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  1. Yeah, think the map will be the same, the 2xsoftware will depend on your model number
  2. Thanks for the tip, paid for 1 hour subscription, now fully updated, map 2019v2, firmware 1530, DCU 1046.
  3. Thanks for that, using tech website link, I am now updating the navigation database to 2019 V2. It only works using fat32 and I only had a 64gb usb, so had to use a freeware fat32format utility but seems to be updating ok
  4. My multimedia version is still 1520, I've downloaded the latest version from https://securedp.lexus.com/download-app/downloads but updates are greyed out meaning apparently I have the latest version, but isn't the latest version 1530? Where can I get this from? Thanks
  5. Thanks for that, using tech website link, I am now updating the navigation database to 2019 V2. It only works using fat32 and I only had a 64gb usb, so had to use a freeware fat32format utility but seems to be updating ok
  6. If you login to the lexus customer portal, lexus.co.uk/my-lexus/dashboard There is a link to a "free 2019 V2 map update 24/10/2019" but.. if you click on the link, you get page not found, anyone managed to get this update? Or update their navigation version?
  7. 7 times of of 10, my UX automatically connects to my phone's WiFi hotspot. I have to enter the password the other 3 times.... Any ideas why this is? Hoping an update will sort this out but the last update is still showing as 1st April 2019. 4 months before I got the car. Do you think we'll get an update soon? Update link https//securedp.lexus.com/download-app/downloads
  8. Just had a thought, in winter with minus temperatures, it would be nice to keep the car running whilst it warms up and whilst the doors are locked. Can you do this (without using manual key) How? Else, guess it means sitting in a freezing car for 5 mins until it has defrosted and warmed up. Thanks.
  9. Lexus customer services kindly replied stating the following which makes sense. As your vehicle is equipped with Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), you are unable to turn on the speed limits on the Navigation System. The main reason for this is to stop any discrepancies from the Navigation and the TSR system showing different speed limits at one time, as it is more likely for the GPS data to be inaccurate.
  10. Hi folks, Does anyone know how to stop traffic announcements? I mean, once the TA starts, what do I do to stop it, I get an option to confirm or cancel, but the TA still continues... Thx
  11. Hi All, just getting the hang of my new F-Sport and the many awesome features. One thing I can't sus out is how to get into speed limits config under navigation. I'm sure I've used it before but it's now always greyed out! I've tried with the car in Park, connected to my phone WiFi hotspot, but the speed limits menu option is always greyed out. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Just ordered a black F-Sport with black trim, really hoping there's one in the UK somewhere, else guessing I'll be waiting for months
  13. Hi, going to buy an F-Sport but just wondering about the seat material, it looks like a suede material so concerned that it won't stay looking good and won't play nice with spilled drops of coffee etc. Does anyone know if the seats shown in the picture are the standard F-Sport seats or, are the standard seats the all black leather 'look' seats that I would prefer. Looking at other F-Sport models, there appears to be different seat materials so would love to know what the standard seat would look like. Thanks
  14. F Sport quick review. Great mpg, 47 mpg to work, 11miles of 70mph, 20 miles of 40-50mph, last 10 miles gets busy. Observations Car looks, feels, drives great (still need to test performance chassis setting) Got enough power to keep you happy. Comfortable, quiet, well built, quality, it's a joy to drive after running a Mercedes C250 for 4 years. Getting used to infotainment system, it's fine when you get used to it. Standard audio sound quality isn't that great, just passable. HUD is awesome. SatNav is almost impossible to read, you have to rely on the instruction at the bottom of the screen to navigate (or HUD) Going to see if I can use mirrorcast to duplicate Google maps onto the screen.hopefully, this is possible, and should resolve the issue Getting used to LTA adjusting the steering. Dynamic radar control works well. No Enform suite, apps, Alexa in the UK and can't find out if these goodies Will become available in the UK! Will try connected services when I get one, still deciding on the model!