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  1. Evening all. The wife's 2012 CT200 suffers from the typical road noise tyre issue, so after some research we've replaced the tyres with something better suited to the car and road noise has improved, but something still isn't right...... it sounds like a wheel bearing is on the way out. Interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar issue with their CT200? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Rayaans. Any idea how easy it is to remove? I tried looking for some 'How To' guides, but couldn't find anything.
  3. Evening all, It's been a long time since I last visited the forum, but I've come back to the Lexus fold after recently purchasing a 2013 is300h f-sport. So having had the car for 3 weeks now I thought it was missing something to finish of the look and it's now booked in for rear window tinting in the next 2 weeks. The guy doing it mentioned removing the rear parcel shelf to guarantee a smart finish. Has anyone else had the same thing? If so, any ideas if it's easy to remove the parcel shelf? Appreciate the help.
  4. There were a few suggestions of what the problem could have been , that's why i thought it best to get the car checked out.
  5. I completely agree fluff, if i knew it was gonna be such a simple problem i would have done it myself. But i thought it best to have the car checked over by a mechanic, especially when i normally have 2 young children in the car. (Better to be safe then sorry)
  6. Well i finally got the problem with my car looked at and fixed! The problem was the back plate behind the handbrake shoe assembly was rubbing on the disc. Cost all of £50 to have the car looked over and problem fixed, all the mechanic did was ensure the plate wasn't moving and took a grinder to the area that was rubbing. For those of you who may have the same problem it may be worth taking a DIY attempt at fixing the problem yourself, i certainly will if it happens again. Lee
  7. Thanks for the advise Baggy, if i get time tomorrow i'll give that a try and see what happens. Aaron - As for the new rear discs and pads, i've had the car just over 6 months now and noticed in the service history that both front and rear pads were replaced 4 months before i purchased the car, the rear o/s caliper was also seized at the time and was repaired also. In your case though i'm surprised the noise isn't being made when cornering left also, as you've had both discs replaced they'll both require bedding in? Lee
  8. Thanks for all the replies guys, i'll take all the comments into consideration. To be on the safe side i think i'll book the car in to a local garage and get it checked over, especially as i have my kids in the car alot at weekends. Again thanks for all the comments. Lee
  9. Hi Niraj, Thanks for the welcome! I only hear the noise from my car when cornering right.
  10. Hi All, Just thought i'd say a quick hello! :D But i also have a small question and would appreciate any advice? I have an IS200 SE, X reg (2000), for the last couple of weeks it has been making a metal-to-metal scrapping sound, which is coming from the o/s rear. I've had the car up on a jack and checked for any visible problems or signs of scrapping and yep you guessed it found nothing wrong! Has anybody got an idea of what the problem could be or is? Thanks in advance Lee