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  1. paint chips,paint defects

    Hi. This must be the WORST car I've ever seen for paint problems. I love my IS200 and Lexus have been fantastic about swapping the corroding alloys. But when I showed them the incredibly stonechipped bonnet they told me to call Lexus HQ. This I did and was told that they would take advice from my dealer. After calling my dealer (Reading) Lexus HQ told me that it was fair wear and tear and not covered under warranty. My bonnet is COVERED in stone chips - mostly tiny ones but it looks awful and they go right up to the windscreen. In addition the paintwork fails to fight off ANYTHING which might cause a scratch - it is now covered in cat scratches and others which I cannot get rid of. My IS200 is sapphire blue and still 6 months within warranty. I am livid that a car of this age has such poor paintwork, worse than cars 10 years old! I will happily support any attempt to get Lexus to rethink. Chris Starke
  2. Starkey444

    Have I got the worst alloys in the UK. On my second Lexus and both have had same problem with alloys. These now let the car down. Shame, coz I like the car.....but embarrassing too.