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  1. How slow is the CT200? I am thinking about buying one they are really cheap..
  2. I know what the OP is talking about! The inner lights contain a LED cluster also for tail lights along with a fog light! He is asking how are they activated..
  3. No I have it 3 years now! My local dealer can't do it for another month anyway!
  4. Jesus we are only 3 years behind the rest of you so!
  5. Hi guys. Anyone else get a recall letter for their MK3 GS for a fuel pressure sensor. I received a letter from Lexus yesterday about it stating they need the car for a full day as it's a big job!
  6. No mine is a 300! My emmisions were perfect when the light was on so that led me to believe the sensors were ok. I ordered the cap from my Toyota dealer they are cheap..
  7. I get this on mine the odd time especially after rain. I replaced the fuel filler cap as this got rid of it as it was coming on all the time. It comes on now every 6 months so I just disconnect the battery for 5 mins and that clears it. My Lexus garage diagnosed it as two faulty O2 sensors..
  8. I have them on my Google account and that worked for me.
  9. If you go into contacts and press the 3 dots in the corner of the screen then press share, you can select all contacts then. The only thing is you cannot access the phone book when driving..
  10. Well wear! It's identical to mine including the wheels, they are a beautiful car to drive that's like brand new!
  11. It is possible once you pair them! You must select all contacts and share them via Bluetooth to your car!
  12. Hi OP you will buy one in Ireland much cheaper, a 07 will cost about 5k euros..
  13. The MK2 came in 1998 AFAIK and the MK3 in 2005.
  14. That's very reasonable, they look fantastic!