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  1. Hi, that's great news, I was buying them from ebay from but they say its discontinued. I fancied a change and these seemed very good value as I didn't want to spend a fortune. Thanks for posting the picture, they do look great. I definitely want some now as it gives the car a new look. How long have you had yours, and if you don't mind where did you get yours from? Is yours the graphite or shadow silver? The reason I wanted to know whether the stock pressure sensors would fit is as they didn't fit on current Dotz alloy wheels. I put on around 3-4 years ago. I kept the sensors after the fitters replaced the wheels. Now I would like to get these sensors fitted on my next new alloy wheels. If anyone interested in some the dotz wheles with michelin tyres please get in touch. picture attached. Thanks for posting
  2. Hi, I'm thinking of changing my 7-8 year old 18" stock alloy wheels for some Padua 18" ones. I have a GS450h 2007 Has there been any problems transferring the original stock tyre pressure sensors? Has anyone replaced there alloy wheels for non stock alloys? any help appreciated Vin Parmar ps i put this in the wrong section, it would be better it can be put under wheels and tyres.