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  1. Hello, Last night I purchased a 1999 RX 300 with 46k miles on from a Lexus dealership. The car is certified and I got the extended 5 year certification plan. I paid a total of 23,500 for the vehicle. With 46k miles on the car, how long do you think before I start getting major problems with the vehicle? I am practically fully covered under the certification for the next 5 years (or odometer reading of 100k), but for those of you who have 1999 RX cars over 100,000 miles, how much in maintenance are you putting into the cars? I am hoping this vehicle will last me till about 135,000 before giving me any persistent problems. Let me know... Thanks
  2. A Lexus dealer has an RX 300 - 1999 for $20,900 with 40k miles on it and it is a pre-owned certified car. The dealer told me it was a very basic model with minimal features. For example, it does not have a rear spoiler or moon roof. It does have leather upholstery but one thing that surprised me, was that it did not have a CD player, just a cassette deck and radio. Has anyone ever heard of an RX without a CD player? What else might it not have in it? Thanks
  3. I am planning on purchasing an LS400 with high mileage but I want to know, up to how high do they usually go on mileage before having lots of problems. Should I aim for something in the 60,000 mile range, or would it be a safe bet to get a cheaper car with around 80k miles? You guys who own LS400s, or have in the past, how long did they go before you were having to pay $100 or more per month in repairs? Thanks alot!!
  4. How much do you spend per year in maintenance costs for the vehicle? Was there a point where when it reached a certain number of miles that the costs started to increase significantly? Thanks
  5. I am considering purchasing a used ES 300 that has about 50,000 or so miles on it. It will most likely be a 97 or 98 model. Does anyone know how long, in terms of mileage, these cars last until maintenance costs become expensive? Thanks
  6. I am considering purchasing a used RX 300. I found several that have mile ranges from 20k+ . For those of you who own this vehicle, tell me: - how reliable has it been? - how much you have had to spend for maintenance? - what is the maximum amount of mileage should I go up to when considering a used RX? - on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the happiest, how happy are you with this car? Thanks