64Gb San Disk Cruzer (other brands are available!) and extracted the files again. The total extracted size is just over 32Gb. You plug the flash drive in to the USB port in the cubby between the seats. Now you go to the map update screen and plug the flash drive in - this time it showed it was ready to update. You take a picture of the screen and email it to the vendor - he then sends you an activation/licence code. When you start the update the first thing is it asks you is to key in the code then it does a software update. This takes about 10 minutes, then you have to stop the car and restart. Now it's a bit worrying - the screen goes black for quite a few seconds but then it comes back and tells you the map update is ready to start and will take approx 98 minutes. (So you'd better be driving somewhere, even aimlessly, if you don't want the car to be idling on your drive for a couple of hours!) At last it tells you the update completed successfully. The map is updated to April 2019 and it was issued in October 2019, so now is as up-to-date as possible. Very happy! I know the navigation is nowhere near as good as you get for free on your phone but now my car is working properly for a reasonable cost. I suspect this isn't quite kosher but hey! it works, it's a reasonable cost and Lexus should offer this service (they used to, but have discontinued it) rather than tell you to go and be ripped off by a dealer!
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    interesting review and it seems to confirm the general perception that it is a very good car indeed. You might know already thet the Tesla 3 is the best selling car in the netherlands this year, it is literally everywhere. Charging infrastructure is more or less keeping up with demand with 12000 Echargers in the country. Every highway petrolstation also has E chargers and these are now all updated to high power charging. Most offices have chargers as well as parkings. And of course you can install your own at home. Fiscal stimulation of companycars of course is the explanation of the popularity. Beeing full EV get delivery of the car this year you pay 4% ( instaed of 22%). So, suppose the cost of the car is 55k then 4% = 2200 euro. this is added onto your income and taxed with 52% ( if in highest tax bracket) so 2200 x 52% = 1144 divided by 12 months is 95 euro per month. And for that you can drive where you want in a brandnew tesla.
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    I have to say, I really enjoy my NX. Sure its not in the same "image" as a german rival but I look beyond the badge. - Infotainment system. Yes its a generation behind but it plays music/radio, navigation gets me from a to be. It may not have fancy graphics or a hundred settings, it just does what it says on the tin. - Performance. I have the 200t f-sport. It is quick if you can drive it properly and it does suffer a bit of torque steer if you are not aware of it. It is also thirsty, around 21 mpg in town driving, around 27 mpg suburban and around 35 mpg on motorways. I did drive a hybrid but that was sooooooo much slower. I would probably have looked at other cars, had I tested that before the T. - Build quality. Its a Lexus, the reputation says it all really. Compare reliability to BMW and Mercedes. Which car will spend more time in the shop? - Prestige. How many Range Rover/Land Rovers, BMWs, Audis, Jaguars, Mercedes are there on the road compared to Lexus? Are you a "follow the crowd" or do you want individuality? -Drive. I have no issues with the drive. Its quiet, smooth and comfortable. I have driven it on all roads, A, B and motorway and it glides. I haven't noticed much roll in corners on day to day rides or perhaps I am just used to it. I do think the quality of the tyres also sway my view but then I put decent summer and winters on the car. -Overall. Yes its not perfect but its very good IMHO.
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    I think when it comes to second hand cars the less previous owners a car has the better or less problems one is likely to encounter but this is not always the case. full service history is always is must and nothing wrong with a £5000 Lexus 460 its just to do with age, depreciation and demand so long as it has had 1 or possibly two previous owners, has had a full service history and MOT history looks good then i see nothing wrong. of course main hing like engine and gearbox needs to also be in good condition with signs of no leak or shift problems. of course being a 2007/2008 which makes it 11-12 years old with over 100,000 miles on the clock will definitely need things like suspension parts and radiator needing replacing due to wear and tear as these parts are for most part engineered to last at least 10 years or up to 100,000 miles. this does not apply to all car brands but i noticed most Japanese cars are engineered this way. for example: i always hear most people say spending something like say £1k or £2k changing or fixing up a second hand car worth say £2 or £3k is waste and its throwing money away as you wont make it back when you come to sell it on. but i see people spend £25k or £35k on a PCP or PCH finance and they never get to own the car. is that not throwing even more money away? i see it like this, if you like the 460 and its in good condition by all means budget for the likelihood of changing suspension parts and get the radiator changed as a precaution even if it sets you back another £2K - £3K... it will drive better and give you a better experience than majority of 2019 luxury cars on the road today..
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    Who told you this and how did they determine it is fine? Batteries can and do fail dramatically, fine one day struggle the next.
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    Same as before, this was done as an emergency as I didn’t have a lot of time, I’ve got a GoPro now so I’m going to run through it and put it on you tube Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You really do have to wonder - they quite happily take your money to insure a car of that age then refuse to pay out because the car is too old? That's can't be right surely?
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    My 64 plate IS300h is at about 125,000 miles now and still going strong. Mine is a taxi as well, it’s quiet, comfortable, the passengers love it and it’s far cheaper and far more reliable than say an insignia/mondeo/octavia. I have run hybrids now for about 10 years as taxis, over the 5 of them that I’ve had I’m at close to 600,000 miles and to date I have never had a serious mechanical or electrical failure. Would I go back to a “normal” car for taxi work............never Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And just as an update for anyone wishing to avoid the *cough* hilarious Lexus prices for brakes... Replaced my fronts with EBC reds and now I have more than throughly bedded them in, would say they feel the same under regular everyday driving but the bite is much more noticeable for heavy braking, would also like to say that 90% of the god awful brake squeal the F's seem to be infamous for has disappeared and as an added bonus, hell of a lot less brake dust being generated in between washes! 😄
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    Just installed mudguards yesterday on my vehicle. See attachments for Installation manuals and OEM part-numbers. IS_Mudflaps_Front_PZ416_L1966_00_AIM_003_289_1.pdf IS_Mudflaps_Rear_PZ416_C1967_00_AIM_003_290_2.pdf
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    Had a gen 2 is250 and my gen is200t. Both I found brilliant cars. The is200t engine is awesome I found, it includes good performance, pretty good mpg and quiet. Engine only uses 1200rpm while cruising at 30mph. Only reason I've gone hybrid is I wanted an 4wd SUV but didnt want another brand or diesel and unfortunately Lexus dropped the Nx200t
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    I’m not sure what thread you’ve been reading, but it isn’t the one I started. If you want to show where I’ve rejected a ‘whole brand of car’ based on ‘two trivial aspects’, feel free to quote those parts. The car has been changed because the seat caused me severe back pain on every journey. The other features such as the gearbox and the infotainment were not ‘trivial’, but I could’ve lived with them, even if they spoilt my driving enjoyment. There were certainly no sleepless nights. When I sat in an RX, it felt in a whole different league, but was over the £40k tax bracket. However, Lexus IS a car company, it’s not the chosen transport of Jesus *****. As I’ve said previously, if you’re happy to tootle around in your car turning your radio up every time you need to accelerate to join a motorway safely, good for you. Personally, I value my back and it is entirely my fault that I looked at the Lexus manual and assumed that the premium pack included lumbar support. It is my fault that I didn’t spend more time in the car and play around with things and it’s my fault I thought I could live with the CVT drone. i consider life to short to make comprises on something as expensive as a car, so I moved it on. I am thrilled with my BMW. The new interior is amazing, it’s a great drive and feels a generation ahead of the Lexus. This will now be my last post on the forum so I wish you all well with your cars
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    A BMW. I have to say, the interior and infotainment make the Lexus feel very last generation. It really is superb
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    Agree with this. I thought it was more down to the engine but whatever the high revving noise is just embarrassing. It's like you're overtaking in a 1 litre car thrashing the socks off it. After driving an RX which was just quiet, effortless and fast I do miss that. (Shame the newer RXs are too big for my garage.)
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    It isn't the most intuitive system, but as with most things it becomes easier the more you use it. I don't think it ever becomes simple, but at least the guidance is accurate in my experience. When a destination is programmed; - to pause, push the map button. That brings up the left hand side menu. Select the three dots (final option) and pause guidance is available on the next menu at the top. - to cancel, same as above but select 'route' instead of pause. This brings up a delete option at the top right of the screen above the map. Personally never use voice control so afraid I can't help with that. There is an awful lot the system can do which you'd never know unless you ask for the full manual from Lexus Customer services (they'll send it for free) and spend some time learning how to best set the system up and how it works. I found the dealer very helpful too, as they took me through the main functions both on the test drive and on collection. Lexus really needs to sort out its infotainment imho. It isn't a showstopper for me, but I know people who would walk away from a car because of such things and who would choose a car because of it. Seems odd to me, but everybody is different!
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    Certainly worth checking out both series but for me the series IV has a much better chassis for better handling and ride quality. Improved in every way. The series III was just a minor update mechanically on the series II, which itself was out of date. Series III also designed/launched at the low point in Toyota reliability together with poor engine designs that suffer carbon build up, VVTi issues, timing chain wear - the old 450h suffers transmission and battery issues along with similar engine issues.
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    have you considered a later model MK3 GS300? ..they are quicker and most importantly have more torque to shift the weight of the car when compared to the GS250's engine. but thats not saying the 250's engine is not adequate..mpg figures are near identical to the 250 aswell.. road tax is higher for the 300 but initial purchase price is cheaper so money saved on initial purchase price can be used to pay for road tax and still have more for a holiday ... worth test driving one for the fun of it to compare to the GS250 ... i also feel the MK3 GS's have a better build quality than the MK4's in my opinion but that's just me..
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    don't overlook a late model MK3 GS300 ..they are quicker and most importantly have more torque to shift the weight when compared to the GS250 and mpg figures are near identical.. yes you will pay more for road tax but they can be acquired for lesser money that the GS250 so money saved on initial purchase price can be used to pay for road tax and even that you will still be quids in ... worth test driving one for the fun of it to compare to the GS250
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    I think that there's some crossed wires here and indeed some rather unfair comparisons being made. Lets start with electricity production by type for 2016 (Source: Wikipedia): In 2016, total electricity production stood at 357 TWh (down from a peak of 385 TWh in 2005), generated from the following sources:[50][51] Gas: 40.2% (0.05% in 1990) Nuclear: 20.1% (19% in 1990) Wind: 10.6% (0% in 1990), of which: Onshore Wind: 5.7% Offshore Wind: 4.9% Coal: 8.6% (67% in 1990) Bio-Energy: 8.4% (0% in 1990) Solar: 2.8% (0% in 1990) Hydroelectric: 1.5% (2.6% in 1990) Oil and other: 7.8% (12% in 1990 The figures above clearly show that the major single contributor to production was Gas at 40.2%, some 20% above the next largest producer of Nuclear energy. It is not clear whether these figures included for the spinning reserve needed to back up high diurnal demands and periods of low or non production by renewable sources during high demand periods. The National Grid have themselves informed Government that unless there is tangible movement on letting contracts (ie planned increased production strategy with contracts needing to be fleshed out now, not in a decade's time as it'll likely take that long for the procurement and delivery processes to hit the ground) then we will require a rise in capacity of between 3.5 and 8 GW to meet the increased demands imposed by the forecast switch to EVs on our streets and that atop current peak demand of 60GW. They cited an example of what that means in reality and it compares with a little over 3GW capacity added by the current Hinkley Nuclear power station project. They also cite forecasts by 2050 of a need for an additional 18GW capacity based on all vehicles switching across to electric and those figures do NOT include any increased domestic or industrial demands. Forgive me, but where amongst that lot does it suggest that we have adequate capacity when the National Grid themselves say that we haven't? It will take a huge net increase in renewables or several more Nuclear power stations coming on line and thought must also be paid to those stations yet to be decommissioned or upgraded. Your comparisons on energy use for the electric cars neglect production costs (environmentally) and recycling and disposal costs. Just about every part of a current combustion engined car can be currently recycled in some way but I understand that the same is not true of the Li-Ion batteries. What I mean is that at least here in the UK there are no recycling facilities for Li batteries, they have to be shipped abroad. Add to that some of the inflated and down right dishonest claims on reliability and range by companies like Tesla, and their cars are far from an attractive proposition let alone affordable (entry level models being in the mid £60K region). Even cheaper all electric EV cars cannot compete on range or purchase price with equivalent petrol cars. Whilst that doesn't affect the choices made by some, it certainly does by most people. I was hoping to be persuaded otherwise but nothing has changed from my perspective, and the figures quoted above are all from official sources, so hopefully that has answered your queries? You have really to point out the comparative efficiencies of EVs on a whole life basis, for a comparative mileage, the life expectancy itself and the related carbon footprint. Those are the only true measures and not what things cost the consumers or what comparative motive efficiencies are at a certain point We need to walk into these decisions with open eyes about what we're doing, in terms of to the planet as much as to our wallets! For the moment, for many of us at least, the 6-pot petrol engine rules! Couldn't care less about the boasting of Tesla and others about performance. It's immaterial on our roads except (at least imho) for safe overtakes and load lugging. Once you're up to a certain performance point (lets say any car that is capable of a 30-70 within 4 or 5 seconds has adequate performance, any less than 4 seconds and its pretty quick) then comparisons are for racetracks and for those who like to wave their little things about in the faces of others. If what you want is a fast car because it's fun, go for it. I've done just that in the past. Now I care less about top trumps but want safe reserves of power. Debate is healthy though as it helps shape our understanding and also where others might be coming from, and respect to that.
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    If you use the paddles you will use engine braking not regenerative braking. I've found it less effective in recharging the battery. The engine will come on to provide the retardation. If you simply apply the brakes you can push the regen to max quite easily. Using the paddles whilst in D will limit the gear range, great if negotiating hills.
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    Do you find forum responses from LOC members helpful? We would imagine you did, so please show your appreciation to our members and click "Like" in their post. It's members that go out of their way to help each other that make LOC such a great place, so liking their post is a visual way to say thanks!
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    It's a bit late for you now but I would have advised a second opinion on anything done at Hull Lexus. I know of a 350 that they charged over 3k to replace timing chain, 12 months later there is oil leaking from the timing chain cover and they are quoting over 2k to replace the cover. To my mind if they were the ones replacing the chain which involved replacing/sealing the cover and it later leaks they should be willing to cover at least some of the costs but they apparently didnt want to know. That attitude despite it being serviced by them since new and having over £16k worth of bills from Lexus Hull over the 8/9 years they had been servicing it. If thats a representation of customer loyalty it stinks. I am less than 30 miles from Hull but travel to Lexus Sheffield for any work I need doing which really shouldnt be necessary if I felt Hull were a good dealership I felt happy to trust.

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