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  1. All working again. So if anyone else has same problem this fix is probably for you
  2. Turned out after all to be the radar head unit, had a small hole, water got in and corroded the waveguide. Still no good after strip down and clean. Hope someone can help with alignment question. I have ordered a working unit from a scrapper but all the info I can find on alignment is from US sites. They state that sensor should be set slightly left of centre, which makes sense for LHD vehicles. My question is, should it be the other direction for RHD or is this correct for all vehicles. Also it states left half of sensor should be covered with foil to reset system, other sites say right hand, anyone any clues on this. Thanks for reading, any advice appreciated. ofcentre
  3. Well if anyone else has the same problem it is not likely to be the distance control ecu. Got a known good one from a scrapper and the fault is exactly the same. Knowing my luck, it will turn out to be the very expensive radar head.
  4. Would this really cause the problem and would you not get a low fluid warning anyway? However it was worth checking, turned out to be full. Thanks for your input
  5. Guessing from symptoms that the distance control ecu is the most likely suspect from what I have read. Anyone have any idea of location in RHD cars, can only find LHD examples and they are possible not in the same place. Strange not showing any fault codes though.
  6. Already cleaned a week ago but no harm doing it again when its a decent day. Also going to check out the ecu for any obvious component problems.
  7. I started having this message intermittantly coming and going along with warning triangle. It now occurs nearly every time after about 3 miles driving, although it could also be time related. Turning off ignition then back on will cancel for another 3 miles, and then up it pops again. No fault codes are listed on Techstream and I have tried a reset command with no results. Cannot afford to take to Lexus so will have to play around myself. Would appreciate any advice from anyone who has experienced similar and found the cause, alternativly any way to disable the system. Rather suspect it may be an expensive ecu problem. Have cleaned badge and radar unit to no effect. Thanks for reading.
  8. Thanks for the help guys, I did manage to get hold of one, but it did not cure the problem, so I guess its time to look elsewhere.
  9. Thanks guys, this is useful info. Will try and track one down. Mike
  10. Can anyone help with this one. On the Soarer V8 there is a sender for the speedo bolted to the gearbox, within this is a nylon gear that wears causing a 00 reading on the speedo. I am informed that this part is commonly available from Toyota dealers for around £12.00. All the dealers I have rung seem to want to sell me the whole unit at around £180.00. Can anyone enlighten me on this. Sender part no is 83181 24040 and I think the nylon cog is AT5450? Any advice greatly appreciated as these parts wear rapidly, and it gets a little expensive replacing the whole unit every time.
  11. My wife has a Soarer V8, a few minor niggles as with any older car (94), but she abolutely loves it. Need to be careful with the right foot though, no trac control. Bit tight for rear passengers however. She thinks she should change it for an mpv to be more practical, but is very reluctant. Very few are perfect, but main components, engine transmission etc are rock solid. Very easy to fall in love with, but the IS is probably a more sensible choice. If anyone is ever sensible about cars that is!
  12. I was in exactly the same situation with tax etc. Sold my LS430 and now have a Skoda Superb Elegance 2.5 TDi. Not a Lexus of course, but long wheelbase with quite a few toys to play with. Not a bad choice really, bit revvy in low gears but pretty quiet in the cruise.
  13. Seem to recollect that you that you hold down the memory button then the button you need to store on, keep them both held down until it bleeps. It is a while since I had a 400, so not terribly sure. I thinks it also need to be in park or neutral with ign on. This works on LS430.
  14. Thanks for all the advice. I have dropped the price by 1K, if it does not sell at this, I shall just keep it. After all if you lose so much money in selling, it kind of offsets the lower running costs of a smaller vehicle. Anyway I would probably only buy another one at a later date, as I usually do. Rather suprised at main dealers dropping their prices, last time I checked they were going at around 28-29k.
  15. Big cars do not seem to be selling well at the moment. I have a 2002 02 LS430 with around 43k on the clock. Been advertising it on autotrader and have slowly dropped the price down to 23.5K. Considering what main dealers are advertising them at, I thought this was very good price. Apart from a few silly offers, no real response. I would welcome any suggestions as to what is a reasonable asking price for what is an excellent car.