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  1. @Habu Hope you don't regret decision as obviously is a downgrade.
  2. Do you by any chance mean the footballer wayne rooney?
  3. @beyond the blue Will they at least give you a courtesy car?
  4. ridiculous how expensive used cars are now.
  5. Any thoughts on this car?
  6. Was wondering also why often I see lexus main dealers sell old cars for high amount of £££ sometimes they seem overpriced even from a main dealership especially if very old with high mileage
  7. @omegatt Let us know what you decide 🙂
  8. @SleepyTiger That's only 1 way to London but depending where you are driving from
  9. There are 2 aspects to a car. the buying experience and the car itself which includes drive etc Hope that both of you at least appreciate and are happy with the car once it arrives but can 100% understand your feelings in reagrds to the lack of communication and customer service from a company that brag so much about that. So yes i do validate all your points mentioned but at the ssame time think that hope you are happy with the car and no issues.
  10. @SS64 I really liked your detailed review on the ES and once i win the lottery then may very possibly go buy one Shame though that here in the UK most road users don't appreciate what Lexus and luxury japaense vehicles have to offer as they all tend to go after the German cars. Only lexus offer Omotenashi! Anyways looking forward to future updates and photos of your ES. Best of luck 🤞
  11. @Spock66 don't beleive you, it doesn't make any sense😂 kidding anything is possible
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