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  1. Hi Could be a problem with the relay - I had this problem. Although if the relay was duff I'd expect both lamps to go out and then come back on when you cycled the switch. When I fixed the relay I put Philips Xenon X-treme Vision in and the difference was worth the cost. Bren
  2. brendangeorge

    Oxidised headlights

    I had the local indi polish the head lamps on my LS430 and they were great for 6 months - I tried the toothpaste method and it does not work. I read an Honest John article where he said use Brasso and elbow grease - that works and lasts for a few months. Here is an interesting article from Instructables - worth a read - it seems sanding is not needed. Bren
  3. They are indestructible Malc - my problem was caused by some knob not tightening the plugs after a service - at least that's all I can put it down to. When we compression tested the cylinder, when diagnosing the low speed miss, all 8 plugs were only hand tight. If you treat these engines well they run forever. I just bought a 4 year old RX450h to replace my beast. After 15 years of me it deserves a Viking funeral :) Bren
  4. Hi Graham I hope you have an electrical or sensor problem mate - electrical problems usually manifest at high speed not low speed. I have a lumpy tickover or death rattle as my wife calls it. Unfortunately she is correct - I have low compression on No 6 => duff valve or oil seal = scrap car. 60 PSI on No6 and 160 on the others. At high revs the compression comes back up and the car runs smoothly like yours - I have warning lights and an intermittant miss fire error and other grief. At low speed an in traffic jams it is intollerable - motorway cruising I put in 4th to keep the revs up a little. I am shopping for a new car - 15 years and 255K miles is not bad I suppose. Paying out cash for a new motor is one thing (I am a Yorshireman) bit having to choose which Lexus I get is a pain - I think it may be an RX450h. Good luck Brendan
  5. Hi Rob I am having a look at this thread because I am thinking about a RX450h - I have a very old LS430 so am usually on that forum - and spotted this topic. The plastic water tank you see under the bonnet is an expansion tank and is not used to top up the system. The colling system is sealed and should have no leaks and never need topping up. The expansion tank is needed when the thermostat is closed after a cold start - otherwise your water pump will have no where to circulate the coolant. Thermostat is a misnomer because it is not used to regulate the temperature of your engine but make it warm up as quickly as possible from cold. You will go nuts if you keep looking at the coolant level in the ET. If you car has no visible leaks - warms up quickly and the temp gague stay rock steady you will be fine. I fill my 430 up to the max line and it settles at just below min after a run - I played this game for a month or two and gave up. It is always good to be cautious after some maintenance - trust no one. Good luck Bren
  6. Hi NIgel I assume you have changed the battery in your key and that you can lock and unlock the car using the key Charge up the cars battery mate - the problem you described happened to me a couple of times in the last 3 months. I had to get green flag out to a hotel one morning - very annoying :). I carry a jumper pack (truck version) and should probably buy a new bat soon. You cannot leave these big beast for very long and if your battery is old you may have probs. Another tip is hold the steering wheel when you try and start it - you will get better RF coupling for the immobiliser if you do. Also take your mobile phone out of you pocket to reduce interference. Good luck Bren
  7. Great idea I'll send you a PM
  8. Hi Phil I had some groaning from my rear brakes - I have brake warning indicator cable fitted and usually replace the pads on mileage to be safe. I always ask the mechanic if the pads will go to the next service - so try not to be a Muppet. Like you I have been busy with work etc and seem to have lost track things. Bottom line is I had worn the pads to the metal and that stuffed both rear disks => had to replace them both. I don't know why I did not get a pad wear warning :( I'd get to the bottom of the groaning quickly mate. It could be many things - including a duff caliper. You can get them cheap in the US from Rock Auto if you need replacements. Bren
  9. Hi Brain The car you posted a link to looks great with only 65K miles and a new cam belt when you buy. I may have had a look at it if I had not just bought a load of new bits for my old heap - I'll write a post about that sometime. Bluesman made great comments about LPG - I have done 150K of the 250K miles my car has covered using LPG and never had a problem. It will save you a fortune. The steering wheel tilt moor shims do get knackered and is not expensive to fix (fit a new one) and if you have a mind (I don't) you could fit yourself - Phil was spot on about using the wheel for leverage when getting in and out of the car :). I am a big lump and need all the help I can get. I am on my third steering column motor - an old Lexus mechanic told me that I was causing the problem. I am not sure messing with the fuses is a great tactic. Good luck with the 430 mate. Bren
  10. brendangeorge


    I have 3 points - 10 years NCB and use my car for business so up to 20K per year - £211 fro Provident. Just Go- (you know what). I did not pay £800 when mine was brand new - that's a heck of a premium - however I run a 430 from your signature you run something newer. One of my pals has a multi-car policy and even with students on it saves money.
  11. Hi Mark Your car looks spot on to me - exactly like mine did when it had air suspension and now when it does not. It can be confusing and after 14 years I often look twice. Check the door trim is level for a good indication and make sure you are on level flat ground.
  12. That's about what I paid for my indi to do one - labour and parts (not Lexus). My drivers seat is a bit manky but I am afraid to scrub it too hard - there may be nothing left :)
  13. See my comments guys - 14 years in a LPG LS430 with nearly 250K on the clock - the beast will be 14 in Feb :) and it is still rocking.
  14. brendangeorge

    Engine Oil

    I love to see how oil reverses engine wear - there's a Nobel prize for physics in that and a million dollars :) - I'm serious but they take ages to pay. Bren
  15. Hi John - good idea but done at the wrong time - I am an electrical engineer. Vas will insulate the terminals so you put it on after you have made a good connection. Clean the battery posts and clamps as well as you can - tighten them up and then apply the Vas to keep air and moisture out. This will stop air and moisture related corrosion but not galvanic action - you will still need to make sure they stay in good condition. I could blather on about conductors and connectors (I am an engineer) - however, if your cables are not thick enough they will not conduct well (they will heat up) - same for your connectors. How big they are and what they are made of (cables and connectors) will affect their conductivity - your battery has to deliver a short high current burst when you crank the engine so they need to be fit for purpose. Always take care when working around a battery - especially with a full charge in it - make sure you don't create an inadvertent short. Bren