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  1. Jim any idea how I rise the suspension on each individual shock absorber? My two left shocks are lower than the right on a 460..
  2. Yep they were more expensive than Toyota! I'll order them from there!
  3. LEXUS - Nagengast Anyone use these?
  4. Hi Guy's. I need to replace one of my Air struts as the car is very rough on the road. Any places other than the main dealer for replacement as they are €1000 per corner. Thanks
  5. Hi Guys. I recently purchased a LS 460 but the front left seemed to have no air going to it and was rubbing the wheel arch. I scanned it using tech stream and no faults showed up. I played around with various settings and now the front and rear is sitting down and the right side up high! Anyone family with the parameters on Techstresm to change them?
  6. Ya the valves are fine I cannot change them as they include the TPMS! I am going to get them refurbished again in a different place as the first job was crap.
  7. Kumhos are really good I use them on both cars but Landsail are a bad tyre especially in the wet!!
  8. I had the same problem with the last tyres so when I changed them I thought the problem would go away but no even the new wheels leaked! I then go them refurbished but the problem still persisted, I then go them to reseal the wheels again but they are leaking again..
  9. Howdy folks. My MK3 GS300 has air leaking from all 4 wheels where the tyre beads with the rim. I had the wheels refurbished and put a **** load of sealer on but they still leak! They are the 17" Rim found on the GS.. Any solution to this or does anyone else suffer this?