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  1. I put new Dunlop Maxxsport RT2s on my GS450H when I first got it and after 16k my rears will need changing shortly. Fronts are fine, reckon I've got another 15k on those I got a bit of a bargain on the RT2s for £80 each when Paypal were doing an offer combined with better € rate they came from giga-tyres in Germany, got the 4 fitted locally for £40. I've been looking again and best price I can get on RT2s fitted is £117. Happy to consider other alternatives if anyone can recommend any? The RT2s have been excellent, quiet, grippy and I regularly get 37mpg, 39 on a M-way run.
  2. What were your symptoms for Lincoln to come up with that charge?
  3. I will do that tonight but suspect there won't be a reaction because the lights are pointing right down so they think there is already max weight in boot. Might have to raise boot somehow!? will try!
  4. Thanks for the replies. How do I check if the level sensors are broken? Any easy solution?
  5. Driving home tonight was a real struggle. My lights are pointing as low as possible but only me in car and nothing in boot. The levelling motors are working, they raise and lower when lights switched on but they are pointing down lighting up approx 3m of road! I need to get it booked in (under warranty) but wondered if there was a quick fix to override the motors pointing down so I don't have to drive at 20mph if I can't use full beam!
  6. Just had my 100k service and Lincoln Lexus said the shock absorber needed replacing (it wasn't picked up on not a month before - mot not done at dealer). Damper was replaced under warranty. I've found Lincoln Lexus to be a very good dealer, efficient and trouble free.
  7. I appreciate this has been asked several times and I've searched and tried the methods posted but pretty sure I'm missing something and need some help My lights are too low and I want to raise them (07 GS450H). I have removed the engine covers and can clearly see some adjusters. I turned these but can't really see that they have raised the lights I suspect they have made them point outwards, not upwards. The instructions say you need a 12" screwdriver. I can do it with a 6" with covers off. Is this right? If I'm adjusting left and right where are the up and down adjusters!? I can't see any others at all...!? Do afs lights only have up and down - perhaps I'm doing it right but not turning enough!? guidance/help from someone in the know will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Did the dealer ask the warranty company about the mirror or did he just say no. The dealer I dealt with didn't think I'd get the blind or the calipers done under warranty. I was preparing myself for a debate with him after getting evidence from here to show other people had calipers replaced under warranty!
  9. It turns out both my front wheels are buckled/kinked, must have been previous owner. Lexus was £400 each, anyone know where I can pick some up second hand? Happy to buy a full set if required/cheaper.
  10. Just to finalise this, both rear calipers siezed and replaced under warranty. Also got broken rear electric blind replaced, understand its a bit labout job but all done under warranty. Which is nice.
  11. Car is in today at dealers, it is having new rear discs and pads and I also suspect a caliper might be seized. The dealer didn't fill me with confidence that it would be a mechanical failure. He said the caliper could well be classed as wear and tear and not covered. Can anyone tell me if you have had seized calipers replaced by lexus under the extended warranty? It would be good to quote a few cases at him in case he says no...
  12. I feel reasonably qualified to comment on this. Partner had a 30k mile 2010 auris hybrid, just sold. Noisy, uncomfortable, but excellent mpg. Genuine 50mpg around town, when I drive it I easily get 60mpg on a long run. My mum borrowed it and got 72mpg on a 70 mile a-road route. Mpg is exceptional. But you don't want to sit in it for long journeys. I have a 90k 2007 gs450h. Best tank was 38mpg, worst 35mpg (and that is me calculating). It is very comfortable on long journeys and mpg is ok. Round town it will drop to low 30s but I use it for long journeys predominantly. I had the choice of keeping the auris or selling and buying a gs450h. For my drives there was no contest. I do 30k miles a year too and the comfort is worth the cost sacrifice. Horses for courses. Hopefully my real life mpg figures help your decision.
  13. Thanks for your reply. Pretty sure this is on. Despite that the signal quality is still poor and temperamental.
  14. I've noticed my fm signal strength is poor and wondered if that is usual of an 07 GS radio? just about every car I've had for the last 15 years has managed to keep a station and had very little if any white noise interrupting. Today I drove 300 miles and at some points I could find any station and at one point could t pick up bbc for about 30mins. If I drive more than 25 miles it needs retuning and loses signal. It behaves like a car radio from the early 90s! anything I can do/check. Is the aerial in the screen? cheers