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  1. To be honest most 4 pot 2.0 16v's will be no worse than a smaller engined 4 pot 16v's on the motorway. Im in hire cars all the time and a 2.0 focus does better economy than a 1.6. I guess its the extra 2 cylinders and rwd that bring the IS down a bit. Il have too see how much that 5mpg would cost me in the long run. Thanks guys, you have been a great help.
  2. I wanted 40 in an ideal world. Enjoying 50-55 now.
  3. A bit low :( Is this in an auto DJ Wozza?
  4. Hi Everyone, I am considering an IS200 for my next car (2003 - 2004 with <40K). I know they are generally very reliable, they are excellent value for money and they are cheap to insure. The problem i have is i do a lot of motorway miles........ i have read numerous reviews and the consensus seems to be they are very juicy. What can i expect to see at a constant 60 - 70mph? Thanks
  5. I can go into great detail but i wont........ yet. Basically slick 50 is loads of tiny particles of plastic in your engine, it can ware components, clog the oil fitter and it will tend to just sit in the lowest pressure parts of the oil system. There is evidience to back this up in the form of independant tests. Also slick 50's idea is meant to give a teflon coating to your engine right? thats the whole benefit. Well the teflon coating ptfe id made and sold to slick 50 by DuPont. DuPont have publicy said slick 50's claims are totaly false and its impossible, they were (or may still be) in a legal battle with slick 50 to remove all reference of teflon or ptfe from the product and be allowed to stop suppling them. My uncle is a race engineer and advised me against this when i had the idea, i then researched it and its all bad i assure you. I have a big thread on my forum i will try and dig out. Heres what i was looking for... read this if you still want to use or do use slick 50:
  7. You output the image from the laptop / mini pc to the screen in the dash.
  8. I have done this in an astra. basically fitted a touch screen in the dash, relocated the headunit, run the wiring, installed a mini pc in the boot with autoroute 2006 and a external bluetooth gps reciever. I can dig out pics if you wanted.
  9. If you can find out what type are used (how many wires) you can just use universal ones. Oh and colin is right, never ever use slick 50 under any circumstances.
  10. Depends how it is configured, if the fueling is controlled by the stock ECU then yes. or if the new ECU is wired upto the lambda sensors then yes. Im not really sure how LPG is fitted to be honest. Its just open loop and closed loop. If your o2 sensors are goosed they will either provide false readings or the ECU wont use them to determine how to adjust the fueling at all it will just use the lookup tables on the ECU. This is never spot on as its just a generic set. Hence you loose bhp and mpg. I wouldn't go more than 30k without giving them a check and clean at least. They are relativley cheap, easy to check / replace and really do make a dramatic impact on the running on the car. If your cars obd 1 then you can test them with a blowtorch and a multimeter but it may just be better to buy new ones :)
  11. Behave people. You want rattles get yourself in a standard megane coupe lol You dont know how good you have got it on the rattle front. Id well have one of these over all of its rivals, insurance may be an issue mind :)
  12. Peoples opinions differ but i believe 6500k is the best comprimise between looks and performance. If you want better performance go 6000k, if you want a bluer more HID look then go 7000k. Do you know any details about these kits? Like the ballasts used etc?
  13. Im down south though, everything is more down here :( Im still hunting away good and proper, plan to have this car a while so want a good starting block.
  14. Well its comes down to how much you want to spend....... a HID kit from Is a couple of hundred quid. A pair of decent PIAA halogen bulbs are about £80. Im no lexus guru but as i understand it in the IS the dipped are 9006 HB4's and the mains are 9005 HB3'S So you have to decide how much you want to pay (The only really viable bi-xenon setup comes with H4's so i would only get HID replacements on the dipped). You can go PIAA halogens £84.99 - 2nd from bottom: Click here for halogens Or you go HID which will be better £209 - Click here for HIDs I hope that is of some help. To sum up your not going to get halogens better than HID's unless you spend a fair chuck of money, I have 3 sets of them £85 PIAA's custom made inverters to boost the power to 15v, custom made filters to flatten out ripple voltages, a whole new lighting loom with switch gear to be able to handle the current etc....... like i say not worth it but i thought it was a good idea a the time. Oh and yes if you go for HID's i would say 6.5k is a safe bet, nice exec look to them and very good light on the roads.