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  1. hi can anyone help am after a towbar for lexus is200d 2011. thanks

  2. Solid wood with brass fittings and 'LEXUS' lettering. An official presentation box. Can be used for a few tools or maybe your spare keys, wheel lock keys etc. £10
  3. Only a few bits left now. Gauges & TRD rear skirt now sold. Denso Iridium IK22 Spark Plug for use with supercharged IS200 (x1) - £5 LED Load Resistors (x2) - £3 Brake Light Loom (can be used towards the Fog > Brake light mod) - £3 Door Marker Light Left Unit (x1) - £3 Cheers
  4. Good evening, I have no images of this rear skirt, as it is still boxed, however it is the identical item as found in the following thread and image: Regards...
  5. As per title. Genuine TRD rear skirt, complete with all the original fixings. Made from ABS plastic as oppose to fibreglass so no nasty cracking or splintering. Still in the box as is unused and never fitted. SOLD.
  6. I do, however, that is staying in the car as it has been faultess and I have never replaced it. All the best, Jamie
  7. I understand that, Marc and I appreciate it. Don't think I've dismissed what you've said because I haven't. It's the way in which it is delivered though, which doesn't help the matter and makes a situation seem more clouded than it actually is. Cheers
  8. Ahhhh right I see, I just thought that offering an item to people that may be interested in it would be okay really, whether that be via the For Sale section or Messaging? My error then it seems and for this, I am sorry... If this is the case then at the time I should have been informed as it seems Moderators were told from reading the other thread. Would've made everything a lot easier really and at least I would have known, rather than it mount to this. Cheers...
  9. Yeah, I did request for a post to be modified regarding the manifold at the time. Makes no difference to me though, if I made or lost on the item is irrelevant to be honest. My previous post regarding the Terms & Conditions was that there are updates to that thread, as outlined at the bottom after Steve's last update so would be visible to anyone reading :) I like how you're inferring that I am being derogatory toward the Moderators with my comments. Doesn't suprise me really ;) Cheers
  10. Indeed, all very entertaining I must say :) I need not name those who have "gone before me", all I can say is that being involved in such a situation like this, I now know that quite a few members of the club have been ejected from the club for the wrong reasons and for untrue statements. Regards selling something via PM... and? It isn't my problem or concern for that matter, if the Terms & Conditions of the Lexus Owners Club are not accurate and do not state this (unless they are updated in the meantime that is)... Please read them here and here. Regards.
  11. A favour lol, yeah okay... Listen, if I wouldn't mind at all if there was some substance to the majority of your comments. Love the insertion of such remarks like pathetic and meglomania - sheer genius! :D Going down a similar route to someone else who was wrongly accused of this 'n' that. It does indeed make me smile as it's an endless loop of he did this, he did that and so on. I checked through the T&C's some time ago by the way and found no mention of trading via PM? My apologies if it mentions this somewhere and I have overlooked. Oh and of course you're welcome to your opinions
  12. No, all sorted thank you. This item is now sold. Thanks for the enquiries...
  13. Hmm not sure, I collected all parts that had been assembled in a pile? Can't be driving soooo far for a pipe. Not my mistake :o The part is in there anyway now, had to make my own provisions :D
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