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  1. It started when my wife called me in a panic as she was stuck in a car park and could not turn the ignition key to start the engine. I went to her with the spare key and 20 minuets later (With 2 broken keys blade separated from plastic) we decided to lock the car and travel home as it was now quite dark. I then googled the problem and to my surprise several people had the same problem and the cure recommended was to insert a slim screwdriver into the ignition lock and hit it with a hammer. So armed with this information the next morning I went to the car with my tool kit, unfortunately I didn’t have a slim enough screwdriver but found a slim allen key inserted this into the ignition lock and gave it a sharp tap with a small hammer, I felt the allen key move slightly down, removed it and tried the ignition key and it worked, started the car. Visited the dealer who rebuilt the ignition lock and cut 2 new keys, about £250 all told but a small price to pay for peace of mind. Hope this will be useful to someone.
  2. Thanks for the encouraging news i cannot try it for a couple of weeks but will take your suggestion up and report on what happens.
  3. Thanks Janey but I have already tried that and the door on my slot will not let me poke another CD in. Have tried thumping it in various places turning on and of but all to no avail. By the way in the RX (or at least mine) its error 4.
  4. Has anybody had the experience of the CD player in the Lexus RX 300 (6 CD in centre of dashboard) jamming up so that you cannot eject the CD’s or play them. And if so is there anything that can be done about it other than giving Lexus stealership in excess of £300 for a brand new unit. I must say I am tempted to try taking it out and stripping it down to try and release the CD’s trapped inside, but before I do that has anybody any experience of this problem.
  5. My wife's RX300 has 3 of these outlets one next to radio controls, one under the central glove box and one in the boot area. The first one works fine but the other two dont. not sure if they ever have as i purchased the car second hand. Yesterday i checked the fuses and all appeared to be OK none blown but one empty slot called power outlet 2 so i put a fuse in here didn't do anything to the power outlet but i had started the car to check them. Huge mistake now the car is in serious limp mode and i have to trailer it to my dealer about an hours journey. Question has any one else had problems with these outlets and found a way to cure it.
  6. Well I have a 300 and I would love to be able to get my doors to lock as the car moves off. Is there a way to program this in.
  7. Has anybody any knowledge of this ipod connector. It seems to good to be true.
  8. RX 300 2004. Mine stays on low, I asked the local dealer about this and was told that on this model that is correct ie. the fan speed does not increase as you would expect. Malcolm
  9. Mooranger, well done in coming up with the system to remove that horrible bleeping. Tried it on my wife’s 04,RX300 and it worked first time. Now how do you get the doors to lock as you pull away? Cheers Malcolm
  10. Lexus RX300 Mk2. 2004. I have just bought this for my wife (Lucky girl) and I have what may seem to be a silly question. The switch to demist the front windscreen when activated seems to do very little, should the fan come on at Maximum when selected.
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