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  1. Ah well I must disagree here, I'm sure you can do the maths. Filled up to the brim, drove just over 200 miles to Sheffield, filled up again and had used £25 of fuel. Now I tend to use Sainsbury's Super unleaded which cost me 85.9 pl but in Sheffield the same was 89.9 so a good 20p extra per gallon. So at approximately £4 to a gallon that would equate to 6 gallons. And that was definately not my imagination or incorrect calculations. Oh and it's a 1990 LS400. :)
  2. Thanks, and I intend to. The LS really takes my breath away. I find myself not using the power and driving real slow. I'm so proud of the car I want everyone to see me in it!! :D
  3. No not yet, going to get it spruced up as the dreaded tin worm has started to creep in just past the nsr door. Luckily a friend in the trade has offered to treat, repair and spray rear door and quarter for £100. Am also looking to get some later 16's fitted as I think the 15's make it look a little silly in my opinion. I don't really want to sacrifice the outstanding ride by going bigger.
  4. Thinking the same... I would like to attend this meet to introduce myself. Where is it held please? (Sorry to sound stupid!)
  5. Hi all, Got my 1990 LS400 last Friday and am absolutely loving it. Am no stranger to forums as I also own a modified 1991 Mk3 Toyota Supra turbo and and am also a member of that forum too so know how useful and resourceful forums can be. In fact whilst waiting for my account to be validated, was reading up on some very useful posts and have already solved a few problems to my baby. I am hoping to become a gold member too as I'm sure I will save a lot more than the asking fee. I hope to be able to give as much as I receive as I am handy with a spanner or 2. So once again hi and thanks for having me on board