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  1. Hi Everyone, Just to let you know that I needed a new masterkey for my RX300 as I only had the valet key, and good old Lexus was trying to charge me £1700.00 for a complete new system as there was "no way" that a new key could be made without the master. Anyway I tracked down an auto key specialist in Nottingham, and he has made me a brand new Lexus marked and coded master key for £260 plus vat which I now consider to be a bargain He gives a great service and does a bonza job too !! He can be tracked down on 0115 847 7702 and his name is Patrick Boyle, I can thoroughly recommend him. Happy Xmas everybody and up the City !! Graham :winky:
  2. Hi Everybody, I have 2002 RX300SE and am going to update the sat nav disc. I have the serial numbers and I wondered if anybody knows if there will be a new disc for 2008 out shortly and if it is better to wait for a couple of months to make sure I get the newest edition ? Any help would be great as my dealer doesnt want to answer me. Thanks Graham
  3. Thats great, thanks very much Graham :winky:
  4. Hi there and welcome !! I tried all over for a handbook and finally got mine from Lexus Notingham, who kindly ordered it for me. hope that helps Graham
  5. Thanks to everyone for the nice welcomes and assistance, and I managed to source my manuals from Lexus Nottingham (seem very nice people) I have two small questions until my book arrives : 1) A small light on the dashboard has appeared sayiny O/D OFF ? 2) What does the L stand for at the bottom of the auto gearbox shift ? 2002 RX300 SE Thanks everybody Graham
  6. Thanks for your help, I have managed to find a "Kindly " Lexus dealer who will order for me both the manuals I need. See you soon Graham
  7. Hi Everybody, I am a recent convert from the air cooled fraternity and have just bought my lovely 2002 RX300 SE, which I am absolutely delighted with. It is by far the best vehicle I have ever had the pleasure of driving ( And I have had a few !!) but I did not receive an Owners manual or operating instructions for the sat nav and there are a few things that I dont quite understand yet. Is there anyone out there that can point me in the right direction to buy these items as the local Lexus dealer simply said that he could not get one for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for taking the time to read. Cheers for now Graham
  8. Hi Jay, I am a new member having recently bought a 2002 RX300 SE and am desperate to try and obtain an owners manual along with sat nav information. Can you help ? Thanks Graham
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