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  1. Just a quick update, I took my Lexus to the local Toyota main dealer today and had the window runner replaced and all is good now.
  2. Hi Eamonn, I am just loving the IS250C, it is such a great car. I washed her today and never realised what a good looking car it is. I have done nearly 500 miles it her already. There are a few things that need fixing/sorting. I got an air filter today, and hopefully will fit that soon, as I’m only getting about 27 MPG. The Mark Levinson unit is something else and you can hear it with the roof down. Yes I have been out a few times with the roof down, just to see how good it is. I am so looking forward to warner weather and many a mile travelling with the roof down. So all in all, it’s a great car, one that I am looking forward to keeping for many years to come.
  3. Thanks Neil. I tried that and not a lot happened. The car is booked in at Toyota Worthing on Monday to see their Lexus person.
  4. Hi All, I have just got a Lexus IS250C, but it has a couple of faults. One I think is an alloy that needs a refurbishment. The other is that the drivers front window is very slow to go up and down. Sometimes refusing to go up for a good five minutes. Please can you point me to a topic where this is covered, or if you have had the same problem, what the fix was. Thank you in advance. Philip
  5. Hi Neil, yes I found one in the end. I would have liked the SC430, but the IS250 was just so much more practical. Hi Eamonn, that would be good to find out. I think that there are only about 850 in the UK in total. Hi Paul, she sure is a keeper, for a lot of reasons, but here are three good reasons.....
  6. Hi All, Sorry that this is a bit late, but I have been driving her, reading her manuals, resetting the memory seats from a 9Foot 7Inch giant of a person that owned her last, so I can now reach the peddles. Oh and I have had to do some work as here she is.... Hopefully I can get some better photos tomorrow...with the roof down... I picked her up 80 miles from home, so we have had a nice long drive and have got acquainted with each other... I think we will be very very happy together over the coming years... The drivers door window is very slow coming up, so I will be taking her to the Dr's this week to get her all sorted... Philip
  7. Your car is looking very nice indeed. Like the two tone interior. I pick up my IS250C tomorrow , my first ever Lexus. I can’t wait.
  8. Hi Steve, I am looking forward to many a happy mile with her. Do Lexus owners name their cars. It’s not something I do, but am open to suggestions? It’s a shame that your back didn’t like the IS250C. I have been driving convertibles for about 20 years now, but this will be my first hard top one! Hi Dave, This was car No 4 that I had looked at. If it was no good I was going to buy the one local to me (25 miles away!) that had 21,000 but was pricey at £15,000. Having now done 630 miles looking at cars, I am glad that the hunt is over and I can soon start to experience Lexus ownership and more importantly the Lexus driving experience 😎 I have checked MOT history tonight, so will be having a good look at the tyres when I pick her up. Will get the brake pads looked at when I get her home.
  9. Hi All, I have been for my test drive. The car was new in and they had not had chance to Prep it. So it was good to see it in its raw state. It has 28,004 miles, 4 owners, FLSH, a few minor scratches/marks, and a few stone chips on the body work. It drove very well with roof up and down, no bangs or rattles. It also has ML upgrade. The car is dark grey and it has black leather. After a lot of haggling and walking away from the deal, a better deal was offered me, and I have put down a deposit and pick it up soon. Hopefully the weekend. Depending on how long it takes the check it over and put it through the body shop to look at marks and stone chips.
  10. Hi Eamonn, Thanks for your reply. I will be going for the SE-L. In fact I am going for a test drive tomorrow 😆 I shall be checking for rattles with roof up and down. I partly wanted a metal roof, partly wanted some luxury and partly the faults on my A4, put me off the A5. I also fancied a car that no many others have 😎 and couldn’t bring myself the go to the dark side and buy a BMW.
  11. Hi there 😁 Thank you so much for your replies, they have been so helpful. They have helped me to decide on getting a IS250C, I shall just be careful in choosing the right car. If it rattles I shall not be buying it 😎 I have sat in the back of a 250C, probably the one and only time I will 🙂 and they will be big enough for what I need. 97% of the time, it’s just me in the car, 2% it’s my wife and I, it’s the 1% when I will need four seats. Otherwise I might have been after a SC430! I tend not to drive cars fast on a test drive, so your comments have been very reassuring. I am hopefully going for another test drive on Wednesday, having driven 400 miles on Saturday, to drive one car that rattled, and couldn’t drive the second car due to a flat battery!! Wednesday should only be a 180 mile round trip, but it is a very low mileage car. I am in no rush to buy, so will be patient and wait for the right car. I will keep you posted. Philip
  12. Hi Steve, Thank you for your kind reply. It’s good to know that a spirited drive is possible. My brother has a Mercedes SL, which is a brilliant car, but I need 4 seats. I currently have an Audi A4 Quattro convertible, which is a great drive, but it rattles, and is getting very old and worn out. The electrics problems it has, has forced my hand to buy a new (to me) car. I love that Lexus made the 250C to function as a proper convertible and as such it has different body panels apart from the bonnet to a normal 250. I was very impressed with the 250C that I drove last week. I just need for the dealer to reduce the price a bit more, then hopefully I can deliver all my Christmas presents, with the top down and the heated seats on high, enjoying the fresh air with a massive smile on my face.
  13. Hi All, i wonder if you can help me? I am looking to buy a IS250C. I have driven two so far. One on a sunny day last week, and one on yesterday’s very cold morning. Both from dealers. Last week, due to enjoying the sun and roof down motoring, I totally forgot to drive the car with the roof up. So yesterday I remembered to drive the second car, with both roof down and roof up! My first question is this: with the roof up there was a loud knocking noise which appeared to come from one of the roof sections, but it went when the roof was down. Is this normal for a 250C? As it was so loud I couldn’t live with it. If they are make that noise, I will sadly have to rethink buying one. My second question is, all the reviews say words to the effect: they are no sports car, ride is comfortable but nothing thrilling. For those of you who own a 250C how do you find the handling of the car? I like a spirited drive every now and then, so would be interested in people’s opinions. Thank you. If I buy a 250C, I am looking for this to be a car I would be keeping for several years. Hence the questions. I hope that I have given you all enough information to get you started on some great replies. Thank you all in advance. Philip