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  1. Mine were at 100k, wear and tear...
  2. I have the same problem. A touch of "Mother's plastic polish" gets rid of the haze but only for a couple of months.
  3. The water pump should be. The lady at lexus UK told me everything that isn't designed to wear during it's operation on the car is covered. Things designed to wear include brakes, clutch etc. Oh and shock absorbers!!?. Apart from that everything else is covered! That aside, I think you should be fine with a waterpump and if not you should kick up a fuss!
  4. I'm thinking the same as this. My bulbs are very disappointing, I'd say bordering on inadequate (I've had brighter non-xenons). I assume Xenons dim over time? On a 10yr old car with 120k I guess they'll not be operating like newer bulbs? Malachy did you see an improvement in your new bulb? Are they tricky to fit on a GS450H? I replaced parking lights recently and they were a nightmare to fit!
  5. I thought I should reply to with the outcome in case someone else has the same problem and does a forum search. Dealer investigated and found it was a fault due to faulty pins in the door detecting if/when closed etc. They said the cost would be £90 to rectify. It was all done foc under the Lexus used Warranty. I imagine if you didn't have a warranty and could source some pins and it could be done relatively cheaply.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I've been playing around and have come to the same conclusion, the car shouldn't lock with keys in the car (can do in the boot apparently) or auto self-lock once door has been opened. It behaves the same with both keys. It's in the dealers soon so I'll get them to look at it. Not sure they can reject the warranty claim on wear and tear for this! Thanks
  7. Good advice and I won't do it anymore! Although in defence of my stupidity I thought the first incident was just a random coincidence where the button was pushed while key was in car. Now I've seen it happen twice I won't do it again! Saying that, cars can't exist where if you leave the key in it for a very brief period they lock themselves in!?
  8. I'm looking for some advice for my 2007 GS450H. I've noticed some behaviour with my locking that may be just how it is supposed to work or I'm beginning to think it may be a fault... About a month ago I locked my keys in the car accidentally and it needed the AA to get them out. I unlocked the door, put the keys on the passenger seat and rummaged around in a bag on the outside. I didn't notice the car self-lock whilst the door was open, the alarm went off so I closed the door thinking it would cancel the alarm and not realising it had auto-locked I locked my keys in! I had assumed that by sheer chance that the keys must have landed on the seat in such a way that it pushed the lock button and thought nothing of it. Another strange event, I unlocked the doors, got in, put keys in centre console and closed the door. I didn't start the engine immediately, I was reading something. Car locked itself and alarm went off! I used the fob to cancel the alarm and thought it was strange the alarm should go with keys in car again. Yesterday, I opened the car from the passenger side, put the keys in the centre console and shut the door to do something else (boot was open). Car locked itself. All doors were locked, I couldn't get in. I was just about to call the AA when I tried the drivers door and it unlocked as it would with key-less entry but the keys were in the car... I'm beginning to think I've got a fault. I can't imagine the keys should work like this!? I've not had a low battery warning and new battery was put in key last year. Any ideas!? Is this normal!?
  9. Hi John, My price was wrong on labour, it works out at £505, so £100 for fitting, still probably a tad steep and I'd rather use a garage I am familiar with. I'll probably order them and have them fitted locally to save me the journey, when they arrive I can check they are the correct part - better than a 3hr round trip to find out. I too am sceptical... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-GENUINE-LEXUS-GS450H-REAR-R-H-L-H-SHOCK-ABSORBER-48530-80356-/252980555678?hash=item3ae6d0ef9e:g:WGgAAOSwpONZOUCA I contacted them after seeing the above.
  10. Its from Nippon AutoSpares in Derby. They do have an ebay listing but I contacted direct for the prices. If anyone has experience of these it will be good to know! It was the Lexus dealer who identified the shocks need replacing and then warranty rejected claim. Dealer was only going to replace one on each axle. I had a rear one replaced (under warranty) 8 months ago so I guess dealer/Lexus must be relaxed about not replacing in pairs...
  11. That's good to know, I assumed the quoted price on the Lexus website was £795 each!?
  12. Supplier did confirm these are the right ones. Also offered to fit, £600 for both fitted...
  13. Hi John, Thanks for the reply. I did think it looked a bit too good to be true. I will check that they are quoting on the right ones and are the adjustable on road versions!
  14. Sorry to resurrect this thread. I need a couple of shocks, 1 front and 1 rear and I've had the following quote from Nippon autospares: Rear are £179+vat Front are £159+vat (please confirm which side if you wish to order) delivery will be £12+vat with UPS These are Genuine Lexus new parts as such carry 12 month warranty This seems pretty good vs all other options. Any comments? Do you think this is right for an 07 GS450H??
  15. That's a good result. Can you please let me know who the dealer is? The dealer I am at a dead end is Listers and he said he would get the whole force of Listers to solve my problem (he didn't achieve it).