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  1. hi can anyone help am after a towbar for lexus is200d 2011. thanks

  2. I understand that, Marc and I appreciate it. Don't think I've dismissed what you've said because I haven't. It's the way in which it is delivered though, which doesn't help the matter and makes a situation seem more clouded than it actually is. Cheers
  3. Ahhhh right I see, I just thought that offering an item to people that may be interested in it would be okay really, whether that be via the For Sale section or Messaging? My error then it seems and for this, I am sorry... If this is the case then at the time I should have been informed as it seems Moderators were told from reading the other thread. Would've made everything a lot easier really and at least I would have known, rather than it mount to this. Cheers...
  4. Yeah, I did request for a post to be modified regarding the manifold at the time. Makes no difference to me though, if I made or lost on the item is irrelevant to be honest. My previous post regarding the Terms & Conditions was that there are updates to that thread, as outlined at the bottom after Steve's last update so would be visible to anyone reading :) I like how you're inferring that I am being derogatory toward the Moderators with my comments. Doesn't suprise me really ;) Cheers
  5. Indeed, all very entertaining I must say :) I need not name those who have "gone before me", all I can say is that being involved in such a situation like this, I now know that quite a few members of the club have been ejected from the club for the wrong reasons and for untrue statements. Regards selling something via PM... and? It isn't my problem or concern for that matter, if the Terms & Conditions of the Lexus Owners Club are not accurate and do not state this (unless they are updated in the meantime that is)... Please read them here and here. Regards.
  6. A favour lol, yeah okay... Listen, if I wouldn't mind at all if there was some substance to the majority of your comments. Love the insertion of such remarks like pathetic and meglomania - sheer genius! :D Going down a similar route to someone else who was wrongly accused of this 'n' that. It does indeed make me smile as it's an endless loop of he did this, he did that and so on. I checked through the T&C's some time ago by the way and found no mention of trading via PM? My apologies if it mentions this somewhere and I have overlooked. Oh and of course you're welcome to your opinions :) All the best...
  7. At the end of the day, I'll let you all draw your own conclusions. Plenty has gone on, on and off the forum and I too am not a sole "guilty party" in all of this. Regarding parts I have sold in the past, what business is it of yours to dictate or profess what I may and may not do? None if I am not mistaken? That goes for other people too. If you read the T&C's of the Forum, nowhere does it state what may be sold and how it may be sold. Therefore I do believe I have not conducted any unsolicited selling whatsoever. I'm not being funny, but genuinely show me if I have contravened something please... I don't need the attempt of some members to belittle me on a public forum, when really, they aren't exactly crystal themselves. I couldn't care less what you think of me. Those that actually do know me in 'real life' know that I am not this shady character I'm made out to be. Oh and I'm glad to hear that your tastebuds will be pleasantly fulfilled with replies or comments made about all of this... Makes me smile though how only portions of what has gone on are made visible to people reading this board, it really does :) Cheers
  8. Cheers, Chris. Hope all goes well for you too mate, hopefully I'll bob back to update when there is something to update with :) Thanks for your advice too, Jamie
  9. Hi there, The number I post online is a second line I have and which poses no detriment to my personal data, the other for friends and family. Just my created topics, not the posts. Some of which are informative to others. Cheers, Jamie
  10. Hi Barry, Not a problem, but basically when I begin to leave any forum, club or site, I request my thread(s) to be removed along with any personal information. I do have an entire backup of the thread if you wish to restore it, however, I'm pretty sure Invision Board has its own. I don't like the trail of information that can be left and to be honest, working in IT, I see far too much of it myself. Cheers, Jamie
  11. Why do you have to give the game away?!? Spoil sport! I was saving it! Damn you! :)
  12. I've had the car for well over a year and a half and it has never let me down - that's one thing that worries me by moving away from the Lexus marque. Another thing is the interior, they are undoubtedly fantastic and I'll definitely miss that! Once the new machine is in my possession I'll update, but I'm in no hurry so I'll see how things go. Thanks, Jamie
  13. ... Because it's going in the For Sale section pal :) I wanted to thank you though, as you really did give me some fantastic advice when looking for the car. All the refinements and revisions throughout the years. It resulted in me finding a really great example with all the trimmings I was looking for. Thanks again mate, Jamie
  14. Aye, as standard as standard can be. With exception to the headlights and they're an original factory part...
  15. I've already sold the springs I'm afraid. Regards insurance, it's only down partially as the policy is already most of the way through. Jamie
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