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  1. Lexus Sale

    Hi Thought you all would like to know that Lexus are selling the sports front grille for the IS200 in Astral Black, Platinum Ice, Chamonix White and Granite Sky for £36.24 Inclusive of the dreaded VAT............. Original cost was £220 so this is an amazing saving.... Here are the parts numbers should you need them... Black..............GBNGA-59051-C0 Platinum.........GBNGA-59051-B0 White.............GBNGA-59051-A1 Granite...........GBNGA-59051-B1 Happy buying.......
  2. Headlight

    Tried to put it in the buying/selling forum but would not let me do it as not gold member........ Oh and thanks for the welcome marcus only a year late lol P.s good luck with the v8 conversion....
  3. Headlight

    Hi all After my is200 said a very freindly hello to the rear of a saxo the other day i am in need of a passenger side headlight..... Can any one please help me....... Thanks
  4. Brake Caliper

    Got quote for new rear caliper from my lexus dealer and was told £238 plus VAT so front must be closer to £350....
  5. Mintex Pads

    I have just fitted a new set of mintex pads all round to my is200 1 week ago and find them to be much better than OEM pads. I have used green stuff pads before on a rover coupe 200 turbo and found them to be lacking in any real grip, the dust was also very poor. Wheels looked dirty after every journey.... I paid about £60 for set of front and rear off e'bay, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than from a shop or on-line..
  6. Insurance

    I'm with e-sure, full no claims in scotland. Fully comp for me and the missus including protected on a 52 plate is200 sport...............£300
  7. Where To Buy Discs

    I have just bought a full set of front and back mintex pads off e'bay as well for £50. A good deal i thought
  8. Where To Buy Discs

    Try here under discs performance. you can get front drilled and grooved for £111.88 + vat and rear drilled and grooved for £142.78 + vat Have heard that this company are quite good. There are also pictures of the discs. You can also get standard discs Front are £24.95 + vat They don't do standard rears though ( don't know why) Hope this helps .... P.S a set of front and rear black diamond discs with green stuff pads will set you back nearly £700. I have priced them !!!!
  9. Corroded Alloys

    Hi R1nG@ I was informed of this information by the service manager at Arnold Clark Lexus in Glasgow, where i purchased my car and got all 5 wheels changed to a different type as explained earlier in this thread. He informed me that i had a 1 yr warranty on my new wheels, he also said that all replacement wheels had a years warranty on them which is why he replaced mine as my car was just over the three year mark but the wheels had been changed before i picked up the car. They only lasted 3 months !!!! He did say any wheels which had been curbed would not be covered as this could be the reason for the wheel corroding. I would contact lexus GB and kick up a stink. I'm sure they will sort something out for you. Hope this helps.
  10. Corroded Alloys

    I spoke to my dealer about this while my wheels were being changed. And i can tell you that they have changed the top coat but it doesen't seem to be working. The other point i was told is that this problem is only aparent in the UK. No where else has this problem. Lexus recon it's the salt we put on our roads which cause this to happen. Lexus will not remanufacture all their alloys world wide for such a small percentage of faults in the UK. It is cheaper for them to just keep changing them till all the warranties are gone. Many people are also unaware that the wheels are covered by the car warranty and so do not get them replaced. Or that all replacement wheels have a 1yr warranty on them reguardless of what warranty if any is left on their car. Hope this clarifies the situation for you
  11. Corroded Alloys

    UPDATE...... Took car in for new wheels yesterday (sat 3rd) and left car with them while i caught the train into the certre of glasgow for a look round the shops. Got a call saying really sorry but your wheels are not here !!! They are not due to arrive till wednesday!!! Well i was not happy to say the least so i recieved a very good offer from them. The manager said that he had a set of 8 spoke accessory wheels in the graphite colour sitting there and would i accept those instead. Too right i would, brand new set of five alloys from the accessory catalouge which you could only get if you paid for them at a cost of £1100 !!! What a result !!! And what service once again. P.S to all you guys who have had replacement wheels but you car warranty has run out..... All lexus wheels come with a 1yr waranty which extends past your car warranty.
  12. How Do I Spend 6k

    Hi ad77 I need to let you know that i live in scotland and stuff is much cheapness up here!!! I know a garage who do resprays for rolls and bently as well as other prestigeous cars. I have had a quote from him before and he will spray any flip, pearl or flake for me for £1500. I just need to supply the paint. Which is handy as my wifes grampa used to be a delivery driver with a paint company and can get me a good discount. I recon i could get a flip + flake done for £2000 - £2500 depending on which paint i choose. I am also not wanting emense power a super will give the car just enough to make it fun. A decent paint job and a super fitted would do me fine. If theres any left over can look at other stuff. Been having thoughts about candy-apple red for the paint as well ?
  13. How Do I Spend 6k

    Plenty of food for thought but keep it coming. I think i am swayed towards the super charger rather that the turbo, cos as you say it would be cheaper to buy a turbo charged car than to convert. I think a super charger will give the car that little extra power it should really have had from new which will keep me happy. Had plenty of turbos before but never a supercharged, must be smoother to drive. Not to sure about a kit if thats the price of them. I was expecting around £1500 - £2000 for the paint job, maybe a flip with flakes? I am happy with the handling at the mo but don't know if it should be done with super fitted. I assume the brakes are good enough for a super conversion ? and if not a set of black diamonds all round might do ? Not overly worried about the type of alloys as long as i like the look. 60k for the 750BHP transplant would be within my means as looking to sell garden off as building plot (kaching!!!!!!!) but the wife would never allow that. ( Boo !!!) We can't decide wether to buy the new 220d SE-L or wether to spend less doing up the IS200 we have. We have only had the current IS200 sport for 4 months so may be a bit premature to change so quick. Still looking for more ideas so keep them coming. Any ideas on colour for paint job ? (not purple/green flip as it seems to be everywhere now !!)
  14. Hi all I may come into a little money in the next 6 months or so, and am looking to spend approx 6k on my 3 year old lexus IS200 sport. I am looking for some ideas as to what i can do. Firstly i am going to get a trick paint job done so i guess thats £1000 - £2000 gone already. Turbo or supercharger will also be on the agender, but don't know which yet. ( anyone know the cost on insurance for either of these when done ). Currently pay £300 fully comp so would be intrested to know what other people who have done the super or turbo are paying ? Also thinking wheels, body kit and maybe suspension, but looking for ideas and products which people have used and would recomend. Thought about spending a little more and getting the 3 litre twin turbo supra 750 BHP engine transplant done but suspect may be nearly impossible to insure. So any ideas please help. Thanks
  15. Corroded Alloys

    RESULT.......... Met with the service manager today and they have agreed to replace all 4 alloys. Hooray for lexus........ Lets hope these last longer than 3 months....... (was told 2 new alloys put on before i bought the car 3 months ago, shocking really that they only lasted 3 months........)