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    Afternoon Folks, Just thought I would chime in and clear up a few points. No, car wasn't offered on here, being an owners club, most people already have an IS-F, so are less likely to be in the market for one. I also didn't want to break the rules by advertising without Gold Membership status. Regarding the price, even if someone does offer me close to the buy it now price (£26k), this is well under half what I have spent on the car. If I was trying to recoup my costs, the price would be over £50k. If you are looking to buy an IS-F, then tune/modify the car to make big horsepower you would spend a lot more to make a stock car look/perform like mine does. Also keep in mind the modifications are not extreme like most (no neon lights, lairy colours, spinners etc), car is still very subtle, and can be used daily if the new owner so chooses. If the current bids and offers are anything to go by, car won't be going anywhere. Worth pointing out I had a genuine offer of £17,500 which I respectfully declined. If you were in the market for a Japanese saloon that has over 600hp and is reliable, you would be hard pushed to find anything under £30k. I have no grief or ill feelings towards anyone on this forum, nor do I have an issue with people having their opinions, but to try and say modifications de-value a car or don't add any value is wrong. If you notice 'The Hulk' GTR is also advertised on eBay at the moment. I know the tuner who built it, Severn Valley Motorsport (SVM) and they want £155k obo. If you apply the it's a 2009 model worth £28k book price for trade-in, you would argue this is ridiculously priced, no one will buy it etc. My car is a one-off, the parts used are all high quality items and couldn't be bought/fitted/setup for less than £50k IF that's what you wanted to do. The supercharger kit alone is close to £10k plus the installation, setup, running in etc. I accept the fact I won't get my money back, that's the way it goes with modifying cars. What I will not accept is the idea of giving it away for a silly price. I am not desperate and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the car whatsoever, lack of free time is the main driver for potentially finding the car a new home. It is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, but if that price is too low, it won't sell as I would rather keep it. Hope that clears things up and if it did find a good home, rest assured I would still be around to help folks out with any technical issues or modifications they might need in the future. Cheers, Pete
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    Long post warning - but still featuring GSF content!! I’ve been a petrolhead for a long time - ever since my first Matchbox car I guess. Later, as a young teenager, my posters of semi-naked ladies were forced to share space with car pictures; I remember staring at both a lot. Another thing I remember, just next to my poster of Lindsey Dawn McKenzie (remember her??!) was an older picture of a Dodge Viper, a gen 1 car, in red - I’d had this poster since I was 8 years old. The Viper lacked some of the more refined design cues that Ferrari and Lamborghini boasted, but she seemed to have an evocative, outrageous and curvaceous style all of her own. There was nothing else quite like her - I was smitten! The car was nice too. (please excuse the grin... 😂) A couple of decades later, and after a track day driving one, I thought “why not?"; so here’s my new toy, a 3rd gen imported Viper that lived in Florida until very recently. The gen 3 is considerably more refined than the early cars and the original 8 litre V10 now displaces 8.3 litres, which is 14.6 pints. There ain’t no replacement for displacement so they say... Many people will remind you that it’s a truck engine, which is and isn’t technically correct. Originally, Dodge mooted using a big-block V8, but needed more power. The engine was duly handed to Lamborghini, who added two more cylinders and recast the block in aluminium, resulting in an engine both more powerful and lighter than the original V8. Its a relatively simple and old-school giant, 20v, pushrod and with no fancy turbos, cylinder deactivation - nothing. I’ve only done a few hundred miles in it so far, but here are my initial impressions; Firstly, just look at it - the Viper’s doing 150mph just standing still! The enormous bonnet, huge vents/slashes in the bodywork (all of which are functional, to expel heat - we’ll talk about this later) and massive fat tyres - 345/30R19s at the rear, 275/30R18s at the front all edge toward the superlative! The folding roof is manual, can be completed in about 10 seconds but unfortunately does involve opening and shutting the boot. Getting in, the driving position is a little unusual, aside from being a left-hooker, the pedals are offset slightly to the left. When cruising the below-waist configuration could best be described as ‘manspreading’. The driver is cocooned in a very comfortable seat between wide sills, which house the side exhausts, and the immense gearbox in the middle. The steering wheel isn't adjustable, but the pedals can be moved closer or further from the driver to fit. Visibility is a leap forward from the gen 1 cars (where, being 6’2” I couldn’t decide whether to look out of the extreme top of the windscreen or stretch and drive over the top of it!) The engine utterly dominates the car as you would expect. Physically, it’s massive, and from the moment the red start button is prodded, a huge bassy rumble of thunder splits the air, quickly settling into a surprisingly low 600rpm idle. The gearbox is probably the most truck-like of the drivetrain components - it’s heavy, a little vague and fairly slow, although it does deal with 505bhp but more specifically 525lbft (712Nm) of torque with ease. The gearbox almost isn’t required, however. Shifting into first and pulling away, I’d be surprised if you could ever stall it. Gentle driving activates the skip-shift mechanism, which will guide you straight from 1st to 4th if you change before 15mph for ‘economy’. A $30 plug in device can disable this, but I’m undecided for the moment. Torque is everywhere and in the lower gears at least, the Viper appears to have little inertia; you decide how many revs you want to do, and the car’s speed immediately comes up to match. On a motorway, the Viper is sprung fairly softly, the tyres aren’t ultra-low profile and the ride is at least as comfortable as my GSF; which surprised me. There is some tramlining, but it’s easy to drive around that. The cabin is typically American (plasticky), although reasonably refined with little wind intrusion with the roof down. In the ultra-long 6th gear, revs are barely above 1000rpm at 70mph. A country road blast really wakes the Viper up, although it’s a wide car and needs room to play. Above 3000rpm, the brute force of that mighty V10 pins heads firmly to headrests, like a modern day Cobra. It’s not traditionally sonorous - sounding more like a V8 with extras, rather than the wail of other V10s. It handles like a go kart, has very quick steering and ample visibility to create a very enjoyable hoon! A blast in it reveals the engine’s dominance in more than just noise and power however; the heat haze is plainly visible from the 10 slats in the bonnet, and the warmth from the transmission tunnel, and the sills (do not touch these when getting out!) works the air conditioning hard. It’s been my dream to own a Viper, and it was difficult to let my previous track toy, a Honda S2000 go. Let’s hope I did the right thing! I aim to keep this thread updated for as long as anyone is interested, any questions, ask away. Hope you enjoyed the post, and I'll get some more picturesque images once it stops raining!)
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    Just a short videoclip of our meet last Sunday! The three musketeers: @NothernDan, @Northern isf, @YN57OCK and myself! We were proud to represent Lexus Owners Club at this meet
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    UPDATE: Right guys, major update due. So Lexus did eventually agree to repair the oil cooler and pipes etc. However since the repair the gearbox has not been functioning correctly. It would not go into gears easily. It would labour when shifting up and you had to press down on the accelerator for it to pop into gear. I have been driving it in manual mode for the last 12 months!! The car has been taken into Lexus Leeds on a number of occasions to try and solve the issue. However the problem persisted and Lexus UK have agreed to replace the gearbox! Great news! I pick the car up on Monday. They have also replaced the manifold. The bill in total is over £15k I believe. Glad I had warranty. Its not been an easy process but we have got there in the end!
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    Not sure if this has been posted before (did a search and found nadda).... My brother just came back from a BTG Trackday at Nurburgring and sent me a random picture of a Lexus ISF on display at the Paddock Shop that has replaced the previous CCS-R (in museum). Turns out they have the ISF DTM concept car there. I thought it only existed on Gran Turismo but apparently this Unicorn is indeed real 🙂 Shame it never got to compete against Ze Germans in the DTM. Would have been cool 🙂 Pic my brother sent me.... The CCS-R 🙂 Did some googling and found these 🙂
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    4 previous owners, bought from a small dealer in Bedford. 2006 plate, so an early 460. Had the TPMS sensors replaced/coded, heated seat switch pack replaced and a bit of bodywork touched up as part of the deal. My compromise was on the interior wood (red) which I’ve decided I can live with! Staggering amount of toys though 😎 The drive back was super smooth! A couple of steps up the comfort scale compared to my S Class which was nice. It needs a good service which I’ll do once I get a free weekend, and the glovebox is slightly loose, other than that I’m just going to waft around in it and enjoy it ! Pics once I’ve given it a proper clean and polish. Regards Jim
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    I have had a few years away from the Lexus brand, and been in both Mercedes and Audi. About 6 months ago we swapped my wifes car from an Merc E350 Coupe to the NX and she loves it. Having had it about 6 months I have really enjoyed having a Lexus again and have now swapped my current Audi A7 to a RX 450H F Sport. Have been looking for a while for a nice spec / mileage / cared for example and ended up at Lexus Derby again (3rd car from them ). A beautiful white F sport with Pan roof and HUD, and only a curb rash on an alloy wheel which they already had booked in to do. Pick it up next week and looking forward to many years happy motoring again.
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    The aforementioned BMW 😂
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    By all accounts chose the RCF over the new Supra
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    Taking advantage of the dry & light evenings. First car I've put a ceramic coating on & really impressed with how little effort it takes to bring back the gleam.
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    Just a quick warts and all assessment of the first 1000 miles in my ES. All typed into my phone so please excuse lack of proof reading! The car is an Fsport with Takumi pack. THE GOOD Quietness - a very quiet and insulated cabin. once you are at cruising speed, its impressively quiet. Engine - the new 300H unit is much improved over the old one in my IS. It is now capable of cutting to electric power at high speed (circa 80mph) and in Eco mode this will combine with the active glide control so that you are gliding along without the regenerative system slowing you down. Although the power rating is similar to the old unit, it does feel abit quicker. Efficiency - also improved, 50mpg is easy to achieve on a journey, that’s impressive for a big car. Handling - I’m really pleased I went for the Fsport with the adaptive suspension set-up. Although it’s not the most advaced set-up, it strikes a very good balance. In eco/ normal mode it has a nice comfortable ride, with a nice degree of ‘wallow’, the 19inch wheels detract from this a little but it’s still good. Sport and Sports+ just tightens it up enough to give it a sporty edge. You would never take it on a trackday, but it feels a nicely resolved set-up. Front wheel drive is really not an issue in handling terms. Audio - the ML setup is fantastic, I’m a self confessed hifi geek and feeding Lossless Tidal hifi into the ML system sounds incredible. I’m going to play about with master quality files to really stretch its legs. The quietness of the cabin also helps the audio playback. Quality - everything feels really well screwed together, if feels a high quality product. Size - it’s a big car at nearly 5metres Long and the interior space is huge. You can stretch the front seats right back and there will still be ample room in the back. But it doesn’t feel like a large car to drive, I think this is a combination of a relatively low curb weight (1750kg?) and good front visibility. Exclusivity - it’s a little thing, but the number of ES’s sold will be tiny in the UK. You feel like Toyota have spent billions of dollars developing a car just for you. I think the chances of seeing another car on the road this year are very small. It’s nice to drive something a little different. Details - lots of nice little touches. keyless entry working on the back door handles as well as front. it’s a small thing but when you are parked in a car park it means you don’t have to squeeze your way to the front handle. Front radar is hidden behind the Lexus logo,so no unslightly black plastic square in the grille. If you have the sun blind up and reverse the car, it automatically lowers. It has a G meter! The Takumi pack includes a credit car key, pop it in you wallet and you don’t need your keys. Heads up display is massive and contains all sort of information such as audio track name, it will also just flash up with a massive red ‘BRAKE’ sign if it thinks you are going to hit the car in front....the front internal lights are touch sensitive. the auto function for the heated wheel and seats works really well. Adaptive led headlights are fantastic, they also include cornering lights. When you turn them on they go through some sort of lighting sequence, Again abit bling but nice. The front indicators are sequential led, again abit bling (but nice). If you get too close to the car in front in slowing traffic, you can temporarily mute the parking sensor with the ok button on the steering wheel. THE BAD Seats - although very supportive and look good, they are synthetic in the FSport. They really should be leather. The leather trim on the dash, wheel and gear selector is good quality but it’s a big omission for the rest of the cabin to be synthetic but I did know about this beforehand. No vented option on seats, this was great in my IS. Front wheel drive - it’s a very good set up but with the UK roads, when you hit a bad pothole it will loose traction and the TC will light . A really bad surface will leave the front trying to find grip and you will get a sideways movement on the front end. It’s a typical FWD trait, RWD is a more composed setup for poor road surfaces. Cabin - there are a few cheaper plastics on the bottom of the door trims, it’s a typical Toyota setup which is fine. However, the areas around the base of the centre console should be better quality materials. Exterior chrome. The chrome detailing to the front and back is smoked on the FSport. The sides of the car has unsmoked chrome. It’s a little thing, but that is just odd!! Rear privacy glass. It’s too dark, it’s basically black. Boot - Width and depth is good but the sloping rear profile robs it of height, it’s adequate size but not brilliant. infotainment - the 12inch screen is great, no problem using the trackpad, it actually works very well. The system feels under-utilised. There is an App Store but no apps? No CarPlay, only miracast? No idea what this is but not supported by Apple. 80% of it is good, it just feels like the last 20% is unfinished. cooling fan - the battery pack under the back seats has a cooling port at low level on the drivers side. I’m not sure if it’s on at all times but I parked up the other day and you can actually hear the fan working behind you. My impression of the first 1000 miles. In general, I’m a very happy customer.
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    Thanks Paul, thanks to all of you for the well wishes, it will never be goodbye, still plan to help out and offer advice for anyone that wants it. Car won’t be going anywhere unless I can get what I feel is a fair price. Current bid doesn’t fill me with much confidence, but had some calls and emails that were a lot more encouraging. If it’s meant to be, then it will go to a new home. If not, that’s no hardship either! Has been a real labour of love, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.
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    The courtesy light door sensor push switch shown above was the problem, and the fix doesn’t require a new switch. It transpires that the switch(shown in the pic above) is single pole with the circuit completed via the bolt holding the push switch to the body acting as ground/earth - over time grunge and other materials come between the bolt where it makes contact with the switch body. I undid the bolt with a star drive, cleaned it up and the metal plate on the switch body it mates with. Cycled the ignition once and voila, the courtesy light now comes on when the door is opened, and, with ignition on, the door specific open warning on the panel also lights up (hadn’t noticed that was not working duh!). Thanks for all the assistance, was a 2 minute job to fix. No more loud false alarms going off. Michael
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    Black’s a sod to keep clean, but when it is, it looks great!!!!
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    The only thing I do is make sure its locked and keep the keys well away from the front of the house so they cannot use the signal boosters to get in and start it. Two cars ago I had a Range Rover P38 … I was hoping that someone would pinch that, unfortunately they did not … my biggest concern about anyone stealing that was them bringing it back when they found out how unreliable they were.
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    Hi All I've had my IS300h for 3.5 years under a company car lease scheme. I thought I'd post a quick review of my own observations. Having had a stream of German cars for many years I changed to the Lexus IS300h advance. Driving an auto and hybrid was a major change for me but after a few months I was very happy with my choice. The car still feels fresh as it did on day one with no fade in performance or handling. In my view, the car is the intelligent mans choice for a changing landscape with anti diesel rhetoric and ULEZ about to be rolled out. I will most likely stick with the Lexus brand as build and overall quality are my main criteria. Well done Lexus for building such a great car. My next car is likely to be another IS300h or the ES300h. Nick
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    Hi all, Just a quick update to say that the GS went in for its first service in my ownership today and came out with a clean bill of health. The only advisory was that the rear tyres are at about 3mm, so will need replacing soon. I have been quoted £120 + VAT each for Michelin's by the dealer. So, after 8 months and 8000 trouble free miles, I can say that it is still just as brilliant as when I bought it. I was actually surprised when I realised it had been this long, but the car is so effortless that it is understandable. As usual, Lexus Reading were great from start to finish. Michael and Sue were just as nice and helpful as ever, and how's this for care and attention: When I checked the service book I saw that someone had put on a post it note to stop the ink smearing the opposite page before it had dried. As you can see from the empty boxes, this isn't something all dealers consider. It is a small thing, and I wouldn't have particularly minded if it had made a mark, but I was impressed that someone took the time to consider such a small thing.
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    I used the Liber T automatic toll payment tag for driving across France four times and would definitely recommend the system. I had no problems but if you do it can be sorted back in the UK speaking English to the company. Loved driving up to the toll booth, slowing down and waiting just a second for the barrier to raise automatically. The toll roads provide effortless high speed driving and are worth the cost if you need to cover distance quickly. Of course you see nothing of the quaint villages etc.
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    Ready for sports cars in the park this weekend 😎😎
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    Well, after 5+ years with a CT and the same before that with an IS, I have succumbed to the dreaded SUV. A mercury metallic 2018 Luxury has stolen my wallet. It is the first used Lexus I have bought since a not great experience with an IS220d that used to stink of exhaust on the motorway and had a gearbox like a truck. In fact it was from a Toyota truck. However, time passes and my agility is not what it was. The CT is a very good motor but getting in and out had become a chore plus the fact that while I appreciated the economy and cruising around Norfolk is OK, the CT performance is lacking in acceleration on anything like a hill if you want to safely overtake a push bike. The other factor is the CT ride which although it has improved a lot and the car now has better seats, no-one can say it is really good. Let’s be honest, all good valid excuses for looking at a new motor.😀 So, the NX got a test drive. It really is super to drive isn’t it? I just got in and felt right at home straightaway. Dead easy to get in and out and, for an SUV, very comfy especially the seats. I have not mastered the widescreen TV yet but it looks basically similar to the CT Premier screen but in high res. I have never been a great fan of SUV styling but the NX is as good as you will get. The detailing is well thought out. I like the wheel arches for example, they don’t bulge and make the car unnecessarily wider just for fashion. It is BIG after a CT but on the move from behind the wheel it doesn’t feel it. When you get out and have look though - there is a lot of metal and plastic there. I can hear voices saying “Silly devil, why didn’t he get a UX?” Well, the only UX I could get for a little more that the same money I paid for the NX Luxury would have to be a base model. To get this Luxury level of trim on a new UX would be outside my price range, hence the used NX is very good value with less that 10k on the clock even if it is probably a size too big. One other factor is that UX is a brand new model and I have always liked to give a new model at least a year for obvious niggles to be ironed out, even on a Lexus. The ride is good, I love driving it. The steering is light but well weighted. I soon realised this is a very heavy car. It takes a good squash of the pedal to stop the forward motion. Once you know that though it can work to your advantage as a hybrid driver. The coasting distance when you lift off the pedal is huge on a flat road and it goes on forever down even a slight gradient. All that time that little green light is on but you are not holding up the driver behind like people did in a Mk 1 Prius. Economy so far is low 40s, we shall see what happens over a period of mixed Norfolk use. The cruising is quiet at 70+ apart from the tyre noise. I cured this quite well and improved the ride in the CT with some Michelin cross climates. Might try the same here eventually. The acceleration, particularly mid-range, is good too. There is bags of power there to swoop past even an electric bike on the hills. So far I have only done one cross country trip and the car just did absolutely everything a driver could want. Even sitting in a roadworks jam in an NX is a pleasure. 😄
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    Well it arrived today. Like all these things not without incident if I'm involved. Luckily 2 brilliant guys delivered it. First probletwhen unpacked was that the base was scrap as the forklift in the warehouse had crushed one lower corner beyond redemption. 1 1/2 hours later new base arrived. Men had kindly fixed the wheels on to move it easily. It is MEGA HEAVY. Having greased their palms with good old spondooliks, they agreed to help fit the top cupboards. WARNING THIS IS A 3 MAN Job. An hour of graft and job was a good un. Don't think that this is a click and collect item unless you have a wagon with a tail lift. It was assembled in my car port and only just squeezed through the height of the garage door. Fabulous quality for the price and looks great.
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    The bodywork on my LS400 had a few knocks and i think it must have had a botched respray at some point on the near side. It's been bugging me for the last couple of years so I've just had a bare metal respray on both sides. It looks so good now, except the paintwork on the bonnet, roof and boot looks a bit lifeless in comparison! Here are a couple of photos my son took today
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    This is very good advice. I had a 230E W124 and ran it for 10 years. It was a dream and so serviceable at home. Even the torque convertor was drainable........ but....the LS430 is a different league. I have done 40,000 miles in mine and had just a lamba sensor fail, (£260 fitted) and that was a huge shock as one gets so use to nothing happening. Funny enough the W124 did about 30-31 mpg and the Lexus does the same. The ride is simply sublime. We never drive anywhere, we just glide. Everyone who is in the car just marvels. At my MOT garage it is known as 'that silver Lexus' and even the young mechanics come and look. Buy with caution and simply enjoy. When the kids go tearing across the counry, you just waft, and try not to look too smug.
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    Popped to the local Waitrose for some bits and bobs and noticed a MY2000 GS 300 in one of the disabled spaces with a couple just getting out. Walked inside the supermarket but checked the car on the GOV.UK website (something I often do when I see something interesting). Impeccable MOT history and only 31,000 on the clock! So I approached the old boy, gave him my card and politely asked that if he ever came to sell it to give me a call. You never know
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    Haven't had time to update this for a while, all fixed and back on the road. Some questions about features to follow.
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    The surface of my paint was rough. I used a clay cloth and lubricant and was surprised how easy it was to do. I put a wax on it afterwards and this is the result : (she's 6 years old in 5 days time)
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    'Pint of cold sick'. Where can I buy that? Sounds great! 👍😂 Can I also add that both my F's were modified. IS-F - That had a vanilla tree thingy air freshener RC-F - I put a brighter LED reversing bulb in it. Don't think it was any brighter - crap mod. 😂
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    Having gleefully posted updates on my various modifications (and those made by others) on these pages only to find that a large number of our more prolific members Are purists who would rather down a pint of cold sick than modify their cars from stock (and think that you are the spawn of Satan for even considering it) I am totally unsurprised Pete has not listed his car on here. If you read back up this chain there is enough ‘evidence’ here already that ‘we’ don’t think his car will go for what it is worth. Based on that useful insight then I’d have to say that if I was selling mine then, after reading the above and realising that any prospective buyer would then get to read it too, this would be the last place I would advertise it. I am pretty sure that if Pete doesn’t get anywhere near his buy it now price then that car will remain in his garage. eBay is a great and cheap ‘testing ground’. That car is a unicorn and if somebody out there happens to be looking for that exact one then it will go to a great home.
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    @Northern isf last time I saw suspension like that was on an Impala in Los Angeles 😉
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    Wasnt just the pedestrians that ruined it although the crowd did want a redo! Cant belive some Bentley (a Mulsanne??) decided to come at you try and play chicken with Cezar! (in the video below).... managed to grab a few of the 'spirited' exits on caught by the public on camera the of 'F'ers who attended! Not a bad day - good seeing you all! Loud Lexus IF NorthernDan.mp4 Loud Lexus ISF NorthernISF.mp4 Loud Lexus RCF.mp4
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    Good day out today. Me, Cezar, Wayne and Ian. Well worth the trip. A few shots off my phone. More off the big camera to follow.
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    Looking forward to the bank holiday, plans for a wheels off full clean and detail! 😄
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    I’d be ashamed of anything over 16 mpg and rapidly seek counselling
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    Hi all, The new springs and shocks are on and he drives like a dream, 3 days off the road but well worth it 😊😊
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    Interesting how opinion differs on colour, as soon as I saw a red RCF I thought that looks great and the reason I bought one, everybody I meet say they love the colour too. I did look at a silver one which I thought brought out the lines/curves of the car. The only colour I did dislike was white way too domestic appliance in appearance for my taste and made all the worse with the carbon edition😉
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    The guy who had it before has left all the wiring and pipes in the front so it's all there to change it back to air at the front if wanted. I went to check the fuse this morning but unfortunately I couldn't get it out, started the car and still nothing tried everything it said in the manual, so I have moved the car to face the right way for recovery. Turned everything off that I could electrical wise ( heaters/ stereo) started the engine and the compressor kicked in so at the minute he's at normal air ride thank goodness, keeping everything crossed he's stays there so I can get back home 🤞🏻🤞🏻
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    Bit of feedback. Went in and a new a/c condenser fitted. Seems to have been a hole/leak and all covered under warranty. Excellent dealer service as always.
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    Got my windows tinted today...looks a lot better looked good in the 1st place but ohh sooo much cooler now 😂
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    Admiral often do not receive good reviews.Time to move, methinks!
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    Update: I dropped my car into Lexus on Friday morning last. Following an inspection, they advised me not to drive it, and that they won't have a replacement part until early this week. They provided me with a new Yaris in the meantime. They didn't know how much it would cost as they've never had to replace one before. I just got a call from the service manager to tell me that they're still waiting for the part to arrive but hope to have the car ready for me by the end of business tomorrow (Tuesday). He said that it appears that the part failed by itself as there was no sign of damage on the pulleys or tensioner, and that they would cover the cost as it has only been 5 weeks since it was in with them for service.
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    Gave the old girl a bath on Friday as she was rotten and I've not spent any real time cleaning the car due to the work I'm doing on the house. Cleaned wheels and topped up sealant. Snow foamed Washed Dried and topped up sealant. All glass polished with front and rear exterior glass given a coat of soft 99 window sealant. Hoovered interior and wiped plastics with ODK cabin which smells lovely. Tyres dressed. Not bad for a twelve year old car. Driven to Norfolk and back so the front end looks like a fly cemetery now so will need another clean this week. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Love it! @Cezar B - how could they do this to you..?😂😂😂 (12.20). Wayne they also got you on same video at 11.13
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    I have recently replaced all my rear suspension arms with genuine parts and my rear hub bushes, ARB bushes, steering rack bushes and changed the diff oil on my 1998 ls400. Also did the strut rods and new tyres and a full alignment. It's transformed the handling. Much more stable and corners better with less roll. Still stock but refreshed. The rear end was pretty shot. It's my daily so needs to be safe and ride well.
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    You could pick up an old laptop running Windows XP from a charity shop or eBay for not much more than a tenner, plus about £20 for a miniVCI cable from eBay which will come with a (pirated) copy of Techstream (or you could pay for a block of time from Lexus to use the official Techstream - either way you'll need that cable so it's up to you which one you use). So, for about £30 you could have a laptop to use Techstream and once you've bought it it's always there for future use too.
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    I agree they're probably outperformed but I know which brand I'd go for and it wouldn't be German. Having driven all the mainstream German marques since passing my test 30+ years ago but only recently dipping my toe into Lexus/Japanese cars I would challenge your comment that there are "better" products available. I pay absolutely no attention to the majority of reviews and my daily drive doesn't include the Nurburgring at any point so I've a feeling a 200t would be rather nice. 245bhp through the rear wheels sounds pretty good to me. And as I don't do huge mileages and like to enjoy my drive rather than worry about the fuel economy a 250 sounds even better! I take it by the general lack of responses we don't have owners of either car on here?
  50. 3 points
    Lexus IS300h £40,000, satnav update £165 Garmin satnav £100, map updates FREE for life. Makes you think.

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