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  1. Sorry Steve, I didn't know about the Gold membership requirement because I don't post often on here. Should have looked more closely. Yes, my plan was to offer these on here after getting some indication of their value. In the spirit of abiding by the forum rules I'll cease this thread and list the tyres on the usual auction site. Thanks for the heads up, appreciated! Paul P.S. Missing the 400 already... Might need counselling...
  2. Hi fellas Sadly, very sadly, I've had to wave bye to my Lexus due to retirement. :( I have two BRAND NEW D8Z tyres, and two part worn. The D8Z was the only tyre that didn't cause tramlining on my Lexus LS400, so I put a few into stock while I could. Naturally I'd like to sell these tyres (which of course are no longer made), to make room for a pipe and slippers. Any ideas as to their worth? I guess they may be of interest to a purist, or to another Lexus owner who has the same tramlining issue I experienced. Located Derby. Cheers all... Paul
  3. Right, after receiving replies from mfrs and installers of LPG systems, it seems no-one wants to touch the 460 or 600, mainly due to injector issues and possible software problems where sensors may interpret LPG as an out-of-spec fuel, resulting in who-knows-what? Concern was also expressed about the market volume, which I fully understand. Who'd spend money developing a product for such a small market? The 600 is a truly beautiful luxury car, no doubt, but in view of the above, and the considerable premium for the 600, I've decided to go for the 460 (no LPG mod). When the right car comes along I'll be selling my lovely 400 which has done me proud since (almost) new. But then I hear a little voice in my head saying "convert the 400 to LPG and save a LOT of money, no need to upgrade". Aaaarrrrggghhh!!!! I never could make decisions! :(
  4. Thanks fellas. Seems the 600 matches the MPG for my 400 - 21.2 locally, 30 on a long motorway run. Difficult decision looms... :shutit:
  5. I'm a lifetime electronics engineer amongst other things, and I understand George's seemingly flippant comment - sometimes we get a bit peeved at outrageous claims from manufacturers, when we're the ones who have to explain why it doesn't do what it says on the can... I'm attracted to the economy of the 600 vs the 460, although considering the purchase price difference and other factors, it's perhaps not as great as I first thought, especially since a couple of main dealers have suggested I completely disregard the claimed 35mpg and rely more on about 26mpg for the 600. They also said the 460 is virtually the same as the 600 apart from the engine size and the hybrid gear. Pulling away quietly has some kudos, but it's not everything. So does anyone have any Lexus servicing costs for both models, service intervals, and real-life MPG's please?
  6. Thanks Oliver, have emailed Prins and F1 and I'll keep you in touch... Paul
  7. Could be. Have spoken to 3 LPG conversion businesses and no-one knows. Will keep looking... Anyone know where I can obtain the servicing schedules for LS460 and LS600h, together with typical Lexus service costs? Regards Paul
  8. Yes, I see your point. But if the LPG conversion is done correctly wouldn't the engine simply see "fuel"? In which case it's still switching from "fuel" to battery and vice-versa? Added to which, my local installer says the GS450h conversion was fine... I am sure I need more helpful advice like yours before I will feel confident to do this...
  9. Hi Willskoda (And congrats on the 100th post!) It was the compatability with the hybrid system that bothered me. A simpleton like me might think that fuel is fuel, whether petrol or LPG, but I'm not clever enough to know what the complicated electronics inside the 600 would make of it. I suspect it would be treated at arm's length (i.e. no issues) but it's an expensive car to fool around with, and I'm hoping someone has already done it (and ironed out any snags). Lexus claim over 30mpg (combined) for the 600. Local dealer says to expect 22 in practice. I'd like to think that if an LPG conversion is possible, I might be running a 5L V8 at the equivalent of maybe 38mpg? That would suit me...
  10. Hi guys Owner of LS400 for 12 wonderful years, now retirement looms and I fancy an upgrade to last me however many more years I'm able to see :-) Am considering an LS600 maybe 2008 / 30k miles (there seem to be quite a few around). May I ask the following of the members? : 1. What are the likely servicing costs? Can't find any prices on the Lexus website. 2. What's a REAL mpg for the average driver? 3. Has anyone ever converted one of these to LPG? Local (very reputable) conversion company has converted a GS450 but not an LS600, but are willing to do it. I know I may get hit by comments about "If you can afford one of those you can afford the petrol" but that's the point - it'll be a long-term ownership and I'd like the opulent luxury without the hole-in-the-wallet syndrome. Regards to all Paul
  11. Hi again Having owned it for such a long time tells its own story; you obviously do know how it should feel. Did you check out the parking brake issue I mentioned before? It would be beneficial to check the parking brake operation and particularly the release/cable/shoes before any other braking aspect. The steering could be the PAS pump or the rotary valve. The relief valve in the pump may have seized meaning that the high pressure needed when turning at low speeds is still operating at high speed/revs. This would give the light feeling you described. The rotary valve senses the force on the steering wheel. When the steering wheel is not being turned, both hydraulic lines provide the same amount of pressure to the steering gear. But if the spool valve is turned one way or the other, ports open up to provide high-pressure fluid to the appropriate line. It follows that if there is a fault, high pressure fluid could be leaking through causing the wheel to turn away from dead ahead. If you are satisfied that the steering geometry is perfect then it will be worth while looking at the PAS. Your explanation of how the PAS system works might just be of help, Steve. It certainly fits the effect I'm getting from the car. Is the PAS unit serviceable, or is it a complete replacement? I'm determined to get to the bottom of this because I love the car! (although it makes no financial sense...)
  12. Re your steering as Steve says above. The sliding pin arrangment,on the brake calipers is shown on the parts diagram to be only on the rear for yr.2000 models. Try swapping the wheels around to see if it will run straight after that. After a run feel if any wheel/hub feels noticeably hotter than the others.[bEWARE DO NOT BURN YOURSELF!] Thanks, ROYT and Steve for the brakes pointers, will investigate the parking brake this week.
  13. Still no progress. Seems the seized caliper pin issue doesn't apply to a year 2000 Mk4 car because they're not the same caliper arrangement as older cars. (Is that correct?). Pistons are free, everything that requires greasing has been greased, yet the car still pulls to the left on braking (new discs and pads fitted last week - about 200 miles ago). The four-wheel alignment check at a reputable service place revealed that the front wheels toed out very slightly. This was adjusted (leaving the steering wheel slightly at an angle...). All other settings were deemed correct other than rear thrust line 1mm out but adjusters seized so unable to correct that. I have all the results if it helps any of the guys here to know them. No visible broken springs, and all shocks work. At higher speeds it follows any slight imperfection or ridge in the road, needing constant minor correction, and the steering feels too light. Over 60 it feels like it's on a thin layer of snow. There's also steering wobble despite dynamic wheel balance. It's on Dunlop D8Z's by the way (free of defects), and has been since new. The wheels are the original ones, as are all springs and shocks. It doesn't completely self-centre after a gentle turn, so constant correction needed there too, and when correcting it, the action feels lumpy. Could that be a PAS issue? Frankly the car just feels wrong and I don't trust it as much as I used to. I've owned it for 9yrs and I know how it should be. Any ideas please, guys? Clutching at straws now... Kind regards
  14. Thanks, guys. Your suggestions were gratefully received. I've now got something to work on. First thing Monday I'll get the caliper pins checked, followed by a full geometry check - that seems like a good start. I'll let you know what happens... Paul
  15. Hi guys Been a member for a while and what a great forum this is - I've learned so much about the LS400 and how to keep it running economically. I'm hoping someone will help with a couple of issues I'm experiencing with my 10yr old LS400 mk4... My local garage (excellent service and reputation) replaced the front discs (Brembo) and pads (Mintex) due to the discs being warped (common problem). Now the car pulls slightly to the left on braking and I have to correct by right-steering. Also (and this happened before the disc change as well), when I brake steadily to a halt, foot still on brake and Drive engaged, I then engage neutral (foot still on brake) and the n/s front rises more than the o/s. With foot still on brake, I engage Drive again and the n/s dips down more than the o/s. That's before I start moving. Possibly dampers? Garage and MOT tester says they work fine but I suspect may be mis-matched due to wear. Also, when driving, the steering wheel doesn't completely self-centre after a turn, I have to correct it slightly. And when I make a gentle turn, I can feel a pulsing as I rotate the steering slightly. It's as though the tyre tread isn't centred on the wheel, if you understand. It feels like a partially seized balljoint, each revolution of the wheels moving the steering a little bit more in the chosen direction. Garage says balljoints ok, geometry ok, tyres and wheels ok, and as far as they can tell all bushes are ok. Car has done 110k miles and has been fully maintained since 9k miles. No advisories on recent MOTs. It just doesn't feel as smooth as it used to, and it's a bit tiring to keep correcting the self-centreing (sp?) as I drive. Any ideas, guys? I've tried to give as much info as possible in the hope that it aids diagnosis (I suspect some of the symptoms are related), but if you need more info please ask. I really appreciate your time. Kind regards Paul
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