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  1. Just wondering about my cover...i have held my licence since 24th February 2004, and then held my own insurance policy since 1st March but then had an accident on the 2nd February 2005, meaning i only just missed out on 1 years NCB. Was then insured again on my next car from April 2005 until May 2006. But, during this period there was a change in my insurance broker...i switched from Tesco to Adrian Flux in December. The only thing thats troubling me is that i think there was a break in cover between the two because i was at uni and never recevied the policy renewal, and the cover was cancelled. So then i switched to Adrian Flux. So if there was a break of around two weeks or i still entitled to one years NCB? or does the cover have to be un interupted? cheers, john :)
  2. cheers guys, wasnt such a stupid question after all then! **EDIT** they make a noticeable difference to driveability / fuel consumption? obviously i wont expect it to shave 4 seconds off the 0-60...if i want that ill get a +25bhp resistor off ebay :lol:
  3. cheers for that, just googled it now...any idea on price? most of the hits are american websites :D
  4. just wondering, seeing as the IS is a 2.0 litre VVT-i engine... Does this mean that its like the civics, fto's etc were you can get a v-tec/mi-vec controller? only on the tuning websites i've been on i've never seen one for the lexus, or is the lexus set up different? sorry if its been covered before, just got me thinking before :D cheers, john.
  5. ah right nice one. i'm still over that way 95% of the time cos all my mates are back over in ashton, wigan way..still out in wigan most weekends 2!
  6. johno

    Hi All

    cheers chips, yeah i wasnt seriously hurt, just winded, shocked and upset! - i'd only had it two months, and i'd been away for one of those! thanks for the insurance link aswell, shall have to give them a bell!i've heard good things of them before, so ill see what they can do for me! thats not a bad idea about the skidpan course, it hadnt even crossed my mind! those little tips arent bad either, i used to race karts at three sisters for a few years so i have done RWD before and know a few basics...however a 100cc 2 stroke weighing 150kg with driver is a bit different from 2000cc and 1.5 tonnes!i'll definatly look into that though, never ever know when that could get you out of danger!
  7. right if you go on my profile thing, theres a button right up in the top right that says "layout made with groovymachine" or some b***ocks like that if you click on that it brings up an editor in a new screen, and you can fiddle around with the colour, background pic etc. then when your done, it gives you a code thats usually pretty long, copy that. then go into edit your profile on your home login page, and where it says "about me" just paste it into there...and bobs your uncle! :D added you aswell so you aint on your lonesome! where abouts in wigan are you from mate? i used to live in standish, only just moved to the middle of bloody nowhere!
  8. i'm 19 and looking for an IS se/sport... car history 'til now is: saxo 1.1i BMW mini cooper - was a cat D repair and the shoddiest job ever, so with the refund got a MG ZR 120 + Ford Focus "Black" Ltd. edition that was modified... then nothing for the past five months! - never actually realised how dependant i'd become on a car! and despite the lexus having the highest insurance group out them all....its the cheapest to insure :duh: :duh: ....i love no claims bonus!!
  9. thats me...i got bullied into joining off one of my mates...looking at my profile...i got wayyy to much spare time on my hands!
  10. mr morse....dam thats nice! is that lowered by any at all? theres just so many options, i really dont know which way to go! although that is a fair point about wanting to upgrade to 18"s at a later date. The ones ive found do come in an 18" option thankfully so i think i'll go down that route...although there is a black IS200 on autotrader with polished faced 19"s bolted to it that looks amazing, but id rather have go than show personally! adie cheers for that, i think im gonna get some tein or KW coilovers, the last car i had was only lowered on springs and i didnt wanna go lower than -30mm on springs because of stories i've heard, might just be urban myth but id rather be safe than sorry! is there much differential in handling between 18"s and 17"s??
  11. from what i've see...looks like that plan lasted a long time then! hehe, always the case though, i spent a fortune on my focus when i had that and never intended on doing! as soon as the first mod goes on, its a long spiral down! i've just been looking around the site a bit and saw yours on konigs, looks kinda cool with the smaller rims! will have to look into whether the one's i want come in 18" though. adie was yours lowered on 17"? did you have much trouble with kerbs, speed bumps etc? only i live down a broken track and we've got a gravel drive which is an absolute ******* at the best of times, dont really fancy bottoming out on that!
  12. just curious as to if there are any pics of an IS 200/300 on aftermarket 17" alloys? i've tried using the search function on here, but got nothing back, and most pics or others i've seen seem to have upgraded to 18" or higher, is there a reason for this other than purely cosmetic? I've found a set i want...before i've found the car i want :D but just wanted to know whether its worth throwing the extra £150 at them to go up to 18"s in case the smaller ones look a bit lost in the arches! cheers, john btw, it would be lowered aswell! - dont want a tractor spec car!
  13. johno

    Hi All

    cheers for the welcomes guys, been looking around the site a little more and seems like your all a friendly bunch :D theres some very very nice cars on here aswell, got a lot of inspiration! thank you for the buying advice aswell, a few cars that were on my potential list have been moved up a few places with regards to the cambelt. cheers bud, i sympathise for you, sounds like a utter bugger that does! mine was more my own fault, i swerved to avoid an Alsation in a national speed limit zone and lost control,clipped a lamp post and the car ended up looking like this... wish i'd hit the sodding thing now!! but you live an learn, sudden movements at speed do cause !! chips, thats my only apprehension on the car, i've never driven a RWD before, an as above, ive done enough damage with a fronty!...but im a little bit older now, little bit experienced and mature...well in a car anyway! :D so i'm just gonna have to be a lot more careful with it. One other thing with regard to insurance, last week i was quoted £1,200 p.a off direct line,using a generic search for a lexus I.S which all things considering isnt bad at all, and is the cheapest my insurance has ever been, but i checked it again last night using an actual number plate off autotrader for the same model, and its now jumped to £1500 :duh: i'm seriously baffled by this!! can anyone suggest a quality insurance company? only using webistes like confused and moneysupermarket brings back quotes of 4k + which is just both cringe worthy and a tad funny! cheers, john. :D
  14. johno

    Hi All

    hi all, just thoght id say hello as i'm a bit of a noob. I'm John and live oop north near to Wigan, but i'm down in coventry 95% of the time at uni doing automotive design :D :D Dont technically have a Lexus at the moment, which is a bit of a disadvantage on a lexus forum...but i'm intending on buying an IS200 se or sport within the next few weeks. I'm only 19 but was really shocked at the insurance quote i've been given to cover the car considering what it is and the fact i have an "at fault accident" and an SP30.....35 in a 30!! still never mind! Just a couple of questions, are there major spec differences between the SE and the Sport? and with the budget I have, the majority of cars are pushing 100k miles, if not over. Is this an issue or are they pretty much unburstable? And finally whats the major things i should look for when buying?? Thats me anyway, hope to speak 2 you all soon :D cheers, john!